Andrea Pegs for Revenge

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Andrea hated Roman.

She hated him. She’d hated him since senior year. He’d started as a sort of long term substitute in the second semester, after Professor Marty had her twins, after Andrea had turned 18 and made a pledge to conquer every man she wanted to, now that she could.

That pledge got boring rapidly, upon her realizing that these high school seniors and little college boys knew nothing about anything, let alone how to have fun sex, let alone how to have GOOD sex. Her attention turned to her mildly handsome, gruffly spoken history teacher.

Bad choice, probably. His alternating dismissiveness and interest drove her crazy- emotionally and physically. But in the end, the emotional exhaustion was hardly worth the prospect of physical pleasure. Andrea began to hate him then, for stealing her sleep and time. The more she hated him, the less she wanted him to fuck her. And the more she just wanted to fuck him.

Not literally, at that point, of course, but you get my drift. She made a conscious effort to make him like her. Before his class, she’d sneak off in the bathroom and take everything off under her sweater. Given the choice on a day she had his class, she’d wear leggings instead of jeans. Even though this was her aim, She was shocked and even a bit disgusted that he began to react. He seemed friendlier, wanted to keep her after class, gave her lenient grades- and Andrea played around for a month, and then began ignoring him. Not paying attention in class, trying not to speak to him, but her clothes only got fewer and fewer. She had never been the type to wear skirts or tight dresses, and the last few weeks of school, that was all she wore. But that part of the plan failed, because he just went back to ignoring her. She would come to develop a plan B.

Flash forward to the next winter. Andrea had been enrolled in community college, where she was undecided, bored, unfulfilled. She emailed an old friend.

“Hello Mr. Gambles, can I call you Roman now? Let’s get dinner and catch up!”

Only moments later-

“Andrea! Strange to hear my first name from you. Or read it, rather. I’d love to catch up. Time and place?”

“Olive Garden on sixth at 7, tomorrow? If you haven’t any plans then”

“Nope! See you then.”

And so Andrea got ready for dinner the next evening. She watched herself in the mirror as she put her clothes on. She slipped on her only matching set of underpants and admired herself. She looked over her shoulder and tried to smacked her butt a little. She faced the mirror and danced a little, blew a kiss at herself. She slipped on a rouge sweater and a pair of casual dress trousers, loose, but sexy. She did her mascara. She brushed out her long, soft, hair and pulled a portion of it into a high, fluffy bun.

Just before she left, she spritzed some perfume onto her bed. She stood still for a moment with her eyes closed and fingers crossed. After she was sure she’d made her intention known to whatever higher power might have been listening, she pulled a bottle of lube, a sleek, black dildo, and a harness out of her bedside table and hid them under her innumerable pink pillows, for quick access. Plan B had been set into motion.

Andrea called a ride share to her apartment complex, and arrived just a bit early, early enough to make Roman feel bad. She took joy in watching him scan the room looking for her face. She felt the old familiar spark of schoolgirl fascination when he found her and smiled.

As he slid into the booth, he continued to grin. “Good to see you Andrea!”

“Yeah! How are you?”

“I’m great, I’m, yeah. None of my students have ever really kept in touch.”

“I don’t believe you!” Andrea was putting on the charm, and Roman was about to be swept under it.

“It’s the truth! Guess I’m not a memorable character.”

“Awwww, well I liked you!” She reached out and touched his arm. “And anyways, I need some life advice from somebody that isn’t my mom.”

“I’ll try, although I’m not the world’s model adult.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself, bursa escort I

look up to you.”

And so for the rest of the evening, Andrea would mask her intent with dumb conversation. Towards the end of the night, after their plates were pretty much cleaned, it was actually Roman who breached the topic of boys.

“Are you seeing anybody?”

“Would you believe me if I told you I haven’t had a date since high school?”

“I would not. A… fine… person like you in the prime of your life? I wouldn’t believe you.”

“It’s the sad truth. Guys my age aren’t into me.”

“Well, boys your age don’t know anything.”

“What do you mean?” Andrea batted her eyelashes and feigned ignorance.

“They just… They’re all pumped full of hormones and testosterone and, of course they’re not gonna see a well rounded girl like you and jump for it. When they’re older they will. Older men do.”


He maintained eye contact and nodded. “Mmhm.” And then the check came.

Outside, as they began to say goodbye, Andrea tapped at her phone, pretending to call another ride. “Well, shoot.”


“My über won’t be here for 30 minutes. That’s what I get for living in the suburbs.”

“Did you already order it?”

Andrea replied, maybe too quickly, “Yeah but I can cancel it.”

“Yeah, I can give you a ride home. Spare the money. And then we can continue with our conversation, yeah?”

“Sounds good to me!”

Andrea climbed into the car. It was warm and safe inside.

