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Ah, let’s start off with my college years. I found out who I really was during that time. I learned that I had a love for lacrosse, rugby, and a new attraction: Men. Although in high school I was a notorious ladies man. Trust me, if anyone would’ve told me that in 3 years from then I would be a homosexual… I would’ve laughed in their face.

But back to college! I first noticed this suppressed desire of mine after a vigorous game of lacrosse with my friends. They’re jocks like me. We were laughing and recapping funny moments in the game while walking to the showers. We were all in there washing up, as we have many times before.

But I felt different that day. Standing with Paul, Shane, and Brian, naked, was making me feel incredibly awkward. Especially about how Shane, whom I was standing closest to, was rubbing soap all over his body and I doing the same.

I pushed the uneasy feeling aside and resumed my shower. I was nearly finishing rinsing off when I (for whatever reason) looked over to Shane, and stared for a while. Thank god he didn’t notice me at all because I had ever-so-slightly turned my head. I just blanked out staring at him. His buff build, beautiful curvaceous body, blonde hair, and chiseled abs.

When I came to a minute later I had also come to the realization that I had a semi- erect penis. Dreadfully embarrassed I walked out of the shower and straight for a bathroom stall. I was taken aback by what just happened. I had never gotten hard from a man. And better yet, my friend! I shower with my friends all the time and never got well… “Happy”. Still freaked out a little I got dressed after my erection subsided then yelled to them that I was going back to my room for a nap.

During the next few weeks prior to that incident I tested myself. Playing sports then hopping in the shower with my friends, usually Shane included. But nothing happened. Convinced that it was a onetime thing, I forgot about it. 2 months later it was almost Christmas Break. So the dorms had various X-mas parties. The mother of all of them was the night before everyone left for home.

The whole dorm building I lived in was festively decorated. It was a blowout every year. The floor I lived on, third floor was where I usually stayed the whole time because that is where the most fun took place. We were a crazy bunch of idiots. And yes, my friends and I all lived on the third floor. But everyone on our floor was nuts.

It was the most fun up there because we had the most booze. The way the party worked was all the rooms had their doors open and everyone walked around drinking it up and living it up, for the holidays. Third floor was so awesome that students from the other floors came up to ours. Every year it was crowded, but the good kind, a comfortable crowded. Everyone has a cup of beer or other alcoholic beverage and walked through the halls and rooms bunched with people.

That year I was sophomore and was kind of wasted 4 hours into the party (10pm). I was sitting with most of my guy friends in Devin’s room. It was me, Devin, Paul, Shane, Brian, Bruno, Kenny, Jamie, and Travis. They were all pretty wasted too. But we were entertained by the hot holiday porn we watched. However we didn’t get boners, because of our imparity from the beer.

There was a loud crash in the hallway and Brian, Travis, Paul, Shane, Devin, and Bruno peeled their eyes from the television and went to into the hallway to investigate.

We all knew Kenny and Jamie were gay. They weren’t lovers but we just knew. It was a touchy subject with all of us but we accepted them, besides, they were badass at rugby. So us three, still in the room, and watching a woman in a sexy “Santa’s helper” outfit suck off a guy in a Santa suit.

Adam, another one of our gay friends came in the room. “Hey Adam, professor hold you up?” I asked not feeling as drunk as before.

“Yeah he did. He made me rewrite my whole fucking paper. He is such an ass!” He said still not noticing what was on the TV screen.

“Why’d you have to rewrite it?” I asked handing him a beer.

“Thanks, I wrote it in cursive and he said he wouldn’t take it like that. So I stayed and wrote all 4 pages in print. Ugh, I am so done with his stupid class!” He rants then sits next to me on the floor.

He went on talking about some bio paper and how fascinated he was about it but I wasn’t paying attention, I was staring at his features. His smile was a beautiful accent to his face. I was gazing at his lips but the words they spoke I paid no mind to. I never noticed how nice his body looked. He was slender, with no muscle, and it worked for him. He took good care of his body. I was snapped back into reality when he stopped talking and finally looked at the TV.

“Aw, sweet man! Holiday porn!” He said scooting closer to the television, only to move back against the couch next to me a moment later.

I looked over at him. He had shaggy brunette hair that he usually wore spikey but that night he slicked it into a foe-hawk. His skin was smooth and soft; it still had a faint Çankaya Escort tan left over from the previous summer. He stood about 5’11. On his left shoulder was a tribal tattoo and he had a few piercings on his right ear. He seemed pretty manly for a gay guy right? He hid it well.

