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Angelika is a beautiful German girl I met a few months ago while visiting Veronica and George, some American friends who live in a small town just south of Dallas in the Lone Star State.

As I boarded the plane in Adelaide for a few weeks holiday in the United States, I had no inkling what was in store and what transpired was certainly not planned, stage managed or orchestrated in any way – at least not by me.

Life rarely presents us with spontaneous opportunities to explore our sexuality and expand our horizons, and I believe that every opportunity should be embraced with enthusiasm and explored with passion.

Angelika is responsible for some of the most unexpected and beautifully erotic experiences of my life. This story is about one of them.

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. I hope you enjoy it and ask that when you have finished you vote and leave your comments on Literotica. It is important to me and I really appreciate you letting me know what you think of my stories.



I woke up and looked at the illuminated numbers on the clock beside the bed. It wasn’t quite six o’clock and although the sun was still below the horizon there was a faint glow in the eastern sky telling me that dawn was not far away.

My brain was foggy from lack of sleep and in those first few minutes, as I slowly emerged from my brief nocturnal hibernation, I had a feeling that something was wrong. I was still half asleep and couldn’t quite put my finger on it but there was certainly something very different that morning.

The room, the bed, the early morning sounds and even the fragrance on the breeze seemed foreign and as I lay in bed, shedding the remnants of sleep, the realisation came to me gradually, piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle being slowly assembled in my mind.

A few weeks before Veronica and George, a couple I met about a year earlier when they were on holiday in Australia, had invited me to visit and stay with them at their home in a town south of Dallas in Texas.

We had met when they were in South Australia, where I live, to visit the McLaren Vale, Clare and Coonawarra wineries and we instantly became friends. They stayed with me for a few days before returning to the States and we kept in contact by email and when one day, they invited me to visit them in the USA, I jumped at the chance.

The Qantas flight from Adelaide to Dallas Fort Worth with stopovers in Sydney and Los Angeles was incredibly long but nothing, not even countless, uninspiring airline meals, could dampen my excitement and I finally arrived tired but very happy and looking forward to three glorious weeks’ holiday.

After getting through immigration, being photographed and finger-printed, I collected my backpack only to find that a rather overly officious customs officer decided I would be one of the lucky ones to have my bags searched.

After a long and tiring trip it was all I needed, but there was nothing I could do but open my backpack and let him pore over my things. Of course there was nothing to find, but my underwear seemed to get undue attention and his careful examination of my favourite vibrator drew a wry smile.

With all the formalities completed, I made my way to the arrivals hall to find Veronica and George waiting with big welcoming hugs and a beautiful bunch of flowers.

That was yesterday and this morning I’d woken still suffering from jet lag which, together with the sound of Veronica and George making love, had kept me awake most of the night. I think it was about three in the morning before I finally fell into a fitful sleep that was disturbed by vivid and erotic dreams about Angelika, the girl sleeping in the next room.

I had met Angelika for the first time the previous afternoon when we arrived home from the airport. When I had walked into the room she got up, turned off the television she had been watching and with out waiting for Veronica or George to introduce us, took a step towards me.

“Hello, you must be Catherine,” she said in perfect English that was influenced with a heavy, clipped but very sexy and appealing German accent, “I am Angelika and I am so very pleased to meet you. Veronica has told me a lot about you.”

I’d studied German at school and replied rather hopefully, “Guten Tag Angelika, Freut mich, Sie zu sehen,” realising that I’d just used almost my entire German vocabulary just to say hello and tell her that I was pleased to meet her.

As I discovered later, Angelika was a twenty-two year old student who was staying with Veronica and George for a few days while she back-packed around the US. In the introduction I described her as beautiful – but beautiful is not really the right word. She is above average height, big boned with broad shoulders, small breasts, a narrow waist and generous hips.

Her face is interesting but overall her features are a little too angular and harsh for her to be described as pretty. She has a large nose and very prominent cheek bones. Her mouth is perhaps Bostancı Escort just a little too big and her lips are thick and full. No, she is not beautiful, but she has the most gorgeous, penetrating, blue-grey eyes and she exudes a raw sexuality that I found fascinating and extremely attractive.

