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“Annie’s coming for the summer,” I announced to my wife, Amber, at dinner last May.

“Oh? When’s she coming?” Amber asked.

I had received a call from my brother asking if his daughter could stay at my house until she got situated into her dorm. It had been a few years since I’d seen Annie so I said she was more than welcome to stay with my family.

Annie had been adopted by my brother and his wife when she was two. She was always a happy baby. Quick with a smile and a little giggle, she loved to be tickled as a young girl. She was a real heart-breaker in grade school and all the boys wanted to date her in high school.

Now she was 18 years old and a grown woman… And standing on my doorstep with that same grin that I’d first seen sixteen years before!

Annie was a cute little thing. At 5 feet, 5 inches tall she was taller than Amber. She was wearing black, flat-front style Dockers pants and a red shirt that she looked REALLY good in. She also wore this maroon cap with spikes around the brim and a pair of Converse hi-tops. I later asked her about the “goofy hat,” to which she stuck her tongue out at me, saying it was her “favorite hat” and she “always” wore it.

“C’mon in, Annie! It’s great to see you,” I said as I invited her in and gave her a big bear-hug, practically squeezing the air right out of her!

“Hhhhunnggaahhh!” Annie said, trying to get a breath in, as I hugged her.

When she finally regained her breath she told me how much she was looking forward to meeting my “extended family.” I told her we were all looking forward to meeting her, as well.

Amber came up the front steps carrying a full load of groceries, which Annie and I took from her hands, and the three of us walked into the kitchen to put them away and talk.

As we unpacked the bags of food, Annie’s eyes lit up at the Popsicles. Amber, however, nixed our attempts at opening the box, saying they were for “after dinner.” When I saw the sudden look of disappointment on Annie’s face I asked her if she wanted to help me make some sushi. Well, that just perked her back up in a hurry!

As we rolled the sushi in the sea-weed paper (using real bamboo mats, of course) we talked about what she was going to be taking in school.

“I’m going to be a teacher. Or a Pullitzer Prize winning novelist. My first award winning book will be an erotic novel. I haven’t decided WHAT the subject is going to be yet, but when I do…watch out! Because it’s going to be a good one!”

I told her I’d buy TWO copies, and she giggled.

Just then the rest of my “family” came into the kitchen.

I introduced Annie to Nathalie* (“Nat,”) our kids’ Nanny and Melissa** (“Mel” to her friends,) a good “friend” of mine and Amber’s. The kids, Megan, Nora and baby Chris were with Nat and Mel (Amber is Megan’s mom. Nat is Nora’s mom. Mel is Chris Jr’s mom.)

Annie seemed interested in our little extended family and wanted to know the circumstances behind our relationships. We talked all thru’ dinner and well into the early hours of the morning. We told young Annie of our sex lives and living arrangements. Seeing it was nearing 2:00 am, we all decided it was time to get some sleep. Nat volunteered to help Annie get situated into her room and show her to the bathroom. Amber and I checked on the children, Megan and Nora were fast asleep in their beds and we kissed baby Chris goodnight as Mel came into the kids’ room to take him with her to the old guest-house, now Mel’s home/office.

Amber and I went to our bedroom and closed the door. We embraced and locked our lips, kissing passionately. We were smooching with such fervor that we didn’t hear the door open. Just as I had opened my wife’s shirt to suck on her braless breasts and erect nipples, Annie cleared her throat saying, “Excuse me, Uncle Chris, Aunt Amber. I just wanted to thank you for putting me up for the summer.”

Oh, boy. Were our faces red. Amber and I both apologized for not hearing her knock and Annie said it was OK. “I’m glad I got to see you being human, instead of ‘Super-Uncle’ like I’ve always seen you.” I looked at her and Annie continued, “Chris, to me you’ve always been a bigger than life character. I’ve always put you on a pedestal, I guess, the way my father’s described you as being so dynamic in everything you do. And seeing your living situation, I’m not sure I was wrong. I mean, come on… THREE women living with you… Sleeping with you… Bearing your children, no less! I don’t judge people but, Chris, you MUST be doing SOMEthing right to have achieved all THIS.” Annie held her hands out-stretched to make her point.

“We’ll talk more about IT and your ‘hero-worship’ in the morning, young lady,” I said to my niece, shooing her out the door. I then turned to my wife and told her, “We’re gonna have our hands full with THAT one, I can tell ya’ now!”

