Angels in Love

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A big thanks for MaximusTheMad for editing this


Sun light is flashed through the unclosed window. Its golden rays were shining like a ghoul’s grin. It wasn’t the best morning for me because of yesterday’s events. I stretched my arms and I could feel pain on my left cheek where my sister slapped me last night; I hoped she was in pain from when I slapped her back. My sister Seraph Mathew and I were very close. I still remember the golden days when we played together in our backyard. I know I was damn special for her, she always called me Teddy and I called her Kitty. She was a gift to my heart and we were spiritually connected. She was a golden thread to the meaning of my life. She was only 3 when I was born and she cared and loved me like her teddy bear and I followed her everywhere in the home. But things started to change over the past few years. She lost interest in me and ignored me but I still loved her.

“Pepe, wake up breakfast is ready,” my mom called out.

My name is Gabriel Pepe most of my friends and family call me Pepe, (it’s my grandfather’s name) and about five month ago I turned 18. My mom Elizabeth is a housewife and father Mathew is away on business.

“I’ll be there in a minute,” I replied.

I got out of bed and freshened up and put on a t-shirt, then went downstairs. Mom is making pancakes with coconut chutney. I sat down on the kitchen chair and mom served me.

“What is wrong with you two?” she asked me with a serious face.

I didn’t say anything at first because I just don’t know. My sister changed over the years and she became more distant.

“Did you hear me Pepe?” she asked with an awful din.

“Yes, I did, and what should I say, that I’m sorry for calling her a slut?”

“Watch your mouth young man. Did I bring you up like that?”

I couldn’t take her lecture so I got up in a hurry, went to my room and collected my bag and bike keys. I could hear mom’s voice rising, so I got out of the house through my usual escape route window’s fire escape.

Within a minute I reached my friend David’s house. He’s the only son of a millionaire couple John and Susan. His father is in the hospitality industry and one of the best in India and mother is the High Court judge of our state. He has been my best friend since kindergarten and my partner in crime. He’s a bit taller than me, 6ft2 and I’m little over 6ft. One thing I loved most about him was that he never showed the glitter of his wealth and he was always there for me. We played cricket together in college. He was a fast bowling all-rounder and I was a one down batsman. His home was so big even I didn’t know how many rooms they had; it was like a second home for me. His parents liked me very much and vice versa.

I saw him passing through the living room to the kitchen when I entered their home and I followed him. I could see Elcy their maid making breakfast. I sat down on the counter. He took his head out of the fridge with some juice and looked at my tired face and his eyes narrowed.

“Don’t ask, I’m not in a mood to explain,” I said before he asked something.

“Not asking anything, happy? Looks like you skipped breakfast, wanna join me?” he said.

He knows me pretty well that’s why he’s my bestie.

“You guessed right. I can’t take my mom’s lecturing anymore.”

“Oh, so you had fight with mom?” he asked.

I turned my head to the direction of sound and find David’s mom approaching.

“That’s not a good way to start a day dear Pepe,” she said, standing there all ready for court.

“It’s not a fight aunty it just….” I lost my words.

“It’s ok, what do you two think if I make breakfast for both of you?” she asked.

“Ohh ma, Elcy is already on it so don’t be late for court,” David replied.

“Ok then dears I will be going,” she said giving each of us a kiss on the head and disappeared.

Suddenly my phone started to ring and without looking I knew who was calling.

“Hey babe, good morning,” I said to my girlfriend Helen.

“What’s the time now?” she asked in a serious tone.

“Its almost 8:30, what’s the matter dear?”

“Oh, don’t tell me you forgot!” she exclaimed.

Then I remember I promised to drop her off in town for the painting competition. She was an upcoming artist and very good at it.

“No honey, I was asking Daveed for the keys, I will be there in a minute,” I replied. I didn’t want to fight with her too.

“You better be,” she said as she hung up the phone.

I could see the grin on David’s face.

“Oh, don’t start I don’t have time. Give me the keys,” I said.

Quickly I looked at the food in front of me and realized that I was not going to have anything this morning.

He threw the keys to me and said, “Don’t be late you know we have plans too.”

“I know that, I will be back in an hour.”

