As You WIsh

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(All characters are 18+)

The night had been a total bust. Karrie was walking back to the apartment she shared with her roommate, and best friend, Katya, and she was pissed. First of all half of her so-called ‘friends’ hadn’t shown up. The night out hadn’t been her idea and she would have frankly preferred spending it with Katya, but her friend already had other plans, so she had reluctantly agreed to come. The fact most of the group hadn’t shown should have given away that this was a disaster waiting to happen, but she pressed on anyway. Secondly was the fact that of the girls who had shown up, the most annoying of them all had latched onto her for most of the night, droning on and on about ‘how hard it is to find the right guy these days’. The final straw had come when said girl pulled her to one side and practically begged her to agree to a threesome with a guy who ‘might be the one’.

“Let me get this straight: you want me to agree to have sex with this guy, who has asked you to bring me along before he’ll have sex with you, and you think that he’s a keeper?”

“Don’t be so closed minded, we can’t all be as hot as you are!” the girl had retorted.

The only positive of the night had been the little ego boost the girl’s comment had given her. Karrie was striking to look at, a fact she was aware of but tried not to flaunt too much, her height being maybe the only average thing about her at around 5’8″. She possessed mid-length, silky brown hair that draped down across her shoulders and a pair of piercing, sapphire blue eyes that most would have assumed were contact lenses for how vivid they were but were in fact completely real. Anyone not engrossed by her eyes would have soon noticed the rest of her physique was equally as stunning, her large but perky F cup breasts likely being a focal point if not for her perfectly round bubble butt, sitting proud and pert at the top of her long legs and above her thick, womanly thighs.

“Look, I’m not doing it, ok? Besides, I don’t even like guys!”

“Oh come on, please? I’ll, er, I’ll do stuff to you too!”

Karrie had laughed slightly at the girl’s use of the word ‘stuff’. If nothing else it told her this girl would have had no chance of satisfying her in any way even if she was inclined to do what she was asking.

“I don’t think you get the concept of a threesome do you? The guy will want to put his dick in me and I’m not taking a random dude’s dick just so you might get to.”

“You don’t need to be a bitch about it,” the girl had said indignantly.

“If you’re so desperate, why not ask one of the others?”

“Because he asked for you specifically and you’re more… well…”

“I’m what exactly?”

“You’re easier than they are…”

Karrie was appalled by this accusation.

“Fuck you! I haven’t slept with anyone since I got to college!”

“That’s not what most of the guys have been saying, they brag about having sex with you all the time. They like, compare notes and everything.”

Enraged, Karrie had stormed out of the club they had been in and decided to go home. It wasn’t that she didn’t know there were guys out there bragging about claiming to have slept with her, it was the fact that this was apparently accepted as being the truth. Even more annoyingly, she wasn’t even being accused of sleeping with the right gender! She’d chosen to walk, hoping she would cool off by the time she got back to her apartment.

The walk may have cooled her temper, but it did also give her time to think about what she did and didn’t like sexually. She knew that theoretically she wasn’t opposed to the kind of sexual experiences she could have with men, but it really felt like the only thing guys brought to the table was having a dick. A good strap on and a willing female partner could get her off in a hundred more ways than any guy she’d ever been with, especially as far as size was concerned. She was a self-confessed ‘Size Queen’, always choosing the biggest option available should her partner offer it. Plus with a strap on, the girls she’d been with just didn’t all of a sudden stop really fucking her and then just flop away like guys did, they rode out her orgasm until she made them stop.

There was one thing that just couldn’t be replicated however. No matter how big the dildo was, no matter how much of her partner’s arm was pushed up inside her, stretching her flat belly out from underneath, she had to admit it wasn’t the same without feeling the hot spray of cum inside her. Despite the fact that she otherwise loathed most of her encounters with guys, once they did cum it was almost always enough to make her peak. She had no idea why and at times she felt it was a cruel joke given her preference for women as there was no way she could ever hope to have the best of both worlds.

