Ann Pt. 02

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The weeks following our first date, and subsequent encounter in the park, was limited to brief discussions each morning and evening on the train. Being a busy line, we had little private time together. We did have the occasional, really hot, phone calls but with no portable phones in those days the times when we were both alone at home on our parents’ phones was rare. Ann, knowing my love of her panties, was able to slip me the occasional pair of her fantastic worn panties, normally hidden in a lunch bag with some sandwiches that she made for me.

The first time I opened the lunch bag and saw a beautiful pair of pale blue panties lying on top, I quickly closed the bag and felt myself blush. I quickly looked around to see if anyone had noticed. No one appeared to care in the least. When I glanced back at Ann she wore a naughty grin and I could see she was also flushed. In her case probably more from excitement than embarrassment. Behind her apparent shy and quiet demeanor was an adventurous sex fiend.

I could not wait to get home and enjoy her panties. I wanted to make sure that when I did, I had some alone time, where I could really enjoy them. I couldn’t resist a few furtive sniffs during the course of my day at work. Each time I was transported back to our first date. Each time I buried my nose in her panties my cock was throbbing from her magical pussy scent. That night when I got home, my parents were out, leaving me alone in the house to enjoy Ann’s panties. Disappointingly Ann was not alone and could therefore not hear me enjoying her gift.

I locked my door and lay down on my bed naked. My hard cock pointing upwards. I opened the bag and removed my treasure. By now they were completely dry but I could see the juices from her pussy had coated the cotton fabric. I lifted them to my nose and breathed in the scent. They were fantastic. I was soon running my tongue up and down the inside of her panties, licking her pussy juices, savoring her smell and taste. As my saliva started to soak into the fabric and the warmth from my face heated them up, her taste and scent improved. After a short while of long hard strokes of my hard cock, I was shooting thick ropes of cum all over my stomach and chest.

For a few days after, I played with her panties at every opportunity I had, until I had licked and sniffed every trace of her scent from them. I decided to return them to her, but wanted to return the favor. I waited until shortly before work and headed for the toilet. Wrapping her soft panties around my hard cock I started to stroke myself for the umpteenth time. It did not take too many strokes before I could feel my orgasm approaching. As my thick, gooey cum started to spurt from my tip I was careful to aim my cum into the cotton gusset where they had hugged her pussy. I folded them carefully, without allowing a drop to escape, and put them back into the paper bag.

When I boarded the train she was already sitting on the seat opposite me and I dropped the bag on her lap. I tried to act as nonchalant as possible but my heart was racing and my eyes were darting around the carriage to see if anyone had noticed. She opened the bag and her face broke into a huge smile once she saw the contents of the bag. She must have had a pretty good idea of the gift I had left for her. She closed the bag, slipped it into her handbag, and continued to chat as though nothing had happened. Soon after the train pulled out of the station she stood up with her handbag over her shoulder and headed for the toilet. After a short while she returned to her seat, her handbag over her shoulder and the paper bag in her hands. As she sat down she handed me the paper bag back and took her seat. I opened the bag carefully and peeped inside. The pale blue pair were gone and in their place lay a red lacy pair. There was no sign of the blue pair. As I looked up, she had parted her legs discreetly and saw she was wearing the blue pair, cum and all. The thought of my cum nestled between her sweet pussy lips had me as hard as a rock. I had to discreetly rearrange myself to avoid being extremely obvious to all the other commuters. That night I lay in my bed, the door locked, with her freshly scented red pair to my nose, while I stroked myself until with a groan my hot cum was squirting from my tip. I could not get enough of this woman and her gorgeous pussy!

A few weeks later I received a call from a school friend, Rob, suggesting a weekend to their family log cabin. I was very keen. We had been there a few times in the past and although it was very rustic and the location fantastic. It was right on the banks of the river, with great fishing, lovely warm water to swim in and some really cool hikes into the surrounding hills. He agreed to call me back with details. As I lay in bed that night a plan began to formulate in my mind. If Ann casino siteleri to get her parents to agree we could have a wonderful weekend together. I was getting hard just at the thought of it.