We planned to watch our next opponent’s match at the central stadium. I got into his 18th birthday present, a brand-new Mercedes G Class, and within a minute, I parked in front of Helen’s home. I got out and saw her stand in front of the porch with her equipment. She was an 18yr old beauty, she maintained her body nicely with casino oyna a 5’5 height and about 56 kg. She has a nice pair of round 34c size tits and has deep black eyes like her hair and she’s one of the prettiest girls on our campus. We haven’t had sex yet since we were just waiting for our 2nd anniversary, (which was her idea). She compensates for it with nice blowjobs and handjobs. I her a nice hug and put her things in the back seat and opened the passenger side door for her. We both got inside and she looked at me with her serious eyes.

“Why you are looking at me like I’m some kinda criminal?” I asked.

For reply, she quickly grabbed my head with both hands and kissed me eagerly. She tasted really sweet and I wanted to continue but she stopped and gave a small hug.

“I just missed you so much,” she said.

“But we saw each other yesterday.”

“So, what? Can’t I miss you?” she said as she put on her seat belt and crossed her arms across the heart.

I knew that she was having her period that’s why she was so emotional. I gave her a kiss on her cheek.

“Sorry, you can miss me as much as you want. So, are you all set?”

“Yup, actually it’s not the competition it’s about meeting some nice artists out there so don’t judge me,” she said. She’s very hard to handle at these times of the month.

“I know dear, I will drop you off and pick you up at lunch time,” I said to her.

“Alright but I want to see you this evening, I wanted to study some biology,” she said but I missed her naughty smile because was looking straight ahead.

“I can’t dear, I have to watch our next opponent’s match. Can’t you study with one of your friends?” I said without realizing what she meant.

“Ohh ok then, I will study the reproductive organ of one of my friends which I used to study with you,” she said with a pissed face. Then I understood what she really meant.

“Nah, I didn’t get you on the first time. We can study each other later babe. I really want to watch this match,” I said with a big smile.

“You’re such a mood killer. You know I give the best blow job in town,” she said.

I gave a small laugh and said, “Don’t know yet, let me try a few of them and tell you the results.”

“Ohh, I will cut your dick if you look at another girl with those dirty eyes,” she’s said becoming very angry.

“I was just kidding,” I said as I tried to put water on fire.

“Don’t make jokes like those. Now you lose your permission to touch me for a week,” she replied.

I didn’t want to continue the conversation so I dropped her off at the place as soon as possible and got back to David’s home. She was not always like this just on particular days of the month. She really loved me and would do anything for me. I liked her too but I didn’t know if I loved her fully. I always felt something missing between us but I didn’t show that to her. I gave her as much as I could and in return she covered me with her love.

As soon as I parked the car my phone rang and I took a look to find it was one of our fellow comrades Devi.

“Hi there, how’s it going Devi?”

“Hi there, quite busy. So, what’s your plan for the evening?”

“Sounds like you need me for something, let me check my appointments,” I could hear her little laugh.

“I do need you with your camera to meet me at campus at 3. Talk to you there. Bye.”

She was always straightforward and would be up front about anything on our campus. I saw David cleaning the pool. Even though they can afford the help David did a lot of the chores that he could himself.

“Hey I thought she’s going to use you as an assistant.”

“I would have happily accepted if she suggested. You don’t know how good her blowjobs are?” I grinned at him.

“You are such a jerk, breaking up with Priya doesn’t mean I won’t get any girls,” he said with narrowed eyes.

He broke up with Priya two months ago because she liked his money more than him.

“Don’t know about that but Devi called and wants me to meet her at campus at 3.”

“Let me guess she wants a photograph.”

After my 16th birthday, I become the official free photographer for all of my friends. My sis gifted my first camera to me that I have been using ever since.

“Yup, she’s up to something.”

“Won’t we be late for the match? “he asked.

“No. It will be over before that. We will have lunch then I will pick up Helen and drop her off then we will meet Devi for whatever she wants, and after that we can attend the match,” I explained to him.

We both are serious about our game. Another thing we take seriously is Kalaripayattu, it’s a martial art which originated in our region and it was very different from other defence arts in the world. It claimed that learned warriors can disable or kill their opponent by merely touching the correct vital points. Two years ago, David’s father introduced us to our guru and we became very attracted to it. We learned so fast and became one of the favourites in the Kalari. Now we practiced only on weekends. It gave us great focus and concentration, moreover, great bodies too.

