An Urge To Suck

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This is my first submission. This is also the first non fiction story I’ve ever wrote.

I was brought up in a reasonably normal home. Raised by reasonably normal Parents.

Except for a couple of close calls which I may write about later, my teen sexual experiences remain hetero. However I began having dreams that were homoerotic in nature. I never shared these dreams with anyone. I suppressed them and they became less frequent after a serious relationship or two.

Three years after high school I bought a house, settled down. I still enjoyed Adults mags and movies, even collected them. On the outside it all looked completely normal…and above all straight. When I watched these movies, I masturbated while imagining I was the one with the hard cock in mouth. I was the one being forced to deepthroat. I would close my eyes and look up at this face-less man while he pushed his dick deep in my mouth.

My unknown Master would fill my mouth with his cum as the women in canlı bahis the movies received their rewards and my orgasm would explode out of me.

Exposure to the Internet, as you might expect, changed things dramatically. It took me a couple years of online chatting to get up the courage to post a personal ad. I don’t remember the site anymore as it was several years ago. The ad was simple: WM, 30, Disease free, looking to explore oral sex with same. I got many many responses.

I picked one fairly local guy who included a pic. We chatted for a couple weeks before I agreed to meet. Finally, the opportunity presented itself and we set up a place to meet.

He was a business owner and he suggested that we meet at his store after hours. I agreed.

Needless to say, I was tremendously nervous. He was a little older than me, which looking back was good for a first timer. I remember he sat down and he patted the couch in an invitation. I declined and sat down in another chair a few bahis siteleri feet away. Damn I was nervous! I confessed to being a bit scared and he said, “I know”. Could he see me shaking? He started rubbing his cock through his pants. It was hard already and looked pretty impressive in length. Then he unzipped and pulled it out and started jacking it. I was totally mesmerized. It was thinner than I expected but a good two inches longer than mine. After what seemed like forever, he spoke and it startled me. “You know you want to touch it”, he said in a soft encouraging voice. So, I sat next to him and put my hand around his, by now, very hard cock. A few moments of stroking went by and once again he spoke. “Come on, you know you want to suck it, don’t you?” I realized I was nodding without even looking at him. So, here I am, at the moment of truth. The moment I have dreamed of many times over. I leaned over and put his cock right at my mouth and I got a bit spooked. He must’ve seen my fear because bahis şirketleri he Ssshhhhed me quietly and pushed my head down. I promise, I expected it to be good but I never in a million years would’ve been prepared for how wonderful a cock in my mouth felt. He “made” me such his balls. He said it made the cum boil in him. I had never heard anyone say that before. Inch by inch, he pushed his dick deeper until I gagged. This seemed to excite him as his cock only got harder. Then he grabbed the back of my neck and tensed up. I did not need to be told what was happening. He gave a rough grunt and I felt his cum squirt on my tongue. I didn’t feel comfortable swallowing so I just kept sucking and he kept cumming. I ended up with a big mouthful of cum. He asked if I wanted to spit and I nodded yes once again.

I have not been the same since that day. I tried a few other cocks out before finding a safe trustworthy person to regularly service. I’ll write of those events if there is any interest. Currently, I’ve been happily married for many years. I live life as a hetero male. However, every once in a while I get this familiar undeniable, insatiable urge to…aww you know.

Email me if you want.

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