Arranged Courtship , Marriage Pt. 02

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As Justin sat squirming on his low stool, Lady Agatha and Lady Penelope continued their conversation.

“Oh, Agatha, did I tell you about Lord Fenton?”

“No darling, you didn’t mention anything when we spoke on the telephone last month,” replied Lady Smyth.

“Ah, it must have slipped my mind. He’s dead.”

“How simply awful for you Penny. It must have been terribly inconvenient.”

“Well, it did rather upset our plans for Cowes week, but he’d had a good innings!”

“Yes, let me see. He must have been 68 when you married; I remember, it was on your thirty second birthday. An excellent match. Was Sophie upset?”

“Of course, Sophie was rather put out at having to miss the sailing at Cowes, but there were no tears. Your calculation was correct. Freddy was 88 when he passed.”

As the two women chatted, Justin’s attention began to focus on Lady Fenton’s perfectly shapely calves, delicate ankles and tiny, high arched feet, shod in a most provocative pair of high heeled emerald satin court shoes, which matched her dress perfectly. He was entranced as she crossed and re-crossed her sheer flesh-coloured nyloned legs, making that subtle swishing noise that had come to torment him in his adolescence.

Little did he suspect that she and his stepmother had together, plotted his future so minutely and ruthlessly. From girlhood, they had cultivated a close and intimate relationship, with shared social and financial ambitions.

Suddenly, he was jolted from his reverie, as Lady Fenton turned suddenly towards him with a smirk.

“Do you like my shoes, Justin?”

The unfortunate young man was caught out yet again, in his lecherous behaviour and could only mutter a feeble response whilst blushing deeply.

“You must excuse him, Penny. Much as I have tried, I’m afraid that he seems unable to control his depraved urges. It seems that he can’t be in the presence of a female without succumbing to this kind of ogling. Why, I can’t even lift my skirt to adjust my stockings and suspenders, without his prying eyes being drawn to my legs…..the legs of his own stepmother! Look at him, even now, in his shame, he can’t look away from your stilettos!”

“Well Agatha, I think you might be a little harsh on the boy. Whilst I do agree that such obsessive behavior is unacceptable, especially in company, tecavüz porno I cannot deny, that for myself, I do find it rather flattering that such a nice looking, sensitive young man is drawn to gaze at my legs. If you will indulge me, my dear, I believe we may be able to help him.”

Ringing her hand-bell again, she called Tompkins and instructed him to fetch Gwen, the senior housemaid.

“You see Agatha, as a woman of principle, as you know, I believe in promoting a healthy attitude towards sexual matters. Please excuse my frankness, in front of your step-son, my dear, but I can tell you that I have always insisted upon chastity among all male members of my household.”

“But, surely…..Lord Fenton……” exclaimed Lady Agatha.

“Why yes, Lord Fenton in particular. Immediately after I had conceived my darling daughter. There were no further ‘relations’ of that kind for the remaining 19 years.”

“I do so admire your willpower, Penny. Fortunately, Sir Michael was effectively impotent, when we married and I had no desire for more children, after my unfortunate first marriage.”

They were interrupted by Fenton, accompanied by the senior housemaid, a buxom woman in her mid forties.

“Ah, Gwen. This is Lady Agatha, and her young step-son, Master Justin.”

“Please to meet you my Lady, Sir.”

“Gwen has, under my tutelage, become something of an expert in providing the help and guidance needed by our menfolk. Agatha, would you permit me to allow her to carry out a procedure on your son?”

“Well, if it was up to me, I’d have him severely punished Penny. However, as your guest, I will defer to your wishes. I am sure Justin will benefit from whatever you have in mind for him, my dear.”

“Very well Agnes. Gwen, would you conduct this young man to your sitting room. You know what is required.”

“Yes Ma’am. Come this way Master Justin. Here, take my hand dear.”

“And make sure you do exactly as you are told, Justin, or you know the consequences!” added his stepmother.

With that, as if in a trance, Justin is led gently from the room, glad, at least, to be removed from the scene of his most recent humiliation.

Climbing the rear staircase to the servants quarters, he finds himself ensconsed with the maid in a snug feminine room, üvey anne porno where he is invited to sit next to her on a plush sofa.

