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It’s one in the morning and my cock is almost shaking with anticipation.

I’ve been online for more than an hour, looking through all the posts, and emailing any that sound remotely appealing. I really should be doing homework but the more I look the hornier I become. I need this now. I’ve spent too much time on it to just give up.

My clothes should be done. I get up from the computer, walk outside, and down into the narrow hallway to the basement of my apartment. The dryer is static-producing monster and each article of clothing I grab gives off little shocks and zaps.

I hold the basket in front of my, the edge of it rubbing against my hard-on and reminding me that I still haven’t gotten release yet. I sigh and walk back into my apartment. I’m ready to just call it a night, jack off, and have a sleepless night.

My phone pings.

It’s an email.

“Hey, I’m dtf. I wanna suck some dick. Stats? Pic?”

I open my laptop immediately and get onto the fake email account.

“I have no pics,” I type back. It’s a lie. “But I’d love to meet up.”

This other guy must be horny because his response is under twenty seconds.

“I don’t suck without pics, but here’s me.”

There’s an attachment to the email. It’s a nice cock pic. He’s not huge, but not too small for me to be uninterested. I can see the top of his stomach. No chiseled abs, but no beer gut either.

“I’m down. Tonight I’d just like to get sucked off. Here’s me.”

I send a pic of my own member, one I had taken months ago. Took me ages to get the right angle so my erection actually looked appealing.

“Fuck that is a nice cock. Can’t wait to have my lips on it. 😉 where do we meet? Can you host?”

I take a look around my apartment. Since moving in none of the other tenants have even stopped and said hello or made any sort of contact with me. No one knows I do this kind of thing, so invited whoever this guy is over wouldn’t be so bad… but a little voice in my head tells me not to.

“You want to do an outside scene? I can’t host but I live close to the park.”

I just can’t risk him coming over.

“The one by the lake? Yeah, totally. When can you leave?”

“I’m leaving now.”


I canlı bahis hurriedly throw on a sweater and walk out the door. I bring my phone and keys, but leave my wallet. Just in case, like always.

The walk to the park is about a half-mile across town. A few cars pass by and I sink into my sweater. They couldn’t possibly know what I’m up to, but I still don’t like being seen. Every house I pass by I turn away from if the lights are on or the windows are uncovered. My hood is big enough to hide most of my face.

I forget how many times I’ve done this. The first time was with a guy whose face I never even seen. I only saw the bulk of his big bearish frame and then I was on my knees. I undid his belt in hurry, eager to learn what it tastes like. His cock was huge, like I was holding onto a can of beer, but fleshy and warm. Same amount of froth though. When he came I know I didn’t like it. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down repeatedly, fucking my face, and almost choking me.

I’ll always remember the way he moaned “ah… ah… fuck!” when he began to spew his cum into my mouth, and when he finished the quiet “oh…” when he pulled away from me. “Swallow like a good boy,” he said, holding my mouth shut. It was stale and salty, not what I expected. Then I felt his beard on my smooth skin and we kissed. Rolled around on the park’s dark grass for what felt like both ten seconds and hours. He didn’t return the favor.

I didn’t email anyone for months after that. But I kept thinking about his dick in my throat and soon after I started again.

It’s easier to find men who want a blowjob than those that want to give. The first guy that sucked me off was my age. The second was old as my dad, I think. The first guy didn’t swallow but the old guy took it all. Again, I didn’t see their faces or make-out with them. I only made a dark walk back home and wallowed in shame in the shower.

I have a feeling I’ll be doing the same thing tonight.

The park is close by now. I’ve lost track of the times I’ve done this. Luckily, it’s a big park, and the police only pretend to patrol here. The real crimes seem to only happen on the opposite side of town where everyone is just a bit poorer than everyone bahis siteleri else.

I wait on a bench near the lake. There are no street lamps here, so I am a dark shape among the silver-blue water. The wind blows softly tonight.

I hear a hoarse whisper from the left.



He sits next to me. His arms arm crossed and his legs are twitching. A hood conceals his face too.

“So… should I just… start?”

I take a look around.

“Let’s go more in the woods.”

We walk off towards a space in the park that has a thicket of trees. I turn to face him, but I still can’t see beyond his hood. I reach to undo my belt from my jeans.

“No. I want to do that… I like doing that…”

He drops to his knees and grabs at my pants, struggling to unbuckle it. My cock is already hard when he grabs it.

“There it is…” he says, his voice a little louder now and strangely familiar.

He takes only my head at first, up and down slow. I feel my breath quicken and I back up against the tree. I pull back his hood and run my fingers through his hair.

“Ah… that’s nice…” I whisper.

Soon he starts to suck deeper, faster. I feel the head reach the back of his throat and there’s a slight pull back and gaging sound.

“I like that…” I say, my eyes closed.

He does it a few more times, and even though I want to I’m not close to cumming. The guy takes a break from sucking and just starts stroking me with his hands. They’re small and cold, but he knows how to work it.

“Ever sucked a cock before?” I asked.

“Yeah a few times.”

“How much is a few?”

“A lot.”

“I can tell. You can take it deep.”

As soon as I say that I gasp as I feel his lips on my head again. I don’t know why but I grab him by the back of his head and start pushing him downward, faster and faster. It feels weird. I heard him choking a little but I keep doing it. He stops and a takes a few breaths, and keeps at it. I keep bringing him all the down to the base of my cock. The back of his throat feels so nice on it.

I wonder if the first guy I sucked on felt this way. Beer cock, I like to think of him, when I’m bored. My mind always wanders bahis şirketleri back to him when I’m horny. I don’t know why. I didn’t like the way he treated me and made me swallow when I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. But just thinking about how his big hands felt on my head, him being in total control, and using my mouth like a sex doll. If I could ever meet him again I would, and I think I’d swallow too.

Soon I’m about to cum.

He didn’t tell me to say anything so I just let it happen.

“Ahh!!!” I say as it shoots into his mouth. He keeps going and I don’t know if I can control myself.

I want to push him off me because it feels so sensitive but it feels so good that I let him. It’s a struggle, but soon my whole load has emptied into his mouth and I’m done.

“Uh… you’re so good…” I say with heavy breaths.

“Thanks,” he says. I didn’t hear him spit so he must’ve swallowed it. I look down at him.

“Do I know you?”

“I don’t think so.”

He stands up and without his hood I can faintly make out his face. He’s not that handsome, fairly average I think. Just a hint of a beard. Can’t be older than twenty-five.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“I loved it,” he said, taking a step closer to me.

We match in height. His face comes close to mine. We match in lips. Face.

I start to make-out with myself. He tastes like cigarettes and cum and the beer I had just before I came out here. His tongue is too eager, moving halfway into my mouth and feeling around like it’s looking for something lost.

“Why?” I ask, as he starts to kiss my neck.

“Why what?” he says in between a wet suck.

“Why do you keep doing this? Finding random guys…”

His hands reach back down into my pants, caressing my balls.

“Meeting them at night…”

He starts to jack me off.

“Sucking their cocks and letting them dominate your mouth…”

I am rock hard. I can usually never get horny right after I cum…

“I don’t know,” he tells me. “I don’t know. I don’t even know why I like it… but after I started I just couldn’t stop…”

His hand moves fast.

I wake up, nearly out of breath.

My computer is on, and there are unopened emails responding to one of my posts. I look down at the covers. There’s a growing wet spot by my crotch.

During the night, during the dream, I must’ve jacked myself off and came.

I delete my email account when I wake up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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