I lost myself looking at him. But I eventually snapped out of it and went back to watching the smut on the screen. A few minutes passed and I looked over to Adam again. He had a pretty big bulge in his pants and his hand was placed over it.

“Hey, uh, Adam this turns you on?” I just had to ask because he told us that he was completely gay.

“What? Oh, mhm. I guess it did. Uh, sorry about that dude.” He said as his cheeks got flushed a bit.

“Hey, no problem, don’t worry about it.” I said with a reassuring pat on the shoulder. He gave me a half smile then got up, walking to the door.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” He said rushing out of the room into the sea of people.

I looked behind me to check on Jamie and Kenny; they were passed out in each other’s arms. The flick ended so I went to the doorway, watching some freshman playing beer pong. Adam came back with two beers and handed me one. “Thanks.”

“No problem, wanna go outside? I need a smoke.”

“Sure I need a breather.” We went outside and Adam lit a cigarette.

Both of us were silent as he puffed at his cigarette and I sipped at my beer. I was still curious about his arousal earlier. I finally mustered up the confidence to ask him. “So you’re gay right?” I awkwardly asked and worded the question.

“Yeah, why?” He asked raising an eyebrow and almost laughed.

“So why did you get a stiffy from the video. I mean the scene we were watching was the slut pleasuring herself with candy canes.” I asked getting more curious about what his answer could be.

“Well, I was just imagining it was a guy and well… yeah. I didn’t mean to freak you out or anything. Things haven’t been good between Chase (his boyfriend) and I.” He muttered with a saddening looking consuming his face as he took a long drag of his cigarette.

I became incredibly guilty. “Really? What’s wrong?” I asked him tenderly.

“Well he is just tired all the time because of his classes. So he never wants to be intimate,” Adam’s voice was starting to crack and tears filled his eyes, a few rolling down his cheeks, “I told him we should take a break but he got angry and yelled at me! I’m just feeling really love deprived. But I don’t want to leave him because I’m afraid of being alone again.” Adam sobbed as the tears streamed down his face faster.

Adam and I have been close friends since the beginning of freshman year of college. We talked a lot so one night we were having a serious talk and he told me about his separation anxiety and how it formed when his parents treated him as if he were an alien when he told them he was gay. They kicked him out of the house when he was eighteen. His senior year of high school was just starting when he became homeless.

He had jobs to support him but sold himself to men for extra money. The anxiety got worse with each man he slept with. He explained to me how he searched for any kind of emotional connection, feeling of love, or any love for that matter, in every guy he got into bed with. He never found it. After they were done using him, they threw money at him and left. That left Adam empty and hungry for someone to love him.

Soon after graduating high school he got help with his problems, he pulled himself together. He left his prostitution days behind him to pursue a college education. Within the first month we became friends and Chase had swooped in and stole his heart. They maintained a healthy relationship and were very cute together. They were attached at the hips…I guess things have slowed down. But anyways, now you know why Adam was so reluctant to leave Chase. His anxiety is kicking in again.

He threw his cigarette into some snow and sat on the concrete steps, wiping his tears as they flowed down his cheeks. I hugged him and he latched onto me. Adam sobbed and sobbed into my shoulder. I told him that Chase wasn’t worthy of having him if he was treating him like that. He calmed down a lot after I said that.

He pulled away from me and sniffled.

“That was a stupid meltdown, sorry.” He said with a smile.

“Nah, you’ve been under a lot of stress. I’m glad I was here to help.” I replied also smiling.

Adam finished his beer and we went back upstairs to the room we were in earlier. Devin, Brian, Paul, Shane, Travis, and Bruno were watching another porno with holiday effects. Adam and I joined them on the floor gazing upon the even better video than before.

Chase entered the room smiling at Adam; he stood and went over to him with a serious face. They went into another room. 10 minutes passed and Adam came back into the room without Chase. We watched porn flick after porn flick. Around midnight Kenny and Jamie woke in time for them to be dragged outside Keçiören Escort with Devin, Shane, Paul, Travis, Bruno, and Brian for a drunken snowball fight.

I stayed behind with Adam so he did feel lonely.

“You don’t have to stay with me Jerry, I’ll be fine.”

