Angel in the Night 03

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This is part of a series. It should make sense by itself, but the preceding Angel stories will help. Please enjoy, and write a comment if you like.


I was on another planet. Or in heaven.

Thien, who I couldn’t remember a week or so back, had taken me on such an adventure. From awkward virgin, to petting each other (and ourselves) to my first blowjob, with a touch of anal, which happened to be in a nearby park. Even when I told myself what had happened, and relived every second (several times), I still didn’t believe it. Thien’s name meant “angel” in Vietnamese, and in my weirder moments I wondered if she was in fact an angel visiting me.

So imagine my surprise when she appeared over our fence. I was helping mum put the washing on the line.

“Hello Mrs Watson, I’m Thien, from next door. Do you remember me?” I nearly collapsed.

“Why Thien! How nice to see you! And haven’t you grown up!” (Oh yes mum, you have no idea.) “You’re at uni now aren’t you, and doing well I hear from your parents.” (You know the parents?? I really am going to faint now.) “You remember Nick don’t you? Only a bit younger than you I think.” (Mum, I’m not here. I’ve disappeared into a hole in the ground.)

“Err, hi, um, Thien.” Angel? Angel?? A demon, more likely. I could tell she was loving my torture.

“It’s a bit quiet at home here. I was wondering – if Nick’s finished all his chores – if he might like to go out for a coffee?” She gave us a wonderful smile. Oh Thien, I’m going to pay you back for this. Somehow.

The cafe was pretending to be urban grunge, with odd chairs and tables and ragged posters carefully stuck on the walls. Not busy. Luckily they forgot the inner-city arrogant waiters. The coffee and cake actually was pretty good. Thien smiled calmly across the table at me, completely in control.

“Your face when I looked over the fence. I won’t forget that look for a long, long time!” She laughed her musical laugh.

“You are in big trouble! I don’t know what, but I’ll think of something. How could you? In front of my mother! Brazen!”

“Just being a good neighbour. Besides, I needed to know if she knew what… was happening. We can’t hide this for long you know, but I think it’s still a secret.”

“I think it must be obvious something’s happened to me. Everything feels mad and wonderful. And I keep seeing you, in my house, your hair, your walk…”

“Same for me. I lie on my bed and I can feel your hands on my chest or my thighs.”

“Careful, Thien! Don’t start!”

“But I promised you the story, of Talaya.” I thought she’d brushed my leg by accident, but her bare foot up between my thighs, just as she spoke, was not by chance. I wasn’t holding my cup, so I didn’t drop it. My fingers dug into the table top.

In a public cafe, she was stroking my balls with her foot. It felt fantastic. And scary, which made it more fantastic. I tried to look normal.

“It was a Women’s Night at the Union. Guest speakers, pamphlets, uni politicians. Free entertainment, free condoms. No guys that night. And discount drinks. One of the speakers was a crazy lady with bright clothes, not black like all the others. She talked about the joy of self-sex, I think she called it. It was an act to “reclaim our bodies”. I remember she had a slide show of many many women, mostly naked, with one hand down between their legs. Enjoying themselves. Then she put her own hand down over herself – outside her pants thankfully.

“Well, you know about me and sex, about not touching, just – nothing. But the pictures, so many women, all touching, all happy; I felt something inside. Then she started on herself! She shouted, “Come on girls!” Or something. I couldn’t look. I looked away; that’s when I caught someone’s eye. We both were, well, embarrassed. Bayan Eskort We both got the giggles.

“Later in the night they played videos. “Xena, Warrior Princess” and something else old, a police lady with big hair. I was at the bar between episodes and there was the girl I’d seen before. We had another laugh together, we got talking. Turns out, she was just like me in many ways. No sex. No thought of it. No brothers with cocks to see. She was Middle-eastern I think, so maybe, it wasn’t discussed.

“We watch Xena and cheer the bad acting. We talk and talk and talk. About family, courses, life, clothes. Our bodies. We have another drink, then another. I don’t know when, but we made a pact, to explore our bodies, and tell the other one what we found. Yeah, pretty mad, but it made sense at the time.”

“Suddenly it’s really late. No more buses home for me. Talaya shared a house not so far away, so we caught a taxi to her place. All I remember of the trip is her teaching me “I am Woman” while we waited outside for the cab. I am woman, hear me roar, in numbers too big to ignore!

“At her house we stumbled around and she took the cushions off the couch. She put them in her room and put the heater on. I sat on the cushions. She was sitting on the bed. We stared at each other. “This is it, isn’t it,” she said. We knew it was. The exploring.