My first night there was warm so we had dinner out on the terrace by the pool eating by the flickering glow of candle light. We drank some Australian wines I’d brought with me and chatted, catching up on everything that had happened over the past few months.

After dinner I sat with Angelika on a couch while Veronica and George stripped off and swam naked in the pool. It was not the first time I’d seen them with out any clothes because when they were staying with me in Adelaide we had visited Maslin’s Beach – Adelaide’s legal nude beach – a couple of times and I’d quickly discovered that they had few, if any, inhibitions.

As we chatted and watched Veronica and George frolicking in the water Angelika’s hand casually, and at first I thought accidentally, touched my leg. To start with she had just lightly brushed my leg with her fingertips but meeting no resistance she became bolder and each time her touches seemed to last a little longer than the one before.

As the level of wine in the bottle fell so did our inhibitions and I realised that Angelika had moved close to me and our legs were touching, I could feel the warmth of her bare thigh against mine and not for the first time that evening I wondered about her sexual preferences. I had no doubt she was flirting with me, and I was enjoying and excited by it.

It was the sort of evening that should never end. Veronica and George had finished their swim and were lying, still naked, on lounges by the pool. I was lying with my head in Angelika’s lap and she was softly running her fingers through my hair.

I desperately wanted to stay to see where our mild flirting would go but I was exhausted after my long journey and sleepy from the wine. Reluctantly I excused myself around midnight, went to the bathroom, showered, then after saying good night to the others, who were still out on the patio, went to my room and crawled into bed.

I must have dozed for a while but didn’t really get to sleep and it was probably about an hour later when I felt the need to respond to the call of nature – obviously a result of a little too much wine.

I got out of bed and slipped on a singlet top, but in the dark couldn’t find my panties. It seemed everyone else had gone to bed, so bare-arsed, I set off down the passage to find the toilet.

Before I reached the bathroom I could see that the door was slightly ajar and the light was on. Cautiously I approached the doorway and saw Angelika standing in front of the mirror brushing her thick, dark hair with slow, deliberate strokes. Curious, I moved a little closer, taking care to stay out of her line of vision in the relative seclusion of the darkened hall-way.

She was wrapped in a white towel that barely covered her very cute butt and left her long shapely legs totally exposed. Her shoulder-length hair was damp and shiny and her skin had that freshly scrubbed glow. I watched her in silence, the voyeur in me aroused, and I was aware of a pleasant tingling between my legs.

As I watched, she pulled her hair back into a ponytail, secured it with an elastic band and then put the hairbrush on the counter by the hand basin. She paused briefly, unfastened the towel and let it fall to the floor at her feet, giving me my first glimpse of her magnificent body. Naked, she was everything I imagined. Her young body was firm and unmarked except for a single word tattooed on her right buttock. I leaned forward trying to see what it said but I was too far away. I hoped that soon I’d have an opportunity for a closer look.

The sight of her naked body caused the tingling in my loins to increase to a dull ache and I found myself resisting the urge to slip my hand between my legs for some relief, but I remained still and silent, content for now just to watch.

I remained the voyeur as she reached forward to pick up something that was just outside my line of vision. As her hand came back into view I could see she was holding a pair of panties and I almost gasped aloud as I realised why I hadn’t been able to find my panties a few moments before.

There was no doubt they were mine – I recognised them immediately because they were my favorites – extra small, leopard print, boy-leg panties. I felt a warm flush of embarrassment as I realised that I must have left them in the bathroom when I’d showered before going to bed.

My heart was pounding as I watched her slowly and carefully unfold and examine them. I was wondering what she’d think of me. Would she realise I’d left them unintentionally, or perhaps she was thinking I’d deliberately left them there for her to find?

My wonder turned to amazement as she raised them to her cheek, softly caressing her smooth skin with the Bostancı Escort Bayan delicate fabric, then turning her head slightly she brought them to her nose, tilted her head back and inhaled deeply, savouring my feminine scent.

