Anticipation Ch. 02

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You’re at work again, and I just finished another chapter of our novel. The first steamy sex scene between our two main characters got me all hot and squirmy for you, and I can’t stop thinking about getting my hands on your body and kissing and caressing every inch of your skin, especially your cock. I lick my lips in anticipation of feeling you in my mouth and the tangy taste of your cum on my tongue.

I leave the chapter on the computer screen and tape a note to it. I know you will see it when you come home. “I’m all wet thinking of you. Strip and join me in the shower, lover.” I’ve been naked all day. I never bothered to get dressed from this mornings romp in the sheets. It’s too hot for clothes anyway, but I still turn the shower on as hot as I can stand it, because anything cooler than the hot flush of my skin will kill my revved up libido. The hot spray drips down my front and teases my already hard nipples until I groan and start pinching them myself, imagining your hands. I can feel the blood gather inside them as they pucker under the tips of my fingers. I move one hand down my ribcage and to my hip, massaging the tight muscles, and running my hand up the inside of my thigh, pretending its your hand teasing me.

My fingers trail over my swollen pussy lips down my slit, lightly tickling the inner lips until my middle finger is coated in my silky juices. I have to turn my back towards the spray of the hot water so it doesn’t wash away my natural wetness. My overly sensitive back gets the full effect of the cascading water, making me gasp and arch my back in pure pleasure. Any tickling sensations on my back and butt send sparks through my whole body and makes my pussy spasm. I can’t stand the teasing anymore and move my wandering finger to my swollen clit.

At this point I have been aroused for hours writing, so I know it won’t take much to send me over the edge. I move my finger in a slow circle, all around my clit and narrow in on the protruding tip of the most sensitive and exposed nerve on my entire body.

“Ooohhh,” I throw my head back and moan, my eyes closed, as my finger finds just the right spot. I work my finger up and down over the nub, rocking my hips as the sensations build in the center of my body. The pleasure center of my brain is entirely focused one what I’m doing between my legs, making my whole body tremble just a little.

My finger is moving faster and a little harder as the wave builds to quick peak, my hips rocking, the shower water totally forgotten. Kuşadası Escort Each time my hips rock forward, exposing my clit more, I cry out in breathy little moans I can’t seem to control. Hearing my own sounds of pleasure just makes it that much more intense. My legs are shaking so badly from the attention to my clit I have to move closer to the back wall of the shower and lean my head forward on it, and hold myself up and I furiously move my finger over and over my throbbing clit. My fingers are covered in my own juices and makes my finger slip over my clit in such a way that I can’t put enough pressure on it, driving me to an even higher state of arousal.

My legs are trembling so bad I slide down to the bottom of the tub, because I know I can’t support my own weight anymore. The hot water is lukewarm now, but I’m beyond caring as my finger finds the spot on the side of my clit that drives me wild.

“Oh fuck!” I moan, planting my feet on the bottom of the tub and arching my hips up, imagining your mouth there. “Ian!” My head is thrown back, my hips rocking up and back down in time with my finger, my body lost in the gasping shudders of an intense orgasm. I have to slow my finger down as I cum for you, because my clit is so sensitive, pulsing with blood and sensations.

When I come back down to earth and manage to open my eyes, I find myself laying on the bottom of the tub, with one leg thrown over the side, and the other up against the wall, spread as wide as I can get myself. I sigh contentedly, and close my eyes again, and drift off, with my hand still soaked in my cum, resting over my pussy.

That’s how you find me, when you come home, laying on the bottom of the tub in a post climax mini coma, my fingers still on my pussy, legs spread wide, just for you.

I only open my eyes when I hear you pull back the shower curtain and groan. “Did you make yourself cum, darling?” You smile knowingly, naked like I asked.

“Yep!” I said, smiling contently, looking up at your already hardening cock proudly above me. “The water ran cold though.” I said, purred. “I guess you’ll have to carry me to the bed.” I’m tempted to start rubbing my clit again, and let you watch me cum for you, but I want my mouth on your cock NOW, and I tell you so.

You waste no time picking me up and carrying me to bed and depositing me on one side of it. Very quickly you arrange the pillows so that you can partially sit up and watch me pleasure you. Just as you get settled, I crawl Kuşadası Escort Bayan over one of your spread legs and settle myself down on my stomach between your thighs. Your cock is laying proudly up against your belly and I take the opportunity to slowly lick from your balls all the way up to the tip, so that the underside of your cock is all wet from my tongue.