“Alright, so, are you ready to talk about what happened yesterday?” canlı casino he looked at me with a concerned face.

He cared for me so much. We didn’t have much secrets between us which kept us so close.

“I hit Sarah,” I told him directly.

Everyone called my sister Sarah because it is easier than Seraph. I could see the shock on his face. I sat down on the pool lounge and he joined me with a surprised look.

“What happened? I know you two were going through a rough time but how come it became physical?” he asked.

“Because she slapped me first,” he looked at me for the full version of the story.

“Look Daveed, you know how much I love her but for a few years things changed on her side. I tried to be my old self but she became so cold towards our relationship. She started to avoid me and didn’t even talk to me. I tried to undo things but everything went downhill a year ago when I found she had a boyfriend. So, I figured since she had someone in her life, she didn’t need me anymore. It really affected me, I was her everything then suddenly she ditched me for someone but it’s her life. If she doesn’t want me, then I don’t want her either. We shared so much together Daveed it feels like a big hole in my life now,” I felt really emotional when I started opening up to him.

“I know you told me once she has a boyfriend. But I never thought she would ignore you because of him. I know life will change and for her being single is very hard. She’s an amazing girl and every girl in this town wants to be like her.”

“I know but there’s no excuse for cutting me out of her life like that. I was her teddy,” I said as my eyes got wet.

“That’s not the tough guy I see on pitch when hitting every bowler out of the stadium,” he joked and rubbed my back.

“We can talk about this later if you want,” he said.

“No, it’s ok, I want to talk about this with someone and you are the best person. You know when she first started dancing I was her first audience; I was there for her every performance. I was so proud when she beat everyone and when everyone praised her. Now she won’t even tell me if she has a performance anywhere.”

She was a traditional dancer and very good at it. She even participated in the Nishagandi Dance Festival, which was one of the top dance festivals in India. Her charismatic performance was supported by her amazing look. She was 5’8 and about 60 kg and had long black hair. Her sapphire eyes would attract anyone in this world. I know boys followed her like puppets and would do anything even to get a glance from her but only she only had eyes for me.

“I know things were bad but how come it become physical?” he asked.

“Yesterday evening, I was the official photographer of Maya’s birthday party who is Sarah’s former classmate and friend. So, my sis and her boyfriend were there but I didn’t mind. When the party started to get going I thought, ‘I will change the lens because the light is so dim,’ so I went upstairs to get another lens from my bag. When I passed a room, I heard a noise from inside and it was like someone was protesting. When I heard it clearly, I knew it was my sister’s voice so I opened the door and saw her asshole boyfriend trying to kiss her. I lost control and gave him a big right hand on his face and he fell down. At first, I saw a relief on her face, then it changed to a black face and she quickly helped him to stand up and before he could say something she burst out towards me. I don’t remember what she said but some words were very harsh and they broke my heart.”

“She said what the fuck did I care about her life. I thought I was helping her but she didn’t want me to. Finally, she said I was nothing to her and only her boyfriend means anything to her. I didn’t know what to say so I ran out of the party and got back home. I was trying to process what happened to her for her to say something like that. Then I heard my sis talking very loudly to mom about how rudely I behaved to her friend. I went downstairs and saw both of them in living room.”

I took some air and continued, “We argued over the subject then I asked her to explain to mom why I misbehaved to her friend; I knew she didn’t want mom to know what happed. I was on fire. I just wanted to hurt her I suddenly told her, ‘i can’t believe you become such a slut.’ Both of them were surprized and the next thing I saw was her hand as she slapped me hard, and like a reflex action I slapped her back. Mom grabbed her and pulled her towards the main door. I tried to look her in her eyes to know if she had any love left for me but all I saw was anger. Mom pulled her out of the home, she knew it would get uglier if we both shared a room and then I heard the car rolling off,” I concluded.

“Where did they go?” he asked.

“Don’t know, anyway I didn’t see her after that.”

“It’s so horrible, I understand how you feel because I know what she meant to you, but I’m sure you two will be good in the end.”

My eyes filled with tears, and felt relieved after I told him everything.

“Come let’s have something, I’m starving” he gave a smile.