My senses were reeling. My nipples ached and my pussy throbbed as I watched her bring them to her lips and tenderly kiss the exact spot that only short while ago had been nestled snugly against my moist pussy.

It was one of the most erotic things I’d ever seen. My breathing was laboured and my heart was pounding. I hadn’t touched myself but I was on the verge of an orgasm. I leaned back against the wall for support – I needed it as my legs threatened to give way and I continued to watch in disbelief as she lifted first one foot and then the other and put my panties on.

She pulled them up over her magnificent, long legs, wriggling her gorgeous butt as she squeezed herself into my tiny panties that were probably a size too small for her. She stood and observed herself in the mirror and then slowly ran her hands over the soft fabric that was stretched tightly across her firm, round bum.

Thinking that she would be coming out of the bathroom at any time, I was about to leave and dash back to my room when she slipped one hand down the front of the panties and started to masturbate.

She was standing in front of the mirror watching herself, her legs parted and braced, with one hand resting on the counter for support. From behind I could see her other arm moving rapidly back and forth as she played with herself.

After just a few seconds she began to moan, then she raised herself up on tip toes, closed her eyes, threw her head back and let out a long, low growl, her whole body shaking as she came at exactly the same time as an orgasm hit me.

It was a night of firsts for me. It was my first night at Veronica and George’s; it was the first time I’d met Angelika; it was the first time I’d seen another woman wearing my panties and it was the first time I’d actually come without touching myself.

Still shaking, I turned quickly and quietly made my way back down the passage to my room, slipped inside, closed the door and got into bed. Just a few seconds later I heard Angelika’s footsteps in the hall, the sound of her door opening and closing, then silence except for my still laboured breathing and my pounding heart.

As I lay in the darkened room waiting for sleep to come, the vision of Angelika remained. I couldn’t get her out of my mind, and the image of her masturbating and coming in my panties was causing my pussy to weep continuously.

I dozed but found the refuge of sleep impossible. Veronica and George were fucking like a couple of teenagers in their bedroom just down the hall. They are both in their fifties but that night they screwed for hours, and from the sounds of Veronica’s screams I knew that she had several crushing orgasms.

Alone in my bed my fingers found their way between my legs and I quietly stroked myself. I slipped two fingers between my smooth pussy lips and spread a little of my juices over my swollen labia and up over my clit, gasping as my slippery fingertips touched that tiny source of so much pleasure which was still sensitive from my recent orgasm.

Using two fingers, I slowly traced tiny circles around my clit encouraging it to come out from its protective sheath. As it emerged I lightly brushed my fingers back and forth sending waves of almost unbearable pleasure through my body and causing a small, involuntary moan of ecstasy.

My ministrations were briefly interrupted by a soft noise that seemed to come from Angelika’s room. I was conscious of her sleeping only a few feet away, just the other side of the wall. As I played with myself, I fantasised about her waking, coming to my room, lifting my quilt and sliding into bed beside me, taking me in her warm arms, kissing my aching nipples, whispering in my ear in her sexy German accent and replacing my busy fingers with her own.

The vision of her naked body alongside my own, the imagined sensation of the warmth of her breath on my cheek, the pleasure of her long, elegant fingers buried deep inside me and sweet words of encouragement in my ear carried me quickly towards my orgasm.

I closed my eyes as my fingers flashed rapidly back and forth across my clit. I knew I’d come quickly this way – I always did – and now was not the time to prolong the pleasure. I was desperate for another orgasm.

Suddenly, without warning, it hit me. There was no gradual build up, none of the usual signs, nothing at all to let me know it was coming, just a flood of juices coating my fingers and running down my legs and the wonderful sensation of release.

All too soon it was over but I was exhausted – totally spent. The long trip, a few glasses of wine, Angelika’s erotic performance in the bathroom, and my own beautiful orgasms had left me totally drained. I rolled over on to my stomach, cuddled up to my pillow, pretending Escort Bostancı it was Angelika, and was asleep almost immediately.

It was lighter now. Again I looked at the clock which showed it was twenty-three minutes past six and there was no way I was going to be able to go back to sleep. I was a little disorientated and my body clock had not adjusted for change in the time zones, but mostly I was still very horny.

