April’s Body Ch. 05: End

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This is the end of this short series. I want to say thank you all for reading. Most of this is edited (maybe poorly) by myself as I tried contacting a volunteer editor and received no response. I will now take a break and will probably start on another story when I have more time. Work is currently demanding more from me right now.

Thank you for all the ratings and feedback. I didn’t think this series would get more than a 3 rating at best, it was just a scenario I wanted to make that I doubt anyone else wanted to write out.


Six days passed on by April was tired. The pleasure had only gone both ways but was unequal as April had the intense orgasms while Julia only the pleasure of taste and touch. There wasn’t one spot on April’s body that Julia’s tongue had not tasted.

“Julia, can I have a short break?” April was exhausted. “It’s been six days and you’ve been coming at me nonstop. I love it and I want it, it’s just after over a hundred orgasms I want to try resting a bit.”

The entire six days April remained naked for most of it. Even when the staff came to prepare meals the two of them stayed in the bed or in the bath with brief breaks where Julia would speak to the workers or maids telling them not to come in the room, or to change clothing. Due to how expansive the pent house was, and how much room there was to move about April found that she did not get stir crazy. They would move from place to place and spot to spot. The bed, the pool, the hot tub, the entertainment room and even on the pool table and kitchen.

An alarm went off on Julia’s phone: “Project Double N.”

“April, I have to go somewhere today.,” Julia said. “You should stay here and rest. If you get bored and want to go out later on you can call the Driver and he can arrange for someone to take you anywhere you want.”

“It’s fine,” April said. “I have everything I need right here. I’ll wait for you to come back and maybe we can go out later. I don’t feel like going out without you anyway.”

“I see,” Julia said. “If you need anything or want to eat anything remember to use the calendar near the kitchen.”

“I will,” April said. She then plopped herself on the bed and closed her eyes with her large breasts still plump and almost pushing upward into the air.

It was a sight that Julia could never get tired of. Those were April’s amazing breasts on her perfect body. Julia had some slight envy of April’s Body but at the same time was happy that such a body could be held and touched by her. She gathered herself together and left out the door.

“Where are you going?” April was curious and called before Julia left out the door.

“I have to go get something,” Julia said while trying to be discreet. “I’ll bring it back tonight. Please keep an open mind.”

“I’ll always keep it open for you,” April said. “I promise”

“Thank you,” Julia said. “Rest up now.”

“Okay,” April said smiling. She pulled the covers over her naked body laid down preparing to sleep. “You’re almost 40 and you’re still so energetic. I’m having a hard time keeping up with you.”

“That’s only because I’m not the one who’s forced to orgasm every hour,” Julia said. “Anyway, my family is coming in a few days, we’ll announce our engagement then.”

April nodded with her eyes closed. She had become accustomed to being naked around Julia. Every time Julia touched April it was a form of reassurance that they were going to be together and that they were somehow made for each other despite the gap in age. Even through April’s exhaustion she enjoyed all their encounters and Julia’s tongue which had become a special part of her life. It wiggled back and forth and played with her most sensitive areas each and every time causing her to become addicted.

Even if the oral sensations were pleasurable for Julia however, the inability to reciprocate the orgasm was difficult for April. She was still determined to stay with Julia, and decided she would do whatever she could to help Julia come out of her shell of clothing. To April that was the only solution to give her the physical pleasure they both mutually wanted. If that happened however, it would change the relationship away from what they currently had which was a situation they both rather enjoyed together.

Julia’s driver picked her up and drove her to a location outside the city. It was a lab where research and development took place. It was a trove where those who were wealthy could invest in private projects that would not normally be marketable. Unique tools and items for private use only.

“Has it already been eighteen years since I started this project?” Julia mused. “I started it on the same day April was born…”

“Is it finally finished?” The driver would hold casual conversation with Julia whenever she mused to herself as he had heard her a lot over the years.

“It should be. If I can get it calibrated today then I can use it tonight.”

“Is the young lady that was with you when you arrived someone you wish to use it on?” The driver inquired softly canlı bahis and respectfully.

“Yes, that young woman is my fiance now,” Julia said. “She’s the only one I’ll be using it on.”