Amber and I decided to make “quiet love” for the rest of the night. I took a towel from our bathroom, rolled it up, and Casibom stuffed one end of it into my wifes open mouth. I put the other end into my mouth. This way if either of us got too loud during sex, the towel would muffle the noise.

I climbed over Amber’s little body, with my otstretched hands planted on either side of her soft shoulders and positioned “Henry”*** (our pet name for my penis) at the opening of her lovely, shaved vagina. Amber still has the tightest and juiciest pussy in the world. Henry fits just perfectly inside her orifice, as was evident by the fact that he slid in almost easily without any forplay!!!

Amber let out a low moan. Even through the towel I could hear it. When I started slowly moving in and out of her tight twat, Amber started to squeel. For the next ten minutes I kept up this slow torture of Amber’s cunt until I started to feel the unmistakable pangs of my own climax approaching! Amber sensed it thru’ her own orgasmic bliss and started to work her own inner-muscles on my shaft!! In one moment I was going to blow my load into my wife’s darkest recesses. Amber just grabbed on tighter than before and looked deeply into my eyes. I could see the love/lust smouldering in her eyes, urging me to cum in her body and fill her up! I couldn’t prolong it any further! With every ounce of strength I could muster I pushed Henry in as far as I could and blew a tremendous load of love sauce into Amber’s tight cunt!!!

Henry stayed hard, thanks to Amber’s massaging with her Kegel muscles. Because she had still only cum twice, and I don’t quit until she’s satisfied, it was my duty to fuck her into unconsciousness. And I never take my duties lightly. Especially those that I enjoy so much!

Ever since our first fuck,**** when Amber had given her cherry to me, our bodies have been attuned: We know what the other is thinking, feeling, needing. It’s a perfect relationship that we share together. And like I said, our bodies are attuned, so I knew just what my lovely, young wife needed to achieve her ultimate pleasure.

I pulled out of her tight box for a moment. I then grabbed her feet and threw her knees over my shoulders. I positioned my friend, Henry, at the opening to her heavenly hole, teasing the visibly, puffy inner lips up to her clitoris with the head of my cock until she whimpered through the towel. I knew then that she was ready. I slid Henry in slowly until he was embedded in her tightness. Then I withdrew him just as slowly, feeling her juices dribbling out and coating my balls. I pushed in as hard and fast as I could, angling Henry in upwards, toward Amber’s sweet-spot! I did the same thing again, this time causing Amber to cry out!! I did it a third time and *BANG* I hit her G-spot, head on, making Amber go into almost violent spasms of orgasmic bliss!!! She shrieked and wailed so I took the towel out of her mouth and placed my own open mouth over hers and sucked on her tongue and rolled it over mine, until she calmed down!

When her breathing finally returned to normal, she felt, with the muscles in her cunt, that I was still hard. And with those same muscles, she massaged Henry to another orgasm!

“Ohh, God bless you, Amber! I was mmmmm-” I started to say until my wife reminded me to be quiet by locking her lips onto mine! I leaned back and sucked on her nipples and diddled her clit until she came one more time, and finally we both drifted off to a contented sleep…

The next few days turned into weeks, as Annie got adjusted to living in a house with a lot of people that loved her (my brother was never very demonstrative when it came to his feelings, so Annie never got a lot of hugs growing up.)

Finally, August rolled around and it was time to get my niece enrolled in school. We threw all her bags in the back of the van, the kids into their kiddie seats, Nat into her seat with the kids, Annie next to Nat in the back, there, and said goobye to Mel, saying we’d be back in two days (minus Annie, of course.) Then Amber and I climbed into the front seats and OFF WE WENT— driving Annie to her new home-away-from-home, away-from-home, as it were!

After dropping Annie off and helping her get settled, unpacked and acquainted with her new surroundings, we drove to a nearby motel. Amber and Nat took the kids up to the room while I paid the desk clerk. I called Annie to see if she was alright and she said she was great and not to worry so much. Then she called me a “Drama Queen,” and I knew she’d be fine! (Smart ass little kid!)


Months passed and I got a call from Annie saying that she’d love to come spend Christmas with us!

We all made preparations for the holidays in very happy ways. Amber, Mel, Nat, the kids an I all went about our normal lives but there was a special, almost magical, charge in the air. It was, of course, Christmas! And Christmas has ALWAYS been a magic time of year in my family! Ever since I was a kid!

