April Flowers

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I could not wait to get round to my sisters house again to sit for Nicola my niece and her Eighteen year old best friend April. I have had the pleasure of sniffing Nicolas panties on many occasions and had recently had the pleasure of using her body as a toy. I had lots of fantasies about her little friend April Who’s tiny little body was heaven sent, her long very blonde hair almost white with her peaches complexion and bright blue eyes always excited me and I normally ended up sniffing Nicola’s panties and masturbating as a result of her just being around.

I knocked on the door and my sister Julie answered and greeted me as usual.

I smirked to myself as I reminisced about the time when I cam back from a rave still high and managed to finger my sister and taste her pussy juices from my fingers whilst she was asleep.

I walked into the living room and Nicola looked up, smiled as she saw me and came over to greet me with a hug for her favourite uncle. All of a sudden I was attacked from behind by the Elvin like creature that was little April she had her arms around my neck from behind so I put my hands behind me and started to tickle her, accidentally letting my hands fall directly on her under developed breasts and nipples then tickling her under her arms.

The girls settled down and my sister Julie goes out for the evening, Nicola and April are both sitting on the sofa opposite me. Nicola is wearing a very short tight beige skirt and cream coloured halter top, which has the words saucy written across her pert chest.

April is wearing a bright red vest top and a pair of very short high cut but loose fitting bright pink shorts. I could just make out the outline of her panties through them.

I decide it is about time I went upstairs to the bathroom to have a sniff of Nicola’s panties from the hamper. As I open the lid on the laundry basket I immediately spy a black pair of lace panties on top and to my delight they are Nicola’s I open them up and they are quit heavily stained with a creamy coloured dried substance. Lifting them up to my face I take a deep sniff of the crotch area they have such a wonderful aroma to them. A mixture of fresh girl sweat, sweet vaginal secretions and a slight tang of pee smelt delicious. I start to chew the crispy parts and make them wet which makes them soft again I eat these pieces of pussy secretions. After taking another large sniff I reluctantly return them as I found them and go back downstairs. As I enter the lounge the two girls both look up turn to each other and giggle.

“Where have you been Uncle Terry?” Enquires Nicola.

“To the toilet,” I reply.

“If that’s the case why did we not hear the toilet flush?” Both girls started giggling again.

As I am about to go back upstairs to the bathroom April jumps up and runs upstairs and she says that she will do it as she is going to get changed into her nightclothes.

“Did you enjoy them Uncle Terry?”

“Enjoy what?” I ask.

“My black lace panties in the hamper”

I could feel myself turning completely crimson from this comment.

“They were the pair I wore yesterday.” Nicola Said. “The ones I have on now are very warm and sweaty look.”

With that Nicola lifts her skirt up around her waist and exposes her purple satin panties to me.

“I bet you would prefer to sniff these ones wouldn’t you? Over the last week I have been getting little snippets of my memory back from when you last sat for me. Like when you put your face between my legs and took a big sniff of my panties you old pervee.”

This gave me an instant erection, which did not go un-noticed.

With a big smirk on her face Nicola Said “What a dirty Uncle you are getting off on sniffing his naughty Niece’s panties. April does not know about this. But you do know she has a crush on you don’t you?”

“I thought she did.” I replied smiling

“When she comes back down from getting changed go upstairs into my room and see if she has left you anything in her bag”.

Sure enough as soon as April came downstairs I made my excuses again to go back upstairs to look for a book and went into Nicola’s room.

At the foot of Nicola’s bed was April’s overnight bag.

With trembling fingers I open it up and to my utter delight there are a pair of petit navy blue panties crumpled up and tucked down the side, as I open them up I can feel the warmth emanating from them, the gusset area comes into view and it is wet! Not just damp or moist but wet and quite sticky! I take a sniff and immediately my nostrils are filled with the unmistaken aroma of her pee and as I take a deeper sniff I can smell her arousal and my erection is immediate and tenting my jeans.

Slightly further to the front panel is a sticky substance which I knew from being an experienced panty sniffer as the fluids of her arousal, a see through sticky substance that I just love to lick and sniff at and this was no exception. I licked the whole area clean of this beautiful girl’s vaginal secretion and then went Ankara escort back to sniffing the large wet spot. After fulfilling my nasal craving I then proceeded to place the whole of the gusset in my mouth and greedily sucked her fresh pee out tangy, bitter, salty but definitely heavenly.

