Ashley’s Temptations Pt. 02

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The following story is fiction and does not describe any real person or situation in particular. All characters are at least eighteen. This story is PART TWO of the “Little Ashley” trilogy and is more effective if you read PART ONE first. – xoxo Daphne123


It had been almost a month since the October mid-term exam. Almost a month since Ashley, the high school senior, a girl I’d known since she was little, sucked my cock dry during class while hiding under my desk. Almost a month since she had crawled on my desktop, spread her legs wide, and asked me to fuck her beautiful, young, tight pussy. Almost a month since Ashley began playing with my mind, and I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Now it was November, the day of the annual local holiday parade. The weather was gorgeous, and all the high schools in the area had their floats, bands, cheerleaders, color guards, and dance teams there. It was always a fun event to attend, and I had lots of students in the various groups.

I was walking around in the large open field where parade participants waited their turn to begin the route. Finding the area where groups from my school were located, I mingled and said hello to various people that I knew. When I got close to my school’s dance team I heard a squeal of surprise and delight from one of the girls.

“You came!” It was Ashley. She ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck, her dance team pom-poms swishing around my back as she gave me a huge hug.

It felt wonderful to hug Ashley like we had always done since she was little. When she pulled back I got a good look at her. The dance team girls were wearing their black warm-up suits over their dance uniforms. The jackets zipped down the front and had each girl’s name monogrammed on the side. What made my cock hard though was that Ashley had put her gorgeous dark hair in long pigtails that came down on both sides past her shoulders. The pigtails were held in place with two little red bows. For the final touch, Ashley was wearing a really cute pair of silver snowflake earrings that dangled and bounced with her hair. She looked like the holiday version of every guy’s fantasy schoolgirl.

“Awwww, Ashley you look so cute,” I said trying not to make it obvious how turned on I was. The hair, the bows, the earrings were all playing with my mind. It was hard for me not to see Ashley as the little girl she used to be. Now, I was seeing the unbelievably hot high school senior Ashley who had arranged her hair to LOOK like a little girl. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“Thanks,” Ashley smiled at me and cocked her head to one side. “I wore it like this for you.”

“I like the bows,” I said gently tugging on her pigtailed hair, “you look like a present.”

Ashley leaned closer and whispered softly in my ear. “I am a present…for you.”

My heart jumped as Ashley giggled and kissed me on the cheek. “Would you like to unwrap me?”

“What…here? Now?” I asked cautiously.

Ashley nodded with a slight smile. “Come with me.”

Taking my hand, Ashley led me towards the woods, looking back over her shoulder at me with the most beautiful smile, her pigtailed hair bouncing as we walked. I knew I should stop this right now before it went any further. After last month I promised myself I wouldn’t be tempted again, but I loved Ashley, and she was impossible to resist, so I kept walking.

As we entered the woods together, the noise of the parade became more distant and the sounds of leaves rustling with the gentle wind took over. I was grateful that there were a lot of evergreens in these woods. Whatever Ashley had in mind, we would at least be able to have some privacy.

Finally, deep in the woods, we reached a tiny clearing where a small picnic table was set up for hikers and campers to use. Ashley set her pom-poms down on the table and whipped around to face me.

“This area isn’t used anymore,” Ashley said wrapping her arms around my neck. “There’s no one around except us.”

Before I could say anything, Ashley closed her eyes and parted her lips, giving me the softest most loving kiss I’d ever had. Her teenage lips were moist and gentle, her long pigtails brushing up against my cheeks and caressing my neck. With every passing second my urge to resist her was weakening.

“Ash,” güvenilir bahis I begged between kisses, “please don’t do this to me. We shouldn’t be having this kind of relationship.”

Ashley pulled back and pouted her lips. “Don’t you want my little pussy?” With the pigtails and pouty lips it was like I was seeing the extremely hot eighteen-year-old version of little girl Ashley. It was so unbelievably sexy, and knowing that she was doing this to me on purpose made her even more desirable. She knew I was conflicted by seeing her as little Ashley, so she decided to make little Ashley hot.

“It doesn’t matter that I want you Ashley,” I was grasping for straws. “I can’t have you.”

Ashley smiled cutely as she got down on her knees and began undoing my trousers. “So you DO want me.”

“That’s not the point Ashley, its not…ohgod…” I stopped mid-sentence as Ashley gently pulled my rock hard cock out of my boxers.

“Its not what?” Ashley cocked her head to the side and smiled as she slowly unzipped her warm-up jacket half way down. I nearly passed out when I saw that Ashley wasn’t wearing anything underneath. One at a time, she reached into her jacket and pulled out her beautiful perky teenage breasts, tucking the fabric underneath and raising the zipper enough to support her gorgeous mounds so they hung teasingly over the jacket. She looked into my eyes for approval.

“Don’t you want to nurse on my cute little nipples?” Ashley pouted again, arching her back to present her perfect teenage breasts to me.

