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It was an absolutely perfect spring afternoon with an icy blue sky with clouds like cotton bolls suspended in the 74 degree air. I had just enjoyed a great day of relaxation browsing the music shops and book stores in the city. It was a day to myself, away from the wife and kids and the hassles and stresses of my busy medical practice. The top was down on my Red BMW Roadster and I was thoroughly enjoying the spirited drive home. Great weather, great car, great fun and I was about an hour ahead of schedule so I was hoping to catch my wife before she went to pick up the kids so I could make love with her. The thought cast a smile across my face.

I was cruising along around 80 mph in the 65 mph zone when suddenly I noticed a car coming up from behind at a rapid pace. I slowly eased off the gas in case it was a trooper that I hadn’t noticed in my relaxed state. As the car drew nearer, I could tell that it wasn’t a trooper but another sports car. As it pulled right up behind me I recognized it immediately as a Porsche Boxster. It was a beautiful shimmering silver with the top down also. Behind the wheel was a woman wearing dark wayfarer sunglasses with long blonde hair being tasseled about by the wind. When traffic cleared she sped around me, casting a long gaze directly at me as she passed. She was easily into the triple digits as she began to pull away. Well now, I thought, what should I do about that. I could easily blow her away with my 315 hp bimmer. It might be fun to play a little cat and mouse with this gorgeous Porsche pilot.

I dropped into 4th and quickly notched 140 on the speedo, catching up to her without much effort. She was staring back at me in her rear view, not paying any attention to the road in front of her. My own shaded eyes were locked onto her mirror. Droping again into 4th, I catapulted beside her, keeping pace at a heady 110. Then I blasted ahead and pulled in front of her just missing an oncoming semi that headed to the shoulder, kicking up a plume of reddish brown smoke. We quickly caught up to slow traffic ahead and slowed down to 65. At the first opportunity, she whirred around me and the traffic ahead, slowing only to blow me a kiss. Drafting the Boxster’s gorgeous ass, I catapulted around the traffic. Could this be any more exciting, I thought to myself? Little did I know, the excitement level was about to escalate dramatically.

After several minutes of swapping positions and jockeying for position on the two lane highway, she finally slowed down in front of me. My fun must be over, I mused. Being out in the middle of nowhere, I was surprised to see her turn on her Left turn signal. Should I follow her and possibly spook her? What if she panicked and drove too fast and wrecked that beautiful machine, or worse, her beautiful self? But curiosity got the best of me and I decided to follow her. The road was of an old chip and seal surface and looked like it led to nowhere other than a few farm houses and barns scattered around the miles of cotton fields. Where is she going, and an even better question is why am I following her? My heart was pounding. It must be because of the high speed driving, I thought. Of course, the mystery of where I was following this gorgeous woman in a Porsche into the middle of nowhere had nothing to do with it, I was sure. I noticed she appeared to slow down and look from side to side, as if searching for something along the side of the road. Her hair flowed down along her shoulders and disappeared under the seatback. I could see she was wearing a white top, linen or cotton I supposed. She obviously wasn’t afraid of my following her. My mind raced. Could she be leading me into some weird trap, should I turn around, what should I do? What am I thinking? But the mystery was about to be solved. She pulled into a dirt drive, through a small grove of pine and pecan trees, parking beside an old dilapidated barn. I pulled up to her right and slightly in front of her.

She opened her door and walked around the front of her Porsche. She stopped at her right front fender and leaned casually against it, removing her sunglasses. My GOD, she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Her eyes were dark brown, her cheekbones perfectly shaped, her lips clad with a dark brownish red lipstick, and her blonde hair cradled her visage perfectly. In those eyes was a look of seduction I’d never imagined in my wildest dreams.

I was right about her blouse, pure white linen, and was a matched set with her pants. With the sun slightly behind her, I could make out the outline of her voluptuous, yet chiseled figure. I guessed her to be quite a bit younger than I, late 20’s maybe, and obviously very physically fit. I watched as she reached up and slowly unbuttoned her blouse, never taking her eyes off of me. I felt my cock bulging in my bikinis and through my dockers. She donned a huge diamond wedding ring, which was quite obvious as she opened her cleavage one button at a time. She’s married. I wondered if that was good or bad. Then again, I’m married bursa evi olan escort and I have a pretty good idea what might be about to happen. Should I slip my ring off? I felt intoxicated by her seduction, drowning in her beauty. What am I to this pillar of beauty? I am in my mid thirties, slightly overweight and my male pattern baldness was shinning in the sun. That was all readily apparent and yet she completed her unbuttoning her top, revealing her perfectly shaped and tanned torso. This chick is straight out of a Victoria’s Secret catalog, what does she want to do with me, I murmured to myself.

