Ashley’s Army Life

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This story goes back many years… Ashley enlisted in the army for several reasons. To see the world she wanted to see as much as she could without paying for the airfare. To get away from home, as her family was not close ever since she told her mother that her father was having an affair, both stopped talking to her. But most of all she wanted to meet men, lots of men. She had a passion for men, wanting to seduce as many as she could. Maybe the army would be her grand opportunity for lust and lots of it. Ashley was not looking for love or a relationship, she wasn’t ready for that nor was it on her do to list.

This is her story.

One day in June, Ashley Gerard walked into the recruiting office and stood in line for what felt like hours. As she stood there Ashley of course was checking out the others in line; mainly women whom disappointed her, but the odd man she gave her once look over.

“NEXT”… it was her turn, she took a seat and began answering the questions that the recruiting officer fired at her.

“Yes ma’am, no ma’am. To serve and protect my country ma’am.” After about half hour of questioning, an officer came into the room and escorted her to the medical office.

She was told to put on a gown and lay down on the table and doctor would come in for her physical. Did this mean she passed the questionnaire? As she lay on the table she looked around the room and noticed pictures of women in the army, suddenly the doctor and a nurse came in. “Ashley Gerard? 22 yrs old is this correct?” the doctor said looking at her chart. “Yes sir,” Ashley responded.

The doctor proceeded to check her heart rate, her blood pressure, and then suddenly asked how active sexually she was. She gulped, “Well sir I had a steady boyfriend until two weeks ago, and we had sex every weekend for about 3 yrs.” He wrote something down, looked at the nurse and she turned around and set up a tray. Looked like she was going to get an internal exam.

The nurse told her to lift her legs and put her feet into the stir ups, turned on a lamp and pushed her knees apart. “Ok Doctor she’s ready.” The doctor slide off on his stool with his plastic gloves on… and started to push his fingers inside her.

He was rough; he moved his hand on top of her stomach and pushed down. “No she’s not pregnant,” he said to the nurse. Felt around some more and did a pap smear. He gave the swab to the nurse, who left the room must be taking it to the lab, she thought.

The doctor got up and felt her breasts, saying he was checking for unusually lumps and bumps. He looked into her eyes and said she had a nice pair and commented on her hard nipples. Then he put his fingers back in her vagina and well lets just say Ashley couldn’t hold back and came on the table. She didn’t question him as she enjoyed it as well as wanted to make sure she got in the army, which was her main goal. As she came the doctor laughed turned around and pulled off the gloves as the nurse came back in and said everything was clear. “Okay Ashley Gerard, you cleared your physical now you have to go to the uniform department.

The nurse left and the doctor turned back to Ashley, he whispered,” If you want to have more of me (he pushed his cock so she could see the size through his pants) here is my private number?” He winked and left the room.

As Ashley got dressed she wasn’t sure what to think of that, she brushed it aside and went down the hall to the next room to get her uniform fitted. She opened the door the room had three women ready to make the uniform fit. “Come in Ashley Gerard, and take off your clothes!” said the one woman closest to her. Ashley did as she was told; she wanted them to see how obedient she was. She stepped out her pants and top and one of the other women snapped “ALL of your clothes”. She took off her bra and panties and put them neatly on the chair near her. She walked towards the three women. She stood at attention her arms at her side, her breasts were firm and perky, her nipples stood at attention too. Now let me tell you Ashley was a beautiful woman, long blonde hair that she had put up in a roll on her head, she was very fit and her body was in great shape. If you were wondering she was a 38D, 30 waist and 32 hips. I know this as the women measured her for her uniform and it was all written on her chart.

Ashley felt odd, as she never had women touching her like this. Their hands on her breasts, and between her legs, it did make her get a little wet, which one woman noticed and gave her a dirty nasty look. Two of the women left the room and the nasty woman told her to spread her legs again as she took the ruler and measured for her inseam but she pushed the ruler into her pussy. Ashley wanted to grab her head but she just stood at attention and very still. The woman started to laugh as Ashley started to move to the ruler being pushed in and out of her pussy. Again Ashley seemed to reach a point where she came. The door flew open and with the other two women entered a tall older man. The ruler Onwin dropped to the floor and Ashley put her legs together.

He was obviously a major or someone high up on rank. He walked around Ashley and looked at her chart. The women put a pile of clothes on the chair and took her clothes away.

