Anyone for Cards? Ch. 03

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On the Monday morning, my sister Janet announced she was going out all day, which left the way clear for my stepmother and I to rehearse the punishment game I had devised as part of my competition with Janet.

But just to make sure that Janet didn’t sneak back and try to spy on our pre-punishment performance, I decided to hold the try-out in my bedroom, which is quite large. The entire punishment didn’t take up very much room, anyway.

After the rehearsal – I’ll leave the details of the game till later in this story – I sat on the bed with Amanda and we both chatted. I was naked and so was she – that was a requisite for the game I had devised.

“How was it?” I asked the lovely 35-year-old blonde, former pornstar.

Mandy paused, then replied: “It was very good. You could get a job writing scripts for a porno, even acting in one.”

I laughed. “Seriously?”

“Yes,” said my stepmother, “you’re really very good.”

Then she changed the subject: “And what has your darling sister got planned for me?”

“I’m not sure, but I do know it involves water sports,” I informed her.

“Oh, good,” she said. “Well, good for your father – water sports is one of his big interests. The movies I made involving piss always turn him on the most. We have super sex after he’s watched one of those.” Then she changed the subject again. “Enough talk, Jason. How about a fuck?”

Well, that was fine by me, so we spent the next couple of hours rolling around on my bed, until she left, leaving me limp-pricked, exhausted – but delighted.

The next day – a Tuesday – time dragged by until, after dinner, at which father consumed an entire bottle of excellent Bordeaux, he addressed Mandy and me: “Right you two, off to Jason’s bedroom to get ready for your performance. Janet and I will be in my study. Knock on the door at 8pm precisely and we’ll get started. Good luck!”

In the bedroom, I attached the nipple clamps to Mandy’s lovely nipples, after sucking them into ripe red cherries. They were already attached to the metal bar I’d purchased with twine cords going from the bottom of the clamps to inserts at the extremities of the bar. Mandy held the bar at shoulder height, so the twine hung slack.

Next, I attached the other set of clamps to her labia lips, then she went into a squat, just like a wicketkeeper or, for our American friends, a baseball catcher, and I tied the ends of the cords to her big toes.

After picking up the flogger I’d purchased along with the clamps and the iron bar, we made our way to the door of father’s study, me walking with my eight-inch inch cock proudly erect, stepmother waddling along, not unlike a duck.

At the door, she halted. I stepped beside her and knocked. Father’s peremptory voice barked: “Yes?”

“Punishment party seeking permission to enter, father,” I answered, employing the phrase he’d told me to use.

“Enter,” came his pompous court-room voice.

I opened the door and allowed Mandy to waddle into the centre of the floor. At his desk my father sat, naked from the look of it, a legal pad in front of him, pen poised. Beside him, sat my sister Janet, her lovely 36-inch breasts pointing at me, nipples erect. Apart from shiny black, high heel shoes she was nude.

Stepping beside my stepmother’s crouched position, I caressed her bare back with the double-tipped flogger. Then, with a sharp but not heavy “Craaaack” I brought it down across her shoulder blades.

This was the signal for Mandy to rise from her crouching position until she was standing fully erect. The movement, of course, tautened the cords from her toes to the clamps on her piss flaps. Her face grimaced as the pain hit.

Next, I flicked the flogger sharply across her lush bum. At this blow, she lowered the metal bar until her arms hung straight down by her sides. This movement dragged the cords down from her nipple clamps, providing considerable strain on her lovely nipples.

Father made some rapid notes on his legal pad, and also appeared to be making some moves with his other hand beneath the desk. Janet, I saw, was already stroking her pussy.

The next move in my little punishment game with my stepmother was to whip the flogger against her buttocks, once more. This signalled her to slowly raise the bar from its lowest position to bursa suriyeli escort escort its highest, until her arms were outstretched above her head, the cords dragging her nipples and her breasts upward.

The next stroke, again on her beautiful bum, was one of the little refinements I was proudest of in her torture. As the blow thwacked against her creamy buttocks, Mandy raised herself to tiptoe, her calves and thighs straining at the effort. The movement, of course, also increased the tension in the cords attached to her labia lip clamps. She gave out a small sigh of agony as the pain coursed through her.

I then waited, letting the seconds tick by as father and my sister watched on intently. Then I cracked the flogger against Mandy’s arse, which was a signal for her to sink down into the crouch once more, alleviating the pain from her pussy lips cords, but not her nipples, as she still held the bar high directly above her head.

At last I cracked the whip against her shoulder blades, the signal for her to lower the bar to shoulder level, thus reducing the awful agony on her nipples.

“Good girl, Mandy,” I said, encouragingly, as I walked in front of her, placing my randy stiffy against her lips. As she took me into her mouth, I turned slightly sideways, giving our audience a profile view of the fact that she was fellating me.

The tension was broken by a sharp clap. My father was applauding us!

“Bravo, Jason, bravo,” he said, clapping quietly in the stillness of his study, as his wife still sucked on my penis.

Then father turned to Janet, who was still rubbing her fingers through her pussy: “Sorry, darling daughter, but you have to admit this is a fine display of domination!”