“No it’s okay.” I noticed Adam had another erection, but he made a valiant effort to hide this one from me. It was much quieter because everyone had gone outside.

Silence swept over Adam and me so I decided to ask him about what happened with Chase. He sat next to me on the couch and sighed.

“I told him that I wasn’t satisfied with where our relationship was and we should see other people. He agreed and that was the end of that.” Adam smiled that sweet smile I loved.

Holy crap…what the fuck is going on! Was what I remember going through my head by that moment. My feelings for Adam became more than just close friends. I was scared that I actually did like men, and the guy I was very slowly falling for was none other than my best friend; ADAM. This is getting ridiculous, I continued thinking, and I can’t believe this is happening…fuck!

“That’s great Adam, I’m very proud of you.” I flashed a smile back.

“And I want to thank you.” He said while he leaned in and kissed my cheek.

I blushed. I stood and stared at a now surprised Adam, Now, I stood about 5’11, I had shaggy brunette hair, and that’s how it always was. I wasn’t pale nor was I tan. I had very faint muscle and was slender. I had a pierced ear and a tattoo on my back. I was certain about all of that, but I still wasn’t completely sure if I liked men.

Adam looked down at the floor feeling stupid once again. I then decided that I couldn’t push this away anymore, I had to embrace my new found sexuality. After all, I did say that I found myself in college right? I knelt down in front of Adam and hugged him.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” I whispered in his ear. I kissed his cheek and looked him in his eye.

This is where it all began.

“What do you mean? You’re straight right? I should be sorry.” Adam said terribly confused.

“Well, The truth is, I-I have been having feeling different about men lately. So I wanna just go with it instead of push it away.”

He stroked my cheek with his thumb and asked me if I was sure. “I’m absolutely sure.” I replied. He kissed my lips and it felt so right.

I wrapped my arms around him tightly; I knew he needed to be held. His hand gently ran through my hair and even tugging at it occasionally. I rubbed the back of his neck, relaxing him. Our tongues danced between our mouths. I let a soft moan into his mouth. He broke the kiss going after my neck. I massaged his back then thoroughly rubbed his hips. He moaned against my collar bone and I bit my bottom lip concealing my own moan.

Adam started pulling up my shirt when I grabbed his arms. Without a word I got up and led him out of the room, down the hall to my room, then closed and locked the door for privacy. I brought him to the bedroom and let him take off his shoes and I did the same. Wasting no time, he resumed what we paused a minute ago. I stood at the side of the bed; he sat below me, on the edge of the bed.

He lifted my shirt over my head and threw it into the hamper. I did the same to his then got on his hips, straddling him. I looked into his eyes.

I was falling for him, so hard. I was falling for my best friend who had the tormented head and heart. Who was gay, and quickly turning me as the seconds ticked away.

I looked into his beautiful dark brown eyes. He swam into my green ones. I could tell he was searching for something in them. I was lost, so I wasn’t sure that he would find anything. His search for that connection continued. I was the new contestant. I was determined to give it to him. I stroked his cheek; he seemed to melt at my touch.

I laid him down and gave him a tender kiss. The look he gave me was priceless, like he was trapped in painful ecstasy. So I gave him a rougher, passionate kiss. He moaned in my mouth. Finding his strength, he took over the situation. I was relieved when he flipped our positions. Now he was straddling me, with an evil grin. A shiver trickled down my spine when I saw it.

I was glad; I had no idea what to do next before he took control. To be honest, I was nervous and I’m guessing it had showed. Adam reassuringly rubbed my lips with his thumb and told me he’ll guide me through the rest. I got turned on at how confident he was now. Adam trailed kisses down my bare stomach to the hem of my jeans. He slowly undid the button and zipper and pulled them off me aggressively.

My hard on was now obviously apparent through my lose boxers. Unexpectedly, Adam took off my boxers too, letting my cock spring free. I blushed a shade of light pink as he examined the length. A drop of pre-cum oozed out of the slit. Adam kissed the head and started stroking it slowly. I pressed my head back further into the mattress. I moaned. But Adam didn’t Etimesgut Escort stop there. He put his lips around the head and stroked the rest of my shaft with one hand while the other groped my balls.

It sent pleasurable sensations all through my body. I placed my hands on his head, playing with his soft hair. He felt my balls start to tighten. He took his hand off my cock and took my entire length into his hot wet mouth. I tugged on his hair, making him moan, while I moaned loudly over and over again. He sucked hard and maneuvered his tongue, skillfully caressing my penis.

