Ariana’s Awakening Ch. 1

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It was Ariana’s first day at her new school. She had begged and begged her parents to send her away to private school for her last year. On her eighteenth birthday, her parents gave her exactly what she wanted, the opportunity to start over.

Ariana was less than popular in her high school. To be quite honest, she had no friends. She was unwelcomed by all groups. It wasn’t because of her looks, or her attitude, it was just the fact that kids could be cruel. Since grade school, she had been ostracized, so she looked at this opportunity as a fresh start. Nobody would need to know “Ariana the Geek.”

Shortly after her parents dropped her off and set her up in her new dorm room, Ariana set off to meet some new people. The first girl she happened upon welcomed her immediately. She introduced herself as Becky and offered Ariana a tour of the school. Ariana agreed and the two girls set off. Ariana quickly trusted Becky and told her of her high school woes. Becky was shocked. But that’s when she understood why Ariana was dressed so plainly. Well, as all girls are, Becky got all excited over the prospect of a makeover. Ariana agreed to that too and they set off to Becky’s bedroom.

Becky sat Ariana down on the bed and looked her over. Her wavy brown hair was thick, a definite asset. Her eyes a deep chocolate brown. Her skin was olive toned, she had an almost ethnic look to her. She could use a little color to her face and could definitely use some make up. Becky couldn’t really see her body under her frumpy clothing, but she could tell that Ariana had a thin frame, possibly the same size as herself.

Becky swept Ariana’s hair away from her face and set to work. Then she swept her hair half up. Ariana looked beautiful. But now it was time to change her wardrobe. While doing the makeover, Becky had learned that Ariana had never been out on a date with a boy, making her a virgin. It took a little convincing, but Becky coerced Ariana’s clothing off of her body. Ariana stripped and Becky gasped. They were definitely the same size, but Ariana’s shape was different then her own. Her breasts were larger and firmer than her own. Becky could see her pink nipples hardening beneath her bra. Her stomach was flat and narrow. Her torso seamed never-ending. Her hips were nice and round, giving way to long shapely legs. Becky knew she could make Ariana a man magnet.

Becky pulled a short skirt and tank top from her closet. She handed them to Ariana, but Ariana shook her head no. It was too drastic of a change. So Becky turned back into her closet and pulled out a less revealing sundress. Reluctantly Ariana threw the sundress on. The thin straps didn’t allow for a bra. Becky turned Ariana around to face the mirror and Ariana gasped at the sight of herself. She looked beautiful and for the first time she felt it. She spun around and hugged Becky. All Becky could think of was Ariana’s beautiful firm breasts pressing against her own. She could feel her own nipples hardening and a little dampening in her panties.

Becky grabbed Ariana’s hand and they set off to meet all of Becky’s friends. School didn’t start for another two days, so there was a huge bash that night in one of the dorms. Ariana was a little afraid of the crowd, but Becky assured her that everyone would love her. And she was right. By the end of the night, Ariana had made a whole group of new friends, and a handful of male admirers. One in particular interested her. His name was Chad and Becky had introduced them earlier. Ariana’s eyes lit up as she looked him over. He was beautiful, at least six feet tall and broad. She could see his muscles through is shirt. His hair a wavy dirty blonde and blue eyes that sparkled like ice. He immediately asked Ariana Şerifali Escort to dance, but she refused. She didn’t know how to. She had never even been to a party before…well, a real party that her parents weren’t at.

So she and Chad stood there and talked a lot of the night. He finally got her to agree to go on a walk with him. They walked along a trail in the woods and soon came to a small lake with a little beach. The moon was bright and full, giving them plenty of light to look at one another. Ariana was nervous, but she hoped he would try to kiss her. He seamed like such a nice guy and she was comfortable with him. He leaned in closer to her and wrapped his arm around her shoulder. It felt so strong and warm. Ariana leaned her head into his chest. She felt warm inside.

They just sat there, not speaking, enjoying the closeness. And then it happened. He reached down and lifted her face to his and they kissed. A slow, passionate kiss. Ariana was melting into him. He wrapped his arms around her and ran his fingers through her thick hair. Ariana had no idea what to do with her hands so she just threw them around him and rubbed his back. She gasped as he pulled the strap down on her sundress, exposing one of her breasts. She didn’t protest though. His hands felt wonderful cupping her breast. It fit perfectly into his large hand. He kneaded her breast lightly and pinched her nipple. She moaned softly as he did so. He snuck his tongue into her mouth and she welcomed it.

