Another Night at Karen’s House

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I love my life. I don’t know if this happens to other people but I have a recurring theme in my life where past experiences come back, not to haunt me, but to enrich my life even further. My life is not without pain and tragedy, to be sure, but I think I am blessed with good fortune nonetheless.

This story is an unexpected continuation of another tale of mine, “A Night at Karen’s House,” and I suggest you read the original first.

3 weeks ago I stopped by my father’s place to do some roof repair with him. He lives in a heavily wooded area and the roof is always in need of some work due to the constant shower of leaves and debris. I spent a lot of time on that roof while I lived there in high school and college so it was old hat. My father has put on some serious pounds in the last decade and can’t do it easily by himself but I am a good son and am happy to help the old man.

I got there early and scrambled up the ladder, hauled up the shingles and tools I would need, and then set to work. The damage was minor and I expected to be done in an hour but I ran into a snag that severely cut into my productivity. Karen.

Karen is Dad’s neighbor, and she is the subject of my old story. We had an encounter back when I was in high school and did some babysitting work for her and her son Jeremy. Karen is a small woman with short dark hair and a lovely face. She had been in her mid 30’s back then and 15 years had passed, so I guess she is around 50 now. She was on her back porch reading in one of her lounge chairs. She must have been in her hot tub earlier, or planning to get in, because she was wearing a bikini top and a sarong-style wraparound on her lower half. The sarong lay open on her extended left leg, showing a great deal of tanned skin. I tried to be quiet but she noticed me almost immediately.

“Hello, stranger!”

“Hi Karen! How are you?”

“Very well, and you?”

“Couldn’t ask for more. Just up here doing some repairs for Dad.”

“That’s nice of you. I wish I could get Jeremy to do the same for me.” Jeremy was off at college, or maybe even done with college, I wasn’t sure. I did know that he was tall and thin, something I thought unusual given his mother’s petite form.

“Do you have roof problems too?”

“I think I have a leak around the chimney.”

“Well, I should be done here in about an hour. I can take a look at it if you like.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to impose.”

“It’s no problem. I will already be sweaty and dirty so I might as well get more work done. Beside, I like doing favors for people.”

Throughout our conversation I had basically been looking right down on her. Hidden behind my sunglasses, my eyes had spent a fair amount of time trained on her cleavage. Karen had invested in some augmentation and it wasn’t subtle. Her yellow bikini top pressed her large breasts together to form an inviting line of cleavage. It looked like she had kept in shape, too. Her legs were still shapely and smooth and she didn’t have much evidence of her age around the waistline. It’s a rare woman who can confidently wear a 2-piece at that age.

I returned to my work and she stuck her nose back in her book. It would have moved along more quickly had I not kept stealing glances toward her. She never acknowledged my presence again, although near the end of my labor I noticed that she has pushed off the sarong to expose both of her well tanned and still lovely dancer’s legs. Visions of that long-ago night kept floating through my head of those legs astride me as Karen mounted me from above. I had to concentrate on the roofing nails to ease the tension in my jeans and to keep my fingers unsmashed. I was mostly successful.

Once my repairs on Dad’s roof were complete I came down the ladders and took off my shirt. The summer has been nasty this year and at 10:00 in the morning it was already near 90 degrees and I was soaked. Dad had left me a towel and a spare shirt but had left a while earlier to get to a job across the state. I had a key to the house of course – I grew up there – but he had just done me the courtesy of making them easily available.

I toweled off as I walked to Karen’s back yard. I used to be a well built young man but the years have worked on me as much as anybody else. I could stand to lose 20 pounds but at least I still have my upper body. My arms, back and shoulders are still impressive, I think. Anyway, I was certainly not afraid to show off a bit and my mind had been slipping steadily into the gutter all morning. I had been terrified back then, caught masturbating to very candid photos of Karen, but now things were different.

She looked up as I approached and I could see her eyes linger on my exposed chest for a moment.

“All done on your dad’s roof?”

“Yup. He only had a few shingles that needed attention. That and the monthly gutter cleaning.”

“The gutters do take a lot of work here. Are you sure you don’t mind doing this for me?”

“I don’t mind at all. Happy to help.”