Now Ashley was standing still looking ahead feeling kind of embarrassed standing naked in front of this man, but she was demanded not to show it. “Sir may I speak freely sir?” “No you may not, Ashley Gerard, you have an excellent chart and you seem like the kind of woman we are looking for. Are you willing to train very hard over the next 3 months?” “YES sir,” she shouted and saluted. He walked around her once more and shouted, “Give me 20 pushups!” Ashley snapped to the floor and started with her pushups, he was impressed then put his foot on her back but she kept going. As he counted 20, she got on all fours as she tried to stand up; she was praying to herself that he would not try anything with her. But no luck, he was behind her, and before she knew it he pushed his cock deep inside her, holding her breasts real tight he pushed in deeper, (another rough one she thought). He pulled out and came on her back. She just stayed in that position until she heard the door close.

She got up and wiped herself off, she started to cry but fought the tears; she wanted to seduce a lot of men and treat them just like that. She got dressed into the uniform, she was doing up the buttons as another woman officer walked in the room.

“Hi, I’m Lieutenant Lacier and you will be in my company. Please follow me and I’ll show you where you will be staying for the next 3 months. Do you need to call home or let someone know where you are?” “No, ma’am.”

This took place about 6 years ago, Ashley worked hard and become a well-known army cadet; because of her hard work and training, she moved up the ranks quite quickly. (I’m not positive if it was because she slept with most of the commanding officers.) She had had sex with many army men on her way, in many ways.

Now she become a Sergeant and her job was to inspect new cadets and train them for “special Ops”. She arrived at Fort Wayne and went to inspect the new recruits. She marched in the barracks with Sgt. Rogers. “Aaaattention!” all the men jumped up out of their cots, and stood in two straight lines wearing only boxers and t-shirts and were ready for inspection. She walked up and down the lines looking the men over they all looked her over too. She almost seemed like a lioness prowling and barking orders at the men. “Stand up straight, eyes front, take the smirk off your face” etc.

Suddenly, she comes upon a handsome soldier (sandy blonde hair, tall, blue eyes) who is clearly ill at ease. As she carefully looked him over, she discovers why: he is sporting a quite sizable erection! At first, she is mildly amused at his embarrassment and decides to take the opportunity in her own hands.

“Soldier! Is that a grenade in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” The young cadet fumbles for words but none are adequate. Ashley’s second-in-command rushes over to chastise and berate the fearful recruit but Ashley signals him to back off.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, ass-wipe!” Ashley shouts at him. “You think because I’m a woman you can disrespect me like this?”

“No sir … uh … ma’am!”

“Then get that thing down before I break it off!” she fiercely orders.

The young recruit’s emotions are clear on his face: confusion, fear, embarrassment and nervousness all play a part. “I’m trying, ma’am, uh, sir.”

“I gave you a direct order, fucker! What have you been doing, jacking yourself off on Army time?”

“No, no, sir … ma’am!” The corners of his eyes are noticeably moist and his Adam’s apple is bobbing frantically in his thin neck as he struggles for an elusive composure. “I can’t help it,” he whines helplessly. “It won’t go down.” The other soldiers snickered.

Ashley shouts, “That’s enough. All of you down and give me 40”.

The soldier hesitates and looks around, searching vainly for help that is not forthcoming as perspiration beads on his forehead. “It’s… because… um… because… I… you…” he starts to whisper.

The soldier takes a deep breath, fixes his eye on Ashley and blurts, “Because you are the prettiest and most sexiest woman I have ever seen in my entire life, sir – uh, ma’am… I’ve never been this close to anyone like you before and my body lost control. I’m really, really sorry, ma’am.”

“SORRY?” Ashley barks. “Sorry is not a word we use in the Army! But sorry is the least of how you’re going to feel when I’m done with you, soldier! I’m going to show you just what I do to men like you who can’t control themselves around me. Second-sergeant, send this man to my office dressed in his skivvies immediately after inspection, for discipline! The rest of you are to go on the obstacle course and not to come back until you do it in 10 minutes time. Do you understand?” Onwin giriş “YES Sir!” they all shout in unison.

She walks out in a huff. There is a collective sigh of relief from the recruits as the door slams behind her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Ashley is sitting at her office desk doing paperwork when she hears a knock at the door. “Come in,” she says without looking up.