I slowly opened the car door, hiding my stiffness the best I could, and stepped around to her. Without saying a word or making any sudden movement, I reached out and grasped her blouse and pulled myself to her. Never taking our eyes off of one another, we slowly let our lips gently meet. She was breathing heavier than I, but I felt as though I couldn’t catch my breath. For what seemed like hours we gently kissed, barely touching our lips as though communicating our passion in our heightened sensitivity, exploring each others’ eyes and inner thoughts. I slowly let my fingers ease inside her blouse until I touched her side, below her bra. A shiver went up her spine as she peered deeply into my eyes, blinking at only the precise second of her twinge. Mesmerized by her gaze, I calmly let my tongue touch her lips, lingering for but a fraction of a second each time. I now had a firm but gentle grip on her ribs and was slowly feeling her gooseflesh as my hands rose higher toward her shoulders.

By now, her tongue was meeting mine, and her eyes were closing frequently as we kissed gently, yet fervently. As my hands made their way to her shoulders, she arched be back and leaned her head backward, allowing her top to slip off her shoulders and down to her arms. Her breasts, being held perfectly in position by her bra, were thrust forward and were bulging at the seams. I knew how they felt as I was tried not to let my bulge come into contact with her just yet. My lips and tongue made their way gently to her jowls and down to her neck. It was all I could do not to ravage those perfect bosoms. Slowly I slid my hands to the snaps of her bra. As the tension of the straps loosened, her breasts didn’t fall much at all. Oh so gently she let her top clothing fall to the ground. With her hands supporting her on the hood of her Porsche, I began my exploration of her breasts, first ever so lightly with my fingertips, then with my tongue.

I have no idea what bra size she wore, but it didn’t matter because her breasts were perfect. Her nipples were erect and pointed strait up and ahead. She obviously tanned in a two piece because her tan line was distinctly visible around her nipples and sides. She kept her head tossed back and moaned with each kiss and caress, but as much as I didn’t want to move away from these mounds of passion, I knew there was much more to explore and she would be running low on patience if I tarried much longer. I slowly dropped to one knee as my tongue slid down her midline and darted in and out, and circumscribed her belly button. Her abdomen was silky smooth, yet hard as a rock. It was obvious she worked hard to maintain this utopian figure. Her abs contracted and relaxed in perfect rhythm with my touches. Gently my hands caressed her cupped breasts and nipples and slid down to her waistline.

Her pants were tied with a string but the knot was easily undone with my teeth. I could see her rising up as I slid the waistline down over her left hip. She was wearing a thong, and I got my first whiff of her wetness as I pulled the rim of her pants away with my teeth. Her pants slid down to her ankles as she leaned forward off of her car. She was clean shaven and waxed with not a trace of stubble visible around her thong. Tracing along the top of it with my tongue, she spread her legs slightly as I approached the midpoint. I skipped to the underneath side and slid by tongue slowly down her inguinal ligament, eliciting her to raise her right thigh to accommodate my entry into her moistening chasm. Slowly I licked along her thong, catching a good taste of her juices as I slipped my tongue in behind.