Luckily for her the internet was full of magical possibilities and a swathe of talented amateur and professional artists who all seemed to think the way she did or at least something similar. In particular she’d stumbled across the world of futanari and Bayan Eskort it ticked every box she could think of apart from the one that counted: possibility. She knew no matter how hard she looked, she’d never find a futanari in real life, certainly not like the ones in her dreams. She’d never be fucked by a cock so large she could feel it in her ribs, she’d never be stretched so wide she couldn’t sit down for a week and she’d never be filled with so much cum that her bloated and swollen belly would lift her off the ground. Life was unfair.

She could also never hope to explain this to anyone. Where would she even start? She’d imagined how the conversation would go so many times. For a guy it would be, ‘this is great and everything, but what would really turn me on is if you weren’t here and your dick was on a girl,’ and for a girl it would be, ‘I love this but, damn, if you had a huge cock and balls, like real ones, that would be amazing.’ She hadn’t even told Katya about it and there was barely anything the two of them didn’t share.

Katya herself was a little bit of a problem for Karrie though. She was taller than Karrie by a few inches, just short of 6 feet tall all in all, and shared similarly striking features. Her boobs and butt weren’t as big as Karrie’s (being a DD cup according to the bras she sometimes left laying around) but taken in combination with her long, slender legs made her cut an impressive silhouette. There was no doubting she was hot and that on its own would have been easy to deal with, but it was the combination of her sparkling, emerald green eyes, her long, shiny, fiery red hair that slid down to the base of her spine and her pale, lightly freckled complexion, that just emphasised these features all the more, that almost hypnotised Karrie whenever she was near her.

Karrie felt a certain longing and throbbing in her loins whenever Katya would tell her about who she had slept with, what they had done together and what they might do next. Karrie had often joked with herself that if Katya had a cock, she’d be perfect, but had to admit she was as damn near to it as it was possible to get. The shame was that Karrie was almost certain that Katya wasn’t into girls or at the very least wasn’t into her. She’d tried bringing it up on a few drunken occasions, but she just couldn’t do it.

Feeling decidedly glum, Karrie walked up the stairs to her apartment building. She fumbled with her keys at the door and as she did started to hear a muffled moaning. The moans were from a woman, she could definitely tell that, and she could also tell they were moans of pleasure. It sounded almost like their neighbours were watching porn really loudly, again. She tutted at the interruption to her evening the noise was going to be and headed inside her apartment. Immediately though, the noise suddenly became much louder, not 100% clear yet, but loud enough that Karrie could tell one, that it was coming from her apartment, and two, that it was Katya making those noises.

It wasn’t the first time she’d heard her roommate having sex and it certainly did nothing to stop her imagination running wild with what could be happening in there. There were even times where she had laid in her own bed, listening intently and imagining it was the two of them together before getting herself off. Maybe tonight wasn’t a complete bust after all.

Making sure to be as quiet as possible, so as not to ruin things, Karrie crept past Katya’s room on the way to her own but stopped for a moment as she noticed the door was slightly ajar. Normally the door would be closed but Karrie figured that as Katya believed she had the place to herself, she’d been a little less careful. She was overcome with the urge to peak inside. It was the one thing she hadn’t done yet; she’d heard all about it from Katya in the morning, she’d heard Katya in the night and she’d even seen her naked once or twice, but she’d never actually seen her have sex. Now that the opportunity seemed to be presenting itself, Karrie was fighting internally between her lust for Katya and her bond with her as a friend. The noises in the room intensified and her lust won.

Remaining as cautious as possible, she tiptoed over to the slit in the door and carefully tried to peek in. There wasn’t enough of an opening for her to see much, but she could just make out a pair of guy’s legs and the unmistakable swish of Katya’s flawless red hair. She was riding this guy into what sounded like oblivion. Karrie wondered how Katya’s ass would be wobbling, how her tits would be jiggling, what her cum face might look like. She could feel her nipples had hardened, sticking out beneath the thin fabric of her dress like thimbles on top of her huge, pillowy mounds of breast and could feel the familiar urge pulsating from her dampening loins to just let go and start pleasuring herself. It was risky, but she had to see more.

She edged the door open ever so slightly more and more until she could see everything that was happening. Katya had leant forward, her breasts pushed up Anadolu Yakası Escort against the chest of the lucky guy underneath her, her hips and butt bucking up and down on his stiff rod. Seeing all this felt wrong but in a way that was far too thrilling for Karrie to stop. She involuntarily crossed her legs as the throbbing want in her loins intensified. Katya’s moans were getting louder and wilder and from past experience, Karrie knew this meant she was about to cum. She braced herself in anticipation, biting her lip as she did.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum baby, oh god I’m gonna cum everywhere!” Katya moaned.