The door opens and closes. “Cadet Potts reporting as ordered, Ma’am!” comes the now familiar shaky voice.

For a long while Ashley does not look up but continues with her work before she asks, “What did you say your name is cadet?”

“Private Potts, Sergeant ma’am!”

“Private Parts, you say?”

“Uh, no ma’am. Private Troy Potts, ma’am!”

She finally looks up at him with a steely-eyed expression. “Are you calling me a liar, Private Parts?”

“No, ma’am. Never.” His face reddens in anxiety.

“That’s better. Where are you from, Private Parts?”

“Ma’am. I was born in the Yukon, ma’am!”

“A Canuck, eh? Not many women like me there, huh?” she teases.

“Ma’am. There are NO women like you there!”

Ashley sits back in her leather chair and blatantly eyes his crotch. “So, you think I’m beautiful?” she says more softly.


“So you think I’m sexy, huh?” she purrs.

Troy watches her warily, not knowing how to respond.

“Why is that, Private? Is it my long, shapely legs that turn you on?”

“M-m-ma’am?” he sputters.

“Is it my big, firm 38D tits?”

Troy blinks his eyes in confusion as he attempts to steady himself.

“… Or the way I swing my tight little ass when I walk? Tell me, Private. I want to know. Is that why your dick is so hard now?”

“Y-yes, ma’am. It’s all that…and more,” he confesses.

“Really,” Ashley says as she pushes her chair away from her desk. “Then, Private Parts, say hello to my private parts.” Ashley lifts her leg and drapes it over her chair armrest, giving Troy a fully exposed view of her almost hairless pussy under her uniform skirt. She puts a hand between her legs, and using two fingers, opens her slit so he can see the moistness of her hot, pink flesh.

Troy feels his knees go soft as the blood begins to drain from his brain into his crotch, making his cock throb with lust and passion. His mouth opens but he can only manage a low moan.

Ashley smiles seductively. “Now, let’s get something straight, soldier. I give the orders here. Your job is to follow them without question and without fail. Understood?”

Potts nods eagerly.


He responds with a strangled, “Y-yes, sir, uh, ma’am!”

“Good,” Ashley says. “Now bring your cute self over here and lick my hot little hole just the way I tell you to or you’ll be doing time in the brig for insubordination!”

The private’s mind is circling in a blind surreal fog as his army training kicks in and meticulously follows the orders of his superior.

As Ashley beckons him forward, she slides her fingers in and out pussy until they are well coated with the musky fluid that drips from the textured walls within. She tells Potts to kneel before her and open his mouth. Then she inserts those fingers wipe them on his tongue and across his trembling lips. All the while, she keeps her eyes locked to those of the young recruit.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” she sighs.

As the tingling within her body rises in of physical need Ashley takes Potts by the head and forcefully pulls him into the V of her spread crotch. Instinctively, he seems to know exactly what is expected of him and he sinks his tongue into the soaked slit of her pussy–lapping and licking like a hungry pet. Ashley involuntarily bites a corner of her lip as her eyes rise into their sockets. “Ooooooohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm!” she moans. Her nipples protrude uncomfortably into the sheer bra she wears and she quickly unbuttons and removes her regulation white blouse and the lacy bra beneath it. She leans further back into the chair while pushing her round butt cheeks forward past the edge and places her heels on the desk before her.

The private greedily dips his warm tongue inside her hole, rolls it around one way, then the other and slides it around and around her fleshy lip before pulling her clit between his lips firmly but gently ending a flourish that allows it to pop out before he attacks it again. “Fuck yeah!” she cries out approvingly.

Potts’ cock is now swollen beyond belief and throbs in rhythm with the beating of his heart. Absent-mindedly he puts his hand down his pants and strokes it–gently at first but then with increasing forcefulness. He opens his pants and lets his cock out. Now his whole body quakes with the unendurable desire to fuck the moaning sergeant. To fuck her long and to fuck her HARD!

Defying all his senses and all rules of rank he quickly rises before her to lift his left leg above her head and direct his now massive cock into her mouth. “Mmmmfffffff!!” Ashley did not complain but sucked it in eagerly as she adjusted her mouth to accommodate its size all the while massaging and manipulating her clit and the wet folds around it–her fingers slipping and sliding and pushing and pulling madly. The stabs of electric lust shot throughout her body making her shake and groan without control. The hot juices rolled out of cunt and slid down the crack of her ass to puddle beneath her. All the while Potts cock was being pushed in and out of her mouth, giving her a “taste” of what was to come.