I pushed back the quilt and sat up. There were no other sounds in the house and I assumed that everyone else was still asleep. I got out of bed and made my way quietly down the hall to the bathroom, closed the door and turned on the shower. While I waited for the hot water to come through I looked at myself in the mirror.

I smiled, and the reflection of the slim, young woman in the mirror smiled back at me. Of course I knew it was me but fantasy had replaced reality and it was as though I was watching someone else, someone young and sexy, standing before me proudly displaying her naked body for my enjoyment.

The girl looking at me from behind the glass was tall, with long dark hair that was a little dishevelled as though she had just come from her bed where her lover still lay basking in the glow of their recent love making.

She had soft brown eyes and a warm friendly smile behind with which she tried unsuccessfully to hide an expression which carried more than just a hint of mischief.

Her breasts were tiny, but firm and nicely shaped with small, hard, pointed nipples. She had a flat belly and narrow, almost boyish hips. She obviously shaved or waxed to remove all her pubic hair, which highlighted her prominent mons veneris, giving her the appearance of a pre-pubescent girl.

Her outer labia were small and neat, the entrance to her vagina being virtually nothing more that a tight, narrow slit. From just a few feet away it was difficult to tell that there was any opening at all and it appeared as though someone had simply drawn a thin line with a fine tipped pen on her otherwise pale, unmarked skin.

As I watched, her hand slid slowly over her stomach, her fingers coming to rest lightly on her silky pussy lips which she parted to reveal the tip of her clitoris that was peeking out cautiously from under its protective hood.

As her finger tips gently brushed her clit, she smiled again and her mouth opened to emit a low moan, then, as I closed my eyes, she disappeared.

I opened my eyes again, eager to see what she would do next, hoping that she would masturbate for me, allowing me to watch while she brought herself to orgasm, but she had vanished and I stood there in her place.

Sadly the spell had been broken and the magic and thrill of being both exhibitionist and voyeur at the same time was gone. My hand was between my legs and the sensation of my fingers on my clit was delightful, but that could wait – well for a few minutes at least.

I opened the door of the shower cubicle, reached in to test the water, and finding it a little too cold, adjusted the temperature, checked it again then stepped in, the stream of warm water instantly refreshing and revitalising me.

I leant back against the hard, tiled wall which was cold against my bare skin. In contrast, the water streaming from the shower opposite was warm and the combination of the cold tiles and the warm water sent conflicting but pleasant sensations surging through my body.

I had the taps turned on full and the sharp jets of water struck my chest, stinging and teasing my nipples like the fingers of a lover. Small rivulets of water ran down across my flat belly and over my smooth, bald pubic mound.

My soapy fingers found their way between my legs which were parted to allow me access to the core of my sex.

It was only a few seconds, but already my breath was coming is short raspy gasps. My head was back and my hand was between my legs.

I don’t know how long she had been standing in the doorway watching me. My eyes had been closed and I hadn’t heard the soft click of the door latch or the sound of her bare feet on the tiled bathroom floor. Perhaps I wouldn’t have heard her over the hiss of the water from the shower and the monotonous drone of the exhaust fan in the ceiling anyway.

She was topless and still wearing my panties from the night before. Her hair was up in a ponytail as she stood leaning against the doorframe watching me, her expression a curious mixture of surprise, amusement, delight and understanding.

I wasn’t sure what to do. I was too far gone to stop. I need to finish what I had started and bring on a desperately needed orgasm, but I was a little embarrassed to have been caught masturbating by a virtual stranger.

As I stood there, my fingers buried beep inside by aching pussy, she smiled and I knew instantly I had no need to be embarrassed.

She closed the bathroom door, walked over to the shower cubicle and opened the glass door. Stepping inside she took me in her arms, whispering, “Guten Morgen, Liebchen,” as she gently pressed her soft, wet lips against mine.

As our lips met I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me. She pressed her body against mine and I could feel her hard nipples against my chest. I held her tightly and opened my mouth as her tongue forced its way between my lips. I wanted her inside me and welcomed it.

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