It seemed an odd turn of phrase to Karrie, but then again Katya might have just been a squirter. The thought alone made her shudder with desire. The guy made some muffled noise that sort of sounded like ‘fuck yes’, clearly too lost in pleasure to use actual words. Karrie watched intently as Katya threw herself back and with a scream shot out the first rope of cum from her…


Sticking out from Katya was a large, hard cock, possibly even 8 inches or so, shooting out a second and a third blast of milky white cum. Karrie had seen a lot on the internet so logically she knew this must be fake, but it looked so real. She was mesmerised by what she was seeing, so much so that she didn’t even register that she just shouted at the top of her lungs and that her best friend was now staring at her wide eyed.

“Shit!” Katya said, fumbling to get off the now very confused guy underneath her. She tried to cover herself up with a loose bed sheet, but her cock was still mid-ejactulation and all it did was stain the sheet and drip to the floor as she made her way as quickly as she could to Karrie.

“Y-you’ve got a… a…” Karrie stuttered.

“This isn’t what you think it is, Karrie. G-go and wait in your room and I’ll come explain… this,” Katya said, trying to hurriedly usher her out.

As if in some sort of trance, Karrie did as she was told. She sat on the edge of her bed, mouth locked open in a gawp as her brain tried to understand what she had just seen. She barely heard the sound of a very confused and slightly annoyed male voice being shown out of the apartment and only came to once Katya walked into her room, dressed in a dressing gown and looking very sheepish.

“So, er, I’m guessing you’ve got questions…” she said, awkwardly sitting down on the edge of the bed beside Karrie.

“You have a… a cock,” Karrie said, less asking a question than stating a fact.

“No I… well I mean not now at least…” Katya replied.

“Not now? What do you…”

Karrie looked as Katya opened her gown to reveal there was indeed no cock there, just her shaven and smooth pussy and her perky DDs.

“Where did it go?” Karrie questioned, more confused than she had ever been in her life.

“This is quite complicated Karrie and to be honest I wasn’t expecting to have to explain it to you this evening so I’m probably gonna get this all wrong but erm… I err…”

Katya trailed off leaving Karrie no closer to an answer. Katya’s eyes met hers and with a sigh she spoke again.

“I have, sort of, magic powers. I can grant wishes.”

Karrie’s expression finally changed. She went from dumbfounded amazement to confused disbelief.

“You can ‘grant wishes’? Are you being serious?”

“Yes I am. B-but I can only do it in certain situations. Well, only in one situation actually…”

Katya paused for a moment, maybe waiting to see if Karrie would ask, but Karrie’s insistent expression was asking for her.

“It only works when I’m having sex…”

Karrie’s expression changed again, a little anger shining through now.

“Oh fuck off, what do you think I am, an idiot?”

“N-no it’s true! I mean, otherwise how do you explain me having a dick before?”

“You could have been wearing, like, a really really convincing strap-on?” Karrie responded, crossing her arms in slight annoyance at how she felt her friend was treating her like a fool.

“How many strap-ons actually cum like that?” Katya fired back, feeling a little on edge herself that her friend wouldn’t just accept what she was saying as true.

“Aha, there’s actually lots of them,” Karrie retorted.

“How do you know that?” Katya replied, raising an eyebrow.

Karrie went a little red as she blurted out her response.

“Never mind how I know that, it still means you haven’t proven anything.”

“Well, fuck Karrie! How am I supposed to prove it when it only works when I’m having sex?”

There was silence between the two of them. Neither seemed to have a response, or if they did, didn’t know how to go about saying it. Karrie spoke first.

“What counts as sex?” she asked.

“Err, usually it starts to work during foreplay so… wait a minute, you aren’t suggesting what I think you’re suggesting are you?”

Karrie defiantly shrugged as her friend looked on shocked.

“I don’t see any other way for you to prove it, unless you wanna ask Pendik Escort that guy to come back?”

“Not really, no. Damn it,” Katya murmored, looking troubled.

