Anonymously Forbidden

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Annihilator Monster

It was getting pretty late, and I was getting anxious. Over and over again I stared at my email inbox; waiting, praying for an email to appear. It wouldn’t be long before my mother got home, and once she did; any chance of getting my cock wet would disappear.

“Fuck.” I said out loud. It had been two hours since I posted my ad on CraigsList, and so far the only responses I had received were from those damnable bots. I glanced at the clock above my unsteady desk. The hands seemed to be involved in a race to 12am. I, clearly, was losing. Maybe my ad was too forward, I was happy to have the house to myself, and in my rush I hadn’t flowered up the language any. More likely, my ad had been pushed to the bottom of the pile, where it would sit unnoticed.

Honestly, it was sad. Instead of going out and trying to meet some actual women; I was sitting at home. Mouse in one hand, cock in the other, watching impossible MILFs take it in every hole. And with every facial, swallowed load, and creampie I watched; my own reserves built up. It had been over a month since Mom and I moved to this sleepy town. Six since her and her husband had split. The asshole had just up and left; sticking Mom with bill after bill. She fought valiantly to keep the house, but in the end all she could do was sell it. After paying the bank off, we had just enough to move out that god-forsaken suburb. We packed up whatever we could, hopped in the truck, and off we went. Mom had picked this town. I had no idea why, probably because the cost of living was decent, but it was fine with me. I was out of high school, and had no clue what the hell I was going to do with myself. I guess I could thank her ex-husband for that; with him gone, I had a purpose.

That purpose, of course, did not help me with my immediate needs. The pressure in my scrotum was incredible. One way or another, I needed to get drained. Unfortunately for me, it looked like porn and my hand were going to have to do for tonight. As I watched an incredible woman, clearly not old enough to be a MILF with a teenage son, get absolutely brutalized by her “sons” friends I stroked harder and harder. Just as I Isparta Escort was reaching an incredible orgasm, the distinct “DING” of an incoming email sounded through my room. It took all my willpower to not just finish myself off there and then.

I paused the video, fully expecting to need it again in 10 seconds; after all, I had only heard from bots so far. Instead, it was an invitation. A rather intriguing invitation.

When we had first moved to this town, I was thrilled to find it had an Adult Video store. It was a pretty seedy place, just the way it was supposed to be. Hundreds of videos lined the walls, inflatable dolls and vibrators filled the shelves. The backroom claimed to have an Adult Video Arcade, but I never had the balls to go back there.

The invitation before me beckoned me to that very backroom. The email was short and to the point; much like my ad had been. It included promises of having my balls drained, was apparently Sent from an iPhone, and had a darkened picture of a slim woman from the neck down. The picture intrigued me, it was obviously self taken, but offered no details besides a pair of smallish breasts. It took me only a moment to decide to take the offer. I hadn’t felt the touch of a woman since I had left Greensburg.

I drove over in my beat up Probe. It wasn’t much to look at, but at least it was reliable. The parking lot was fairly empty; not too surprising. I had learned that most of the visitors to this particular establishment parked down the block. Perhaps they had something to hide. I didn’t. The owner barely glanced at me as I walked through the door, more interested in his computer than in me. I glanced at my phone, looking for exactly where I was supposed to go. According to the email, I needed to be in booth 2. Passing the curtain, I enter the backroom. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn’t a row of doors that looked like they belonged in a restroom. It was dark, and the sounds of porn filled the air. I wasn’t really comfortable, but the aching in my balls prodded me forward. I stepped into booth 2, and immediately my shoes started sticking Isparta Escort Bayan to the floor. The video screen in front of me prompted me for $5 for 5 minutes. I fed the hungry machine and was immediately inundated with the image of a smoking hot brunette teen being slammed in the ass by a fairly well endowed guy. The porn on the screen distracted me from all the dried cum on the floor, but didn’t distract me from the two well manicured fingers that poked their way through the hold in the wall. Long and delicate, topped off with two toned red nails with pink tips. The fingers turned and made a “come hither” motion. I wasted no time. Belt unfastened and underwear around my ankles, I put my semi hard cock through the hole.

At first, I felt fingers dance around my shaft. Instinctively, I moved my hips closer to the wall, my tool now fully erect. I could feel hot breath on the tip as the magic fingers gripped me. Up and down the full length of me the fingers traveled. Slow at first, but with an increasing speed. I closed my eyes and drank in the feeling. I could feel her hot breath growing faster and deeper. I was getting close. I think she sensed it because the fingers slowed, giving a tighter grip instead. I moaned without thinking. I was so close, this was some kind of torture, I was sure of it. Once her hand left my hardness, I was crestfallen. I was sure I would have to finish this myself.

I was about to remove my disappointed member from the hole when I felt a familiar feeling. The feeling of a condom being gently placed over my head. This was followed by a much better feeling; the warm, moist sensation of a mouth. This woman, whoever she was, was clearly skilled. As my cock slid further in her mouth, she used her teeth and lips gently to unroll the condom over my full length. The distinct feeling of my head sliding into a throat nearly finished me off; but I held on. This lady went wild. What started as a slow, sensual experience, quickly turned into a throat fucking. I wished I could reach through the wall, grab her hair and pull her even closer. Over and over my engorged head slid down her throat. Escort Isparta I felt her tongue slide up and down, dousing my shaft with hot wetness. Did this woman even have a gag reflex? I kept trying to stop myself; I didn’t want this feeling to end. I thought about baseball, skydiving, anything; but none of it worked. On the deepest thrust, my balls exploded through my penis. I felt the head of the condom fill and expand as my legs started to tremble. I have no idea exactly how much semen I pumped into that condom, but I do believe it had to be a world record. She wasn’t ready for it, and I heard the sounds of gagging. I leaned heavily on the wall while I felt the condom being removed.

I was overcome with shame, and bid a hasty retreat. I couldn’t believe that I had actually gone to a gloryhole. I couldn’t believe that I came that quickly! I was glad to be rid of the buildup of semen, but could only wonder if this was the first step of a very slippery slope.

It was almost 1:30 before Mom finally walked through the door. I was lying on the couch, my mind still on the fantastic blowjob I had received just an hour ago. Her short blond hair was a bit out of sorts; and she seemed tired. Her famous saying “37 is the new 25” didn’t seem to apply tonight. The dress she wore was slightly wrinkled and clung to her slender body. It had probably been a long day at the office, and the birthday party afterwards didn’t help. Still, even exhausted, she was a beautiful woman. She lumbered like a zombie towards the kitchen, dumping the dirty tupperware on the table.

“Hi honey,” she said while getting a cup, “How was your night?”

She turned her back to get a drink of water and I stole a glance at her perfect ass, framed beautifully by the clingy dress. I had often thought about that ass while masturbating, and any chance I got I took a good look. I was probably sick, but I just couldn’t help it. Instead, I had come to embrace it.

“Not bad, boring. How was the party?”

“Too long. I should have left hours ago, but Debbie wouldn’t take no for an answer.” She stole a glance at her phone, “Shit, I need to go to bed.”

She drank half the glass of water, and handed it to me on her way up the stairs. “Here, I can’t drink anymore. Goodnight honey, don’t stay up too late.”

I didn’t respond and she walked up the stairs. I was too fixated on her nails. They were painted red, with pink tips..

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