I love hearing you gasp in pleasure, and repeat the process, dragging my tongue back down, holding your thighs open with my hands. Over and over, I work my tongue up and down, tracing the throbbing veins as I feel your hot cock fill with even more blood. I love the feel of how soft your skin is, but how hard you can be at the same time. I move my right hand to circle your cock and hold it a little away from your body, so that I can tease just the tip.

I slowly work my mouth over just the swollen mushroomed tip and lick off the little pearl of pre-cum gathered there. I have to use my elbows to hold your legs down when you try to rock your hips and groan. I hum in pleasure, and smile up at you. “Lay still, baby, and let me take you to the stars.”

“Oh…Lea, yes!” The intensity in your eyes as you stare down at my mouth so close to your cock nearly makes me cum myself. I love how you watch me. I love knowing that I can give you such pleasure. Filled with a sense of power and love, I intend to make you beg me to ride you. I want you to cum so hard you scream and roar for me, and beg for more. I want to make you lose control and then fuck me again and again.

I gather saliva on my tongue and pull the tip of you into my mouth, letting you feel the hot liquid slide down your entire length. Very slowly I start rubbing my hand up and down, my fingers in a tight ring, forcing your cock to slide slowly through the small circle my tiny fingers make, until my fingers meet my mouth and move back up. At the same time, my tongue is running circles around just the thick head, tickling over your hole, licking up the steady stream of pre-cum. My other hand is busy trying to hold your hips down. Next time I will have to use the silk ties, but I don’t intend to stop now.

I can hear your shuddering gasps coming quicker and I can feel you start to pulse hard around my fingers. I quickly remove my mouth from the tip and slide my hand up to the base of your cock and squeeze gently, to keep you from coming too soon. When I look up your head is thrown back and your clenching the sheets so tight your knuckles are white. Escort Kuşadası You know better than to hold my head down on you.

“Lea…fuck…why did you stop?” You groaned, glancing down at me.

“I don’t want you to cum until I tell you to, Ian.” I said firmly. “Do you understand?” I squeezed gently.

“Yes.” You gasped, nodding.

I smiled and returned to what I was doing, sliding my hot tongue down your length to the tip. I quickly pulled the tip into my mouth and held the suction until I felt your back arch and you cry my name. Slowly I released the pressure, but still held you in my mouth. When you settled down onto the mattress again, I did it again, sucking hard on just your tip, still holding you at the base to keep you from exploding.

“Lea! Lea! Leah!” You call my name every time I hold the suction and swirl my tongue to gather pre-cum. I can feel you trembling and shaking, arching your back.

“Not until I tell you to cum lover. You will wait.” I said, licking my lips.

Over and over again I tease just your tip, sucking and holding, releasing, sucking and releasing, until your shuddering and rocking, and tossing your head, begging me to let you cum. I’m watching to see your eyes roll back in your head. Ah…just what I wanted. I slowly counted to ten, sucking and releasing each time, making you hiss and moan for me, over and over, clawing at the sheets until I hear a long ripping sound.

“Now! Cum for me now!” I release the tight ring of my fingers and slide as much of your length as I can into my mouth and suck the cum right out of you as you scream and buck your hips, splashing and spurting inside my mouth in violent bursts, over and over again. I work my throat and mouth around your length to swallow as much as I can and purr in pure pleasure at your shudders. I slowly release your softening cock, sliding it out of my mouth, knowing that its too sensitive to play with after you climax that hard for me.

You lay there limp as a rag doll, dragging precious air into your lungs. I crawl up your body and kiss you hard, spilling just a little bit of your own cum into your mouth. I suck your tongue into my mouth and then release it, and kiss you softly and gently.

“Welcome home, sweetheart.” I whispered.

“Where the hell did you learn to do that?” You asked, gasping.

I just giggled. “Now you know what its like for me when you tease me and make me wait to cum for you.”

“When I can move again, woman, I’m going to tease you until I make you pass out from the pleasure.” You growled, kissing me hard and pulling my head down to your chest.

“I look forward to that, my love.” I smiled, feeling my juices against your hip, my legs on either side of one of yours.

“Oh, so do I, Lea…so do I.”

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