“She put on this Middle-eastern music and started to dance. The music had long flowing lines, and that’s how she moved. She swirled and spun, even shook her hips like a belly dancer. she wore a longish skirt , she could make it swing one way then the other with the music. She stretched her arms up, then slid them down her front and sides . She had long hair like me, and she rolled her head round to make it swing, like willow branches. When she turned off the main light her bed light put shadows and lights across her arms. It was the most beautiful, sensuous thing I’ve seen in my life.

“And the music! Haunting, longing music from far away countries. I found out later what was playing. It’s called an oud, a bit like a guitar. The music and the dance was just right together.”

Thien paused. Her foot tucked under my balls paused. She had a faraway look as she remembered. I had heard an oud played before, so I had an idea of what she was saying.

“She dance and dance. For how long, I don’t know. Then in the middle of it she just moved her hands up in the dance and took off her top, over her head. She came down and undid her bra. I saw my first boobs for real, big and round, rolling free. Big dark nipples. She wore a gold chain that lay across her collarbone and it glinted as she turned. Her skin and her eyes, her graceful hands, they were magic. She danced like a goddess from ancient times. Her shoulders rocked, her boobs swung when she danced. Not like mine.”

“Yours are wonderful,” I interrupted. She blushed slightly. She’s a bit self-conscious about them, I realized.

“I remember my nipples tingled when I saw hers. She put her hands out to me. I got up and danced to that music. We danced together, my little boobs facing her big ones. It just seemed natural to take my top off. Talaya just nodded with her eyes half-closed.

“My bra. Do I take it off? Part of me said, oh yes, part of me was horrified. Talaya’s smile settled it. I took it off. She said, “Thank you. It’s my decision to do this, but it’s easier when you’re with me.” I couldn’t say anything.

“She brushed her boobs, stroked them and lifted them. The gold chain danced on top. She held her nipples between her fingers. She stroked her chest and neck. She was so sexy. She rolled her hips around, forwards, back. Then she sat down and rolled her head slowly back. She was running her hands up her skirt by now. I could Anadolu Yakası Escort faintly smell her sweat, and another smell, arousal.

“I was in jeans, sitting opposite. Suddenly I wanted to be part of this. I stood up and took my jeans off. She slid her skirt off. We stared at each other, then slowly, together, slid our panties off. I’ll never ever forget that, her dark bush and mine, her boobs rising and falling, her mouth open. Her scent, my scent. Then we sort of, did the same things. She opened her legs, I opened mine. She spread her pussy lips – they were bigger than mine. We found our clits – hers small for such a bigger pussy. And the little hood over it. She said it was so sexy to watch me as well as touch herself. It was for me too. All those years, now I knew, this was how it should be. It should be pleasure for me. We laughed, we said ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ and ‘arse’.

“Then Talaya just started strumming her clit. Just like that. I had to get closer, so I knelt in front of her. And I started to stroke her legs, they were so smooth. She was sighing with pleasure. Then she lifted her legs up so I could see and smell her whole pussy. Her hairs came down her lips and curled gently around her anus. She took my hand and put it on her crack, down low. She was pushing it down, while her two fingers worked her clit. She was panting, and I was getting hot too. Her pussy lips had got bigger and thicker; I spread them and watched the inner lips getting pulled by her fingers on her clit. Her vagina was moving, opening, so wet. I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

“Inside,” she breathed. “Fuck me with your fingers.” She was panting by now. I crawled my hands inside her thighs and slid one finger in. It went in so easy… I could feel the walls of her vagina, they seemed to widen inside, so I put two fingers in. Talaya was loving it, making whimpering noises.

” I put a finger on her anus, it seemed to be flexing, moving as well. I pushed and it went in. Her eyes opened wide, then squeezed shut as she came. She started to scream, then just froze with her mouth open. Then this huge gasp. Her juices came out, so clear like your precum, and she smelled different. she lay back on the bed, laughing and thanking me. That’s why I thought you might like my finger too. You’re a lot bigger than Talaya.”

“I have to say I was pretty surprised, but yeah I liked it. In fact, it was incredible.”

“So. That was last year, and you’re my first boy. Good timing!” Thien spoke absently, as if to herself. She was reliving that night. It gave me a chance to really study her. (I know, I should have before now, but we’d been too caught up with… our activities.) She was slim all over, a slim figure, small face and hands, small mouth, skin a beautiful honey colour. Long jet-black hair. What was startling were her eyes: dark brown, they changed with her mood, dreamy then intense, naughty then tender.

