Andrew and Alexis

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Andrew and Alexis

It was summer vacation of 2013 Andrew and his family where visiting Rome for 3 weeks on a house swap at an apartment complex and as a day trip they drove 2 hours to these sulfur baths on the outskirts of Tuscany. Andrew was 14 at the time and Alexis was 15. Andrew was built for 14 he looked 2 years older than his true age. Andrew was a lacrosse player and a track athlete and had the body to show for it. Alexis was a goddess she was skinny and tan and was blessed by god?Ÿ˜‰

Alexis was from New York but moved to Italy when she was 5 and could speak both Italian and English. That day Alexis and her family also decided to go to the sulfur baths, because it was her dads birthday that day.

Alexis and her family got to the baths an hour earlier than Andrew and his family. The minute Andrew saw Alexis he was amazed she was lying on her back in the water. She was wearing a strapless black top and a pink bottom that barley covered her tight ass. And the front half didn’t do a great job of covering her teen pussy. Her boobs were perfect her strapless bikini top coved only half of her B cup boobs. When Andrew saw her boobs he knew he had to have her. And then Alexis saw Andrew he winked at her and she was the water dripping down his chest and down to his toned stomach , and down to his bathing suit where she could she the outline of his dick. She began to feel her pussy getting wet and the natural current gently massaged her pussy. She wanted him bad. Andrew was standing below her and he was watching his little sister climb some rocks above. Alexis knew this would be her chance to give Andrew a little show. She sat up and kept playing with her top and rubbing up against her pussy with her fingers. Andrew loved this. He could feel his cock beginning to rise in his bathing suit. Andrew swam closer to Alexis and whispered

“Hey cutie meet me down the river in 5 minutes”

Alexis replied “yes please”

Andrew went over to his parents that he was going to explore more etiler escort of the river downstream to explore a bit.

And Alexis told her dad she was going to swim downriver.

10 minutes later…

Andrew was lying down on the riverbank and the sun was glistening down onto his hot body.

“Hey stud” said Alexis in a slutty voice.


Alexis walked over to where Andrew was a lied down.

“I loved that little show you put on for me my dick got so hard while I was watching you”said Andrew

Alexis laughed,”good!”

Alexis rolled on top of Andrew and they began to make out both of them were experienced kissers and as their tongues began to find their way down their throat. Andrew felt Alexis’s boobs press against his chest and he opened his eyes for a second and he saw her cleavage and his cock began to grow and as it did it began to press up against her tight pussy. Andrew stopped running his ham through her hair and slid his hands around her back and undid the strap on her bikini top and he slipped the top of her and now he could feel her wet boobs slide across his chest and Alexis let out a moan. They continued to hookup and Alexis slid her hands down Andrew’s torso and undid and Andrew’s bathing suit and she looked down to see a 7 inch cock rubbing up her body.

“Your cock is so fucking big, just the way I like it mmmmm” Alexis said.

“I knew you would like it” said Andrew.

The only thing Alexis still had on was her bikini bottom. In no time Andrew took it off. Now he could feel his cock rub against Alexis’s shaved pussy. And when Alexis felt his cock beginning to push up against her virgin pussy.

Alexis stopped kissing Andrew and began to kiss her way down Andrew’s chest and stomach and down to his cock.

Andrew felt as Alexis slid her warm mouth into his cock and began to slide her head up and down on Andrew’s cock. Andrew loved it and he grabbed hold of her head in one hand and with çapa escort his other hand he began to feel up Alexis’s boobs. Her teen boobs felt firm and great. And he began to guide her head up and down.

Andrew stood up and Alexis was kneeling on the ground still sucking Andrew’s dick. Andrew knew Alexis had done this before, she was able to fit his whole cock in her mouth. Andrew was close to cumming and and her grabbed Alexis’s boobs and pulled his dick out of her warm mouth and began to shoot warm loads all over her face and down onto her teen boobies. Andrew looked down at Alexis and she was licking her lips with his cum and she had the biggest smile on her face.

“My turn” said Andrew with a devilish grin on his face.

Alexis began to lie down and so did Andrew and they began to make out again. This time Andrew was on top and he quickly made his way down her to her tits. Andrew began to kiss and suck on her teen tits. As he did this Alexis began to let out moans. And then Andrew straddled Alexis and he stuck his cock between her teen boobies and began to slid his cock bath and forth between her boobs. Alexis loved the teasing. Soon Andrew could feel he was about to cum. And a few seconds he did and Alexis grinned and opened her mouth and she swallowed the warm loads of cum that were being shot into her mouth. She swallowed every bit of it. She loved it!

Andrew then began to work his way down to Alexis’s pussy. Her pussy was completely shaved. It was the cutest pussy that Andrew had ever seen, it was pink, tight,and shaved. Andrew moved his face down into her her virgin and began to drive Alexis crazy ad he used his tongue to eat out her pussy. Andrew lived the taste of her pussy. Sweet and salty. Alexis had a feeling of ecstasy pass over her, as she was began ate out off. Andrew was great. And without warning Alexis’s pussy juices began to flow out of her pussy and onto Andrew’s face.

After they both stood up and began to make out again this merter escort time there were no clothes between their bodies and they could both feel each others bodies.

“I want you inside of me now. You make me so horny Andy ” said Alexis.

“Babe I want to but I don’t have a condom” said Andrew.

But then Alexis remembered her parents were leaving her home alone that night, they were going to stay in a hotel that night.

“That’s perfect”

They began to put their clothes back on and head back to the baths talking about all the things that were going to happen tonight. Alexis gave her address to Andrew.

It was driving both of them crazy, the anticipation. That night around 11pm everybody had gone to sleep, Andrew grabbed a condom from his parents room, and headed out. Alexis’s apartment was a short ten minute walk. Andrew to the the elevator up to the top floor and knocked on her door. Alexis opened the door she was wearing only a bra and a small thong. Andrew’s cock began to grow and Alexis felt her pussy begin to get wet. Andrew picked her up and she wrapped his legs around him and they began hookup. Andrew took Alexis into her room and threw her on her bed and started to take off his pants and shorts and made his way onto her bed and he began to kiss her. Alexis rolled on top of him and took off her bra and began to run them back an forth across Andrew’s face. Andrew loved it. Alexis quickly took her thong off and Andrew saw what lay ahead of him! He took the condom out of his pocket and had a devilish grin on his face. And Alexis had that same smile on her face. Andrew gave the condom to Alexis and she put the condom onto his pulsing cock. All seven inched of it. And then Andrew took his huge cock and began to slide it into Alexis’s pussy. Soon Alexis got used to it and the pain turned into enjoyment. And she rode Andrews cock like there was no tommorow. And her tits were bouncing up and down. It was a sight of beauty for Andrew. Then Andrew grabbed hold of Alexis and and opened her tight ass and shoved his cock covered in pussy juices into her teen asshole and she loved every minute of it and soon Andrew shot his warm load up into Alexis.

After that they lay there cuddling and making out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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