April Fools Suprise

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It was around 6:30 PM on the first day of April when Maria shut the door behind her, it locked with a resounding click, it was still raining hard when Maria left, as it had been doing all day long. A quick flash in the dark evening sky followed by a thunderous crash, like being in a bowling ally right next to the pins, only louder. April sure was coming in like a lion, she thought to herself.

Maria had forgotten her coat today and the constant pelting of the spring rain against the sidewalk mixed with the click, clicking of her heels on the pavement echoed in her ears as she walked quickly towards her car; there seemed no sign of the rain letting up. It started raining early that morning but Maria had hoped it would clear-up so that she could enjoy a nice evening; well at least she had remembered her umbrella, which was of course, in her car.

Maria hurried over to to her car, the rain whirling around her, the side of her car offered no real protection and she soon was soaking wet from the her head down, she fumbling with her keys, thus, she soon got thoroughly soaked; she quickly got into her car and feeling like something the cat dragged in, she sighed to herself with a bit of a shiver;

“Damn, I need a drink!”

Maria fumbled with her keys and put them into the ignition and turned the key. All she heard was a soft click and a soft faded whir from beneath the hood, she turned the key again, “click” was all she heard.

She looked around for what the problem might be and “Damn!” she thought when she saw that the headlights had been left on all day.

She quickly turned them off and tried again…nothing, just “click”. Maria put her hands on the steering wheel and slowly lowered her head and sighed, her wet locks cascading over the wheel.

She rested a moment thinking, the rain was coming down hard blurring the view through the windshield and now the inside was starting to fog-up too.

“Well, no sense me just sitting here feeling sorry for myself,” she thought, so she got out of the car and decided to walk to the nearest bar or restaurant, anyplace where she could get warm and perhaps have few drinks as well. Maria started to walk down the street for several blocks, the wind blowing, caught her umbrella several Casibom times, nearly ruining it.

It was nearly dark before she came to the closest bar, a seedy looking place, but at least it was dry and warm. She felt like something the cat dragged in, dripping wet and a bit self-conscious because of her appearance. Her dark skirt clung to her legs, her sheer white blouse hung against her skin.

“Damn, why didn’t wear a bra today!” she thought as she could feel her nipples, erect from the cold rain sticking visibly out like sore thumbs against the wet material.

The eyes of the patrons quickly turned towards her as she walked slowly towards the bar and ordered a drink. She was too cold and wet to give a damn at that moment.

“What will it be Miss?” the bartender asked, while slowly drying a beer glass with a filthy looking rag.

“Can I have a blowjob please?” Maria asked.

The man seated at the bar stool next to her suddenly spit out his beer and coughed! “Whaaaat?!” spilling his beer all over the counter.

The bartender just laughed, along with a few other patrons. “You idiot, don’t you know what a blowjob is?” he said to the man.

“Ah, well, sure! It’s a well, oral sex, right?”

The bartender replied, “Sure you idiot, but it’s also a drink made with Irish cream, Kailua and whipped cream…”

Maria interrupted, “…or with Amaretto or Bourbon, not quite as tasty as the real thing, but it gets me drunk though.” She said with a smile.

The bartender quickly mixed her the drink and gave it to her, she put a $10 bill down and downed the drink in one gulp.. “I’ll have another one please.” Maria said.

“This next one is on me!” said a voice from the other end of the bar.

Maria looked down and saw a man wave to the bartender; “Put that one on my tab Joe!” the bartender waved in acknowledgement and after a minute served Maria a second drink. Maria nodded her head to the man and he walked over next to her. “Would you care to join me at a table?” he asked politely staring intently in her eyes, “The name is Bill” as he extended his hand.

Maria paused a moment and took his hand. “Glad to meet you, I’m Maria” she replied, then followed him to a table near a quiet corner.

“I Casibom Giriş must say, the spring stormy weather does wonders for your figure!” Bill said, smiling.

