Ann’s Friends Come Thru Ch. 02

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Reading chapter one first will help you understand what is going on in this chapter. Strong sexual material.

Ann came to the waiting room and told me about the conversation she had with Dr. Pat. She was not able to come out to talk now as she had another patient. After we got in my van she suggested we go out to dinner tonight and celebrate. I said great, good idea. I asked Ann if she thought it might be a good idea to invite Dr. Pat over for dinner right away and get the talks started. I told Ann to mention we had a pool and if she wanted she could bring something to wear for that. I said go ahead and tell her we don’t wear anything much most of the time or is she a prude? I saw Ann blush and she said no far from it. She looked me in the eye as she said it and I assumed her meaning with a grin back. Ann added I think she is very much the devotee and she is not an amputee…..yet.

We got back to the house and it was lunch time so the girls fixed something to eat and decided where they wanted to go for dinner. I knew the place and called and made a reservation letting them know I was in a wheelchair. It is a fancy place so the girls talked about what they would wear and it was suit and tie night for me. Ann asked if I minded being without my braces and did I need to wear them tonight. I said no, I was enjoying being reminded that I was very crippled again. It had been a while since I had gone without them. My polio paralysis started just below my rib cage and I had no feeling in my right leg and hip area. I needed to hold on to something now or use a chest belt most of the time so I did not fall out of my wheelchair.

I had some work in the office and the girls were busy gabbing away. I reminded Ann to call Dr. Pat’s office and invite her to dinner, tomorrow night if possible. Ann got back to me a little later and said she would be here at 6 tomorrow. I started doing some research on local hospitals or out-patient surgeries where she might work. I ran across a brand new specialty hospital that sounded like just the place. It had two operating rooms and 15 beds. I called and made an appointment with the administrator for the day after tomorrow.

It was soon time to get ready and all three of us got in the shower. There was some fooling around but we were saving it for later. Sue did shave all of us. I got on the bed and Sue helped me get dressed, then when I was back in my wheelchair she got herself dressed. She put on a snug, silk, short sleeved blouse that was unbuttoned and folded open all the way down below her nipple line to her waist, tucked into an above the knees skirt. Lots of skin showing between her small breasts. High heels finished it off; no bra or panties naturally. She was wearing heels more and more when we went out as her balance had improved a lot. Her freshly shaved and lotioned leg calves, which were stretched with her heels on, were very sexy. She knew I was watching and turned to me and asked if her blouse was open enough. I told her perfect, her nipples were about the only thing sticking the blouse out, and the bare skin showing was very sexy. I also said we had better get out of the bedroom before she got very messed up.

Ann was waiting in the living room as we came laughing out of the bedroom. She had a little black dress on, tight and with nothing to hold the top up. She was bare shouldered and her stump showed perfectly. Quite a bit of the tops of her breasts showed. I licked my lips when I saw her. She also had high heels on and her legs were as sexy as Sue’s were. Ann told Sue she looked good enough to eat and Sue hiked her skirt up showing her shaved snatch saying your appetizer is ready. The girls laughed and Sue asked if she could look and see what Ann had on. She answered of course you can and moved over to where Sue was beside me. Our eyes met and we stayed that way while Sue was using her hands on Ann. Sue even squatted down and felt how long, or short in this instance, her skirt was. She then ran her hand up Ann’s leg and found her wet pussy then removed her hand and licked her fingers off. Sue laughed and said I was right, she does not have anything on under the dress.

I handed Ann the knee and calf belts I used to tie my legs down and she knew I wanted her to put them on me. I knew it would be hard for her to do it with only one arm. She grinned back at me giving me the evil eye but thanking me for letting her do this to me. The belt going around my thighs just above my knees was not super hard for her and she got it within a couple of minutes. The calf belt that went around my legs and the footrest support of the wheelchair took some doing but she finally did it. On her way back up to standing she kissed me with lots of tongue and her hand squeezed my hard cock.

We got to the restaurant and after I parked where the valet pointed we got out and into the restaurant. I think every eye in the place was on us. Sue walked behind my chair as if pushing me and she never wore dark glasses anymore. Ann was along my right side with her right shoulder stump very obvious. The people looking illegal bahis at me seemed to be thinking you lucky dog! We were shown to our table without a wait and I sat between the girls so I could help them with their food. We had a wonderful meal and each of us had one glass of wine to celebrate.

