Anne Working Overtime Ch. 12

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AWO12. – First assignment

Amazing!! That was the only suitable word Anne could think of after having been through the new facilities in the impressive Wesner building. The reconstructions to meet Jean’s requirements had been done in record time. Actually the estate administration had had a contractor at their beck and call for these kinds of client requests, and they had been rushed in from day one after Jean signed the contract. Modern business; swift and secure, exactly according to specifications!

Jean still didn’t have the kind of money required to complete the entire section the way she wanted, but what had been done, had been done properly. That was her lady, all right!

“Sure it’s a bit risky to make such a substantial investment so early on in our ‘career’, but I really believe that establishing a fashionable – even a little glamorous – head quarter with a highly professional and classy front is the best way to get to the right kind of clients. The kind we want!” She smiled proudly.

“The word about our services is of course spreading best through our highly unofficial channels, but it’s actually quite an important point to be able to receive potential clients in such a kind of relaxed and confidence- inspiring environment. In a serious business- like environment where a client really can feel like a client. That creates the kind of reliability that we’ll need to stay on over time.”

Certainly a logical step in Jean’s plans.

They had been through everything from the entrance room, with the front desk and the corner section that should serve as a kind of waiting room, to the department with separate rooms in the back, including the promised demonstration room that would be Anne’s domain. A lot of impressions; a lot of equipment, styles and arrangements. An excellent place to make the most of ones sensual creativity. Anne had started her planning as they were still looking around!

Jean, Carol and Pam already had their offices set up; name plates on the doors and everything. Anne was thrilled to see that even she and Deb had their own desks further down the corridor. And then there was another one right behind the front desk, with a nameplate saying ‘hostess’.

When asked about this, Jean told her that she had in fact employed a new, young girl to fill this role. She would be administering the front desk, and helping out on a lot of practical things that needed to be done on a regular basis. This way the rest of the staff, including Deb, would be able to focus more on the contact with the clients. And there were still a lot of things to deal with up in Mayo as well.

Ann was quite curious to see what kind of person Jean had found for this job. Even though she was not supposed to get involved in the more intimate parts of the activities, she would still have to be quite liberal and understanding about what would be going on. Not exactly a secretary job like any other….

She met the young girl later that afternoon when Jean took her through what she called the guest quarters. It was a totally separate part with 5 rooms which looked like high standard hotel rooms with bed, bathroom and a corner section. It could be used for lodging guests for the night, or for service girls that needed to be ready on short notice. The hostess, a lovely blond girl named Alison, also had the responsibility to keep these rooms in order when she was not manning the front desk. Alison was 21, and as such a little older than the regular service girls. A silent, enigmatically smiling little darling. She had dropped out of her studies, and had started looking for a job. She had been in contact with Jean’s business for a while already, but never had the nerve to make the full step into the service girl program. Although the submissive fantasies had a strong appeal to her – especially with these awesome ladies – she didn’t know if she would like it in real life; – which of course was fair enough!

“So, I felt that these rooms could come in very handy when the business grows and we – hopefully – get really busy. The rooms are perfect for a beck and call- kind of service. We shouldn’t forget the simple things behind it all. You obviously cannot control your feelings at all times. Suddenly a busy lady gets horny. She picks up the phone and asks for a service girl to help her out. And then we should be able to be there within minutes! Full turn- out!!”

The last comment was followed by her typical, almost girlish giggle that was so contradictory to her normal aura of authority.

“Anybody who would like to, and has the opportunity, can come to stay here when it is convenient for service activities.”

She suddenly stopped and turned against Anne with her eyes drilling into hers; “Why don’t you give it a try with your upcoming first assignment? I guarantee you; it’s cool!!”

Anne was woken at 8.30 the next morning. She had just a couple of minutes to stretch and yawn in her wonderful warm bed before the charming hostess from yesterday showed up with soap and casino şirketleri towel and asked her to come with her to the shower. She was guided in, and left to wash and clean properly for the duties of the day. Afterwards the girl dried and perfumed her, and put on a very discreet make-up, hardly noticeable compared to her natural beauty. Then she was asked to put on a light grey shirt and red shorts.