Now with both knees on the ground, I was kneeling in honor of her womanhood. She lifted both feet out of her pants, and ever so sensually, I slipped her panties onto the pile. Before me was a feast of moist flesh, ripe and warm, commanding my attention. I worked her slowly at first, kissing her mons and twirling her labia with my tongue. Soon I was working her clit softly, sending her abdomen into spasms. Careful not to miss any moisture, I probed every crevice and fold with my hard tongue. She slid around on the hood of her car, motioning me to ravish her loins. Tossing her legs over my shoulders, I indulged in the gluttony of her offering. Deeper and deeper I pushed my tongue into her hot, wet cavern, slipping out intermittently to stimulate her clit. She altıparmak escort was rhythmically thrusting into my face as she pulled unmercilessly on her own nipples. Back and forth I went, occasionally slipping down and rimming her tight ass. Each time she puckered and let out a moan so loud I knew we would be discovered. Yet I didn’t care. The whole world could watch if they wanted to. This was going to be my finest performance yet. I started to rise up to her naval as my tongue was growing tired but she pushed me back down to her cunt and sped up her thrusts. I freed my right had and started fingering her clit as I probed deep into her vault. Her moans were starting to get louder and more intense. She was producing more lubrication and I knew her orgasm was eminent. I probed her asshole deeply with my tongue as I plunged my thumb into her vagina and stroked her clit with my long finger. She arched her back and started screaming loudly, those rock hard abs contracted spasmodically, then she slammed her knees together as she smashed my face onto her perineum with her hands, thrusting violently. The tension in her body was so powerful, I thought she was tetanic and would never be able to relax. Thrusting again a few moments later, then again, she extracted every ounce out of her orgasm then fell completely lifeless on top of her car. I savored every drop of her orgasmic offering.

My knees felt like they were about to break as I started to rise, kissing the silken flesh of her abdomen. I lingered momentarily at her softening nipples and gave a little nip with my teeth. She turned to face me, eyes closed, and welcomed her flavor as I kissed life back into her.

She mustered the strength to pull herself off of the car and turned her attention to me. Having dealt possibly the biggest orgasm of my life to this icon of beauty, my shaft was sticking out like a bull ready to mate. Without any hesitation she pushed me back onto the car and kissed me passionately while beginning to fondle with my trousers. In a matter of seconds my member was exposed and at full attention. She dropped to the ground to inspect my iron hard cock. Most of my wetness was on my bikinis, but as she lowered my pants, a new charge of clear lubricant appeared at my hole. Oh so skillfully, she kissed the end of my cock, while supporting my jewels with her left hand. She spread my drippings around her lips with her tongue, never taking her eyes off of my shaft. She worked my head, kissing at first, then licking, then taking it into her perfectly formed mouth, leaving the rouge of her lipstick around my glans.

Am I ever glad I had made love with my wife late last night or I would have exploded by now. How embarrassing would that be! She started stroking my base while sucking my head, occasionally taking my full length into her throat. This was the most intense fallatio I’ve ever had. Much more of this and I’ll cum anyway I thought. She tugged at my scrotum with her left hand as she rhythmically stroked my shaft with her right and worked my head with her tongue and lips. Her left pinky teasingly probed my asshole. The intensity was almost more than I could take. I was moaning at the top of my lungs. Suddenly she started to squeeze my balls, which made me nauseated. I grabbed her hand indicating my displeasure with that move. This had a remarkable effect of slowing my feelings of ejaculation, much like squeezing the glans right before orgasm to help with premature emission. She immediately stopped and began swallowing my wholeness. Deepthroating me and working the underside of my shaft with her tongue. It felt wonderful but wasn’t particularly stimulating. She must have known this would allow me to regain some stamina. This woman obviously knows what she’s doing, I thought.

When she stopped working my cock over, she laid me back on the hood of her machine. I was thankful for the mid engine layout of the Porsche, or I’d have been burning my ass about now. The paint was hot enough from soaking up the early afternoon sun. She struggled a little for footing as she climbed on top of me, mounting my rod with a slow downward plunge. We both felt every inch as we became one for the first time. She held her breath as she slowly let her weight lower her all the way down. I could see the tenseness returning in her abs. Even though everything about her body was perfect, her flat stomach was the sexiest part. Glancing up, I once again concentrated on her breasts, firmly shaped and nipples fully erect. I squeezed them firmly as she gazed deep into my eyes once again. Supporting her weight with her hands on my chest, she began to rise up and rock forward on my dick. She started slowly with intermittent bursts of rapid thrust but soon she was picking up the pace and began moaning. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before either of us climaxed. As she squeezed my chest with her palms, I maneuvered my hips enough to slip out of her and let her rub her clit on my shaft, keeping the stimulation minimal to my throbbing head. Again, she screamed in ecstasy as she twinged with her orgasm, gasping for her breath. She then completely collapsed on me again. I smiled as single engined airplane flew overhead, undoubtedly spying on our little sexcapade. Jealous, he he he.