I need to relieve myself but I want to wait until later. I return once again downstairs and I nod approvingly in Nicola’s direction and I see her eyes drop to my crotch area and she smiles.

With every breath I take I can still smell April’s panties and taste her pee.

From the angle that April is sitting I could just see up her nightdress and soon realised she is not wearing any fresh panties. From the tightness of the top half, again realise she does not have on a bra as her underdeveloped puffy nipples are obvious.

As I am sitting there trying to get a better view up April’s nightdress Nicola leans over to me and plants a very sexy kiss right on my lips as she does this she takes a deep sniff and smiles.

April’s reaction was, “Whoa what are you doing Nick?”

“Just kissing my uncle Terry”

“That did not look like an Uncle and Niece kiss to me” Replies April.

“Well maybe you should try it sometime!”

“Maybe I will,” Says April.

“Why don’t you come and try it with my Uncle,” Nicola Says. “I bet he won’t mind too much” She sniggers.

“I have never kissed a grown man like that before,” replies April while turning quite red.

“Like this you mean.” As Nicola leans forward and kisses me again on the lips this time with her mouth half opened and just grazes my lips with her tongue.

“Mmmmmmm.” Was all I could manage to say

April hesitantly rose from where she was sitting and came over to me on the sofa she slowly lent forwards and I had a perfect view down her nightdress to her breasts, her nipples looked beautiful just ready to be licked and gently suckled.

As our lips came into contact Nicola was directing us telling April to, “Open your mouth slightly and slip your tongue into his mouth.”

This was so incredibly erotic to have my naughty Niece Nicola teaching her best friend how to French kiss her Uncle. I gently placed my hands around her back and slowly pulled her to me letting my hands slide down to cup her tight firm bottom, I gently allowed my hands to cup and knead her firm buttocks. The sensation was overwhelming and my erection was very evident to Nicola whose hand now gently rested on top of it.

April broke our kiss and told Nicola that it is making me “tingle, down there.”

Nicola informed her friend “That it was completely normal to feel that and just relax and enjoy the sensations”.

As April came back in to continue the kissing lesson Nicola whispered in my ear, “What were her panties like? Were they wet and sticky?”

I almost choked on April’s tongue.

“Very wet I stammered”

“As wet as this?” she said. Holding a finger under my nose wet with her juices and smelled wonderful. The naughty little girl had inserted a finger into her own vagina and was now offering me the slimy fluid to taste. It was only last week I tasted her nectar without her knowing and this week she was offering it to me. I licked her finger tasting the juices then I sucked her finger into my mouth. I immediately slipped my tongue into April’s mouth she was a bit surprised by this but once she got over the initial shock continued to French kiss me and seemed to also enjoy the taste.

Nicola slipped off the sofa and gently eased April back until she was laying down more, and taking hold of one of my hands and placed it on April’s very small pert breasts making me stroke them. Her nipples became hard very quickly and she started to pant her chest was rising and falling quickly. She started to panic a little at these new sensations and sat up.

“We had better stop this now as it was not right.” She Said.

Nicola said “Nonsense it is nice, well if you don’t want to continue I will.”

With that Nicola started to French kiss me slipping her tongue deep into my mouth and kissing me really hard, I returned the favour with my tongue entwining with hers and tasting her saliva. I reached up and gently cupped her left breast and felt her take a sharp deep breath. I then reached out and took her right breast in my other hand and gently kneaded the pert breasts till her nipples were erect.

“Take your top off I want to see your breasts again.”

“Again” She said Looking quizzical.

“Yes” I said, “Again just like last week when you were drunk up in your room!”

Nicola just smiled and slowly began to remove her halter top.

I had her, stop as she was about to undo her bra strap. “Now take off your skirt. I want to see you standing there in just your underwear.” I instructed. I took in her youthful beauty, sleek body, her small breasts encased in a black lace bra. Lowering my eyes to the purple satin panties which had a slight bulge at her mons into which I wanted to bury my face. I wanted to undress her as Ankara escort bayan if she were a birthday present I was unwrapping, gently taking peeks as piece after piece of the present were unveiled.

