Ashleigh Pt. 01

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Hello and welcome to my latest story. This one is based, very loosely in truth. The early morning stalking, the nakedness in the garden, the drawings; the “unintentional” flashes of lingerie and naked flesh; the invitations to come around for a coffee, with implied results, are all true, including, believe it or not the chair mounting! Which was witnessed through the kitchen window. Though nothing could be seen but her “posting”, as the skirt covered her lower half. It was obvious to an enquiring pornographically educated mind, what she was doing.

The rest I’m afraid is down to my perverted imagination.

Some names have been changed. And I have based the story on the needs, wants and desires of the single mother. But also those of the good friend. All this took place between consenting adults, though as you will see, some were more “consenting”, than the other! Read on…

She was up at 05:30 and down in the kitchen, making her ritual cup of tea. She had to get up this early, otherwise she would miss what had become the highlight of her day. She thought back to two weeks before, as she waited at the kitchen window, remembering how she had stumbled across the most perfect way to start her day.

She had woken at 04:00 with a screaming headache. Her daughter had not been that well overnight, and Ashleigh had not had much sleep. But despite that, her body had still refused to lay her in the arms of Morpheus. Instead it had elected to give her the mother of all headaches. She had tried to ride it out, but at 04:00 had given up and gone downstairs to get some paracetamol. As she was up, she elected to make a tea.

Her three-bedroom semi-detached house was cool, it was summer, but the night before had been a little chilly, and the house had lost most of its ambient heat over-night. She looked down at herself. Her nipples stood proud upon her ample breasts, desperately trying to break through the silky material of her little night-dress and shouting for attention. On another day, she might have indulged them, but not today, she wasn’t in the mood. Her breasts may not be as perky as they had been in her 20’s, but at 38 she knew she could still turn a male eye or two. Her body was covered in goose bumps as she stood at the window, waiting for the kettle to boil. She had a wry smile on her face as she contemplated her breasts thinking that she was still pleased with the way they looked, how all of her body looked. Her hips were wide, her waist narrow. Not quite the small size it was before child-birth, but not far from it. She had even managed to avoid any stretch marks from the pregnancy, which was all down to her caring for herself during that period. But that now was years ago.

Ashleigh had long flowing, dark wavy hair, that reached the small of her back when unfettered, though she wore it in a loose bun for sleeping, so it didn’t get too tangled. She had deep blue eyes, an impish nose and very pronounced lips. Her former husband, who she had divorced 5 years previous, had always said that she looked like she was pouting them for a kiss.

As she stood there in her kitchen, which faced out onto a little cul-de-sac, she wondered whether any of her other neighbours were up and about? Maybe even looking in at her as she moved about her kitchen on long golden legs, with very little else on? The cheeks of her bum, very easily discernible, as the hem of her night-dress was only just below her pubic area. She wore no panties when she slept and was not overly concerned if she displayed her naked charms when bending over? Ashleigh didn’t really care; if people saw, then people saw! But she knew she was kidding herself if anyone, other than herself, was up and about at this time. Still the appeal of people spying on her did cause a little flutter in her stomach every now and then. And if people wanted to do that, spy on her in her own house, then let them, after all, was she not doing the same?

Truth be known, she had always enjoyed the idea of public display. And would often reveal various parts of her body in public, contriving to allow certain lucky men to look up her skirt and see her knickers, or reveal more of her breasts than prudence would dictate.

Her most daring exploit had been one day, a few years back, whilst on the tube in London, when she had been so turned on by the young man in the opposite seat, that she had revealed her panties to him, by opening her legs. She had known that her panties were wet, and she wanted him to know too. But it was all just a game to her, she had never taken it further, or to the stage of completely exposing herself.

She had looked at the clock on that early morning, and noted that the time was 05:30, when a movement from next door caught her attention. She could see Simon, was bringing his bike out of the garage and up the little driveway to stand it at the top. The dawn light was already spreading its golden wings upon the horizon and the ambient glow of a gorgeous day was being promised. Ashleigh, wasn’t sure why, but she moved to the kitchen light switch, turning it off. She didn’t want Simon to see her as casino oyna she stood back in the shadows, watching him as he prepared his bike.

