Another Sweaty Arizona Day

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It was yet another extremely hot day in the valley and She had just called me to ‘hang out’. Although I decided to drive right on over, I was a little confused by the offer. Just the other day, she had shot me down quick when I had asked her to dinner. I admit I wasn’t offering the most romantic encounter, an ordered pizza, and a glass or two of wine at my place. I might as well have had been saying, “Hey, come on over and nix the panties.” She told me then she was busy, I smacked myself for not having a bit more class, and that was that. Or so I thought, But, just a few hours ago, my phone exploded.

I didn’t expect anything to happen, hope yes, but expect not really. However my pessimistic outlook didn’t stop me from jumping in the shower, shaving a few bits, and putting on my favorite shirt. I even went commando, although I didn’t think it would matter.

I drove to Her petite studio apartment so fast, I swear it took hours for my shadow to catch up. Oddly, I then spent a full five minutes in the car trying to catch my cool. I walked up to her front door, and plastered a look on my face that shrieked, “I’m trying very hard to look nonchalant.” She answered the door in shorts, and and the, requisite, hot weather boyfriend-beater, drenched with sweat. We sat, we drank, we made flighty small talk. Our eyes then slowly shifted their attention to the television. Neither of us were watching the television, rather, we were just avoiding the uneasy feelings in the room. Somewhere, between when I came in, and when we stopped chatting, the sitcom showing had switched to something about a stripper trying to make it in ‘a mans world’. Television program directors appear to have a sense for timing.

The heat of the day was the kind of heat that makes you completely aware of your body; it also makes everyone else aware of your body. I had never before been so aware of her body. Her white cotton shirt clung tight to her skin, and I could make out every curve and crevasse. I found myself turning in my chair, to hide my developing pup-tent. I started focusing on the television to keep the thoughts of her from causing me to make an idiot of myself, of course she didn’t help at all.

“She’s not that good, I could do better.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Smooth, as broken glass. I’ve always Manavgat Escort Bayan envied the smooth men. A smooth man would have known exactly what to say to get her to strip for him. I didn’t have a clue.

“Um, I’m going to hop in the shower, this heat is getting to me. There are sodas in the fridge.” She mumbled in a dejected tone “I won’t be too long.”

I beat myself up for a good couple of minutes, before I steeled my resolve to go talk to her. It didn’t even cross my mind that she would actually be getting ready to take a shower. Actually she wasn’t. I opened the door and literally saw everything. Her body was amazing, soft and firm, and each exactly where it should be. She had pert little breasts, in the style of swimmers or gymnasts. She was trim and neat, and nearly perfect. At the moment she was gently massaging her breast, and her other hand was up to the second knuckle in her delicate pussy, with a trail of juices running down her leg.

My body responded to the sight before I did. I could feel my pants grow taught as my arousal swelled. It was as if the scent of her lust permeated my body, entering my nose, coating my mouth, and working its way down to swell me with a speed I had not known possible. I had no clue what to say.

“Sorry, it was quiet, I didn’t think you were showering yet.” I mumbled as I tried to beat a hasty retreat.

Just as I was almost out the door, she called out to me, “Hey can you help me with the shower knob? I think its stuck.”

I stopped in my tracks, then after a small eternity, I walked over to the shower doors. Just then something gripped me, I looked directly into her ravishing green eyes, “Maybe I should help you wash your back?”

With a slight smile she returned, “Maybe you should.”

Something shattered between us, and my jeans hit the floor revealing my petrified uncut 6 inches. We kissed, we caressed, we moaned into each others mouths. Her hands played in the hair on my chest, as my own worked their way down to her womanhood. It was so warm, and wet, and soft. I caressed her clit, working it slowly in circles as we kissed. I wrapped my other arm firmly around her back, pushing her harder into my spiraling finger. I gingerly tried to penetrate her with my first two fingers, but Manavgat Escort she was so tight, I nearly broke a digit. I was just able to push my middle finger into her body. As I began to work it in and out, she took me in her hand, and started to slowly stroke my aroused cock.