“I hope it works to your needs. Everyone deserves to find happiness with the one they love.” The driver pulled up the car next to the small discreet building. “Would you like me to wait?”

“No, I’ll call you,” Julia said. “This might take until late afternoon.”

The Driver nodded and drove off. Julia entered the building by ringing the doorbell.

“Miss Barone, the door is unlock please come in,” the man on the other end said.

Julia walked into the lab. “Nigel?”

“Yes Miss Barone,” Nigel came out to meet her. “It’s good to see you in person again.”

Nigel was a man close to his 60’s, he had started the project for Julia when she was a young woman who was moving her business. As the project continued more money was poured into it from her personal spending accounts. He knew the project was important to Julia and that she wanted to be discreet, as such no one was allowed in and out of the lab without security clearance.

“Does it really work this time?” Julia asked.

“The neural interface is finally programmed,” Nigel said. “All that remains is putting in your imprint and calibrating it.”

“Is as durable as I asked?”

“Yes, it should be able to withstand any stress a man or woman can throw at it and it is also able to be recharged by a normal plug-in outlet or by your bio-electric if such an outlet isn’t available. You can wear it while submerged in water, in mud, in the ocean, anywhere your skin can go, it can go. It’s a bit clunky but will feel like a glove, and we even made a large supply of synthetic fluids to go with it that are safe for all uses with those you wish to use it with in any activity you wish to perform with them. The formula will be given to you so you can manufacture more if you should choose. Now if you’ll follow me.”

Julia followed Nigel down several hallways and into a small room to the side. There Nigel’s assistant Trenton performed the final touches on the project, a small tight fitting suit that had two large synthetic cocks attached to it. The color of the suit was light pink and there were lines that ran through it the cocks that glowed.

“The synthetics inside the attached prosthetic have many optic fibers and wiring to hook up to your neural network producing the glow. It’s a solid but pliable piece with many internal tubes and wires woven together and attached to a large sack where you can put in the synthetic fluids. The sack itself also has a similar sensation as would a scrotum when wearing the full suit.”

Julia stared at it for a moment. “Why are there two cocks? Why are they so big?”

“We couldn’t fit all the wiring inside without making it this big,” Nigel said. “You may use only one if them if you wish but we made two as a design choice. It gives you more options. Now please try wearing it so we can calibrate it.”

Julia took the suit and went into another room to put it on. She had to remove all her other clothing in order to wear and interface with it. She found that it fit her loosely at first but after placing it on the suit tightened onto her skin and fit her like a second skin except with the added cocks hanging off. Each one of them was almost a foot long and almost six inches of circumference. It was much larger than the strap-on she used on April when they were on the plane. She began to wonder if all the money spent on this was a mistake.

When she emerged from the dressing room Nigel handed her a mask.

“This mask has to be worn for you to feel the sensations since it artificially attaches the two penises your neural network,” Nigel said.

“Is it safe?” Julia was a little concerned.

“We’ve tested it extensively on Sarah,” Nigel said. “It is as safe as walking. It’s already withstood over ten thousand hours of use without any wear. We took eighteen years to complete this and can now manufacture more very easily if you should need a second suit.”

Julia wore the mask. It suddenly felt like her vagina disappeared and she had two large and sensitive appendages between her legs. The rest of her body however felt covered and the same. The suit itself had parts that were a little clunky. Her breasts were covered by what felt like a metal bra. Her hands had metal finger tips. She was covered from her neck down along with the mask over her eyes.

Sarah walked into the room. Sarah was a woman in her late thirties who was thin and attractive for her age.

“Now Sarah will start touching the appendages so you can see how it feels,” Nigel said. “Remember you have to wear every part of the suit for it to work as part of your neural network. If you remove any part of it, the effect goes away.”

“Relax,” Sarah said.

Sarah placed her hand on the top of the first cock, the feeling suddenly swarmed over Julia as she hadn’t expected it to feel so real.

“This,” Julia said. “This means…”

“Yes, bahis siteleri it means you can finally enjoy having physical genitalia without removing any clothing. You can have sex without exposing yourself,” Sarah said. “There is also a vibration feature here.”