We got back to the house stuffed and decided to undress and meet at the pool. We did and the sun had just gone down with the clouds showing the reflection as a bright orange. Sue and Ann were on one lounge and I was on another. I had brought a pad and pen out and we made a list of things we should talk with Dr. Pat about. Sue as always contributed several good ideas. I was writing for a few minutes and noticed it had gotten quiet. I looked up and Sue and Ann were playing with each other’s breasts. I stayed quiet and just watched. Ann and I made eye contact and we grinned at each other. After they were at it a couple of more minutes Sue suggested we go inside to the bedroom and we did. As usual Sue helped me move to my wheelchair by moving my legs for me. It gave her a good excuse to have her hands on them.

After a trip to the bathroom the girls decided it was me they wanted and I ended up between them. Sue put my tight cock ring on and had me down her throat in no time and Ann had her shoulder stump up to my mouth. She loved for me to kiss her there while playing with a close by breast. I was glad to oblige her. Sue could read me like a book now and pulled on my balls not so gently when she felt I was going to cum. He face was towards us as I was working Ann over and it was like she was watching me. Her dark grey orbs were weird sometimes. I knew she did not mind what was going on between Ann and I as they were lovers also.

Ann soon asked Sue if she could fuck me and Sue took me out of her deep throat and said sure, come on down! Ann knew very well that I could not fuck her in the true sense that my hips and pelvis were paralyzed but she did not care, was more than glad to do the work just to have a good cock in her. As Ann squatted over me Sue put her hand on her pussy and guided my long, hard, uncut cock into her cunt. Ann was flowing so much lube and I had so much pre-cum going I slid in the whole way with no problem. I felt the end of my foreskin covered cock hit her cervix and she pounded up and down on me. I could feel Sue’s hands on my balls and when she could feel them start to pull up into my body she pulled them back down keeping me from Cumming until Ann did. We were both so turned on by all the foreplay that it did not take long for Ann to put her head back and give out a long, low groan. Sue knew it was time and let go of my balls and I joined Ann in a long cum.

The cock ring was hitting Ann as she pistoned up and down and holding me hard as she pounded away on me. We both ran out at the same time and Ann fell forward on me. This was enough to cause my hard on to pull out of her and Sue immediately got me in her mouth and throat cleaning me off good. The cock ring kept me hard as she cleaned Ann’s pussy off also. Sue gently pushed Ann off of my chest to my side and then stuffed my cock into her cunt and started fucking me. I reached up and took hold of Sue’s nipples and started pulling on them the way she liked while she was fucking me. I knew I was in one of my stay hard modes and soon Sue started Cumming and just did so for a couple of minutes. I could feel her cunt clinching and relaxing on me over and over. I wished I could meet her thrusts with mine.

Ann had come to her senses by now and pushed her thumb down on Sue’s clit. This caused Sue to go rigid for several seconds then she also fell forward on me. Ann moved down and had good access to eat Sue out. She also removed the cock ring from me so I could go down. However she also had me down her throat for a while cleaning me off so it took a while for me to go limp. The girls French kissed for a while enjoying the taste of all of us and we all fell asleep.

I got some paperwork done the next day for our meeting and set up a table for the four of us in the family room. The girls fixed a dinner that could cook and or stay warm for a while so we did not have to rush our meeting. They kept wondering what to wear that night. I reminded them of the light weight “cover” they each had that just covered their fronts and backs down to just below their butt cheeks in the back and just barely below their slits in the front. There was nothing on the sides and had a belt that went around their waists or just one button if they wanted to go that way. It was pretty obvious they had nothing on under it. They said great idea and Sue even had an extra one and they would see if it fit Pat….if she wanted something.

Shortly before six the doorbell rang and Ann went to get it. Pat came in and was wearing scrubs. They hugged each other good and then Ann led her into the kitchen where Sue and I were and introduced her to Sue and myself. Pat looked a little surprised to see me in a wheelchair and I only had a large t-shirt on that came down just below my hips. She also did illegal bahis siteleri a double take when Ann introduced Sue and she just stuck her hand out for Pat to find and shake which she did warmly. I saw Pat look at Ann and Ann said yes, she is a patient of Dr. Jacks. Pat looked at what Ann and Sue had on and said she did not have time to stop at home and could she please use a shower. Ann said of course come on back to my room.