“Where do you stay?”

“The flats on Roberta.”

“Where’s that at?”

“Uhhh, just get on I-85. It’s like, ten minutes.”

“Sounds good.”

And so they pulled out of the parking lot and made their way onto the highway. The night was bright with streetlights. It felt like Andrea’s blood turned to sugary soda.

“As we were saying?”

Roman spoke as if he had been waiting to since they got into the car. “Yes, boys. They don’t know. They don’t know shit about it, really.”

“Would you have liked me when you were my age?”

“You know? I probably would have, but with me, I had different tastes from other boys then, too.”

“Do you like me now?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know. Let’s say, we met at some party or on an app or something. Would you like me?”

“Oh, definitely. I think you know that.”

“I didn’t.”

Roman laughed out loud. “Bullshit.”

“Wow… I didn’t know teachers went for their students. I thought that was just soap opera junk.”

“Well hold on, hold on. I never implied anything like that-” they were both laughing now.

“No, I know. I know. I just-” her voice got soft and shy. She didn’t truly feel shy, but she put on a convincing act. “I always had such a crush on you in high school.” She giggled, covering her eyes. “I bet it was so obvious to you.”

“I mean… yeah. It was. But that’s ok. You’re not the first.”

“Ummm, okay. Don’t get cocky.”

“No, no, I’m just saying. Schoolgirls get crushes. They brief us on that in college.”


“Yeah. But you know… men aren’t all gross, i mean it takes somebody weird to abuse that relationship, you know?”

“Well… that’s good. But I took it pretty personal.”

“Nah. You did?”

“Oh yeah. I don’t know, I know it was goofy now.” She lied.

“Well, I’m sorry Andrea. But at least you’re okay with me now, right?”

“Right.” She lied again. “I’m over it.” She smiled genuinely at him.

They pulled into an apartment parking deck.

“Do you want ice cream?”


“I’ve got magnum bars in my apartment. Do you want one?”

“You know what? I’d love one.”

They leaned against the counter in the kitchen as they ate their ice cream and made more dumb conversation about other teachers, about Andrea’s classes, about groceries in college, until Andrea slid down the counter to be side by side with Roman. He looked down at her looking up at him. He said softly, “Hi Andrea.”

“Hi.” She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him, bursa escort bayan he kissed back. They dropped what was left of their ice cream bars in the sink so that they could use both hands to grasp at each other as they moved straight to the bedroom, both of them figuring this would end there anyways. For a moment, they sat on the foot of her bed like nervous teenagers, kissing and touching and looking for the sweet spots. They both stood up when Andrea went to shut her blinds.

Roman’s flesh was hot under his coat. Andrea fought to take it off as she sat down on the bed and he curved over her, clinging to her. “I knew this was gonna happen,” she grinned down at the tent that Roman had began to pitch.

“I didn’t,” Roman said, as Andrea finally got his coat off and then stood up, spun around, and pushed him on the bed. She climbed onto him and immediately pressed his forearms into the bed and pressed her breasts against him as she dove for his face again. Roman moaned into her mouth. She was elated to feel him buck his groin against her as she kissed him. All at once she sat on him, keeping his arms restrained, and began to grind against him. “Fuck, oh my god,” he said.


“I can’t believe this is happening.”

“I can.” Andrea let go of his arms to take her sweater off over her head and toss it across the room.. Roman responded by pushing her back and sitting up, scooping his arms around her back. He moved the fabric of her bra away to take much of her breast into his mouth and bite gently. Andrea bucked forwards as he gradually bit harder and closer to her nipple. They stopped so they could get naked.

Andrea intended to let Roman believe he was taking the lead for a little while, at least. She lay on her stomach and Roman kneeled over her. She perked her bottom up as he ran his hands gently over it, playfully squeezing as he went. He used one hand to support himself and the other to slowly, slowly slide a finger to rest at her slit. His finger was cold but she could feel his body heat radiating as he hovered above her and inserted one finger, and then two. He leaned down to kiss and lick her back. Andrea was surprised by his eagerness. As if on queue, Roman whispered, “I’ve been thinking about how I want to do this all… night… long.”

“Mmm, I have too.” He spread some of her wetness to her asshole and then tentatively rested his thumb there. Andrea responded by lifting her ass again, grinding against his hand. He pushed his thumb into her in rhythm with his fingers. Andrea moaned from the shock. She’d had bigger things in the backdoor, but she’d found so far that it wasn’t something you got used to. It always felt better than she remembered. In that moment she considered abandoning her plan B, and letting him stuff her ass right there.

she told herself,

She writhed about only for a few moments more before rolling over and pulling Roman down beside her. She was pleased with the sight of his cock, about as hard as it could be, as far as she could tell. It wasn’t the longest she’d seen, but it was handsome nonetheless. Reasonably thick with the base adorned in thick, black hair. She bit and sucked at his neck as she took his member into her fist and began to jack it off slowly and painstakingly, pulling as she twisted her hand. She could hear him gasp after she spit on her hand and continued.