Janet nodded and responded, begrudgingly, by the sound of it: “Yes, it’s quite erotic, but is that it?”

I grinned. “Oh no, my dear sister,” I gloated, “it most certainly is not. Ready for the next set of disciplines?”

Father nodded eagerly, his hand ferociously at work beneath his desk, I was certain. “Yes, boy, continue, continue,” he said, ever the judge!

I then proceeded to use the flogger on Amanda’s beautiful back and buttocks, first to bring her to a standing position, then to raise the bar high above her head, then to go up onto tiptoe.

My next stroke brought her down to a standing stance, but the one after that set her off in a prancing, high-stepping movement around the study. Her knees came up until her thighs were horizontal with the floor, causing considerable pain to her pussy lips, I was sure. In this way I high-stepped her around the study for several circuits before ordering her to a halt.

I then allowed my lovely stepmother to perform fellatio on me once more, before setting her off on another standing-in-place session. More fellatio, then I high stepped her around the study for several more circuits before bringing the proceedings to a halt.

This was, of course, fellatio to completion with Mandy back in the crouching position, but I refused to conform for the old porno industry fetish that insists on showing the penis ejaculating.

Having said that, there was absolutely no doubt in my audience’s mind that I had come as I let go and moan a low cry of “Beautiful, Mandy, just beautiful” as I sprayed my semen down her throat.

The silence of the study, save for my gasping at the pleasure of my spunking into my stepmother’s mouth, was broken by my father.

“Jason,” he said, “you’ve done very well, and I compliment you on an inventive performance. You and your sister now have my permission to leave, while I complete my notes.”

“Thank-you, father,” I said, appreciatively, “it was my pleasure and, I hope, Mandy’s.”

Father grinned. “I’m sure she enjoyed it, Jason. Now run along you young uns, and let me get to work on my notes.”

Janet rose from her chair, planted a kiss on father’s cheek, walked to my side, took me by the hand and we approached the door.

As we left the study, I heard my father instruct our stepmother: “Stand up straight, please, Mandy – and raise the bar above your head, there’s a good girl!”

The kinky old sadist!

* * * *

On the evening of Janet’s performance, father and I were seated in his study, father bursa ucuz escort naked as usual, a hand on his thick, turgid erection, me beside him, also naked, also erect. Oh, also one hand on my erection!

At 8 o’clock on the dot, there was a knock on the door. “Yes?” called my father.

From outside the study Janet’s voice rang out: “Punishment party here seeking permission to enter, father,” we heard Janet’s voice.

“Come,” called father, and the door swung open.

Kneeling on all fours at the door was my stepmother, naked as I had somewhat expected, a large red plastic shopping bag gripped between her teeth.

Sitting on her back was my sister, Janet, her breasts, shoulders and arms to the wrists covered in a gleaming, tight black PVC halter, which lifted her heavy breasts into cock-stirring uplift. She was holding a riding crop in one hand, which she cracked across Mandy’s buttocks, making the 35-year-old crawl into the room, beneath the not insubstantial weight of my sister.

On halting in the middle of the study, Janet dismounted and addressed her victim: “Now, Mandy, on Tuesday you were punished by my vicious brother in the nude, weren’t you?”

Mandy nodded, the plastic bag beneath her mouth swaying.

“I’ve decided to be much kinder than him, I’m going to allow you to wear some clothing to hide your modesty,” Janet said, grinning, “you’ll enjoy that won’t you?”

Mandy nodded once more.

“Drop the bag,” Janet ordered, and caught it as Mandy’s mouth released its grip.

From the bag, Janet withdrew a bra and hot pants set, which appeared to be made of leather. Putting the hot pants aside, my sister fitted Mandy into the bra, which was a very tight fit indeed. As it was placed around Mandy’s breasts, I noticed the woman grimacing. This was a punishment bra!

Janet then took two strap ends set in the top of one cup and pulled them tight, before tying them in a bow. This served to increase the tension of the cup around Mandy’s breast. Janet did the same to the other cup.

I then noticed that dangling from the front and back of the bra were four braces, two in the front, two in the back.

Janet next ordered her slave for the evening to pull on the hot pants. Mandy struggled to drag them up they covered her lovely bum and pudenda, squeezing her eyes shut as the pain obviously hit home. Janet then attached the bottom ends of the braces to the front and back of the punishment panties.

This, of course, had the effect of dragging the hot pants up so they were pressed even more tightly against my stepmother’s flesh!

“There,” said Janet, mock solicitously, admiring her handiwork, “that’s much less revealing, isn’t it Mandy?”

Mandy nodded.

“Perhaps you’d like to thank me, then,” said Janet, and my stepmother fell to her knees in front of my sister’s pussy and placed her mouth along her domina’s sex trench.

Then, when Janet ordered her to stand, my sister added to Mandy’s problems by suggesting: “Rub your hands over your breasts, feel the lovely tight fit.”

Mandy did.

“Now your buttocks and pussy, there, aren’t those pants nice and snug around your bum and pussy?”

Mandy nodded.