Nigel and the team began to run over all the features in the suit including refilling the sack with fluid for more use. Julia also tested it by masturbating the cybernetic cocks privately in a room and found that ejaculation was very enjoyable. Though it felt better when Sarah touched her, Julia really wanted April to be the first to experience the suit with her. After staring at the two cocks awhile she started to become slightly fearful that April might find it repulsive. April was a lesbian after all.

It had only been a week since the two had been together, but Julia was determined to find out if this could work.

“I’ll have your driver come by and we’ll load it in the car for you. You’ll be able to discreetly move it up to your loft without worry.”

“Thank you Nigel,” Julia said.

The driver arrived and Julia got into the car. She had spent the better part of the day calibrating and giving feedback and Nigel had made several other adjustments. Still she was worried about the fact that there were two cocks attached to the suit. She had previously been excited for the completion of the project but the more she thought about how the suit hooked up to her neuro-system the more she began to question what April might think.

April had been very comfortable with Julia constantly suckling and placing her tongue in every nook and cranny of April’s body and subsequently she nibbled on every part that stuck out. This however seemed so different. As such she was quiet as during the drive home.

“Is something the matter Miss Barone?” The driver asked with concern. “Did your project not turn out the way you hoped?”

“I don’t know,” Julia said. “I guess it depends on April. If she likes it then it isn’t a disappointment.”

“What do you have to be afraid of? Miss Barone, you are one of the wealthiest independent women in the world. People will fall over themselves to make you happy.”

“Thank you,” Julia said to the Driver. She had actually forgotten his name even though she had been driven by him for over a decade, but the embarrassment only carried on as she tried to maintain friendly without asking. “It’s just when it comes to the heart of another person, everything changes. I can be domineering in getting deals done, I can set up business as the only one there but when it comes to someone else and when it comes to whether or not they’ll accept me and what I want everything changes. Business itself isn’t personal.. this is very personal.”

“Hasn’t she already accepted you?”

“She says she does,” Julia said. “She is also a very young girl and young girls are prone to fickleness.”

“I see,” the Driver said. “Just tell her how you feel about it. If things don’t go as you wish and she isn’t willing to talk or care about your happiness it doesn’t matter how much you wanted her because she didn’t want your true self.”

“My true self?” Julia thought about it for a moment. “I guess so.”

There were memories Julia had over twenty years ago as a teenager. There was a girl she had a silent and quiet relationship with. They did everything from showering to having secret sex when they would spend the night. Most parents didn’t think much when girls slept over. As time went on and Julia had revealed herself more and more to her teenage lover her vulnerability continued to increase. Eventually, one day the teenage girl decided the teenage Julia was not for her and she dated a boy instead.

Julia showed herself to no one else since then. It was a terrible pain that still ate at her heart. She wanted April to marry her but wasn’t completely sure if April would stay, but she wanted to test it.

“I wish you good luck,” the Driver said as he pulled up in front of the large complex. He unloaded her luggage and helped Julia carry it up to the pent house.

“You’re back!” April said as Julia walked in with the Driver behind her. “I didn’t know if you had to go to some meeting or business. I’m glad you’re back.”

April walked on over and hugged Julia easily lifting her off the ground. Just finishing her shower, April quickly lifted Julia off the ground and began to cradle the older woman in her arms as she walked toward the large couch in the living room. April was in a bathrobe made of silk that was special ordered in her size, one that Julia had Melinda pick out for her.. The cook had already come by and fed her. There were no worries for April as she held Julia in her arms. Standing back the Driver stared for a brief moment, but being the professional he dropped the luggage and walked on out.

“Have a good night Miss Barone,” he said.

“Thank you,” Julia said.

“Where did you go?” April was curious. It was the first time they had been separated since they’ve met.

“I went to get something,” Julia said. “I went to bahis şirketleri get something that can help with the problem.”

April smiled and put Julia down. She opened her bathrobe revealing her body, a sight that Julia had become accustomed to yet it still never ceased to amaze. The large ample mounds on April’s chest, the nipples that were long and stood on end and the almost complete lack of hair where anywhere on the body.