Ashleigh had known Simon for many years now. He was the only child of Carly and Chris. She had seen him grow from a spindly youth into a rather fit looking young man. She knew he played sports, he loved rugby and played locally. Several times she had gone along and watched. Ostensibly for the game, but she wasn’t kidding herself. Simon had finished school and was heading off to university after the summer break. He was going off to art school. She had been close, a week ago, of asking to see his etchings? But could not summon the courage. But as she watched him now, something began to build inside her. Something that even she didn’t realise at first.

She continued to voyeuristically stare at the handsome young man, as he flitted about his bike, checking the tyres, his chain, making sure that the lights were charged sufficiently for his circuit. She found herself compelled to keep spying. No thoughts about this being wrong, no compulsion to turn away. If anything, she found herself moving closer to the window to get a better view. Suddenly, much to Ashleigh’s increasing delight, Simon started a few warm-up/stretching exercises. It was to Ashleigh’s delight, because, in the half-light of dawn, he may as well have been doing it completely naked!

Simon had on a cycler’s “wet suit”. The very tight, very thin, lycra garb that most enthusiastic amateurs, or professionals, used. It did not leave much to Ashleigh’s imagination. She could see every curve, every bulge in stark silhouette, of the fit body before her. His cycling shorts started just above the knee, and covered his large quads. The outline of his muscles beneath the ‘second skin’, easily discernible. They rippled as he flexed and stretched. His deep chest and broad shoulders, covered by the tight top, with the zip undone to mid-pecs and his powerful arms stretching the material to its limit. Seeing him like this made her stomach flutter and reminded her of more innocent times during her teenage years, when that same feeling had manifested itself in her. She suddenly felt disgusted with herself for staring at the young man, half her age; but she could not stop. She was already addicted.

As he bent and curved his body in his warm-up routine, Ashleigh admitted to herself that there was not a single thing she would change about him, had she created him herself. She didn’t need to be told; he was a perfect specimen of manhood. She had seen many a young girl falling over themselves to get his attention, at the few rugby matches she had attended. Ashleigh convinced herself, that she was only admiring the same view as them? And that is what kept her at the window staring discretely at him from the shadows.

But there was something else about the young man that intrigued her. He was shy, almost introverted. Always polite, pleasant and helpful. Since her husband had run off with another woman and she now obviously lived alone, Simon would often ask her if she needed help with one thing or another. He was, she decided, the whole package. That thought, made her eyes flit to the bulge, packed tightly in his shorts and not for the first time that morning? Or the first time full-stop. “Well,” she breathed, “it’s impossible not to notice.” She voiced the answer to her own question concerning her compunction. “It’s almost pornographic?” Ashleigh tore her eyes away, as Simon climbed aboard his bike, and clipping his shoes to the pedals, stood, applying the power of his thighs to the high gear ratio, pushing the bike forwards. Ashleigh’s eyes flicked longingly one last time, to his covered, but easily perceivable appendages, then watched his delectable rear, disappear off down the road. Wondering how men could perch upon that strip of plastic, called a ‘saddle’, without doing themselves an injury, particularly when they were rather well endowed?

“Wow,” she breathed realising that the water in the kettle, needed to be re-boiled. “Wow.” She said again, her stomach still fluttering, harder than it had in what seemed like a very long time. “That is one handsome young man and one fit body, as for the…” She left that thought where it was and boiled the water in the kettle again.

And so it was, for the past two weeks, Ashleigh had been rising early, to catch her glimpse of this Adonis. With each viewing, with each voyeuristic session; that feeling within her was growing. And this morning, caused a long-awaited, but predictable reaction.

The summer heat had not really lost much of its oppressiveness from the day before, and that night, Ashleigh decided to wear a small bright-blue negligée. Her husband had bought it for her, mainly because it was see-through. She liked it because of the sheerness of the material, it made her feel sexy, but it also kept her cool, whilst prudently covering her; though in reality, it was as opaque as a piece of glass. It hung to mid-thigh, and hid nothing of the darkened flesh of her nipples, the round fullness of her breasts, nor the slightly darker hair of canlı casino her pubis.