“Oh god, Adam, I-I’m gonna-!” I moaned, reaching the point of no return.

Adam bobbed his head down and up my dick faster and sucked more. I let out a loud moan as I shot my load into his mouth. I shot about 5 strings of semen into his mouth. But he swallowed all of it. I let go of the sheets, unaware that I was gripping them so tightly in the first place.

Adam and I kissed then he lay down next to me. I was panting and he was kissing my cheeks, neck, and shoulder. I turned my head towards him and brought his lips to mine. I could taste my cum on his lips. Salty. Our lips soon parted and I knelt down on the floor in front him as he was sitting on the bed. I hesitated for a moment, nervous I might do something wrong. He lifted my chin making my eyes meet his.

He smiled softly. “Don’t worry. Just do as I say and we’ll both like this.” I nodded in reply.

I pulled his pants and briefs off to reveal his beautiful 7 inch cock.

“Take it slow, pace yourself.” He lastly said stroking my cheek.

I exhaled heavily and put my lips on his rock hard boner. I opened my mouth and slid down his penis slowly. I got the head in then worked my way down until I felt like gagging. I heard a pleasurable sigh escape Adam. I went back up sucking at the head then sliding back down, taking more him into my mouth this time.

I kept repeating this procedure until my nose touched his pubes, my lips at the base of his member. He let out a gasp. I was getting used to it. I was going faster and faster, comfortably. Adam took note of that and held my head securely between his hands. He guided my head up and down his throbbing cock to his liking. I focused on sucking the best I could since Adam was take care of my head at a steady pace.

Soon I had him moaning my name. I grabbed his balls and massaged them. After that he moaned loudly. Then he was jerking his hips back and forth, skull-fucking me! I was being used as an instrument for his pleasure. And, oh god, I didn’t mind at all! I was also pretty happy that Adam was using me like this instead of him being used.

I felt his balls twitch then tighten. He shoved my head all the ways to the base. I sucked and he moaned very loudly, almost yelled. His cum shot to the back of my throat. I swallowed and sucked and sucked and swallowed and sucked some more until no more semen came out. He was the one panting and catching his breath this time.

“That was…amazing…no one has…ever done that…for me…before.” Adam said between pants as he gazed into my eyes.

I kissed him: Deeply and emotionally. Then I finally realized what the emotional connection was. He had never been returned love from anyone, and I’m guessing Chase was no different. I have never kissed anyone like that. I have kissed women but not like I just did my friend.

Adam started crying. I knew why, I didn’t have to ask, so I held him. His head was on my chest. Listening to my heart beat for a while calmed him down. I kissed the top of his head.

“How far are we going tonight?” He asked in a husky voice.

I thought for a moment and came to my conclusion. I wasn’t backing down now.

“All the way.”

Adam sat up and looked at me. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m not gonna stop here.”

“Okay. We need some lube then.”

I hopped off the bad and went to the bathroom. I came back with a bottle of lube. Adam went into action. He told me to lie on my stomach and spread my legs. I did as I was told. He poured some lube onto my crack and rubbed it in with his fingers.

Then he instructed me to relax and stay loose. He slid a finger into my ass. I gasped, for 3 reasons: because it was so sudden, it hurt really badly, and his fingers were freezing! He eased me into the feeling by adding in another finger and then another. It felt amazing. My penis was hard again and straining against the mattress. I groaned from the pleasure and discomfort.

Adam, sensing I was ready, told me to turn over on my back and hold my legs up to my chest. After I did what I was told Adam pressed his lubed cock against my tight virgin hole.

“Ready babe?” He was calling me names now. Oh gosh.

“Mhm.” I hummed.

“Good, just relax baby, and I will take care of the rest.”

He pushed in the head of his member. I yelped. After a few seconds, Adam inched the rest of his cock in me. He got the whole thing in and kept still there a moment.

I soon got accustomed to his size and wiggled my hips a bit, wanting him to move. After a chuckle from him, he started, and we soon got a steady pace going. I was moaning his name and he was moaning mine. I looked up at him. He looked gorgeous. We moved together simultaneously, as one. His eyes met mine in a moment of pure ecstasy and we both smirked and kissed. He began thrusting deeper and faster.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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