We had some food then I picked up Helen and dropped her off at home. She was still kaçak casino disappointed about me not spending the evening with her but my mind too really too fucked up to argue so I just returned to David and we went to meet Devi.

When we reached the campus, we saw it was decorated like a traditional festival. Every girl was wearing traditional sarees and boys with shirts and lungi. We were confused. Devi approached us with a beautiful smile and she was also wearing a saree. David always had a crush on her but was afraid to tell her because he thought she would shoot him down.

“What’s going on here?” David asked.

“Kiss of love,” she quickly said.

“I don’t know what that is but you look so beautiful,” he said with a smile.

“We are protesting against moral policing,” she explained.

We looked each other not understanding.

“Look, the society has some assholes who question our morality about the life we are following. Especially showing intimacy in public. So, we are protesting against those jerks by kissing others in public,” she told us with a smile.

“Alright but why this kinda setting, a traditional look?” I asked her while looking around.

“It’s because we want to show we still are a part of this society’s beautiful morals and not considering social anarchy,” she tried to explain but we didn’t understand her theme.

“Alright, I will click but I won’t kiss,” I explained because I didn’t want to fight with Helen over this either.

“You don’t have to, just click some nice pics and give them to me tomorrow. I want to post them ASAP,” she said.

“He’s afraid Devi, but I’m available. I hope you don’t have a partner yet,” he said.

Devi give a small laugh and pointed towards her friend Nithya and said, “I’m kissing her, and we kiss everyone without gender consideration. Besides, I don’t want to face your mother’s questions,” she said.

She walked towards the decorated stage in the centre and announced they were about to start. I quickly got my camera ready and clicked a few pics. Music started to flow but everyone’s attention changed to the police siren and the full uniformed policeman that came to the stage. I recognized him as Akbar, one of David’s father’s friends.

“You have to stop this,” he told her.

David and me went to the stage.

“What happened sir?” David asked him.

“Son, you don’t have permission to organize this program here. You all have to leave this place immediately,” he said.

“It’s our campus. Why should we have to leave and why in the world do we have to stop this program?” Devi asked him.

“Because we got a petition about a public nuisance,” he said.

She got quite angry at this and said, “How could kissing someone will become public nuisance? You all are jerks.”

“Watch your language girl. Public nuisance includes any act, omission or thing which cause or likely to cause injury, danger or offense to the sense of sight smell or hearing or which is or may be dangerous to life or injurious to health or society. Do you understand girl?”

“We don’t want to hear your law points, it’s our campus and we have the right to conduct a protest,” she said.

She quickly grabbed the mic and announced through that police were here to stop the program. Students started making loud noises and throwing slogans against police. I clicked a few pics from stage and saw Akbar asking for back up. Within a few minutes more police came and things got out of control. Students started to throw stones and things towards the police and they charged towards them and things got ugly.

Then Devi instantly took my head and kissed me fully on my lips. I was shocked and couldn’t move and everyone’s focus turned towards us. The students cheered us with loudly but hard luck Akbar took both of us away in his car and somehow in the scuffle I lost my camera somewhere. David tried to stop Akbar but the students started to riot after seeing the police take away their leader.

Anyway, Akbar took us to the station but we didn’t have to wait long, David’s mom Susan came to the rescue. No one in our town wanted to argue with the high court judge. Mom took me home and I avoided the conversation by quickly disappearing to my room but I knew I had to deal with her later. It was already past seven.

I wanted to stay with David but I didn’t want to argue with mom at that point either. I sat down on the window bed and looked through the window. It was getting dark and it felt like it was going to rain that night. Helen called so many times but I texted her that we could talk tomorrow on campus; at that point, all I needed was some peace.

Thinking about Seraph made me feel bad. She was my greatest love; that day she was my greatest sorrow. I don’t know what time my eyes closed but a dream of Seraph woke me up. I don’t remember what I saw but I clearly recognized her. It was a downpour outside. Lightning and thunder grumbled restlessly. It felt like nature was adapting to my feelings; it was chaos out there. I just wanted to see the force of the rain so I went to the front porch and watched the sky but it was so dark all I could see was the lightning splitting the sky into pieces. I looked to the main gate and saw someone there. The person was sitting down and leaning against the pillar and the identity of the person revealed quickly by a lightning and to be none other than my sister.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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