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Female Ejaculation

My name is Kate. I am 24 years old and work in a local bank. I live with my brother Jason who is 6 years younger than me. I’ve have been living in Los Angeles for the past 4 years.

My father serves in the army and comes home for a short period, but my mother never really stays at home. She is always busy with her business tours so I have to take care of my brother. I love my brother very much and he means the world to me. The reason behind my deep love for him is that he is different from others. He is 6 years younger than me but he knows me more than anyone else does. He is always there to cheer me up when I am sad and tries to help me in every possible way. However, one day everything changed between us.

It was unlike any other normal night. I got a text message from my best friend about the party at her house. She wanted me to meet a person who could help me get a job. I like to be the center of attraction at parties so I took a long time to get ready. I wore a white blouse that had a tailored fit. It wasn’t exactly see-through, but as I looked in the mirror, the outline of my black bra was clearly visible. Because it was a tailored fit, I left the top buttons undone to reveal my ample cleavage. I wore a black split crotch panty. My pussy was clearly visible through the panty. Then I slipped on tight white trousers. I thought the trousers were too tight so I exchanged the trousers for a white skirt that buttoned down the front. I fastened only the top three buttons and sat down on the bed. The skirt fell open and it barely covered my pussy. My complexion is dark and tanned so I didn’t need tights or stockings. I finished the outfit with black high-heeled shoes and went downstairs.

Jason was sitting on the sofa watching basketball. He looked at me as I entered.

“How do I look dear?” I asked, spinning around so he could see me from all sides.

“Like always! Beautiful.” Was his simple comment. Jason never really used the words sexy or hot so I had no choice but to accept the word beautiful. Even that simple one word compliment meant a lot to me, because I knew that he sincerely meant it. I cannot call him a nerd because he was not a bookworm, yet he took his studies very seriously. He never goes to parties or dates any girl in his class. I guess except for me, there was no other girl in his life.

“Ok dear. I will not be able to make it home early so don’t wait for me and you be sure to have dinner on time. There is food in the fridge that is already cooked; you just have to warm it up.” I said as I left the house.

I was at the party and was busy talking with my friend, when I got a call from an unknown number. When I answered, a man’s voice told me that he was Jason’s friend. When I asked him the reason for calling me, he told me that he saw Jason making out with a boy today in school, and he thought that I should know about it. When I tried to ask his name, he disconnected the call.

It really freaked me out. I knew that it was not true but the caller had planted the seed of doubt in my mind so I was not sure either. I decided that I would talk about it with my brother after I returned home. I tried to tell my friend that I wanted to go to home, but she wouldn’t listen to me, instead she insisted that I stay a little while longer and have a few drinks with her. I’m not usually a drinker but after drinking a few tequila shots, perhaps 4 – 5 shots, I became wild and had no control over myself. I guess some would say that I seemed to be having a good time.

My friend asked another girl to drop me off at home, as I was way too drunk to drive. They told me later that it took my friend and the other girl both to get me out to the car. Then she phoned Jason and told him what had happened and that I would be home soon. I was in the backseat, and shouted like a slut, as she drove through the traffic signal near my house. My brother was waiting outside the door when I reached home.

“Hey! my cute little brother.” I mumbled as I fell upon my brother as he tried to get me inside the house. The girl left as soon as my brother and I got inside the house. A few minutes later, after struggling to get me upstairs, we reached the bedroom. How he ever managed to get me up those steps, I’ll never know; it must have taken super-human strength. Most of this time is a blank in my mind; however, I can remember singing at the top of my lungs as he half carried, half-dragged me to my room. He opened the door and threw me on the bed. As soon as I fell on the bed, I fell asleep.

I slowly tried to open my eyes. The pain in my head was unbearable; it felt like there was a large marching band inside, all beating on a drum. It was hard for me to lift myself up because the whole world seemed to want to spin. Finally, I managed to sit up on the side of the bed, and as I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw that I was in my bra and panty. I guess that he had removed my skirt and blouse when I was unconscious, because I don’t remember ever undressing. Looking at the clock next to the bed, I saw that it was past 11:00 am. I picked up the night robe from the shelf Ankara bayan escort and wore it to cover myself. Hanging on to the handrail and carefully placing one foot in front of the other, I managed to go downstairs without falling and breaking my neck. Reaching the bottom and entering the living room, I saw my brother eating a sandwich and watching a romantic comedy movie. I quickly went to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for myself.