A completely new experience to Anne. But definitely something she was ready to take on as a habit! Almost like having a service girl of her own.

After that, they went together up to Jean’s door and the girl knocked. When Jean answered, she opened and gently pushed Anne inside.

Jean sat behind her new and far more impressive desk in her daytime white, doctor- like outfit, and got up to kiss her and grab both her hands.

“Good morning dear, you look absolutely ravishing! Welcome to the first day in your new life!!” she sang with a broad smile. Anne suddenly felt some of her earlier shyness creep in on her, and had to struggle to look back at her with appropriate confidence. This really was the first day of her ‘new’ life, and now was the time to go out and deliver the goods! All what she had trained for so long!

“Like we discussed yesterday,” Jean started, “your first lady’s already waiting, and we have plenty of other women asking for our services, so you will be off for duty as soon as, and as often as you like.”
“Just remember, they don’t know that you’re completely fresh from the program, and will expect you to perform like any of our other girls. They will love you as a new, fresh server, and when they find out how good you are, they’ll definitely continue to love you!” Jean sat down behind her desk again. “And remember, many of them will also think that you’ve experienced the slave training we discussed on a daily basis, and that you’ve been suffering appropriately. That’s that additional kick I told you about, that we create for those of our clients who we think like the idea.”

Jean bent over and looked into Anne’s eyes. “Your first lady, Ms. Kyle is such a woman. Very wealthy, influential and respected. But she’s quite the twisted one. You know her from the training program, where she was a guest at a few occasions when you were going through the last ‘romantic’ training sessions. If what you’ve told me is right, though, you’re gonna just love this! A flying start to your new career!” Jean laughed and locked her grey- green eyes with Anne’s. Anne could do nothing but smile as well, although she felt a little bit moved by the significance of the moment. Her very first step into the field. The real world out there!

Jean opened her brown leather folder, looked up some papers, and put on her new reading glasses. “Now, for the details…”

Anne could just peer with her eyes in the beginning as she stood in Ms. Kyle’s bright, elegant office. A light green carpet and high palm trees along the walls elegantly matched the furniture and the shining mahogany desk. The windows went all the way down to the floor, and were covered with bright satin curtains that silently moved with the outside autumn breeze.

The door was quietly shut behind her, and Anne followed Jean’s instructions carefully, coming a few steps forward before falling to her knees and bowing her head.

The legendary Ms. Kyle rose and came around the desk with elegant high- heeled steps. Anne remembered her in a flash. A round, beautiful, but quite stern looking face, big curly brown – almost golden – hair, and a tall, almost muscular looking body. She wore a dark brown, grey striped business suit, with grey stockings and very dark red shoes. The same as the colour of the frames of her glasses.

To Anne she looked awesome. A lady in her best years. Rich, powerful and confident. And ready to get what she wanted… exactly when she wanted it.

She stopped right in front of the kneeling figure, took her cigarette from her lips with well- manicured fingers and lifted the girl’s face up with a light touch under her cheek.

“Feeling uncomfortable today darling?” she purred softly.

“Yes Ms. Kyle” Anne whispered and gazed back into the dark, grey eyes.

“Good” the lady smiled and dug her hands into her hair. With a persistent tug she pulled Anne back up on her feet, and then slapped her face with a stinging palm.

“The service required today will be a most pleasant one, and you will have plenty of time to recover. Come with me this way please.” She pointed to her desk.

Together they went around the desk. Ms. Kyle put her cigarette in the ashtray and asked Anne to sit down in the executive chair, while she herself sat comfortably up on the edge of the desk.

“I know we have met only a few times, and quite briefly” she started out as Anne sunk down into the chair with quite a surprised expression on her face. She took the cigarette again. “I insist that you call me Rowena. I don’t want any of that Mistress- crap, although I expect you to follow my casino firmalari instructions to the letter.” Her skirt slid quite high up her right thigh. “I want us to be friends the way it is, and thus behave like friends. Actually I’m hoping we could get along to see each other on a more regular basis… eventually. I have great expectations!”