I gradually kissed my way down her body, mumbling about how badly I wanted her, how beautiful she was, and how much I needed her. Her chin, the nape of her neck, her breasts, her little belly, her belly button, my lips sampled them all. When I reached her pussy, I was almost overpowered. I could literally smell her lust for me. First I whipped my tongue over the whole of her slit, taking a fair amount of her sweet nectar on my tongue. Her taste was amazing, like fine Chardonnay. I savored it for a second before I dived in again. Enjoying the texture and feel of her lips beneath my tongue, tracing each crease, and each fold. Finally I found her sweet little button, and began to roughly lap and suck on it. The sound was obscene, and the flavor was unbelievable. I could hear her moans of ecstasy, and feel her body writhe beneath my grip. I could feel her grow tense with orgasm, but it just spurred me on. Loud shouts of pleasure issued from her lips, and I knew her neighbors would never look at her the same way again.

“Oh! Oh! Enough! Come to my bed.” She begged. I followed her, reveling in the sight of her ass as it bounced with each step. when we reached the bed, she climbed up on all fours.

“Now this little stripper follows the rules, you can’t touch me, but I can touch you.”

I put my hands behind my back, and brought myself to the edge of the bed. She reached out, and took my cock in her hand, stroking it slowly for a bit. She came from a mixed Jewish background, so I knew the foreskin must have been a dirty little novelty for her. She stroked it back and forth, watching the skin cover and reveal, my fire-red cock head. I could feel her hot breath on my glans, that alone was almost too much.

She started to dart the tip of her tongue, tapping the rim of my foreskin, and the tip of my glans. Finally she pulled back my skin, and began hungrily lapping, and licking, at the head of my manly virtue. She bounced it erotically against her tongue, swaying her butt in her Escort Manavgat best porn star impression.

Finally she took the tip into her mouth, sucking deeply as if it were a straw submerged in a rich milk shake. I couldn’t take it any more, but I couldn’t break the “rules”, so I started pumping my pelvis. She gagged a little with the first thrust, but then seemed to really get into it, looking up at me with eyes full of hunger and lust, and something a bit more lasting. I could hardly stand it, her lips, her throat, the feel of the very tips of her teeth scratching slightly against the skin. I released into her while still pumping. I pulled out, and the last few bursts landed on her sweet lips. She whipped them off with her thumb, and sucked it clean with gusto.

After she had swallowed, I grabbed her by the shoulders, and pulled her up to me. I kissed her wildly, and held her tightly to me. I slid my cock between her legs, not entering her, but reveling in the feel of her lower lips on my member, as I slid it back and forth across her inflamed love. I needed her now, and she knew it.

I pushed her back on the bed, and pulled her hips to me. I rubbed my cock around her entrance, stopping to bounce it on her clit a couple of times, then I entered her. First just very shallow thrusts, each time pushing in just an inch more than before. Then, when I knew she could handle it, I pulled out all but an inch, and thrust myself to the hilt, deep in her molten gash. I couldn’t help myself, I started pumping deep and fast.

She rolled and moaned, Digging her heals into the small of my back and clutching at my waist. Pulling me in, begging me closer. I leaned in, and wrapped my arms around her, until we formed an intimately erotic hug. I was plunging with an almost clock-like rhythm, each time deep and hard, and punctuated by a little moan.

We kissed, and bit and, nibbled, and licked each other like animals. I was getting close, as was she. I could feel her tightening, grinding herself against me, racing towards the same goal I was. Then it hit me like a freight train. We both dove into one another’s lips, both of us writhing, and heaving, in the throws of incredibly intense pleasure. With each convulsion of her body I was pushed higher, and with each throb within her she let escape a little moan. It felt like we were in a state of continuous blissful explosion, and then it was over.

I looked at the woman beneath me. The sweaty, red, tired woman beneath me. “I love you.” it seemed so inadequate, but from her smile, I could tell it did just fine.

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