She Ankara escort rose, leaving the sarong on the deck chair and allowing me an unfettered view. 15 years had done what 15 years will do but she had been waging a valiant battle against the demise of her youth. Her skin was a little looser and her wrinkles a little deeper, but she was still beautiful. Her round face and wide, smiling lips combined with her pixie hair cut to make her look a little “Betty Boop-ish.” And her new breasts were astounding. Easily D cups, they strained at the fabric of her bikini top. As she passed to walk in front of me I smelled her perfume, lightly mixed with sweat. She smelled wonderful and flowery with a hint of something spicy.

She pointed out some areas where she had concerns and mentioned a gutter she knew was coming loose, so I set about getting my ladders and tools over to her house. My head was full of Karen’s sight and smell but I figured I was just in heat. I hadn’t been getting much action of late so I was feeling a bit anxious. I rearranged my slightly swollen member and got back to work. She gathered her book from the back porch and went inside, telling me to ring the doorbell to let her know when I was done.

Her gutters were awful. They looked like they hadn’t been cleaned in years and were clogged with soggy gunk and leaves and even some small trees attempting to take root in the stuff. It was unpleasant but I scooped it all into trash bags and repaired the one hanging gutter. I had thought she got married a few years ago but I had not seen a ring on her finger, and if there were a man living here he should at least be cleaning the gutters regularly.

After the gutters I checked out the chimney area, and sure enough there was a bit of flashing which had come loose. That was an easy patch-up and the rest of the roof seemed to be in good shape. That’s when I went sight seeing.

Karen’s house was built so that some of the upper windows were visible from the lower roof. I pretended to inspect the rest of the roof and window caulking, but really I was just looking in her windows. I remembered the layout from the past and went straight for the master bedroom window. I squatted down in front of the window and ran my hands around its perimeter while I peered inside.

Karen lay in her bed, still reading the book. She wore a bathrobe now, pulled loose and open in a very inviting, and possibly staged, way. She did not look up as my eyes quickly roamed her uncovered legs and half-covered bosom, but I made my peeping moment a short one and moved on quickly.

Was that staged, or was it just negligent? People lay around in all sorts of undress in the privacy of their homes, so what I had just seen was nothing unusual. Was it? I had no way of knowing where Karen was in her life or how she felt about our past. She might be embarrassed or ashamed, or might have simply put it behind her. She had given me no sure signs so I had to assume that there was nothing there. As I climbed down the ladder and stowed the tools in my truck I conceded that I would be going home in a few minutes with no repeat of our physical past.

My tools packed away, I went to tell Karen that the work was done. I was wiping my filthy hands on the towel dad left me as I thumbed the doorbell. She took a moment to arrive, still wrapped in her white bathrobe. She had cinched it up a bit, but it still seemed rather loose.

“All done. You had a little flashing around the chimney that needed work, and your gutters were awful. Oh, and the one bad gutter is nailed back up now.”

“Thank you so much! I really appreciate your help. I know I have been neglecting that roof for too long. Sorry the gutters were so bad.”

“They do take a lot of attention in this neighborhood.” A pregnant pause followed as I wiped my hands into the dirty towel. “Well, I need to go home and get cleaned up. Gutters are a messy job.”

“I see. I feel so bad that you got so dirty for me. Listen, why not come in and get cleaned up. You don’t want to get that stuff all over your truck, right?”

Now THAT had potential.

“Um, well I suppose not, but I didn’t bring anything else to wear.”

“No problem. I’ve got some of Jeremy’s old clothes here. They should fit you. Well, maybe a little tight across the chest. Come on in.” She held the door open for me and stood aside. I hesitated only a moment before I kicked off my shoes and went in.

The place hadn’t changed much. There were no more toys. The furniture was the same and the house was nice and clean, if a bit darkly appointed and lit. I had spent most of my time in this house at night babysitting so I never noticed that it was dark even in the day. It smelled nice, like Karen.

“Come on up. I’ll get you some towels.”

I followed her up the carpeted stairs, her terry cloth covered ass waving in front of my nose. It was pulled tight around her hips and I couldn’t tell if the bathing suit was still there. I in my imagination, it was not. The twitch in my pants returned. Ankara escort bayan She led me to the main bathroom and waved me in. The toilet and shower were in a smaller room beyond the double vanity.