“Hi Jason. Good morning.” I greeted him as I made my way back into the living room and sat down beside him. I wasn’t very proud of the way I had acted last night, but I knew that I’d have to face him sometime, so I might as well get it over with as soon as possible.

“Good morning or almost good afternoon.” He greeted me with a knowing smile. “How do you feel?”

“Like a herd of wild horses had stomped all over me, and then I’d been run over by a big truck.” I replied with a sheepish grin. He couldn’t resist a hearty laugh at my answer, and I was glad that at least someone was enjoying the situation. I sure wasn’t, but I guess I had nobody to blame but myself.

“Does that mean that you don’t want to go out to a party tonight?” He asked grinning from ear to ear.

I knew that he was just teasing me, because normally he was very polite and considerate of other people and their feelings. He didn’t really expect an answer to that question, so I just poked him in his ribs with my elbow and blew on my coffee to cool it down. As I was taking a sip of my coffee, I swear out of the corner of my eye, I saw Jason checking me out. I looked down at my chest and found out why he was staring. My robe was wide open, my bra had ridden down super low and my tits were practically popping out of my bra. If that wasn’t enough reason for him to stare at me, I noticed that my panty was giving an ample view of my pussy. I felt a strange sensation knowing that my little brother was ogling me.

“Like the view …brother?” I asked slowly not taking my eyes off his face.

“What?” His mind was on what he was looking at, so it took a long time for him to answer me.

“I said…do you… like the… view?” I asked him again.

“Come on Kate!” He replied. I could tell that he felt embarrassed because he knew that I had caught him looking. Unable to face me, he turned his face away.

“”Its ok, I don’t really mind, you know. You are my brother and that makes me feel safe with you. So don’t be embarrassed.” I tried to reassure him, but I thought it was cute that my brother was feeling embarrassed.

“Can’t we talk about another topic?” He pleaded with me.

“Ok ok! So do you have any plans for today?” I asked, changing the subject. I didn’t want to push any further, because I could see that he already felt bad because I’d caught him looking at me. I guess it would make a guy feel uneasy if his sister saw him looking at her that way. In a way, I couldn’t help but consider it a compliment that he found me attractive.

“Not really! I have to prepare for an English test so I will be busy with my books.”

“Come on brother! It’s Valentines Day. Go out and enjoy this romantic day.”

“Don’t you know that I don’t have girlfriend?”

“But I heard that you have a boyfriend.”

“What!” He shouted.

“Well…I got a call from your friend last night.”

“Who?” He demanded to know, turning his face and body towards me. I could tell that what I had said had shocked him, and that he expected an answer.

“I don’t know. But he told me that he saw you making out with…”


“With a boy.” I answered, now more uncertain than ever about the truth of what that strange voice had told me.

“What! And you believed him?” He shouted, his voice almost reaching a breaking point.

“err..hmmm” I was stumped for an answer.

“So you did believe a stranger’s words. I can’t believe you would do that to me, your brother.”

He quickly got up and ran towards his room, slamming the door closed and locking it. Now my heart, filled with so much guilt at my lack of faith in my dear sweet brother, felt like it was going to break. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t trust my brother and had believed a stranger. I had to apologize and somehow try to make it up to him. Getting up and completely forgetting my headache, I quickly went upstairs, stopping at the closed door to his room.

I knew that he still had the door locked when I was unable to turn the doorknob. “Please give me a chance Jason. Let me in.” I begged, standing in front of the door to his room. He didn’t open the door or answer my plea.

“You know I’m not going away. Please, just open the door and we’ll sort this all out.” I begged him again.

Jason apprehensively unlocked the door to his room and slid it open slightly, just enough to peak out.

“Please Jason, let me in.” I said as I put my hand against the door and lightly pushed. He didn’t offer any resistance and stepped back as I walked in. Walking over to my brother’s single bed, which was at the far end of the room, I turned and Escort bayan Ankara sat down. Looking back at him, I saw that he had closed the door but did not want to look at me because he was standing with his back towards me.