The following day on the train I broached the subject with Ann and I could see she was very keen.

“I would have to tell my parents that I am going to stay with a girlfriend.”

“Would you like to bring her with?” I answered. “She is more than welcome.”

“Let me talk with her, we would need to tell our parents we are staying at each other’s houses.”

I was a little skeptical that this age old ruse would work.

By the afternoon when we met on the train I could see from Ann’s big smile that she had news!

“Great news, my friend Sue says she will tell her parents we are going to stay with her older sister in the city for the weekend, she has spoken to her sister and she is cool with it.” The words rushing out.

I sat opposite her with a huge grin on my face. I could not wait for a whole weekend with Ann. I called Rob that evening and we confirmed the dates and laid out our plan.

We agreed that we would both take our weekend stuff to work on Friday afternoon and if possible get off work at lunch time.

The Friday eventually arrived and we were waiting on the curb for Rob to collect us. I had my first chance to take a good look at Ann’s friend, Sue. She was a beautiful curvy girl with a pale complexion, white, blonde hair and a really pretty face. She was a really sexy woman.

I saw Rob pull up in his Kombi and his face broke out in a huge grin. Knowing Rob he was clearly impressed with both Ann and Sue. We piled into the Kombi and headed out of the city. As we reached the outskirts of the city we passed through one of the quieter suburbs we pulled over at a liquor store. We needed liquid supplies for the weekend. We bought a few cases of beer, 2 bottles of champagne and some white rum. Rob had already bought and packed the food.

When we climbed back into the Kombi at the bottle store Ann guided Sue to the front passenger seat and I joined her in the back. She was sitting directly behind Rob so he could only see her head behind the seat in his mirror. She turned sideways in the seat and parted her legs. She was wearing a beautiful maroon pair of panties. They looked like satin and I could see a pronounced darker, wet area in the center. As I moved towards her she smiled and giggled. I looked over my shoulder and saw that Sue was watching us carefully. She was blushing slightly and had her hand over her mouth to suppress a laugh. I backed off a little. I felt a little awkward playing openly like this in full view of her best friend. She gestured me over, closer to her. She opened her legs wider and slipped on leg behind me on the bench seat with the other over my lap. Her pussy pressing against my hip. I put my arms around her and kissed her deeply. Our tongues dancing against each other, probing.

By now Rob had seen the movement in his rear view mirror.

“Hey guys, we are nearly there. There will be lots of time for that.” He said, laughing.

We broke our embrace and Ann leaned back against the side of the Kombi. I once again had a clear view of her panties. I could smell her arousal drifting up from her crotch and that got me even harder. I pulled my arm from around her waist and let my hand roam down to her panties.

“Later” she whispered.

Reluctantly I sat back and removed my hand from her pussy. I continued to rub her smooth, shapely thigh.

A short while later we saw the turn off and were soon bumping down the dirt track to the cabin. As we pulled up next to the cabin I could see that little had changed since my last visit. There were still no other cabins in sight and the thick bush gave some privacy from the boats moving up and down the river. Rob opened the cabin and we lugged our stuff inside. We had not given much thought to the sleeping arrangements, but I knew that Ann and me would share one of the double rooms. Without a word Ann took me by the hand and led me to the room. This left a room each for Sue and Rob.

Once we had opened the windows to let the cabin air, we all headed out onto the deck.

“You get the drinks and I will light the fire,” said Rob “I want to get some steaks on.”

This seemed like the ideal time for a nice glass of bubbly. I found some glasses in the kitchen and with a pop, had the cork flying across the patio. I poured us each a generous glass and dumped the empty bottle into the bin. While Rob was grilling the steaks we sat around enjoying the night sounds and the beautiful smell of the steaks grilling.

I had been uncertain how Rob and Sue would connect but my concerns seemed to have been unfounded. They were sitting next to each other and were laughing and chatting, their canlı casino knees touching. We were sitting on the couch opposite. Ann had her legs over my lap and I was rubbing them lovingly. With each upward motion my hand moved higher and higher and it was not long before my fingers were slipping under her short skirt. She made no move to stop me. The other 2 were so engrossed in their own discussion, and the light on the patio sufficiently dim, that I doubt they were even aware, nor cared what we were doing next to them.

