Andi’s Lazy Day

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Andi was only partially awake when she heard her parents tell her someone was coming over to fix or replace the disposal. Oh great a major event in her life, not! She was home from school and not interested in much but partying until she went back. She rolled over and went back to sleep forgetting all about it.

Later, near noon, she got out of bed and checked online, wearing just her panties. Hmmm her online lover, Brad, was on. Well she had some warm dreams maybe he could fire her up… Brad was more than happy to stoke the flames and she had dropped her panties to just about the floor and was getting deep into her exciting chat when the doorbell rang. What the fuck? Oh yes, damn the repairman, fuck him I’m getting off with Brad. But the repairman was persistent and the noise interrupted her rhythm, besides if he left and charged for a missed visit her parents would be pissed.. “Coming” she shouted, yeah as soon as she gets back she thought..she pulled up her panties and wrapped a bathrobe around her, barely covering her butt and ran downstairs to get the door.

She flung open the door, “Yeah, Hi, the kitchen’s over there I got to run” and turned to leave, “Now just one moment, Ma’am. I need you to show me to the disposal and wait for just a little minute while I check it out. Then I’ll let you get back to what it is that you were doin.” Great I hope he doesn’t want to chit chat, but now that she got a good look at him, he was pretty darn handsome. About 6′ and built, you could see he works out or his Kastamonu Escort work is pretty hard. The muscle tee and shorts didn’t hide much that’s for sure. It was hard to tell his age, he could be 25 or 35.

Andi walked him to the kitchen, “By the sink, right?” she said sarcastically. “Usually is miss” well he didn’t miss a beat. “Oh miss I’m gonna have to ask you to clean out from under the sink, sorry. But if I break something I’ll get in a bunch of trouble.”

“Listen I could care less”, she said but he wasn’t budging. She crawled under the sink and started to remove all the junk stored under there. Oh damn,she thought, Brad had for sure found some other bimbo and would have gotten his rocks off and she was stuck with…. wait a minute, he had taken two steps back and was watching intently.

“What?” she said.

“Oh nothing miss” he answered.

She looked behind her, oh fuck he could see her entire ass, the panties had ridden up on her. “Hey mind your own business” she yelled as she stood up. Well enough of this shit… “Is that it now?”

“Just one more thing miss, after I get under the sink I just need you to turn on the disposal real quick, just let me get under here… he flipped on his back and slid under the sink. Well damn, now it was her turn to get a show. He didn’t have on boxers and his package was clearly visible down his shorts leg.. hmmm not too bad she thought..

“OK now” he said.

“Huh?” she was distracted.

“You can try Kastamonu Escort Bayan it now.” He yelled.

“Oh OK” Just as she reached the sink and started to lean over it to get to the switch he sat up and his face was inches away from her pussy.

“Well ain’t this a tasty dish to set before the king..” Arrogant bastard she thought and started to back away when his large, rough hand shot between her legs and cupped her ass stopping her.

“Hey just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” she shouted.

“Don’t lie and tell me you don’t want me, look here how wet you are.” And with that he started to rub her clit with his thumb through her panties. That arrogant son of a ….. damn that feels good Andi thought. Well since Brad had probably already left and this guy was obviously attentive…

It didn’t take him long and he had his thumb under the panties and was spreading Andi’s wetness around. Oh kay she was thinking, this is pretty good. We’ll see how this works out… It wasn’t long before her panties were on the floor and his tongue was probing deep into her. The action of his tongue and his fingers on her clit and the fact that Brad had gotten her hot was getting her to the orgasm point pretty quickly now… he sensed it was coming soon and increased his tempo and soon Andi was holding on to his back as her hips rocked on their own…

Whew, damn, that was nice she thought but no sooner had she gotten her legs back that he lifted her and set her down on Escort Kastamonu the edge of the table. He had dropped his shorts and just now for the first time she had gotten a good look at his penis as it was pushing between her lips getting it’s head wet..oh my god it was huge! 10 inches at least and when she reached down to stop him from putting it in her, her hand would not fit around it.

“Don’t worry miss I can get it in without your help. Nice lookin cock ain’t it?” he said.

“Ohh no no no wait a second” she stammered.

“Oh don’t worry I’ll go nice and slow at first but you’re bound to come again sweetheart.” He arrogantly boasted.

He moved her hand and popped the head in before she could say a word. She had never felt anything like that, it actually took her breath away. As he started to slide it in he actually took some of her juices and stroked them on his cock. This only made it larger.

“I can tell you really like big dicks sweetheart, you’re breathless. I’ll give it to you then.”

Before she could do anything he pulled her by the hips and slid his whole cock into her. Andi let out a startled cry/moan. She felt cock inside her where none had ever been before, but true to his word he slid it in nice and easy, slowly but very very deeply. It wasn’t long before they both were nearing a climax. Just as Andi came he pulled his cock so just the head was squeezed by her opening and thrusting back and forth with the feel of her contractions he started to come.. He pulled his cock out and spurted all the way up to her face and hair. Lots of come from her hair to her belly and he wiped a bit up and put it between her lips.

“I see you certainly liked that sweetheart. Maybe when I finish with this I’ll meet you upstairs.”

Sounds like a plan Andi thought.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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