This morning Simon was later than usual starting his early routine and Ashleigh was about to turn away in disappointment. The sun was already streaming over the trees and directly into her kitchen window, when Simon finally appeared. Ashleigh was right at the window at the time, in her eagerness to see Simon go through his stretches. As he stood his bike at the curb and started his stretching, Ashleigh noticed a change in the shape within his cycling shorts. The soft mass of curves and bulges, no longer looked like a soft mass? She stared more intensely, leaning ever closer to the window. ‘Was it a trick of the light or was he…?’

The sun upon Simon’s back created a golden halo effect that made Ashleigh gasp. It was like he was indeed blessed by the Gods. The effect so bright, that she needed to shade her eyes, she raised her hand to shield her vision, just as Simon clambered upon his bike. Ashleigh’s mouth was dry. She was desperate to see if what she thought was going on in those tight shorts, was going on in those tight shorts, and if it was, she wanted to see all of it. She had stopped breathing, for how long, she had no clue. Her insides churned and tumbled and her legs felt weak. Were it not for the burning sensation spreading out at the base of her stomach, she would have said she wasn’t well? But as she looked at Simon’s growing and stiffening appendage once more, she confirmed what she knew to be true. It was no-longer a soft supple mound of flesh captured tightly by his cycling shorts, but a lengthening ridge of growing erection. As she watched, her mouth falling slightly open, Simon turned, climbed aboard his bike and waved at her, smiling as he hastily left. “Shit!” Ashleigh said to herself, stepping back from the window, far too late to reverse what had already happened. She felt a dribble of warm fluid run down her thigh and was shocked by the state her body was in, just by ogling the young man from next door. She lowered her arm. “Fuck!”

On trembling legs, she walked up to her bedroom and lay upon the bed. “Fuck. He saw me. He knew I was there; he must have known the whole time? God, he thought I was waving at him.” It then dawned on her that he would have been able to clearly distinguish her naked breasts through the see-through blue negligée. Particularly if her nipples were doing what they were doing now? “Oh, God, you might as well have been standing there naked,” she groaned. The thought giving her more pleasure than recrimination. She placed her hands over her wayward nipples, removing them from her sight as if they offended her. But the pronounced thumb-sized erections would not be put off that easily. Being even more sensitive in this state than they had felt for what seemed like many years, they immediately sent heavenly messages of pleasure through to her already moist loins.

“Ohhh noooo.” Ashleigh groaned, slowly lifting her hands and seeing the nipples bounce back in excitement. She knew what her body was asking of her and she knew after what she had witnessed that morning, she was too weak to refuse it.

Pulling up her transparent negligée to her waist, she opened her legs, raising the right one and creating a figure four shape. Her finger slipped through her neatly trimmed, black pubic hair, immediately finding her clitoris, which to her surprise felt large and swollen to the touch, even before she had started to play with it. “Wha…what’s going on…?” As her finger touched the bundle of sexual nerve endings her legs snatched together and upwards in convulsion. “FUCK!” She screamed to the empty house. “FUCK…Simon, what have you…oooohhhhhh God.” Her finger’s gentle touch upon the swollen nub, had been all that was needed. The fingers of her other hand slipping into the silky wetness of her coral folds. Her lips were enlarged, her wetness a flood. Already she could feel the sheets between her legs were damp with her juices.

She gasped, closing her eyes. Visualising the last images, she had of Simon, burned now indelibly on her mind, as she pushed her intruding fingers into her tight cunt. She began to slowly pump them in and out of her hole. Her groans of pleasure accompanied by the wet sucking sound of her pussy lips and vaginal sphincter. She thought more about Simon, the sun behind him, silhouetting his body in darkness until he had turned to reveal himself in all of his youthful glory. Rampant, alive, powerful and full of energy. With pussy-wet fingers she took a nipple between thumb and finger, teasing it with little nipping squeezes as her other fingers roamed about her vaginal channel, coating her clitoris in her translucent fluid. She panted as her orgasm finally subsided. Bringing her breathing back under control and slowly allowing her legs to slide back down, no longer in spasm, she groaned loudly to herself. Her thoughts coalesced with the clarity of ecstasy. “He was getting erect? He was getting a hard-on, wasn’t he? Maybe I saw what I wanted to see, but…no. Surely, he wasn’t getting hard because he could see my virtually naked breasts? And kaçak casino he thought I was waving at him, Christ, what must he think?”