Rolling her over, I lifted her legs over my shoulders and mounted her with my pulsating rod. This is my favorite way to cum in my wife and I knew that our time was about spent. It was time for me to finish with an explosion of my own. I tried to get traction on her hood to let myself lower as deeply as possible into her cunt but I kept slipping off. After three or four thrusts and slips I knew that some other way was going to be necessary. With this being the perfect interlude, I didn’t want to blow it with a half assed orgasm of my own. She pulled her legs down and shot me a look that said, let me show you. Planting her knees firmly onto her hood, she bent over to reveal her firm, rounded ass. Once again I noticed her tan lines, consistent with a string bikini. I caressed and rubbed every curve of the pristine booty. Gently I smothered her entire ass with kisses. Then I pressed my cock against her thigh, then slipped off and under her hole, sliding against her clit. She breathed in, as though it were tender, which I’m sure it was after her multiple orgasms. Grabbing my shaft, I redirected into her vagina. Enough time had elapsed for her to kegle it tight again. Back and forth I rocked, making sure she enjoyed every inch of my stiffness. What a perfect way to end the perfect day.

With my eyes closed enjoying the sensation of my dick thrusting in and out of her moist cunt, she had to put her hand on my ass to get my attention. Looking back at me with those sultry eyes, I could see she was beckoning me for something else. Arching her back and raising her ass, she slipped her hand into her crack, revealing the tight pucker of her ass. I knew immediately she wanted me to fuck her in the ass. I looked at her longingly and returned the sexy smile as I pulled out of her vagina. Slowly I spread her buttocks and spread my moistness along the outside of her anus. I could see her concentrating to relax the sphincters that might block my entry at first then squeeze my stiffness in the end. With my hands spreading her cheeks, I slowly pushed my head against her puckered folds. I was pumping out clear lubricant, which I focused on her orifice. With steady pressure I firmly and slowly parted her folds. She held her breath and concentrated as I attempted to enter her ass without hurting her. I could see her grimace and catch a breath so I stopped and pumped blood into my cock with kegles of my own, dilating her while waiting to resume my entry. She was gripping her windshield wipers, holding on for dear life, as I began my forward progress into her ass. I could feel her sphincters relax as I inched my way deeper and deeper into her slowly. Soon my balls were tickling her buttocks and I was impaled to the hilt. Kegling my blood into my cock, I dilated in rhythm with her own pulsations. She had loosened her death grip on the wiper blades and I knew she was now prepared for my offering.

I reached down and cupped her breast, and kissed my finger and placed it on her lips as she watched me pick up the tempo of my pelvic thrusts. Slowly at first, like a ballad, I rocked her ass with my pelvis, each time touching her cheeks with my pubes. Not a millimeter went in that didn’t bring intense pleasure. As my tempo increased, she began to moan again and tossed her head back. Holding on to her pelvis with my right hand, I grabbed a handful of her blonde locks with my left and pulled her head back. Faster and faster I thrusted. She raised her ass up high and squeezed her sphincters around my stiffening cock. Gritting my teeth and raising onto my tiptoes, I thrust harder and harder, faster and faster into her hot, tight ass. I could hear my balls slapping on the inside of her thighs as I was now slamming as hard onto her cheeks as I could. Moaning and screaming, she continued to arch her back. I could feel her abdomen begin to spasm again as I pounded my dick deep into her ass. This was my time. My reward for giving her the orgasms earlier. My offering of gratitude to her was about to gush forth deep into her bowels. I let her hair go and grabbed her pelvis firmly with both hands as I lunged down into her now. My balls were raising up and I could feel my glands begin to spasm. With incredible pressure building, the fluid was being forced from my vesicles and traveling along the base of my shaft. I dug my nails deep into her groin as I left my feet, all of my weight slamming down on her ass. AAAAGGGGHHH I screamed at the top of my lungs as my orgasm shot deep into her. EEEEIIIIIIAAAAHHH she screamed as her asshole clamped down on my cock, receiving my gift with an orgasm one more time! Again, a slower thrust this time, but with every bit as much force, I buried myself into her ass, letting more juice flow into her. Still tense from her orgasm, she squeezed my dick, milking every last drop of my semen into her rectum. A couple of more small thrusts and I was finally dry. I could see a little cum leaking out from around my dick in her asshole. A result of the ravaging thrusts no doubt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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