“Do you like this?”

“Of course I like it.” This made Andrea speed up.

“Do you wanna fuck me?”

“Of course I do.”

“That’s unfortunate.” Andrea straddled Roman suddenly, and rubbed the tip of his cock against her. “How bad do you want to just go in?”

Roman smiled. “Really bad.”

“That’s so unfortunate. I have something else in mind.” She leaned down to kiss him and then pulled out her strap on and lube from under the pillows behind him. She nonchalantly began to fasten the plastic cock to her person as Roman watched, wide-eyed.

“Are you gonna…”


“Are you gonna fuck me?” Andrea closed the last buckle and then made eye contact.

“If you’re okay with it.” She could escort bursa see the fear in his eyes, but she could also see the precum leaking out of his cock. “Don’t you want to fuck?”

“Yeah, but-“

“Well if we’re gonna fuck, it’s gonna be like this.”

“Well… Um…” Roman was propping himself up on his elbows, staring the fake penis in its shiny, black face.

“Are you willing to try?”

“… Yes.”

“Have you ever had anything in your ass?”


Andrea felt a little bit of doubt. “Not even your own fingers?” Roman hesitated before he started nodding, looking up at Andrea with playful eyes. “You’ve fingered yourself?” He nodded again. “Oh, wow. You like to fuck yourself in the ass a little bit while you jack off?”

She took his cock into her fist and began to tug at it again. He moaned, “Yeah.”

“Does it feel good? When you play with your asshole?”

He moaned again, “Yeah, it does.”

“Then let’s start there.” She squeezed some lube onto her fingertips and rubbed it against his entrance. “I need you to relax. Relax for me.” She slid her middle finger inside to the first knuckle as she continued to masturbate him. He groaned when she squirted more lube over his asshole and then all at once stuck her whole finger in. She searched for his prostate and spit on his cock as he watched. She slid another finger in and picked up speed. He let out some kind of noise of pain and winced. “Want me to stop?”

“Please, no.”

“Good boy.” She kissed the tip of his cock, sliding only the head of it into her mouth, darting her tongue in circles to tease him. She drooled on it a little when she took it out of her mouth. “You’re so hard. You must be ready to get fucked.”

“I don’t know about ready, but I’m willing.” Andrea removed her fingers as Roman sat up. He kissed her deeply and ran his hands down her sides. He laughed as he said, “Please be gentle, it’s my first time.” Andrea laughed too. She couldn’t believe she’d made it this far. She couldn’t believe he’d been so willing and cooperative. She couldn’t believe how turned on she was by the idea of fucking the cum out of him.

He played with her breasts as she drenched the strap on with lube. “Turn around.” And so he did. She pressed the tip against him. “May I?”

“Yes.” The head went in relatively smoothly, although Roman was very tight. He gasped and gripped onto the sheets as she slid further in.

“Is it good?”


“Good.” Andrea began with slow, shallow strokes. Roman hummed with a cocktail of pleasure and uncertainty. Soon she pushed the cock in, so that her hips were touching the flesh of his ass. He stuttered to speak and pushed back against her. “Is that good?”


“I’m gonna fuck you now.” And so she did, wrapping around a hand to jack him off as she did so. He began to writhe and grind with the pleasure of it.

“Yes, oh my god, fuck me.”


“Yes-fuck-just like that.”

Andrea went harder and faster. She pulled him up so that her arms were wrapped around him, her breasts bouncing against his back. She licked and kissed and bit his shoulder. He could not resist the urge to touch himself. Andrea slowed down and made slow, violent thrusts with her hips, sending the cock sharply against Roman’s g-spot over, and over, and over, and over again. He began to shake. “Yes, yes, fuck.” Soon he was on the brink of an orgasm. “This is gonna make me cum. I’m gonna cum.” Andrea then took great joy in speeding up again as he groaned and whined. “Oh Christ, I’m cumming. I’m cumming.” Andrea watched over his shoulder as his cock spit hot, intermittent spurts of cum, his hips still riding out the orgasm.

His body then went practically limp, tensing only slightly when Andrea gingerly slipped the strap on out of his person. He rolled onto his back and began to laugh.


“I can’t believe that I still count as a straight guy after all that.”

Andrea laughed and lay down beside him. “Yeah, it’s just a girl cock. Doesn’t count.”

“I don’t know how I’d ever ask another woman to do that for me.”

“I suppose I’ve got a monopoly on fucking your ass, then.”

“I guess you do.”

“Lucky me.”

As Roman slept sweetly next to her, Andrea smiled into the dark. She had won.

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