When they got to Ann’s room Pat went in first and Ann followed. Pat immediately turned as they got through the door to face Ann. Pat pushed the door shut behind Ann and asked if it locked. Ann leaned back and did so. Ann had not put the waist belt on nor had the button fastened. Pat slowly put her hands inside the garment and took hold of Ann’s breasts. At the same time she moved her hands so that the garment lifted open, fell to the floor and pulled Ann into her. They kissed passionately for several seconds then Pat said she had been thinking all day about being with her. Would she like to get into the shower with her and Ann said same here and I would love to join you. Ann reached down and lifted Pat’s scrub top up and off her head. Pat had no bra on and it was now obvious that she had had recent breast augmentations’. Pat cupped them and asked if Ann liked how they looked. Pat said that she was an A cup and now a C. It was her graduation gift to herself. She added she could add more saline to make them bigger if she wanted. Ann asked if they were still sore and Pat said not really, I like it a little rough but we will see. You are the first one to see them. Ann pushed her scrub pants down over her hips and they fell to the floor. Pat had lots of pubic hair but when she spread her legs Ann could see she was shaved along her cunt lips and up over her clit.

They kicked their shoes off and got in the shower. Pat soaped up and washed first then she washed Ann using her hands on places she was familiar with already. After they both rinsed Ann had Pat sit on the bench and said I owe you one. She did so and immediately opened her legs as wide as she could get them. As Ann was eating Pat she reached out with her one hand and took hold of Pat’s breast. It was very firm in her hand and she kneaded it and pulled on the nipple. She had her tongue as deep as she could get it in Pat’s cunt and she immediately started Cumming. Ann kept her there for a full minute then started backing off the stimulation she was giving her. Finally Pat was able to say that she was the best she had ever had. Pat bent over and they kissed with Pat reaching up to get a handful of Ann’s breasts.

Ann said they had probably get back out to the other room and they got up and dried off. Ann also asked Pat if she would spend the night. Pat was surprised saying what will they think. Nothing Ann said; we are all one big happy family and share each other’s beds all the time. Pat asked why I was in a wheelchair and why was Sue blind. Ann told her to ask us. Ann showed her the extra cover and Pat said sure, why not. They got them back on and headed back out to the family room.

I immediately saw that Ann’s hair was wet so figured they had been in the shower together which was great, remembering what Ann had said in the car yesterday. Sue and I were sitting at the table already and after Ann got them something to drink we started in. Pat was first to asked her question about why was I in the wheelchair. I explained about my polio, how it affected me and because I was having so much right leg pain, how Dr. Jack had injected me. She then asked Sue how she became blind. Sue said she had Dr. Jack remove both of her eyeballs and replaced them with glass orbs and she leaned close to Pat and showed them. I don’t think Pat had noticed them before. I could see Pat shaking her head after hearing from both of us and all she could say was remarkable. Sue added that Ann had taken care of her after the surgery and that was how we all became friends. We are all devotees and I bet you are also since you are going to do some requested surgery. Pat admitted she was very much a devotee also. She added she had always been intrigued with amputees but was going to have to expand her desires to blindness and paraplegics. We all had a good laugh with her.

We started talking about what Pat had in mind with her practice and what her requirements were. After she listed everything, I told her about the new hospital I had found, the appointment I had tomorrow and did she want me to represent her or cancel the appointment. She said by all means, go see the place for me. We talked about some more issues and Ann asked several questions about what her job would entail. Pat was very open and honest and very easy to get along with. She was very enthused and thought we would all get along good together.

The girls adjourned to the kitchen and got dinner dished up and we ate on the patio. Pat was amazed at what Sue was able to do and could see how much she enjoyed being blind. I saw Pat and Ann looking at each other quite often and a couple of times Ann either turned canlı bahis siteleri her shoulder stump or her other side that would soon be missing her left leg, hip and pelvis towards Pat. Pat would nod her head or lick her lips. I also had noticed that neither had the waist belt or button done on their covers, nor did Sue for that matter.