Despite feeling a little annoyed, Karrie didn’t like to see her best friend looking this concerned. All she was telling her to do was to play with herself a little to activate her so called ‘magic powers’, what was the big deal anyway? It suddenly dawned on her that she had never actually said that to Katya. Right now, Katya probably thought she meant the two of them had to have sex.

“Wait, I-I didn’t mean that like we had to have sex or anything,” Karrie blurted out, trying to save face.

“Oh… er I mean, yeah, I-I knew that,” Katya laughed sheepishly.

Karrie felt her response had been a little weird. She almost seemed disappointed. Did Katya want to have… no, no. She definitely didn’t like Karrie in that way, she’d have noticed by now. There was an uncomfortable silence between the two again.

“So, er, how are we gonna… you know…” Katya said.

“Erm, just do whatever you’d do when you’re on your own I guess,” Karrie replied, starting to feel the surrealness of the situation.

“Are you gonna, like, watch? I mean it’s ok, I guess, it’s just a little weird…”

Karrie’s first instinct was to say no before she quickly realised the reason she was here.

“I guess I’ll have to so I know when you’re ready for me to make my ‘wish’.”

“Um, about that, there’s certain things I can’t do, or rather you can’t wish for…”

Karrie gestured for her friend to continue.

“I can only grant wishes that affect my physical appearance in some way. So like I can’t magic you up a fancy car or loads of money, god knows I’ve tried in my own time, but I could say… er…”

“Grow a cock?”

“Yeah. That about sums it up. It goes away again once the sex is finished hence my lack of a cock right now…”

“That is an oddly specific power… if it’s real,” Karrie replied with a raised eyebrow of her own.

“Yeah, I think I might be a succubus or a lust demon or something,” Katya tried to joke.

Karrie wasn’t really in a joking mood. She was split in so many different ways about all this. On the one hand she was angry and upset that her friend felt the need to make something like this up but if it was real then she felt like she’d feel even more upset that her friend hadn’t told her sooner. On the other hand if her friend was completely serious about going through with this, Karrie was about to live out one of her smaller sexual fantisies in watching Katya pleasure herself, and if it was real then maybe she could… or they could… she couldn’t really make up her mind on that. Equally though, was it fair trying to call Katya’s bluff like this? Was she forcing her friend to do something potentially humiliating in front of her just because she might have been ashamed to admit what was really happening? It was all so confusing, but she didn’t have time to act either way as Katya had already removed her robe completely and looked ready to begin.

“So, er… do you have a wish in mind?”

Karrie was caught off guard by Katya’s question. Her instinct shouted ‘cock!’ but she didn’t know if she was really ready to ask that. Seeming like she wanted to see it again could give away way too much and despite her being on the potential precipice of getting everything she ever wanted, she felt it would be best to do something more simple, but more importantly something that couldn’t be faked. She looked into Katya’s emerald eyes, her face looking earnest and almost timid, and thought about how lost in them she could get. That was the answer.

“Yes I do. Do I tell you now or?”

“No, no, it’s enough to know you have one, so we don’t lose the moment, you know? And it’s sort of er… well, it’s usually more fun that way…” Katya trailed off.

The way she was speaking seemed to imply this had all happened before, possibly many times. The number of guys Karrie had heard Katya with seemed to check out with that, although was she saying she’d done this with all of them? And if so, why had she been sporting a dick with the guy from earlier? Karrie hoped answers were on their way. For now she would have to try and hide whatever effect watching Katya pleasure herself would have on her.

Katya let out a breath as if she was readying herself for a performance of some kind. Her left hand moved to her clit and she began casually stroking it whilst her right hand gently grasped her right breast. Karrie watched on, trying to contain her building awe and her own heightening levels of arousal, as Katya took her hardening, 1/2 inch nipple between her thumb and index finger and started to gently squeeze and fondle it. She closed her eyes and let out a light moan as her body started to relax.

Karrie watched on as this continued for a couple of minutes, noticing that Katya’s occasional ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ were becoming more frequent and intense. Right now her wish was that it was her making Katya make those noises or at the very least she could join her friend in pleasuring herself, her nipples already back to almost piercing her dress, but she had to remain focused for when Katya was ready. With a more sensual groan than any of the others, Katya finally reopened her brilliant green eyes.

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