“What do you want Kate?” He asked, still not looking at me, just staring at the white door in front of him.

“To talk. To apologize.”

“Well, I’m not sure there is anything to apologize for really.”

“Bullshit! You know there is.”

“What, uuumm, what is there to apologize for?” He asked. I could tell that he was still angry as he turned and looked at me. “You have said how you feel about me, and I guess you have a right to feel that way if you want.”

“I know that I should have believed you, not any stranger. I haven’t seen you with any girl before, so I thought….”

“So you believed that stranger and thought that I am gay. Thanks sis. Thank you very much!” He yelled. “It sure is nice to know that you have so much confidence in me.”

“I am sorry dear.” I apologized. I got off the bed and walked over to my brother who backed away from me. I grabbed his hand and pulled him towards me. He tried to turn away from me, but I had a firm grip on his hands. I could see the pain in his eyes that I had caused him. He would never admit it, but I had a feeling he was struggling desperately to keep from crying, I had hurt him that badly. Knowing that I had to do something to tear down that barrier that had come between us, I cupped his face in my hands and forced him to look at me.

“Jason, I’m terribly sorry that I have hurt you and that I doubted you for a little while. When that person told me what he did about you, it shocked me so badly that I couldn’t think straight. My mind was just a jumbled up mess of thoughts, none of which made any sense. I’m sorry. Please, can you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

For several moments neither of us said a word, we just stood there looking into each other’s eyes. I knew I hurt my brother by not believing him and I had to do something before the situation become worse.I pulled the open robe off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I leaned slightly forward until our lips gently met. That first brief kiss only lasted a few seconds, but those seconds would prove to change our lives forever.

“Kate, what are you doing?”He stammered, obviously shaken by what had just now happened. He offered no resistance as I pushed back on his shoulders, until I had pinned him against the door that he had backed into, trapping his body between the hard cold wood and mine.

“Apologizing.” I leaned my head in towards my brother’s and lightly placed my lips on his. I closed my eyes and traced little kisses along his lips. Making only the lightest contact with his skin, I let my tongue slide over Jason’s lips. It was more of a caress than a kiss. We barely touched, as the spring breeze touches your face, gently caressing and leaving a promise of more to come. Then bringing my hands up to his face and holding his head still, I moved back away from his face. Opening my eyes slowly I looked for a reaction from him; he was in total shock at what had happened. I smiled and rubbed my hands over his short hair before placing them around his neck, pulling forward slightly until his body pressed tight against mine.

“Oh God, Kate! We shouldn’t be doing this. You are my sister for heaven sake!” He pleaded as he tried to resist me. I held him firmly against me until he stopped trying to pull away. Even though he was my brother, it felt good to feel his strong body pressed tight against me.

“Will you please stop talking and let your sister apologize.” I said as he finished talking. I pulled my hands off his shoulders and slid them down his chest and to the top of his jeans, pulling his belt towards me. Fumbling with the buckle for a few moments, I finally managed to unbuckle it. All this time, we never took our eyes from the other’s face, almost as if we were in a trance, and time stood still as we went through the motions. As I pulled the belt from his jeans and dropped it to the floor, I pushed the jeans down his legs before letting them fall to the floor.

Keeping my hands against his firm male body, I knelt down until my face was level with his cock. Though still covered by his shorts, the outline of his manhood was clearly visible, as it pressed against the fabric. It looked like a long hard steel pipe. Running my hand up and down its full length, I felt it tremble, as if desperately trying to escape from captivity. I pulled off his boxers, allowing his dick to spring free. Gaining its freedom from his boxers, it stood straight and tall like a flagpole. He was standing naked from the waist down and I was on my knees before him.

I reached out and firmly grasped his cock in my hand. The moment my hand touched his love pole, I heard him take in a sudden loud gasp of air and his mouth dropped open. His stomach tensed as if someone had punched him. His whole body jumped as if trying to jump out of his skin.

“Oooh Kate.” I heard him whisper. With my fingers Bayan escort Ankara wrapped around him, I slid my hand up and down its full length a couple of times. Holding him by the base, and with the head of his hard cock pointing right at my lips, the prize that I wanted was just inches away. I couldn’t wait any longer to claim it. Opening my mouth wide, I suddenly leaned forward taking his whole cock in my mouth at once. Closing my lips around its base, I began licking softly round the head, as I tasted his pre-cum juices. I used my hand to squeeze his balls gently as I drew my tongue the full length of his throbbing cock.