“Just drop your dirty stuff on the throw rug. It needs to be cleaned anyway. I’ll bring in some towels and clothes and set them right here, OK?” She was nervous. Her hands wouldn’t sit still and her eyes flickered around the room, on and off my bare chest.

“Thanks Karen. I appreciate this.”

“No problem. You did me a huge favor and this is the least I can do. There should be plenty of hot water!” She pulled the door shut as she left.

I turned to the mirror and regarded myself for a moment. My mind was churning over the situation and I could still not quite convince myself that she was trying to start something. There were indications, but nothing concrete. I thought about it for a moment, then disrobed for the shower. I left my clothes in a pile as directed and stepped into the shower room.

It did feel good to get clean. The gutter gunk was deep into my fingernails and it took a few minutes of scrubbing to get it all out. The warm water felt good on my hungry and confused phallus and I considered jerking off. It would have been a good one but I decided against it. Just in case.

I finished my shower and went into the other room for my towels. There was a pile of 3 dark blue towels, big fluffy ones, on the counter and my pile of dirty clothes was gone. I can’t imagine why she thought I might need more than one of the oversized things but I was happy to have at least one. I toweled off thoroughly then looked around for the spare clothes she was supposed to have left me.

They were absent. I checked the linen closet. Again, absent. And my old clothes were gone. And I take long showers.

I may be dumb, but I’m not stupid.

I raked back my hair with my fingers to get it under control, grabbed a dollop of toothpaste and rubbed it into my teeth, rinsed, then went looking for her.

Walking down the hall, wrapped only in a towel, felt very odd. I felt like I was in public. The adrenaline rose in my chest as I neared Karen’s bedroom door, standing slightly ajar. I stopped, took a deep breath, and pushed it open.

Karen lay on her bed, still in her bathrobe, still holding her book, but this time she was not reading. She must have been waiting for me. Her face was already turned to the door as I entered. Her bathrobe was artfully draped across her, half open and showing a great deal of flesh. I stood there, filling her doorway, half naked and wet, looking into her eyes from across the room. She looked scared and guilty. I must have looked something like that last time.

“Thinking about the past?”

She nodded, visibly shaking.

“Me too. I couldn’t help but stare at you while I was on the roof.”

“I wondered. It was all I could to not to look up. Am I still worth staring at?” She covered up a little and the tone in her voice was unsure and apprehensive.

“Of course you are. Your beauty hasn’t faded.”

“Yes it has.”

“Not to my eyes. Besides, time has left its mark on me too.” Pretense and uncertainty were behind us now so there was no reason to be shy. I opened the towel and let it drop to the floor, exposing my swelling penis. 15 years have put a few pounds around my midsection, but my athletic chest has filled out a bit since then and I think I look pretty good. Karen’s eyes snapped to my exposed member and a smile rose to her face.

“I see nothing to complain about,” she said as she pulled one half of her bathrobe aside, exposing her large, round breast.

“Those are new.”

She lifted a hand to the heavy tit and caressed it lightly. “My ex-husband bought them for me. He seemed to think I needed them. You like?”

“You didn’t need them. But yes, I like.”

She pushed herself up from the bed and stood, then let the bathrobe slide off her short body to the floor. Naked, she descended back to the bed and resumed her lounging position.

“Your body is as intoxicating as ever. I’ve been watching it and thinking of you all morning. I almost crushed my thumb while my eyes were on your legs.” She smiled at that, though her words were kind and concerned

“Oh, are you all right?”

“I’ll live,” I assured her, wiggling the digit to prove it still worked. She looked at my thumb for a moment, obviously preparing to jump her last hurdle.

“Is there anything I can do for you? Maybe I can….kiss it…and make it better?”

I smiled and moved slowly forward towards the bed. She remained reclined, awaiting my arrival. I went to the side of the bed nearest her head and positioned myself directly in front of her pretty face, then held my left thumb out to her. My hand was close to my dick, now growing large in anticipation, but Karen leaned forward and put her lips gently on my thumb. Her big eyes looked up at me as she nibbled briefly on it, adding another jolt to my expanding phallus.

“You Escort Ankara missed,” I said quietly. She smiled, slowly wet her lips, and tried again. That time she didn’t miss.