“Now, I will unlock your hands. You’ll just keep your neck- collar on in case you should get any ideas.” Ms. Kyle produced a small key from her drawer, rose, and quickly opened the tight cuffs around her wrists. Anne gratefully started to rub her arms, and looked up at Ms. Kyle. “Thank you Rowena,” she whispered placidly, almost forgetting to leave out the obligatory “mistress”.

Ms. Kyle put the key down at the desk, and hiked the skirt up around her waist. A set of beautiful white panties came into view. She moved a little closer to Anne.

“Now remove my panties,” she ordered, slightly languorously. Anne could even hear a slight touch of excitement in her voice. Resolutely she raised her hands, and in one stroke slid the silky material down her thighs to the knees. She slid out of the chair and down to the floor to further sweep them down along her calves. Ms. Kyle elegantly lifted one leg at the time, stepping out of the white rings on the floor. As Anne looked up, she saw right up into a pink and already moist cleft, luxuriating under a tight bush of dark curly hair. Above, she met the smiling eyes. As she picked up the lacy garment and pressed it to her face to inhale deeply, the smile got broader, and the cigarette in the hand started trembling lightly.

After another deep inhalation, and a short moment of total silence, Ms. Kyle impetuously urged the girl back on her feet again. She was then told to lie down on her back on a kind of upholstered and wheeled bench hidden inside the desk cavity. As she did so, she discovered the familiar removable mid- section of the woman’s seat.

Of course!! It was one of Jean’s designer chairs! She hadn’t explicitly said so during the briefing, but all of a sudden there was no doubt what she was in for! Ms. Kyle graciously removed the mid- section and encouraged her to place her head onto the soft pad right under the opening and try to make herself comfortable.

When Anne was in position on the bench, Ms. Kyle put the key back in the drawer, and produced the same kind of red, rounded plush tissue they used back at the institute. Smiling reassuringly she bent down and placed the tissue in a ring around Anne’s upturned face at the side of the chair opening. Then she reached for a set of standard breathing tubes from a small bag in the armrest. Anne had to give a little groan of pain as Ms. Kyle quite insensitively pressed the end- piece up into her nose, and secured them with small clips.

A last manoeuvre was to reach for an air pump ball in the other armrest and pump it a few strokes. Anne’s face came a little higher up into the opening for each pump. The design of this chair was a little bit different from the ones back at the institute; somewhat simplified, or rather more adapted to a regular office arrangement. She kept forgetting that the equipment back at the institute was for training purposes only, and that this probably was more like the standard she could expect to see out in the field.

“Now let’s enjoy our working day together” Ms. Kyle smiled. She stepped with one leg over Anne’s body, and moved slightly backwards while she held the skirt up around her waist. Then she slowly started lowering herself.

Anne stared right up into the lady’s mighty behind. Slowly it came lower, and as Ms. Kyle bent forward, the whole, breathtaking scenery opened to her.

As usual Anne got so hot that she felt she would explode! It rushed through her like a tidal wave. The lady’s butt was as big and hot as any she’d ever had on her face before. Almost comparable to that of dear Carol!

Wonderfully tanned skin shaping impressive butt cheeks to a perfect display of raw femininity. Greedy and full pussy lips opening gradually as she bent to display a moist and wonderfully pink, horny interior. And a butt hole so soft, spotless and inviting that she could give her right arm to be allowed to sink her tongue the full length into the depths of it!

How could anything be so mind- blowing wonderful?!? She was more certain than ever that this was her place in life. Her place forever!!

Then the broad tail came all the way down and covered her face completely. She felt the pussy lips slip apart over her mouth, and her nose press against the soft anal ring. Ms. Kyle adjusted her beautiful ass a little to get Anne’s face thoroughly buried in her loins. Then she again gave some pumps on the ball to increase the pressure to her right comfort as she arranged her skirt prudently over her lap. Carefully she drove the chair and the wheeled bench into the desk cavity and adjusted the back- angle of her chair until she apparently found the best position to resume her work. Lustfully güvenilir casino she groaned and wiggled a little on the face under her. Then she gave her instructions.