Chad removed the other strap of her sundress and moved his head down to her neck. He kissed her neck gently and nibbled on her ear. Ariana started to feel warmth spreading in her pussy, and a dampness in her panties. She had never known such pleasure before. Until he reached her breasts and ran his tongue over her nipple. She cried out and grabbed his arms. He continued to suck on her delicious breasts. Ariana loved what she was feeling, but she didn’t want it to go too far. So she asked him to stop. Chad was reluctant to, but he liked her and didn’t want to do anything to harm her. So he lifted his head back up to her face and kissed her lips softly as he placed her straps back on her shoulders. They held hands as the returned to the party.

When they returned, the party was just breaking up. Chad kissed Ariana good-bye just as Becky ran up to them. Becky and Ariana chatted all the way back to Ariana’s dorm room. She told Becky of her beautiful night. Becky was all excited for Ariana. Ariana was frightened though. She was afraid of doing something wrong. She asked Becky for help. And Becky was all to up for the task. She ran back to her room and came back with two of her nighties and her dildo. She hid the dildo in her pillowcase though. She didn’t want to scare Ariana. She threw the nightie at Ariana explaining that if she wanted to do things right she was going to have to act sexy. Ariana eagerly threw the nightie on. Beneath it, Becky could see Ariana’s smooth body. Her nipples standing at attention. She put her nightie on too. Ariana was a little embarrassed to see her new friend naked, but didn’t look away. She found Becky’s body beautiful.

It was the first time Ariana really took a look at Becky. She had pretty curly blonde hair and greenish eyes. Her nose very small. She was definitely a very cute girl. Her frame was small, like Ariana’s, but her curves weren’t as prominent. She had tiny breasts with dark nipples and a very tiny butt. Ariana couldn’t help but stare at her. She felt the urge to reach out and touch her friends body. Little did she know, Becky was fighting the same urge.

Becky got up the courage to ask Ariana if she still wanted the help with learning what do with Şerifali Escort Bayan a boy. Ariana still did. Without a chance to protest, Ariana soon found herself kissing Becky. Becky’s lips tasted so sweet. Her tongue was soft and she was much more gentle than Chad had been. Ariana reached out and cupped Becky’s breast, like Chad had done to her. They were both surprised at this action. But Becky took it as a sign to continue. She pulled her nightie off with ease, leaving her sitting there in her panties. She rose to her knees and pulled Ariana’s head into her breast. Ariana once again did what Chad had done to her and moved her tongue over Becky’s nipple. She rubbed and pinched Becky’s other breast with her hand. She sucked gently on Becky’s tiny nipple. Becky asked Ariana if she had ever touched herself. Surprisingly Ariana said no. She had been taught that it was dirty. Becky laughed at this and told Ariana that it was a magical thing.

Without warning, Becky slipped her hand into Ariana’s panties. Ariana cried out and rose up on her knees. Becky told her to lay back and relax. She should enjoy every second of it. Ariana was a little reluctant, but she was comfortable with Becky so she lay back. Becky slipped Ariana’s panties off and found a perfect little pussy. She had swollen lips and dark pubic hair. Becky ran her finger along Ariana’s slit and watched Ariana’s face as she bit her lower lip. She spread Ariana’s lips apart and found her swollen clit. It was pulsing with desire. Becky ran little circles over Ariana’s clit and smiled with the soft moans coming from Ariana’s lips. Becky liked the response she was getting so she licked her finger and inserted it slowly into Ariana’s tight little hole. And it was tight…nothing had ever penetrated it before. Ariana squeezed her eyes shut. Becky was sure that it hurt a little. But Ariana wanted to be prepared for her first time with a man, so Becky dared to insert another finger. Soon she was easily fucking Ariana with her fingers and Ariana’s hips were matching her rhythm. She glided her thumb up to Ariana’s clit and rubbed that while she finger fucked her. Ariana’s moans were getting louder and Becky was getting more turned on. She slid off her own panties and started playing with herself. Her own pussy was drenched.