April’s hands met Julia’s and she pulled her close to her body and wrapped the bathrobe around her so that only Julia’s head stood out in between her deep cleavage. Julia still didn’t smile.

“What’s wrong?” April asked. “Did I do something?”

“No,” Julia said. “No you did nothing wrong.”

“Tell me then.” April ran her fingers through Julia’s dark brown hair. “Tell me why you’re not smiling. You’ve always smiled at me since we’ve met, since I carried you through the snow. I thought it was funny how I tried to straddle you in your sleep. I just didn’t think we would end up this way but you can tell me anything. I told you so much about myself already and you accepted it all. I should be able to accept all of you as too.”

“You’re ready to orgasm again aren’t you?”

“I am,” April said. “I’d like to make you orgasm too, but I know you don’t want to take off your clothes.”

“That’s a problem isn’t it?”

“No,” April said. “I.. maybe you can just make a small hole and I can stick my tongue in there. You can blind fold me so I won’t see it.”

April’s soft demeanor and gentleness made Julia feel better. She decided she should simply come out and tell her about Project Double N.

“I’ll show you something,” Julia said. “Just go to the room and wait, I have to prepare it.”

April kissed Julia’s forehead. “Okay!” She opened her robe and let Julia go. April continued to smile while walking to the room.

Julia opened the case that was carried up by the driver. It contained the suit with the two large cocks attached. She brought it with her to the bathroom and changed into it, making sure to activate every part. It began to glow, and the two cocks also glowed with pulsating light. She kept the mask in a small pocket, not putting it on just yet.

Taking several breaths Julia walked into the room in the suit created by Project Double N. She hadn’t placed the mask on yet and thus did not have any feeling in the connected cocks to the suit.

April sat on the large bed staring for a moment. The shock started setting in. The suit was strange and the cocks glowed.

“Wow!” April was surprised as her eyes widened.

“This is a suit that’s been in development,” Julia said. “It’s kind of like a strap-on but it’ll allow me to feel sex as if I had a real cock. It only works when I wear the mask on top of it.”

April smiled.

April took off the bathrobe revealing her large ample breasts that remained firm despite the size with her long nipples. She opened her legs slightly revealing her pink pussy that seemed to be getting wet from the anticipation. Milk started to leak out of each breast.

“First things first,” Julia said. “I need to empty your breasts.”

Julia climbed on the bed and onto April’s lap. There were smiles on the faces of both women as Julia held April’s left breast and swallowed the nipple into her mouth. Julia began rigorously sucking. Julia’s tongue poked the tip of April’s nipple causing sweetness to quickly fill her mouth.

April continued to look into Julia’s brown eyes. While she didn’t understand why it was that Julia enjoyed being breastfed so much, she was still happy to let her suckle. The feedback from Julia’s tongue caused smaller but still enjoyable orgasms for her. It was the foreplay that aroused her more.

“You suck my tits so well,” April said softly. “I never thought a mouth could feel so good until I met you. You have the perfect tongue. I love your tongue.”

April stroked Julia’s hair as Julia began to suck harder. Feeling the change in pressure on the nipple April let out a soft comfortable moan. The emptying of her breasts always gave her a tingly soft sensation that reverberated from the nipple down to her uterus. The milk that Julia swallowed was something that made her feel important. Her breasts fed the older woman, which was a reversal of what the roles would normally be.

Julia switched to the other breasts sucking on April’s nipples as hard as she could. She craved the feel of pleasure from another woman even if such pleasure was artificially made through a conduit. Anticipating the sensation her sucking became more rigorous.

“You’re real eager aren’t you?” April was smiling as she enjoyed Julia’s lips and began cradling Julia’s head against her left breast. “I never thought a mature woman like you would love suckling me so much. My breasts love your mouth so much.”

Hearing April speaking Julia began squeezing April’s left breast with her hand. Within a few more seconds the rest of the milk emptied out and she couldn’t feel anymore milk coming out with her tongue. Julia then pulled herself up to April and pushed her tongue deep into April’s mouth. The same tongue that was drenched with milk only a few seconds ago gave April the sweet taste of what she had been feeding Julia.

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