I inhaled deeply as her wet lips slid across the head of my cock. Her sharp tongue slipped out and brushed briefly against me, then she opened her little mouth wide and took me in. I could feel my cock rapidly filling as she held it in her mouth, lightly sucking the head and savoring my taste. I reveled in the feeling, no longer having to remember our first encounter 15 years ago. I soon reached full size and still she continued her gentle nursing of the end of my dick, looking up into my eyes. I reached out and caressed her face with my fingertips. She released my cock which still poked straight out at her face.

“I used to fantasize about you.” With that she closed her mouth on the head again, gently sucking and mashing her tongue into it.

“Your body was in my dreams for years.” I replied softly. A soft purr rumbled up from her throat. Still she moved slowly, languidly on the end of my cock. After a while she let me go again to speak.

“I used to lay here and day-dream about you being in me. Your young, hard body against mine…” and her mouth resumed its slow, dreamy dance. Her right hand slid out and around my thigh to fondle my ass. “Your beautiful prick in my face…” she said around my slick member.

“I would hold my cock at night,” and I wrapped my hand around the shaft, leaving the head still in her mouth, “and stroke it wildly at the thought of your body. I jerked off to you a hundred times.”

“Show me,” she said. She lay back in the middle of the bed on her back and beckoned me forward.

How fucking hot was that? I truly had dreamed of her for months and now I could do it without any hazy mental images or fuzzy memories. She lay before me like an erotic buffet for my eyes, and I was hungry.

I moved to the foot of the bed near her feet and crawled up. I let my cock drag up her leg, brushing through her neatly trimmed bush and up her torso before getting into position. On my right knee and left foot I was poised above her, my balls dangling near her chin, and slowly stroked my thick cock bare inches in front of her face. Her right hand went to her neatly trimmed pussy and her left came up to caress my ass again. I decided to give her something to listen to as well as see.

“I wished so badly you would call me over some night for baby sitting, only he wasn’t there. I imagined you in that same black dress; the one you wore that night. In my dreams you fell to your knees just inside the doorway and unzipped my pants, taking my hard young cock into your pretty face. Sometimes I dreamed that you went up a couple of steps, then bent over and pulled up your little skirt to show no panties and I would fuck you right there on the steps.”

I began to feel the bloom of heat and deep contraction, the early signals of orgasm. I was very aroused by this and so was Karen. I could see her right shoulder moving slightly but quickly and I could feel the bed wiggling a bit as she rubbed her pussy faster. Her other hand held my balls and pulled them gently.

“I would touch myself while imagining you laying naked on my bed when I got home, waiting for me to touch you. I would see visions of your body on top of me, your lipstick smearing on my dick, your face as you came again and again.”

Her breathing quickened perceptibly and her speed increased. I was holding my own orgasm at bay for just the right time, and that time was rapidly approaching.

“But every time I came I saw the same thing. I saw your face in front of me, that incredible smile of yours beaming up at me, just like this. I saw the lust in your eyes, the longing across your brow, the need in your lips. Just like this.”

She was there. A few more seconds and her orgasm would be in full swing. Her left hand reached out to clutch my leg but I grabbed it in mine. I released my grip on my dick just long enough to put hers on it, then I covered her hand in mine and resumed stroking quickly.

“And my cock would explode all over you, just like this.”

I had been on the cusp for a while so it was nothing to time it exactly. I leaned back and aimed my dick up a little, and as the first clench of ejaculation hit me a long band of wet jism arced through the air to land on her face and hair. She gasped and grunted, a mixture of surprise, excitement, and the orgasm flowing through her body. Her hand gripped my cock almost painfully tight. I pumped rapidly and again fired another cum rocket across her face, this one having less range and landing on her neck. Some of my first shot fell into her open mouth and her tongue met it quickly. Together we weathered the separate storms of our orgasms, her shaking body below me and my spewing cock above her. A few more spurts fell on her chest and I leaned back a little more to allow the last few sticky drops to land on her new breasts.

Her spasms faded and soon she relaxed, her right hand falling away. Her eyes, clamped tightly shut as she came, opened now and beheld the spectacle of the gooey end of my cock hanging over her chest, my hand still covering hers and stroking it slowly.

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