Several minutes later Ashley pushed Potts out of her mouth, got up and quickly bent over the desk with her khaki skirt rumpled high around her waist with her beautiful bare ass exposed. Her full breasts flattened against the desktop as she reached back to pull her butt cheeks widely apart as if for inspection. “Yeah! Get in there!” she ordered. Potts came up behind her–his saliva-slicked cock at the ready–and began to move the puffy head into her dripping opening.

“No, mother-fucker!” Ashley yelled suddenly. “Don’t fuck me yet! Finger my pussy while you suck my asshole! Lick it and suck it all over. And stick your fingers deep into my pussy!” Potts followed her instructions precisely.

Moans, sighs, grunts and startled whispers filled the room as the female sergeant and the male recruit gave in to their wanton urges. Finally, Ashley gave the signal to mount her. “All right… I’m ready to get fucked. Are you ready to fuck me?” Before he could respond Ashley said, “It doesn’t matter! Just get your cock up in there and fuck my cunt HARD!!” And he did with all the urgency of a leashed pit bull straining at its chain. As his veined cock entered her, Ashley could feel the sweet tension of the walls of her pussy as the skin pulled and stretched more and more and more. “Oh god oh god oh god oh god!!! Aaawwwww FUCK YEAH!!”

As his cock pushed slowly into pussy her mind ran with enormous sensations of sheer pleasure! “Ooooooohhhhh ggggooooood yyyyyyyeeeeeeesssssssss!!!!!” she cried out. Her body was no longer her own to control. Troy’s cock pushed even deeper into her until finally he filled her completely and began to move his magic wand in and out – again and again, robotically and spasmodically in time with his own shattered breathing. Soon, Ashley could feel the rhythmic slap of his engorged balls against her swollen clit. It began to be all too much for both of them. Ashley struggled to look behind her into his eyes, as she demanded, “GodDAMN motherfucker! Fuck me-Fuck Me-FUCK ME!!… Harder! Yeeeaahh… Harder… Oh! Fuck Yeah! Like that! God I can really feel that big cock working my pussy to death.”

She closed her eyes tightly to concentrate on the force quickly building up within her and she knew the time was near. She was about to go over the edge. It hadn’t felt this good to her in a long time. She savored the feel of this young recruit’s massive cock pounding her pussy mercilessly. It felt good to be bent over in front of him with her naked ass up in the air and the juices of her cunt sliding down her leg.

Suddenly… “Oooooooooohhhhhhhhhh Ggggggggooooooooooodddddddddddd!!!!!!! Oooooooohhhh! Ooooohhhhhh! Ooooooohhhh!” And with one last frenetic burst Ashley and Troy both burst their last orgasmic bubble with a great deal of head thrashing and hand grabbing and teeth gnashing.

Completely drained, Troy pulled out of the Sergeant’s pussy with an audible “Slop!” into the waiting chair behind him. They both needed time to catch their breaths as they felt the sweat cool on their skin.

After they dressed, Ashley orders him to get cleaning supplies and return to clean up the mess they made all over her office. As she makes her way out the door she tells him, “I’ll be back in two hours. When I return I want this place spotless or you’ll know what hell is, maggot! Now hop to it!”

After several weeks and intense training there was 10 recruits that survived Ashley’s training, and were moved on to the next level to join the Special Ops Corp. Troy was one of them. He and Ashley had several more specialized training sessions, as did most of the other recruits. Many thought that if they didn’t have a session with her they would not make it.

Ashley was getting quite the reputation but she didn’t care; she wanted men and lots of them. But she was also a very good drill and training sergeant all the cadets she trained become the best in their fields.

The years past and now Ashley was about 32, still very sexy and good-looking but her ‘specialized training” sessions were not quite as often. She had become more picky and choosey. She was now a Major and didn’t do training any more she was now the commander of Delta Force’s training center.

She called for an inspection all the men and women were called out of their sleep as Ashley marched into each barrack, checking and looking for anyone missing or not in proper form. Looking up and down every soldier. Until to her surprise she came across a familiar lump in a set of boxer…. She looked up… “Why Private Parts? How are you?” “Sorry Ma’am, its Lieutenant Potts, this is my crew here.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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