I brushed my hand up the inside of her thigh until I reached the soft, smooth skin of her upper thighs. I slipped my fingers higher and could feel her open her legs slightly, giving me unobstructed access to her panty covered pussy. As my fingers touched her panties I could feel her warm wetness had seeped through the panties. I felt her body jerk as I reached the top and brushed against her hard clit. My fingers slipped into the groove of her slit and slid easily up and down the smooth satin, slowing as they ran over her clit. She thrust her hips up, increasing the pressure from my fingers. Her breathing was coming in short gasps until with a quiet squeal her body stiffened and her orgasm washed over her. I turned to see if the other 2 had noticed but they were locked in a tight embrace and were kissing deeply. I smiled to myself and hoped Sue was not a virgin. Rob’s mammoth cock was legendary at school and many a woman had found an excuse to leave him frustrated once they saw him uncovered.

After all the weeks of talking and panty play I just wanted to get this lovely woman alone where we could undress and enjoy each other fully.

“We are heading to bed. It’s been a long day.” I said.

They broke their embrace.

“No problem mate,” said Rob turning to look at as. “See you guys in the morning.”

Before we even left the patio Rob had Sue back in his arm sand kissing her deeply.

We walked through the dark cabin to our bedroom hand in hand.

“I need to go to the bathroom first,” she said, “I want to freshen up”

She closed the bathroom door behind her. I was a little disappointed. I would love to have seen her sitting on the toilet. I sat down on the bed and started to take off my shoes in the dim light. I undressed and pulled back the covers. I slipped between the cool sheets and waited for her to return from the bathroom. As I lay waiting for her the anticipation had me rock hard. I took my cock in hand and rubbed the head of my cock. My juices were streaming from the tip. The bathroom door opened and the room was bathed in light. She had changed into a beautiful floral nightie. It was cut short and barely covered her pussy. It had thin straps and was very low cut. I could see the swell of her breasts and her hard nipples pressing against the silky fabric.

“No playing without me!” she said laughingly.

She dropped her bag in the corner and slipped between the covers to join me.

We were immediately in each other’s arms and kissing. My tongue moving in and out. She sucked my tongue gently. She broke our embrace and rolled over on top of me. She had removed her panties and I could feel her wet, hairy pussy cover the shaft of my cock. As we kissed she rode her slit up and down my shaft. I could feel her warm lips wrapped around my shaft. My hands slipped under her nighty, past her hips and up to her breasts. I cupped her perfect little tits. Gently rubbing her nipples with the palm of my hands. My fingers roamed down, finding her hard nipples, teasing them a little harder. Now that we were alone there was no reason to try and be quiet and she was now moaning loudly as she rode me without letting me into her. Without warning she stopped and climbed off me.

“It’s my turn to please you.” She pulled back the covers and knelt between my legs.

She took my cock in her hand and with the tip of her tongue licked away the drops of pre-cum oozing from the tip. She really seemed to savor the taste. She parted her lips and took my purple head into her mouth. Her tongue caressed the ridge around the crown. Pausing when she reached the sensitive spot at bottom. Her fingers cupped my balls, squeezing them gently. I could feel my orgasm approaching and felt my balls harden. She noticed this and slipped her mouth off my cock with moments to spare, preventing me from cumming. Her mouth slipped down my shaft until she had my balls in her mouth. She took them each into her mouth individually while her hand stroked my foreskin slowly up and down. Careful to keep me on the edge. My juices coated her fingers as they continued to ooze from me, and I knew it would not be long. She sucked back up the shaft and took my cock between her lips once again. While she sucked rhythmically at my cock her hand was pumping me up and down. I couldn’t bear it any kaçak casino longer and could not hold back. I felt my cum racing up my shaft and with loud moan, shot my hot cum into her waiting mouth. She just kept sucking gently until my cock started to soften in her mouth and she had sucked every drop I had to give. Wiping her lips with the back of her hand she crawled up and lay next to me. Our lips met and we kissed deeply. This time I was very conscious of the taste of my cum on her lips, and loved it. The sexual tension of the day had been so great and I had shot one of my biggest loads ever. I was completely spent.