“This will be a long day Anne, so I expect you to keep me happy and comfortable. I prefer long and slow tongue strokes with casual, light titillation of my clit. When we are alone, you may use your hands to comfort my behind and thighs. And I have to warn you not to make a sound when somebody is here!”

Anne tried to nod, but failed quite understandably. Ms. Kyle still felt, and understood the response though.
“Oh, and one more thing! Just to make things straight to you; I do not intend to be disturbed in my work or the discussions with our clients by having to visit the toilet, if you know what I mean.”

Anne knew. Burster…

Ms. Kyle instructed her secretary on the intercom that she was ready to receive the visitors when they arrived, then softly told Anne; “Have a nice time, dear, and please let me know if there are any problems.”

Then she started her paperwork and lit another cigarette.

Breathing through the thin plastic pipes was surprisingly easy this time too. As the initial sting in her nose subsided somewhat, she felt quite comfortable, and could concentrate on enjoying the fantastic experience of Ms. Kyle’s womanhood. She felt the great woman’s entire being press against her face. When she slowly and carefully started using her tongue, it didn’t take long until she sensed the first tensed shivers in spine and buttocks. The pussy pressed to her face started leaking quite heavily, and the sweet fluids very soon filled her mouth. She found a rhythm of long, soft strokes into the love channel without using the full capacity of her tongue. Not yet. Occasional slightly tensed movements that painfully squeezed and mashed her face and nose told her that the treatment was not without effect.

The visitors were announced about half an hour late, and were showed in to Ms. Kyle’s office. As Anne anticipated, her mistress did not rise to salute her guests, but shook their hands from her position behind the desk. “Please be seated, and let’s get on with the report” Anne could hear her mistress telling her three female partners.

Anne worked patiently in and out of the moist love channel with her skilled tongue. Suddenly she felt a short, sharp squirt into her mouth. It immediately filled, and Anne swallowed resolutely. As her mistress felt the duty performed as expected, a second, much larger one followed the first shot, and Anne had no big problems in handling that one either. Then she felt the body relax completely over her, and a powerful flow flushed violently down her throat, and made her gulp away for all she was worth. She herd Rowena moan over her, and felt the pulsating pussy press even harder down on her gaping mouth.

Rowena tried to meet the eyes of her discussion partners on the other side of the table, and to maintain her strict business- like appearance as she let her golden flow flush down into the open mouth. For a moment she was afraid that the hissing sound could be heard, but her muffed slave darling damped it down to nothing. As a gesture of gratitude, she contracted her loins even more, to increase the power of the golden jet. She obviously could rely on Anne’s skills to such an extent that she could use her services without any restrictions posed by sharp- minded visitors. Just like she’d been told. Excellent! Anne was in for a long period of duty for her with those qualities, no doubt about that!

Drained totally for now, she could finally relax, and settle for a renewed lazy tongue- thrusting ride as the conference went on just like nothing had happened. And to her distinguished guests, nothing had! Waves of pleasure heated her body as the tongue slowly and softly slid in and out, occasionally rotating and twirling to work the outer pussy lips as well. Her clitoris was hard like a rock, and each time the skilled tongue flipped over it, she really had to control herself not to let out a moan, or show off small convulsions. A hard life!

With Rowena slowly building up to a new titanic orgasm, the conference came to an end, and the guests made short final remarks before leaving the room. Rowena this time felt she had to rise and shake hands, so she reluctantly came to her feet, knowing her skirt would instantly fall down and cover everything, and the soaked face in the chair remain unseen behind the desk. She felt the cold air against her, and longed for the moment she could sit back again where her butt should be!

As the door shut behind the guests, Rowena went to an elegant mahogany closet at the wall. From there she took out a soft towel, and dried herself with skilled hands. Then she returned to her desk. As she smiled down to Anne, she replaced the already moist red plush silk napkin around her face with a new one.
“Enjoying?” she asked, smiling even broader as she carefully pushed the napkin into the crevice around the head. Anne met her eyes with deep devotion and gave her a beaming smile in return.
“I love you!” she whispered imperceptibly as Rowena dried her face with another napkin.
“I know,” the executive answered as she again stepped over the length of Anne’s body and quickly hoisted her skirt.

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