Becky wanted to give Ariana her first orgasm. She had been with one other girl who had taught her to lick pussy, and she had been waiting to do it again. She bent over Ariana’s sweet pussy and could smell the soft musky odor. She inhaled it deeply. She spread Ariana’s lips and ran her tongue up and down slowly. Ariana lifted her head and opened her eyes. She started to protest and then decided against it. It felt so good to have Becky’s warm tongue on her aching pussy. Ariana’s clit was huge and throbbing, begging for release. So Becky nibbled on it. Sucking gently on Ariana’s clit. She brought her fingers back into Ariana’s tight hole and fucked her with them while she licked at her clit. It became more difficult as Ariana started bucking her hips against Becky. Her moans were turning into screams and she was clutching at the pillow next to her. And with one final scream, Ariana released her first orgasm. Becky’s face was drenched with Ariana’s sweet juice. As she licked her lips, she moved up towards Ariana and kissed her deeply, allowing Ariana to taste herself.

Ariana could barely move her body, but she knew that she wanted to return the favor. She was a little embarrassed at her attempts to finger Becky, but Becky helped her. She showed Ariana where her clit was and glided Ariana’s small fingers over it. She explained that there wasn’t a whole lot to do, just to play. So Ariana played. She was surprised Escort Şerifali to see how wet Becky’s pussy had gotten. She slid her fingers easily into Becky, feeling the walls of Becky’s pussy tighten around her fingers. She liked the soft silky feeling of Becky’s pussy. After a few minutes, Ariana gasped as she realized that Becky had no hair on her pussy. She was too embarrassed to ask about it, but wanted to get closer and look.

Ariana bent her head down to Becky’s pussy to inspect it. There was not a hair to be found and Ariana was surprised at how much Becky’s’ bald pussy turned her on. She licked her way around Becky’s pouty lips and eagerly shoved her tongue inside. Becky’s pussy tasted sweet. Ariana licked it all, stopping to push her tongue in and out of Becky’s hot little hole a few times before working her tongue back up to Becky’s clit. Ariana listen to Becky moan. Becky rocked her hips up against Ariana’s tongue so Ariana slipped two fingers deep inside Becky. Becky’s hips rocked faster against Ariana and Ariana got more excited. She licked hard and fast and pushed her fingers deep into Becky, adding a third finger as Becky climaxed against her. She licked up all of Becky’s sweet cum.

Becky lay there for a second before turning to her pillow and pulling out her dildo. Ariana looked a little anxious at the thought of that huge rubber cock entering her tiny hole, but was also eager to try it. She was enjoying her first sexual experience and didn’t want to look silly in front of Chad when they did it. So she lay back as Becky slid the dildo into her. It hurt at first, but she was so wet that it glided easily in and out of her. Becky lay beside her and kissed her mouth as she fucked her with the dildo. She was very gentle, but soon Ariana was begging for more. So Becky fucked her harder and faster with the dildo and slid her hand in to rub Ariana’s clit while she got fucked. Becky bent her head to Ariana’s nipples and licked and sucked and gently nibbled on them as her new friend started to cum again.

Becky knew that Ariana had no experience so she assumed that Ariana knew nothing of sex. She was right. She told Ariana to get up on all fours so she could get fucked doggy style. Becky got behind her and caressed Ariana’s firm round ass as she inserted the dildo once more into Ariana’s pussy. Ariana liked the way it felt, so Becky decided to take it a step further. She wet her finger in Ariana’s pussy and rubbed it gently around Ariana’s asshole before sliding her finger into it. Ariana jumped a little but was soon pushing her ass against the dildo and Becky’s finger. She again began to scream as she came all over the dildo.

Becky flipped her over and handed her the dildo. She told Ariana to lick it clean, that guys love it when a girl licks their cock. Ariana licked the dildo. Up and down, just like it was a cock. Becky told her to put it in her mouth, that a guy expected a girl to give him head when he fucked her. So Ariana did. Her mouth seamed so small at first, but she tried and tried and as she sucked she got a good six inches in her mouth. Becky sat there playing with herself as Ariana licked and sucked the whole dildo clean.

Ariana was eager to please when Becky told her to fuck her with the dildo. so Ariana lay beside Becky and fucked her, but Becky liked it hard and fast. SO Ariana pumped the dildo into Becky so hard she was sure she was going to hurt Becky, but Becky was moaning with pleasure. Becky sucked on Ariana’s nipples as she was getting fucked. It took awhile, but soon Becky came and instructed Ariana to clean the dildo once more.

As Ariana finished, both girls collapsed on Ariana’s bed. Before long, they were asleep in each other’s arms. Becky with her hand cupping Ariana’s breast and Ariana cupping Becky’s small butt.

Ariana dreamt many wonderful things that night including her first experience with Chad. She could hardly wait to show him what she knew. Thanks to Becky she knew it was going to be incredible.

To Be Continued…

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