I made her parade for me as I gently took hold of April and had her sit on my lap with her back to me. I immediately started to caress her small breasts again, this time with no resistance. All the while I was gazing at Nicola’s Beautiful body encased in her sexy underwear. April’s pert breasts felt wonderful under my touch. A gentle mewing escaped her lips. I very slowly and gently started to lift her nightdress up and gently caressing her soft milky thighs as I went. This gave me better access and to see her lovely body. It then occurred to me that she was not wearing any panties so I stood her up and lifted her nightdress off in one smooth move. Relishing in the beautiful sight I had before me.

She was immediately embarrassed by her nakedness but I kept her hands down to her sides and took in the body of this beautiful little creature, her flat chest and flawless smooth skin, her iron board flat stomach and further down to her soft mons protruding up as if greeting my gaze. Almost completely hairless at first glance but because of her hair being so light in colour gave the impression of being hairless when in fact was covered in a very fine soft down.

I then eased April back down on my lap and had her place her feet one on each of my thighs. I then opened her legs wide so that her pussy was completely open to Nicola’s Gaze.

I was still looking at Nicola as she paraded in front of me and saw her look between her friends open thighs and gently bite her bottom lip.

I asked her if she was, “tingling down there” as had April stated earlier.

She replied “cant you see” and pointed down to the dark wet spot on the front of her satin panties.

“Wanna sniff these pervee just like you sniffed April’s earlier?” April looked unsure by what Nicola had just said.

“Uncle Terry loves to sniff my panties after I have been wearing them; he sniffed your panties in your bag upstairs and my black lace panties in the laundry basket. If he wants he can sniff these ones as well.”

“I will sniff those as well but I want to play with my new toy first, maybe April would like to sniff them as well?” I replied.

All the while I was caressing April’s breasts kissing and nuzzling her neck. I very slowly lowered my hand and stroked belly until I felt her soft pubic hairs. Back and forth I traced my fingers through them, sliding a little lower each time. Eventually I gently touched the very top of her slit even here it was slick with her arousal. I continued on to caress and stroke her outer vaginal lips.

April bit her lower lip as I made contact. I wanted to watch her face as I knew that I was the first person to touch her sexually. I spread her thighs as wide as possible so Nicola could watch as well. I slipped a finger into her crease and realised just how wet she had become her girl juice was really slippery and when I made contact with her clit a huge shudder passed over her body.

Nicola immediately told me to, “Finger her.”

As a dutiful Uncle I did as I was told and slowly eased my middle finger into this perfect little vagina inch by inch I slipped inside of her body.

I could not wait I had to taste her not from my fingers but by directly inserting my tongue right inside and sucking out her fluids. I lifted her off my lap and onto her back on the sofa. I quickly slipped down the sofa and placed my face directly between her open legs. Nicola sensed her resistance and pushed down on her shoulders to keep her from squirming away.

Telling April to “Just relax and enjoy,” She did as she was told.

I started to lick the outside of her lips and tasted the tangy moisture, her soft pubic hairs tickling my upper lip. I used both thumbs to open up her labia and to take my first look at her bright pink shiny opening; it was like a flower opening up.

I plunged my tongue in, to her obvious delight. Licking the entrance around and around, I then slightly moved up and started to lick her pee hole.

She giggled as she told me, “When you do that it makes me feel like I’m going to pee.”

I told her to, “Do it if you wanted to.”

“What in your face?” She replied.

“Yes do it.” Nicola Says.

I started to lick all over and around the opening to her pee hole. All of a sudden I was rewarded with a gush of hot pee in my face I fastened my lips over it and greedily drank her hot girl piss some escaping and running down my chin and neck. Once she had stopped peeing I started to lick her entire pussy area to make sure I got all of the golden fluid. I began to gently lick and flick my tongue over her erect little clitoris and gently took the whole bud into my mouth and sucked on it.

April’s little hips started to rotate in small circles with gentle moans of, “That is so good yes just there. Suck it more, finger me please.”

I looked Escort Ankara up to find Nicola caressing her best friend’s breasts and stroking her aroused nipples. This was such an erotic sight for me.