Ohgod. My heart was pounding and my cock was throbbing. She knew EXACTLY how to tease me, and I knew I wasn’t going to be able to resist her much longer.

“Its not right Ashley,” I was begging as she took hold of my cock and began pumping it slowly. “Ohgod…please Ash! I love you! Ohmygod…I love you so much, but you’re young enough to be my daughter!”

Ashley looked up at me with the most submissive eyes as she licked the tip of my cock.

“I love you too…daddy.”

Ohgod! That was it. My last inhibitions came crashing down as Ashley took my cock in her moist warm mouth and began sucking as if her life depended on it. Her pigtails caressed and tickled my inner thighs as her head bobbed furiously back and forth on my shaft.

“Ohfuck!” I cried out, taking hold of Ashley’s pigtails with both hands as if I was gripping the steering wheel of a car. Completely surrendering to my perverted desires, I began moving my hips in small thrusts, and I felt Ashley giggle in triumph. Ashley’s sucking and slurping noises mixed with her giggling and moans of pleasure were marvelous to hear as the warmth of her moist mouth enveloped my entire shaft, her perky breasts bouncing invitingly with each movement.

Continuing to work on my cock, Ashley unzipped her jacket and pulled it off her shoulders, unveiling her fantastic breasts in their full glory. Mygod they were perfect. Tossing the jacket aside, Ashley moved her hands to her hips, sliding her pants down over the curves of her amazingly firm ass. Mygod, she wasn’t wearing anything underneath them either!

Ashley smiled teasingly as she pulled away from my cock and stood up to finish removing her pants, wiggling her hips as she slid them down her gorgeous legs. Tossing them aside along with her shoes, Ashley climbed onto the table and moved to the center. As she positioned herself, I noticed she was purposely wearing cute, white, lacy, little girl socks which just added to the young Ashley look and played more games with my head. She had thought of everything.

Ashley was on all fours on top of the table with her beautiful young pussy completely exposed to me and ready to be fucked. She looked back at me over her shoulder with those gorgeous eyes, her pigtails and earrings dangling gently.

“Come on,” she smiled as she spoke softly. “Little Ashley wants you to fuck her soft young pussy. Please daddy, she can’t wait any longer. Don’t make her wait any longer.”

There wasn’t a straight man in the world that could resist the sight in front of me. Little Ashley, my student, on all fours in long pigtails, red bows, snowflake earrings, and little girl socks, begging me to fuck her.

I knew I shouldn’t, but I gave in.

Climbing onto the table behind her I lined up my shaft with canlı bahis the entrance to Ashley’s perfect teenage pussy, touching her soft labia with the tip of my cock.

“Ohgodyes!” Ashley braced herself. “Please daddy! Put your cock inside your little girl’s pussy.”

Damn, she was really getting into this role-playing, and the perverted part of my mind was turned on like never before. The desire to fuck little Ashley overwhelmed my better judgment. I HAD to have her, right now.

As I pushed forward, my cock parted her labia and slowly began to fill her young moist pussy.

“Yes daddy! YES!” Ashley cried out laying her head back as she felt my shaft tunnel into her and fill her tiny pussy completely.

“Oohhhhhhgoooooood!” Ashley moaned in beautiful pleasure as the walls to her young pussy opened like the petals of a delicate flower, stretching and adjusting to be able to handle my huge member. I pushed in all the way to the hilt, feeling her warm, moist, teenage pussy envelop me completely. As my cock rested deep inside her, I took in the sight of Ashley’s young, firm, and perfect ass wiggling on my impaling shaft directly in front of me. I suddenly felt the need to punish her for putting me through all her temptations.


I spanked Ashley’s ass hard, causing her to give the cutest girly yelp as her whole body jumped. It took her by surprise, but Ashley got right back into her role-play, looking over her shoulder at me with pleading eyes.

“I’m sorry daddy,” Ashley pouted. “Don’t spank me, I promise I’ll be good.”

Oh fuck she did it again! No matter what I did to her, Ashley was always able to turn it into another temptation, another way to make me feel even more conflicted. I began spanking her beautiful ass over and over out of sheer frustration.

“Dammit Ashley,” (SMACK) “What are you doing to me?” (SMACK) “You’re driving (SMACK) me (SMACK) OUT (SMACK) OF (SMACK) MY (SMACK) FUCKING (SMACK) MIND!”

With each smack that landed on her cute little rear, Ashley’s yelps got higher and higher in pitch until they sounded like yipps from a little puppy dog. Her pigtails flew back and caressed her smooth naked body as Ashley threw her head back and screamed.

“Spank me harder daddy!” Ashley cried out. “Please spank me harder!”

That was it. I had reached my breaking point. Little Ashley or not, student or not, I decided I was going to fuck the daylights out of her.

Grabbing Ashley by the hips, I began thrusting my cock in and out of her young teenage pussy in long full strokes, continuing to spank her with hard smacks on her ass.