Ashleigh looked at the snail-trail of vaginal fluid she had left on the gauzy material covering her nipple, and sat up. She stood on shaky legs. “Oh Simon, have you just made an older woman’s day. I’m going to be good for nothing else.” She stripped the bed, threw her negligée and the sheet into the wash and headed for a cleansing shower. She knew she would have her body clean in minutes, but what was running through her head, would take more than a morning shower to remove. Her self-pleasure had come at a price. That price had been the realisation and acceptance that she had a fixation. The issue was, whether to act on it, or whether to move on from it, assuming she had a choice with either?

Her shower had been a turmoil of hot splashing water and lewd, confused thinking. Her conscience cried out for her to stop what she was thinking. The young man was only 18, she was old enough to be his mother. But the devil that was her body on the other hand cried out for the pleasures of the flesh, something that she had not received from anything other than her own hand, for a considerable amount of time. “Oh fuck… what do I do now?” Ashleigh asked her reflection, as she stood before the mirror naked, combing out her long, wet hair. “This is going to get complicated.”

Ashleigh’s daughter was with her ex-husband for the summer, so Ashleigh felt the pangs of loneliness all the more. The house, that once echoed the sounds of her young daughter was silent. She struggled to go about her chores, thinking what was the point? And besides… her mind returned to more carnal thoughts again and again. “Just how big did that thing look?”

The mid-morning sun was high in the sky, Ashleigh decided that it was better to perhaps do some sun bathing, rather than to mope about the house feeling sorry for herself. She nipped back upstairs and put on the skimpiest bikini she could find and grabbing some towels and some lotion, went downstairs and out into the garden. She already had a sun-lounger out from a couple of days back, so put her stuff on that. Then, popped back inside to get herself a drink. She grabbed a bottle of white wine from the fridge, picked a glass from the cupboard, her sun-glasses and a book, and headed back outside. She settled down on her front. Unclipping her bikini top so that she was not left with any strap marks in her tan and proceeded to read.

She did not notice that Simon was already in the garden doing the same thing. Enjoying the delights of the outdoors. He sat with his large A3 pad resting on his knees sketching this and that, whatever took his fancy at the time. He was treating the images as an exercise of hand and eye co-ordination, timing himself to complete a sketch in no more than fifteen minutes before moving on. It kept his drawings fluid and loose. A technique he liked, as he would often tighten up in detail if he was not strict with himself.

He noticed Ashleigh lay down on the lounger next door. How could he not? He was a red-bloodied 18-year-old and she was hardly wearing anything. Besides the fence panels had been down between their two properties for a little while now, so it was not as if she was unaware of the possibility that she was going to be seen? And for Simon, of course she made the perfect object for study, facing away as she was, with her feet towards him and her body pointed away, it was a very good study of foreshortening of the human body. He got to work immediately.

Simon had done many life studies now. Usually they were older men or women, chosen for the difficulties that older skin, hair, beards and saggy flesh give to the artist and making for interesting, if completely unerotic subjects. But occasionally he would be put in front of attractive younger women. Immediately he felt awkward and he would struggle working on their form. Often, he would pick safe areas; arms, hands, faces, backs or legs. Avoiding their breasts or bums or genitals. He wondered whether the other guys in the class felt the same, or what the girls felt like studying other women? Though that was probably the same as him studying naked young men, he easily got lost in the ascetics.

But Ashleigh was not aware he was there and whilst he knew he should ask her if she minded being drawn, he knew that he would not then be able, if she acquiesced. Not that he had the courage to anyway, so it was all a bit academic. Whereas drawing her like this, without her knowledge, gave him more freedom and made him feel less awkward.

He studied all aspects of her, her feet, her legs her bum and her back. Paying particular attention to the soft curves of her bum, her slightly parted legs allowed him to see as far as the gusset of her bikini bottoms. These ‘softer’ areas were in stark contrast to the harder planes and valleys of her shoulders and back as she rested on her elbows. Having done some loose sketches, he elected to work on some detail. Her back, her feet and her bum. He spent the next hour lost in what he was doing. Shading, highlighting, creating and criticising what he was doing until satisfied. He then tackled her bum area again, only this time, he removed her bikini bottoms, electing to draw her naked.

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