The fact that we had a special guest coming Casibom Giriş to spend time with us was foremost on our minds!

We fixed up Annie’s bedroom with a new bed for her and a computer, so she could work on any school papers that might be due.

When it was time to pick Annie up from school I got a call from her, telling me not to bother. She was getting a ride from her boyfriend, Tony. I asked her if Tony would like to stay with us for Christmas and she said she’d ask him, then she hung up the phone.

It looked like we’d have another guest for the holidays!

I had actually wanted to meet Tony to see if he was good enough for my niece and, as it turned out, he was a nice young man. Introductions were made after they got settled into Annie’s bedroom!

We exchanged pleasentries, Tony and I. We talked about the weather and the ride up from school, what classes he’s taking, what he does when not in school, how they met. Those kinds of questions.

Playing the “suspicious uncle” was wearing me out and, truthfully, I could tell that he really cared for my niece and respected her. So I ended my act and invited him into the dining room, as it was time for dinner.

After a good and hearty meal, Annie and I volunteered to do the dishes. In the kitchen we talked about all kinds of things. Her favorite classes, teachers, friends, places to eat pizza and sushi and where the best popsicles are sold. She then mentioned that she knew why I invited Tony and asked “if he passed the test!” I, of course, feigned ignorance, but I know she saw through my ruse.

Tony unfortunately couldn’t spend Christmas with us. He had his family to be with. I was sorry to see him go. He really was a nice kid. Annie, sadly, said her good-byes to her boyfriend, then excused herself to go up to her room to unpack and get ready for bed.

She came down a few hours later, after the kids had been put to bed and it was just Amber, Nat and I talking about where we were going to put the Christmas tree, and asked if I’d like to read some of her poetry. After I said I’d love to I followed Annie up to her bedroom. Once there she told me to sit at her computer and read what she’d been working on.

It was, actually, very good and I told her so. She asked if I’d like to read more and I said I would but, I was really tired and wanted to get to bed, myself. She looked very disappointed, so I told her, “Okay, sure! For YOU, Kiddo, anything!” This perked her back up again and she came over toward me wearing an old, loose fitting robe. And, when she bent over to open a file on her computer, her right breast fell out, exposed!

I looked! I know I shouldn’t have. But there it was! She looked as though it never happened and I pretended the same thing, as she non-chalantly tucked it back into her robe, but there was no denying it. I tried to read the rest of her work, but was too distracted.

I excused myself and went to my own room, where Amber was getting ready for bed. She asked me what was wrong, saying I looked like I saw a ghost. I told her what I’d seen and what I was trying to deny, inside my own head. She said that I should relax and not fret over it. I said, “Oh, sure, easy for you to say. But you’re not the one who wants to fuck his niece!” Amber just laughed and said that she had an uncle that she always lusted after, too. And that he reminded her of me.

When I heard that, I snapped out of my trance and looked at the smiling face of my beautiful wife and vowed to make her cum for the next two hours! And I did just that!!!

After Amber had fallen asleep, I slipped out of bed, put on a pair of loose fitting boxers, and crept downstairs to do some work on my computer in the den. But, all the while, I kept thinking of “that breast!” I couldn’t concentrate on the work, so I decided to bring up some pictures that I’d taken of Amber, Melissa, and Nathalie during our last nudist campout. While looking at the pictures, my mind flashed back to the great time we’d all had, communing with nature and our own lusts! Fucking in the great outdoors, under the stars, in the wilderness! I suddenly became sleepy and just closed my eyes for a minute and…

…drifted off to sleep in my easy chair, in front of the computer.

I had a strange sensation as I slept there— It felt very warm and moist on my penis! I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong… It just felt, I don’t know, UNfamiliar! I figured it was Amber, or Mel, or Nat sucking me off and trying something new! It was getting pretty good as Henry got nearer and nearer to blowing his load! And then… Ohhh! I came!!!

I opened my eyes to thank my lover and saw the face of… “ANNIE MICHELLE! What the FUCK are you DOING?!” I shouted, as my little niece was getting up and wiping traces of my cum off of her lips!

“I just HAD to see what you tasted like, Uncle Chris! I saw you sitting there, sleeping, with a hard-on in your pants,” Annie explained, in tears. “And I KNOW that you Casibom Güncel Giriş saw my breast flop out of my robe. Well, for the past two hours I’ve been masturbating, trying to get the thought of you out of my mind! But I just couldn’t do it! I’m sorry, Chris. I came downstairs to get a glass of water and I passed you in the den here and it just came over me! ALL these feelings from the past fifteen years washed over me and I couldn’t control myself!”