“Now then dear, no need to be shy. I expect you have been a very naughty young man, in front of the ladies.”

Gwen places her hand on his bare thigh as she speaks: “Were you staring dear? I know, you young men can’t help yourselves, can you? Such a beautiful lady isn’t she; Lady Penelope? Were you having a good look?”

Justin can feel her soft hand edging upwards, beneath his short suit trousers.

“Yes miss. Sorry miss. I couldn’t help it. Sorry.”

Gwen pulls his head gently down to rest on her considerable bosom, and begins to stroke his hair, whispering in his ear. Tears form in Justin’s eyes.

“Ssssh, dear. Aunty Gwen will take care of you. We know how to help young men at Fenton Hall.”

Blissful moments passed, as Justin relaxed into the soft embrace of this understanding servant. His tears dried, as Gwen teased a new response inside his trousers. She had ceased stroking his hair and was now petting the front of his short pants. He had never felt so close to a female. So nurtured. So aroused.

“Now Justin, I want you to stand up and take down your trousers and underpants for me. Lady Fenton has given me instructions, and first, we need to get your spanking out of the way. Up you get dear.”

“No, please, Gwen. You can’t! I promise to behave. Honestly.”

“Now now, don’t be silly. Tompkins is next door. If needed, I’ll ask him to come in and make you obey. Do you understand dear?”

Silently, reluctantly, shyly, Justin gets to his feet and, under the full gaze of the Senior Maid, pulls down his nether garments.

“There now, I knew you could be a good boy for me. Put your hands by your sides dear, so I can have a good look at you.”

Justin did as he was told, and once again blushed, as his stiff little penis was exposed to view. Gwen reached forward and gave it some tender, teasing caresses, bringing it to the most delightful, full engorgement. Then she got up and went to fetch a towel and apron.

Placing the towel on the sofa, she proceeded to attach the sheer, white, lace- edged nylon apron around her waist. Resuming her seat, she slowly pulled her skirt up, under the apron, to reveal üvey erkek kardeş porno the deep black welts of her nylon stockings.

Justin was entranced as he witnessed this open display of Gwen’s feminine charms.

“Now young man, come and lie over my lap, like a good boy.”

Justin did as he was told, now, almost trance-like, lowering his slender naked body across the warm, soft, teasing pillows of Gwen’s lap. She adjusted his position carefully, so that his erection was tucked between her thighs. Justin was conflicted by, on the one hand, the prospect of his forthcoming punishment, and, on the other, the exquisite feel of Gwen’s nylon apron and stockings engulfing and teasing his stiff young member.

Gwen began to gently stroke his firm young buttocks, further enhancing his surging libido.

“I want you to tell me why you need your spanking, Justin, then ask me nicely, to carry it out.”

His mind and body in turmoil, Justin managed to whisper his reply: “I’m sorry miss. I was staring at Lady Fenton’s lovely legs and shoes; wishing I could touch them and kiss them, like a dirty boy. Please spank me, to take away my naughty thoughts.”

“Why, Justin, that was very sweet. I will tell Lady Fenton of your contrite response, and of course, the exact nature of your punishment.”

With that, she began to spank his exposed bottom. At first, gently, but then increasing in severity. Justin began to match the spanks with a thrusting motion, pushing his trapped erection into the warm, sensuous folds of nylon, enclosing and teasing his boyish member. Of course, this had been Gwen’s intention, and she did not discourage his lewd frottage.

The spanking reached a climax, as did our hero, and, despite the pain, he began to pump his young sperm into Gwen’s spanking apron. He had never felt so completely sated, spent and grateful. Eventually, after bathing in the glow of satisfaction, Gwen got him to stand again, and, taking a warm wet cloth, cleaned off his genitals. Then, taking him by surprise, in his stupor, she reached to her side and brought out a small metal device. Without explanation, she gently attached it to Justin’s testicles and forcing his now-soft penis into a short, curved iron tube.

A small padlock was attached and locked. Gwen reached up and gave him a lingering kiss on his cheek.

“Now, Justin, pull up your pants, like a good boy. I want you to go downstairs, give this little key to Lady Fenton, and ask her to keep it safe for you.”

Drained, defeated, defenceless and now denied, Justin turns reluctantly, and slowly descends the stairs; returning, shamefaced, to the scene of his crime.

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