Maria knew what he meant and replied, “Yeah, I guess I should’ve worn a bra today, but I didn’t think I would get wet I guess.”

She cupped her perky breasts shamelessly with both hands then pulled the blouse away from her chest to air it out a bit. The material quickly returned and clung to her still wet to her breasts, her nipples still hard, she involuntarily tweaked them. Bill swallowed, visibly aroused by what he saw. Maria smiled back shyly., sipping her drink.

“So, what brings you in here?” asked Bill.

“My car battery died and I can’t start my car, there was no way I was going to just sit around.” Maria replied, adding. “This was the first place I found that was open where I could get something to eat or drink.”

Maria could see Bill had moved his arms and was apparently rubbing himself under the table. Maria quickly finished her drink and moving a little closer asked,

“Do you want to …ahem, ‘refill’ this for me?” Maria indicated as she moved her glass in his direction.

Bill started to get up, but Maria stopped him, placing her hand on his leg. “I thought you wanted…”

Maria interrupted, “I mean would you refill this with the real stuff?”

Maria moved her hand towards Bill crotch where she could slowly seeking out his hard-on. Bill spread his legs involuntarily as Maria caressed his manhood through his pants.

Bill whispered, “You mean you want me to jerk off into your glass right here in the middle of this place?” looking at the partially crowed bar, his face flushed for a moment.

“Sure, that’s the idea!, the real stuff, from the real stiff!” Maria smiled at him, mockingly blinking her eyes.

“You are serious aren’t you…But what if anyone sees?” Bill asked.

“Nobody is going to see you, it’s dark here and I’m right next to you anyway.” Maria replied reassuring him adding. “I have never been more serious!” Maria smiled.

Maria reached down and fumbled a bit with Bill’s pants, pulling Bill’s zipper down and reached down his jockey shorts for his warm, throbbing hard member. Bill Casibom Yeni Giriş let out a short gasp as Maria ran her fingers over his moist tip, taking with her a drop of his precum. Maria nonchalantly looked innocently around, and removing her hand, slowly placed the tips her fingers in her mouth, and with a soft smacking sound licking them clean, one at a time.

“Mmmm, this is tasty!” she whispered, then with a wry smile she pushed her empty shot glass closer to Bill and said; “Fill’er up bartender!”

Bill looked at her nervously and removed the glass from the table placing it between his legs, slowly stroking his member with his right hand, capping the tip with the empty glass.

“Not too fast!” Maria interjected, “We don’t want to draw too much attention, or do we?”

Bill answered; “God you are making me so hot, do you do this often?” Bill asked.

“You mean go into strange bars and ask strange men to jerk-off for me?” She replied.

“Yeah” Bill answered.

Maria thought a moment and replied, “Silly, of course not, usually when I’m really hungry, I just find some guys and suck them off until I’m satisfied.”

At that point, it was just too much for Bill to hear and he started to cum, his eyes rolling up, he let out a short low moan and stiffened in his seat. “Maria glanced under the table excitedly as she watched Bill fill her glass.

“More Bill!” Maria whispered to him, “I want it all, don’t lose a drop!”

After a moment, Bill finally stopped coming and as his orgasm subsided, he stroked the last of his semen into the glass for Maria and carefully placed the warm, three-quarter full glass on the table.

Maria smiled, satisfied as she eagerly took the glass and examined it. The small amount of her drink cling around the parameter of the glass mixing with the pearly-white semen, she sniffed the contents, her eyes closed. “Mmmm, intoxicatingly good!” as she licked off the side of the glass.

Then Maria surprisingly got up from the table and walked over to a corner of the bar where a group of men were watching the television, smiling back at Bill, the contents of her glass proudly displayed.

“Now THIS is what I call a proper blowjob!” she exclaimed, raising the glass for all to see before bringing the glass to her lips and slowly sipping down the contents. “Ah!” she exclaimed after the last swallow, “Anybody else here man enough to provide me a refill?”

Maria added, “Or are you all just a bunch of April Fools?”

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