“Now I’ve got myself excited talking about it. Come with me!” She pulled me out of my seat. Somehow I managed to pay the bill before she dragged me out of the coffee shop and up a lane beside it, which led out of the shops. Suddenly she stopped and swung round to me. She pulled my head down and kissed me fiercely, deeply, her tongue searching over my tongue and teeth. I could feel her fierce breath on my cheek, I could see her long eyelashes. She seemed to calm down slightly, pulled away and whispered, “Em yeu anh. I love you.”

A few minutes walk from the shopping street will take you up a nearby hill. Too steep and uneven to develop, it was made a park when the area turned from farms to housing. It had grassy slopes up to irregular rocky ledges and even had some remnant trees and bushes. Thien hurried us up a track, looking back at me intently at frequent Pendik Escort intervals. The track led up through bushes and around to a low ledge, about seat height. It was in the full sun and had a view across the neighbourhood. Somehow private and open at the same time. Thien’s intensity, her hurry, her grip on my hand was making me uneasy.

“Look Thien, something’s up I can tell. Whatever it is, if you don’t want- “

“Oh, I want. I want so much. I want you.” She held my hands and stared into my eyes. She gently sat me down on the warm stone. I looked up and had to close my eyes against the sun behind her hair. I felt her breath as she came in and kissed me again, gently, lovingly. She stroked my head as she kissed my mouth and rolled her tongue around inside. Her warm hands and the warm sun were matched by a lazy breeze across my skin. “Em yeu anh,” she whispered again.

“Thien, em yeu anh.”

She laughed softly, musically. “You’re silly. I say ’em yeu anh’, you say ‘anh yeu em.'”

“Just kiss me.”

“Oh, I will, you watch!”

She tugged at my shorts. I had half-expected this before, then thought otherwise with all the intense looks and her odd mood, then her kisses had completely distracted me. “Thien!” I said but already was easing them down. The hard grainy stone was warm to my bare skin.

She had been standing between my legs, now she knelt down. She stared at my cock, swelling under the sunlight and her gaze. She brushed it gently and it sprang up. “My dick, to play with,” she smiled. Staring into my eyes, she bent down and sucked the head into her mouth. It felt fantastic. She licked slowly down the underside, brushing her nose against the top. She licked each ball – something that would normally make me anxious after a few sporting accidents “down there”, but this felt wonderful. Tingles and stars shot from them down my legs and up my torso. She licked up my shaft, then pushed her tongue into the hole in the top – where did she get her ideas? She paused to whisper to me.

“Em yeu anh.”

“Anh yeu em.” Speaking was tricky but I even managed the grammar. “God, Thien, that feels fantastic. I don’t know how long I’m going to last…”

“Come when you want, lovely boy.” She was rolling her tongue around the head while her little hands pulled the skin up and down the shaft. Her falling hair tickled my thighs, the sun warmed my bare skin. I was in heaven, and time seemed to slow down.

How long was she there, giving me such pleasure? I still have no idea.

I felt a familiar urging in my cock, it seemed to get harder still. My thighs tensed Thien could tell I was close and she gave me long strokes down to my balls. My balls rose up. She paused as I spurted my come into her mouth. Her lips were closed over my cockhead as she took it in. When I stopped and lay back, breathing hard, she looked into my eyes. She had her naughty look.

Still bent over my cock, she smiled and opened her mouth slightly. My creamy come trickled across her lips and down my cock, mixing with her spit and shining in the sunlight. It cascaded over the head and her little hand, still holding the shaft. The sight excited me and one last little shot rose out and joined the sticky streams pooling in my pubic hair and trickling around my balls. My cock seemed to shrink back and relax against her hand, spent and satisfied. God I love this girl.

In a surprisingly matter-of-fact way, Thien let go of my cock, spat on her hand and wiped it on the grass. She sat back on her heels and stared at me. I gazed back, enjoying the afterglow of coming, the sun, the sight of my Angel sitting there, even the sticky mess as it started to dry out.

Something was still brewing inside her. She knelt up and pulled me up to a sitting position. She gently cupped my cheek with her hand, stroking my lips with her thumb. The softest touch I can remember. I mouthed ‘anh yeu em’ to her and she smiled briefly.

“Lovely Nick, lovely Nick. I will have you, and you will have me.”

We did not say a word for the whole walk home.

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