After dinner Pat brought me an iced tea and squatted down in front of me with her legs open. Her brush was very obvious. I took the tea and she put one hand on my wheelchair frame to steady herself. She looked me in the eye and asked as a para if I could get hard. I suggested she lift the t-shirt and without hesitation she did. She looked at me, Sue had placed my cock ring on, and I was hard as a rock with pre cum flowing. Wow she said, I guess so. My foreskin was still stretched tightly over my head and the outline was clearly visible. I also told her about my Cialis usage. If you want, ask Sue if you can touch, I am sure she would not mind. Pat blushed saying she would do that if I did not mind either. I told her I would not. Pat pulled her cover open exposing her breasts. I could now see the red scars at the bottom of her areolas’ where they met the skin. That was where the saline inserts had been inserted rather than at the base of her breasts where they met her chest wall. Both looked very firm and were tear drop shaped. I told her I thought they looked fantastic and she saw my hard on bobbing. She said no other man had seen them yet and was hoping I might be first to try them out. I said I would be honored. I helped Pat stand and she made no effort to close her cover.

Ann and Sue had come outside and were on a lounge together across from us. They might have even heard the conversation. Pat saw that they had removed their covers and she turned back to me and did the same. She was tall, about 5’8″, slender and her new breasts were just perfect for her. I bet Ann was telling Sue just what was happening. Pat sat on the lounge next to Sue and without hesitation asked her if she could touch my cock. Sue immediately told her she absolutely could and if I had no objections she could even fuck it. Pat was a little surprised at this but saw Ann smiling and nodding her head as she played with Sue’s nipple with her one hand. Sue added there is one rule in this group, no sneaking around; we all know what is going on with each other. Pat agreed.

Sue went on that she would like to look at Pat. Ann had given her a general description and told her about her surgery, so could she use her hands to see her. Pat said she would love to be seen and moved closer to Sue. Sue sat up and held her hands out. Pat took them and moved them up to her head then relaxed. She had no idea what to expect. Sue started at the top and took her time working her way down. Pat thought she seemed to have a method of doing this. When Sue started in on Pat’s breasts she could not help but shiver and she told Sue she had the most sensuous hands she had ever felt. Sue spent some time exploring every inch, found the new scars, where the saline was injected, her very hard nipples, how very firm the breasts were and then asked if she was going to add any more saline. Pat told her not right now, she just had and was going to let the skin stretch for a while then decide. Pat added that she had been just like Sue was, almost no breast tissue and just felt like she wanted to be bigger especially if she was going to become an amputee.

Ann asked what she was going to have removed and Pat said she did not know yet. I had moved closer and she looked at me and said since seeing you I am going to ask you lots of questions about paraplegia. I told her nothing was too personal and ask away whenever she wanted. Sue’s hands were still exploring and she was down to Pat’s legs. She slid one hand right up Pat’s thigh to her cunt and fingered her clit. Pat shrieked but held Sue’s hand to her clit for a few seconds. When Pat released it Sue withdrew it and licked the finger off. She then worked her way down Pat’s legs and when she had finished said she was a beautiful woman just like Ann was. They had a group hug and we all headed for the water.

I removed my shirt and transferred to the lift. Pat watched the whole time. I lowered myself to the water and swam off. We kept a battery radio with music on by the side of the pool so Sue could orient herself to direction. We were all by the wall now and Pat pulled Sue to her and they kissed passionately. Pat told her that was the sexiest experience she had had for some time and was hoping they could do it again. Sue said anytime, we all cannot get enough sometimes.

Sue being Sue came right out and asked Pat if she liked to fuck during her period. Pat laughed and said first she was not that experienced and second no one had ever asked her to. Sue said we all love it then. Pat turned to me and her hand went to my cock. It was still hard and she asked if it had been that way long. I told her yes and she slipped the cock ring up my shaft a ways saying that it needed to go down so I did not harm myself. I told her yes I should have done it sooner and no one had volunteered to get me off yet. She looked me in the eye and moved the ring back down to the base of my cock. She started masturbating me and even the precum was still able to lubricate me in the water.

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