I had to smile to myself, feeling pretty honored that someone had felt that way about me for so long. It was very much the same feeling that I felt when Amber came into my house, that first time,**** and we made love! Amber was the same age then, as Annie is now.

I hugged Annie close to my chest, letting her crying eyes drip all over my bare chest. I really didn’t mind. I reached over on my desk and handed her a kleenex so she could blow her nose. She then asked me if I was angry and going to send her back to school! I told her no. Because I really wasn’t.

The truth was, I was glad that she had acted on her impulses, saying, “Because, now I can do THIS!” I reached for her sides and dug my finger tips into her ribs! This elicited a loud, but muffled, squeal from her. (Thinking she might yell, I placed a hand lightly over her mouth, to silence her protests!) I grabbed her around the waist and threw her over my shoulder, carrying her up the stairs to her bedroom, at the far end of the hall, and closed the door behind us. I then threw her onto the bed and began “The Dreaded Tickle Torture” on her, now naked, body!!!

She screamed and squealed and laughed until she couldn’t make another sound from her hoarse throat! But she kept on laughing as I continued tickling her wiggly body!!!

Finally I ceased the torture and let her pause to catch her breath. She looked at me with a renewed lust in her eyes and reached for my boxers. I helped her pull them off of my body and told her to lay back, spread her legs! I grabbed my erection and rubbed it up and down her hairless pussy lips (she shaves her cunt, too!) I kept rubbing Henry to get him lubed up enough so I wouldn’t hurt my little niece doing what I know she wanted me to do. When she was slick enough I stuck the head of my throbbing cock into her tight pussy! She just screamed at me to, “Ram it in HARD, Chris! I want to feel you cum deep inside my fucking cunt! Please, punish my pussy with your big cock!!!”

I slammed into her like a fucking jack-hammer! All the way in on the first stroke! She was obviously ready to be fucked hard! So I did! I fucked her harder than I’d fucked my wife in a long time! Probably because I just felt a sense of urgency in Annie’s movements, that I’d never felt in Amber’s! All Annie wanted was to have me cum in her tight, barely legal, cunt! All I wanted, at that moment, was to blast a hole through Annie’s cunt, right into her womb! All of a sudden, it was man against the primal forces of Nature, Herself! I wanted to give Annie a fucking she wouldn’t soon forget! Gone was the familial love that I’d always felt for my little niece. All I felt now was pure, animalistic passion and seething lust, as I heaved my body into her center, her very core!!!

Then I looked down at her face. That sweet, angelic face. She was looking up at me through half closed eyes, mouthing the words, “Fuck. Me. Harder. Fuck. Me. Harder.” Over and over and over again, she just kept saying, “Fuck Me Harder.”

I guess I saw red in my eyes, because I grabbed her, held her tight, and…


I wasn’t impotent! I’d just made love to my wife, three and a half hours earlier! And Henry was still as hard as granite!

I think, now, it was the combination of the taboo (INCEST: fucking my niece) and the passion of the moment (RAPE!)

Annie saw I was having a problem but she didn’t care. She wanted my seed in her body… ANYWHERE!!

She must have sensed my apprehension because she pulled herself away from Henry and got on her hands and knees, stuck her ass in the air and begged, “Please, fuck my asshole!”

Seeing as it was already slick with her own juices and Henry was also slick, I figured, “What the fuck!” I put the head of my dick up to her puckered anus and teased her a little bit, right there.

But I didn’t want to fuck her asshole. I wanted my first, biggest cum to fill up her pussy. So I stuffed Henry back into Annie’s pussy from the rear, doggie-style!!! This caused her to grunt out loud! I reached around and grabbed onto her swinging breasts, pinching her hardened nipples! “Ohh,” she cried out, in pain.

I let go of her right nipple and slapped her left buttock and told her to, “Shut up! I’m going to cum!”

I pushed in a dozen more times, each stroke making her grunt louder than the one before! Finally, with the last stroke into her cunt, I pushed in as far as I could go and poured a bucketful of man sauce into her clasping pussy!

Annie fell forward, pulling me down on top of her! Gasping for air, we both said thank you at the same time! I felt Henry slip out of her cunt as our juices ran out of her and onto the sheets! We were both too wiped out to get up and clean up so we just rolled over and went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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