“Oh my good heavens! Kate what are you doing to me!” He yelled as he grabbed my head in both of his hands.”Mmmmmmm” He moaned, loudly as I continued sucking on him. I smeared the head of his cock with my saliva. When I used my hand, it jumped at my touch but I held it tight. I began to work my hand up and down his shaft as I covered the head of his cock with my mouth. I had half of his cock in my mouth now. Sucking it hard, I used my other hand to reach up and cup his balls; massaging them as my tongue licked the underside of his pole. At the same time, I ran my teeth, bottom and top over his cock adding to the pleasure he obviously was receiving.

“I’m gonna cum! Kate, I can’t hold it any longer.” He suddenly moaned. As he had been doing since I took his love handle in my mouth, he once again trembled and shook. I took a little more of his cock into my mouth, the tip now in my throat causing me to gag uncontrollably. I pulled it out and rubbed my hand over his cock.

I gripped his cock tighter and rubbed it more forcibly. Seeing his whole cock start to quiver, I knew that he was only seconds away from exploding for the first time in a girl’s mouth. I took it back into my mouth and closed my lips tightly around his girth. I didn’t want to lose a drop. Suddenly, and just as I expected, his hips started to thrust up and within no time, I felt the first spurt of spunk hit the roof of my mouth. I continued to milk him until he had nothing left to give. When I lifted my head to look at him, he was smiling with closed eyes.

“And now my dear brother, are you still mad at me?” I asked as I got up and looked in his eyes.

“No! Not at all.” He gasped. Even though I was now standing in front of him, my hands were still busy playing with his dick. Gently squeezing from time to time then massaging him as I moved my fist up and down its full length. I knew that my actions weren’t making things any easier for him, but I didn’t care, because I wanted to reinforce the pleasure he had just now experienced firmly in his mind. Even though he had just finished shooting a huge load into my mouth, he was still rock hard. Still trying to catch his breath, all he could do was to smile at me.

“Thank you brother. It means a lot to me to hear you say that.” I smiled as I took my hand from his dick and bending over, I picked up my robe.

“I am going to the bedroom. If you want anything, just come to my room.” I winked, giving him a little smile. I gave him a kiss on his cheek and turned the knob of the door. However, when I was about to open the door, he caught my hand and locked the door once again.

“You can’t leave me like this. Please, don’t go.” He pleaded. He looked in my eyes in a different way than usual and I never could resist him when he did that. I knew exactly what was going to happen in the next few minutes when I saw the look on his face.

“It’s good that you have apologized to me, but I think I should apologize too.” He said smiling. Even though we had settled our differences, it was becoming almost a game. Each time one of us wanted to do something, we used the excuse of needing to apologize to the other person. He had caught on fast and now was going along with something that I had started.

“Apologize for?”

“For what I am going to do right now!” Putting his hands on my shoulders, he turned me around so that we were in a reverse position. My robe fell from my hands as he pinned me against the door. He placed his hands on each side of my waist, then sliding them around behind me; he reached around to my ass cheeks and began mauling them with his palms. He started licking me up from my chest to my mouth. He was very horny. A few minutes later, he stopped playing with my ass cheeks and placed his hands back on my waist. Now he slowly moved his hands up my tummy until he reached my bra. Sliding his hands up and over my heaving breasts, he lightly caressed and molded them into the shape of his hands by squeezing and massaging them. Reaching the top of my bra cups, he continued up all the while lightly caressing my flesh until reaching the upper most reaches of my breasts. Moving his hands together, he dug his wondering fingers deep into the crevice and slowly, ever so slowly began exploring that often ignored area between my now tingling breasts. My breathing was coming faster and faster, as he continued his feather light exploration of that part of the female body that holds so many men’s attention captive. Watching his face, I saw that he had a slight smile, but his eyes never left the part of me that he was touching. Reaching the scanty garment that had been trying to protect me from all invaders; he dug his fingers in deep and easily forced his hands inside my bra cups.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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