We continued to kiss, our hands roaming over every inch of each other’s bodies, exploring and probing. I normally had a good recovery time, but with the huge orgasm I had just enjoyed I was a little concerned I may have a tough time getting hard again. I took this opportunity to return the pleasure and rolled her onto her back. I gently parted her legs and lay down between them, lying flat on the bed. Her pussy was spread wide open, her lips were red and swollen, her clit protruding from her folds. I loved the sight of her juices coating her pussy hair and thighs. As I lowered my head to her I smelt her arousal and the familiar scent of her pussy filled my nose. I took her clit into my mouth and gently sucked her fleshy lips into my mouth. She was quite sensitive and stiffened as I touched her clit. My saliva was flowing freely and mixed with her pussy juice she was a complete liquid mess. My tongue traced a line down her slit and slipped between her lips. I felt her hands on my head, pulling my tongue deeper into her. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could into her and tasted her beautiful juices in my mouth. My nose was pressing against her clit and she started to grind herself into my face. I extracted my tongue slowly from her pussy and slid it up until I was once again sucking her clit into my mouth. It was less sensitive this time. I slipped my hand up until my fingers felt her slippery slit. I wormed a finger into her pussy until it was deep inside her and rubbing her inner walls. Her pussy was so lovely and tight. By now she her hips were gyrating and she was pushing herself against my fingers. I started to fuck her with my finger, nice deep strokes, while I flicked her clit with my tongue. Her thrusting became more urgent and her cries louder and louder until with a shout I felt her body stiffen. As she came I could feel her wetness flooding my hand and covering the sheets below. As her body went slack beneath me I continued to very gently suckle her clit. After a few minutes I stopped and crawled back up until I was lying beside her. She kissed me deeply, tasting her own juices from my mouth and lips.

My earlier fears of recovery were unfounded and my cock had grown back to it fully erect state. Ann took me in her small hands.

“I want you inside me.” she said softly.

I did not need a second invitation and was quickly up and kneeling between her legs.

“Go slowly,” she said, “it’s been a while.”

My cock in hand, I rubbed my head down her slit. Our combined juices had made her dripping wet. Starting against her clit, I slid my cock down her lips until I felt my cock effortlessly slip into her hot pussy. I felt her warmth engulf my cock as I slowly pushed myself into her. She lifted her hips to meet me and we were quickly joined. I felt my cock pushing in deeper until I felt my balls resting against her.

“That’s good,” she moaned “fuck me hard!” her earlier words forgotten.

She was moaning louder than ever. Her hands were around my back and I could feel her long finger nails pushing into the skin on my back, pulling me deep into her with every stroke. We quickly found a steady rhythm. I pulled out of her slowly until the tip of my cock was almost completely out before thrusting back hard and deep into her hot cunt. After a few strokes I lifted her legs up until they were almost over my shoulders and continued to ram her hard. The juiciness from her pussy was oozing from her pussy and down her ass cheeks. I could feel her cunt pulsing under my thrusts and knew that neither of us would last much longer. I felt her body stiffen as she came. Her pussy clenching my hard cock. This change of sensation quickly brought me to the edge and I could feel my orgasm approaching. I continued to pump in and out until with a rush, I felt my cum shoot up my shaft and into her hot cunt. I lowered her legs and lay down on her. My cock still deep inside her. We kissed again. This time far more tender and loving. Lust satisfied and love remained.

My cock started to soften until I could feel myself slip from her. Our combined juices oozing from her and onto the sheet below. I rolled over and lay with her in my arms. We were both totally spent.

We lay for a while in silence quietly contemplating our evening of pleasure. As we drifted to sleep I remember hearing cries from the adjacent room and smiled to myself, realizing that Sue was getting her first taste of Rob and his legendary cock.

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