“Now, I’m afraid I’m going to have to flog you,” Janet announced, “but it won’t be too bad because you’re wearing a bra and panties for protection, aren’t you?”

My stepmother nodded again.

“Turn with your bum to the audience, to give them a nice view of those nice tight panties, then bend slightly, hands on knees,” Janet commanded.

Mandy obeyed and father and I saw a gloriously shiny leather-covered backside, straining against her buttocks.

Janet then proceeded to give her a riding crop flogging, attacking first the buttocks, then the breasts and, finally, the crotch region. By the finish, Mandy was hopping around in pain, but maintaining a stoic silence.

“Thank me for the flogging, Mandy,” Janet instructed, and my stepmother again knelt to provide oral adoration to her stepdaughter’s pussy.

“Right,” said Janet, when Mandy was standing again, “now you’ve got a lovely bra and panties on – they’re nicely snug fitting aren’t they?”

Mandy nodded.

“But I’m bare at my pussy – as you’re very well aware,” said Janet, stroking bursa üniversiteli escort her slave’s leather-encaged right breast. “I think I should put some panties on, don’t you?”

Again a nod.

Then Janet went to the plastic bag and withdrew this time a pair of panties, made of clear, see-through rubber. But these were no ordinary panties. As Janet struggled to drag the garment up over her hips, I noted that at the pussy region the rubber was formed into a tube, which was all of five feet long!

The end of the tube was then placed in Mandy’s mouth, and straps went from the two sides of the tube around her head to snap shut at the back, while two more straps went from the lateral tubes, up either side of her nose and across her head to snap into place on the back of the straps.

Only then, did I notice a sort of balloon-shaped circle of rubber midway between Janet’s pussy and Mandy’s mouth.

“There,” said Janet, “now we can play some more, can’t we Mandy?”

Mandy nodded.

Suddenly my father prodded me in the ribs, and poked his legal pad, covered in notes, over to me. In big lettering he had written: “Are panties like these available for men?”

I took the pen from him and scribbled: “I sincerely hope so!”

Janet then announced: “Sorry, Mandy, but I’ve been holding back a strong urge to piss for some time now. I could go to the toilet, of course, but now I’ve got these lovely panties on it seems a pity to waste them. May I piss now, please?”

Mandy nodded – as if she had any choice in the matter!

“Kneel and block the tube, there’s a dear,” Janet instructed her slave.

Father and I then watched intently, both of us stroking our hard-ons, as a stream of dark yellow urine emerged from the gusset end of the piss panties and flowed strongly down the tube. It coursed through the “holding tank”, then ran down to the end where Mandy had blocked the flow with her tongue.

It backed up, quickly, of course, until the “holding tank” was totally full. “There,” smiled Janet, “that little balloon in the middle there contains exactly one pint of liquid – just shows how much I wanted to piddle, doesn’t it?”

Mandy nodded.

“Back to your feet, my darling,” ordered my devious little sister, “and we’ll have a little cuddle.”

Mandy rose and Janet stepped towards her, moving behind her back, and we saw my sister’s hands caressing the globes of the bra, then the pudenda section of the punishment garments Mandy was encased in.

My stepmother grimaced through this apparently gentle assault, and then Janet decided to end her misery. “Down you go, girl,” and Mandy fell to her knees.

“Have a nice drink, stepmother,” Janet instructed, and father and I watched with fascination as Mandy sucked down the urine. When the balloon in the tubing was half empty, Janet ordered her to once more block the flow.

More caressing of Mandy’s poor abused body continued, then finally, Janet allowed her to kneel and suck down the rest of her piss.

But there was one final indignity Janet had in store for Mandy. Just as she had drained the final section of piss, Mandy looked up and saw another stream of urine flowing from Janet’s pussy down the tube. “Drink it all down!” called Janet. Mandy did.

At last my stepmother’s ordeal was over, and Janet removed the tubing from her mouth, then, helped by Mandy, she struggled out of the tight-fitting piss panties.

My sister then helped Mandy remove the bondage bra and punishment panties. When stepmother was naked once more, her breasts, belly and buttocks looked as if they had been dotted with hundreds of little red marks from a ballpoint pen!

“Bravo!” cried my father, who gave the punishment party an enthusiastic round of applause. “Janet, you are one cruel little minx,” said father, “I commend you!”

Janet gave a mock bow.

Father then turned to me and said: “Righto, Jason, you and your sister run along. I need to do some things with your stepmother which I hope will amuse her after her wonderful demonstration of masochism. We’ll see you both at breakfast.”

Janet and I left the study and rushed to my sister’s bedroom. Jan peeled off her PVC top, kicked off her shoes and fell back onto the bed.

I almost leapt onto her, driving swiftly up her drenched cunt to the hilt.

“You little bitch,” I whispered, “that was fucking sensational!”

“Yes, it wasn’t bad, was it dear brother,” she smiled, heaving beneath me. “I think I must be favourite to win, but don’t worry.”

“Worry?” I asked. “What do you mean?”

“I’m your loving sister, Jase,” she grinned. “I’ll share her with you!”

To be continued…

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