As I continued to suck April’s clitoris I started to ease a finger into her slippery hole. It was so tight. I rasped my finger against the walls of her vagina feeling the ridges and bumps, her insides felt hot and slick I removed my finger which, was coated in thick slimy girl juice. I wanted to lick it myself but I thought I would offer it to Nicola. She first sniffed it and then gently licked my finger clean. Nicola slipped a hand down her own panties and inserted a finger inside her then removing her wet finger then held it under April’s nose who greedily sniffed at the finger. Nicola then pushed her wet finger into April’s mouth allowing her to taste her best friend’s pussy for the first time.

This was enough for April to have her first of many orgasms and her little hips bucked about and her hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into her more. “Oh my god, Oh my god I’m coming, I’m coming on your face lick me, suck me, arrrhhhhhh.” forcing my tongue right into her vagina and coated it in her cum I savoured the flavour of her virgin orgasm and lapped up as much as I could.

“Oh yes, I want one of those,” Nicola stated.

Once April was coming down off the peak of her orgasm I moved back up April’s body and French kissed her, slipping my mouth onto hers so she could taste herself once more. She was very embarrassed about what had just happened and turned to Nicola for some reassurance.

Nicola smiled and simply said “My turn.”

I rolled over onto my back and pulled Nicola by the hand closer to me.

“It’s about time I sniffed your dirty panties.”

She started to pull them down.

“No,” I said. “Whilst you are still in them.”

She just smiled and climbed onto the sofa and placed her knees either side of my head about two inches from my face I inhaled deeply and was rewarded by the wonderful scent coming from between my Nieces legs.

Two girls giggled out loud as Nicola said. “Here’s your dessert Uncle.”

With that Nicola sat right down on my face, with the wet spot covering my nose and mouth it was very hard to breathe but this just heightened my arousal.

Slowly Nicola started to rub her panty covered pussy back and forth over my nose making sure that it was hitting all the right places she carried on for about five minutes gradually getting faster and faster whilst pushing down harder. The satin panties were making it very easy for Nicola to slide back and forth along my face.

“Sniff my little cunt you pervert. I am going to suffocate you.” she said. Her dirty talking only heightened my own depraved lust. With a tensing of her body I knew she was just about to hit her peak and she pulled her sodden panties to one side and sat right down on my face with my nose firmly embedded in her teen cunt. I could not breathe at all, only taste her.

Then Nicola was yelling obscene gestures

“That’s it stick your tongue right up inside my body you dirty pervert. I am going to smother you in my juices.”

She really started to hump my face hard and then she screamed “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING.” over and over and over again. Her thighs clamped around my face she grabbed me by the hair and was yanking my head left and right.

After her orgasms subsided and I managed to remove my nose from inside her body I was rewarded by a thick deluge of her cum dribbling out I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue to catch it and drink her nectar. My face was completely bathed in juices.

I asked Nicola if she “Enjoyed being licked out for the second time.” She shot me a naughty grin and just nodded.

Throughout all of this I had not had any release and I badly needed to cum. But where I thought Inside Nicola or Inside April?

As I had fucked Nicola the previous week I thought I would like to fuck April. I knew that I would not last long so I pushed her back down on the sofa and inserted a finger in to her tight virginal pussy; it was even wetter than earlier. I lay down on top of her and tried to insert another finger inside to get her used to something a little bigger. I just had to get inside this hot little bitch immediately. I took my fingers out of her pussy and placed them in her mouth she readily licked and sucked the juices off. I grabbed hold of my cock and touched it to the opening of her vagina and started to push I had given up with being gentle and I just wanted to fuck her, with one hard thrust I had the head of my cock inside her, She was crying with pain but I did not care I just wanted to get myself off, again I thrust again and tore through her virginity. She screamed in pain which only heightened my lust. I was now buried deep inside this new plaything of mine and I started to thrust long deep strokes, pulling almost all the way out then plunging all the way back in.

I suddenly felt myself start to cum and my god there was so much of it. I almost passed out with the intensity of it I just kept ejaculating inside of her tight body, my sperm hitting the very depths of her. It was oozing out already and I had not stopped shooting inside of her.

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