“Ooooohhh yes!” Ashley cried out. “Yes daddy! Please fu- (SMACK) OH!! Please fuck me daddy!”

I started to pump her faster. “You little fucking tease, Ashley! You’ve been messing with my head for weeks! I can’t get you out of my mind!”


“OH!” Ashley yelped as another hard slap came down on her ass. Her pigtails whipped around as she looked back over her shoulder at me and flashed a naughty smile. “And you LOVE it, don’t you?”


“YES, DAMMIT!” I slammed my cock into Ashley over and over again, pounding her young pussy as hard as I could. “YES I FUCKING LOVE IT! YOU MADE ME LOVE IT!”

Ashley shook her head. “Um umm,” she smiled with a little bit of smugness as her pussy was getting mercilessly hammered. “You’ve wanted little…ohfuck…little Ashley’s pussy…oooohhh…for a while now. I’m just ma –…(SMACK) OH!!!…making you admit it.”

Dammit she was right. I wanted this. The teasing, the conflict, the danger, the desire, all of it. Most of all though, I wanted her. The realization hit me so hard it actually made me stop thrusting. When Ashley felt me hesitate, she looked back at me over her shoulder with those deep brown eyes and saw how genuinely conflicted I was about doing this to her.

“Hey, shhhh, its okay,” Ashley dropped the little girl act and spoke as herself. “Its okay, you can have me. I WANT you to have me. I love you and I want this just as much as you do.”

Ashley locked her eyes on mine, giving me a deadly serious look I had never seen from her before.

“Please give this to me,” Ashley spoke softly, her eyes welling up. “I wont break. I’m all grown up now, and I want you to love me. I need you to love me. So go bahis siteleri ahead, fuck your little girl.”

My eyes became misty as I listened to the words I so needed to hear from her. When she smiled back at me, I saw the Ashley I’d always known and loved since she was a little girl holding her teddy bear. With all the love in the world, I took one of her pigtails in each of my hands and tugged on her hair, raising her head slightly.

“Mmmmm,” Ashley closed her eyes and gave a content smile, bracing herself in expectation of what was coming.

“I love you,” I said ready to unleash a pounding on her young pussy.

Little Ashley giggled. “I love you too…daddy.”

In an instant I went from zero to full throttle, fucking Ashley like a relentless jackhammer. Her beautiful eyes went wide and in seconds she was screaming.


I pounded Ashley’s pussy deep and hard, holding onto her pigtails for balance as Ashley enjoyed the sensation of having her hair pulled while being pummeled from behind.

Ashley’s pussy gripped my cock from all sides beautifully, her young breasts dangling and swaying back and forth as my shaft slammed into her again and again.


The sounds of little Ashley screaming in pleasure as my cock hammered her pussy just made me want to fuck her harder.

“Mygod Ashley, you are so beautiful like this,” I said as her entire body convulsed in an ecstasy of pleasure. “Come on little girl, come for me.”


Ashley’s pussy clamped down on my cock as she came hard. Her girly screams were adorable as waves of unbearable pleasure crashed over her body. I was determined to keep going, so I held back my orgasm as long as I could and continued to ravage her.


I didn’t let up. The shaft of my cock glided across Ashley’s g-spot over and over and over as her screams of delightful agony echoed through the trees.


“That’s it little Ashley,” I said pulling firmly on her pigtails. “Come for me again!”

Ashley felt me tense up and knew I couldn’t hold back any longer.


“OH FUCK!!!” I cried out as I began to unload inside Ashley’s little pussy. She squealed with delight as she felt the warmth enter her womb.

“Oooooooohhhhhh! That feels soooooo good! Ohgod!! I can feel it daddy!! I can feel you coming inside me!!”

Ashley grabbed one of her pigtails and bit her hair in tension. Her muffled screams grew higher and higher in pitch each time my cock pulsated inside the walls of her tight pussy.

“UNNNHHH!!! UUNNNNHHHH!!! UUUNNNNNHHHHH!!!” Ashley’s teenage body was gorgeous to watch as orgasm after orgasm had their way with her.

After Ashley’s pussy finished milking my cock for everything it had, it released me from its vice-like grip and allowed me to slowly pull out of her, leaving Ashley panting and gasping for breath.

Physically spent, I weakly laid down beside Ashley, trying to figure out how to get my breathing under control before I passed out from the mind-blowing experience. Completely exhausted, Ashley rested on the table, turned her head towards me, and began sucking on her thumb like a little girl.

“Fhank you waddy,” she said with her thumb in her mouth, giggling at how funny she sounded.

I smiled and put my arms around Ashley, holding her smooth, beautiful, teenage body close to mine. For a while we held each other in silence, listening only to the sounds of our breathing as it began to return to normal. We got lost staring into each other’s eyes, her sweet beautiful smile making me realize just how much I loved being with her. My little Ashley.

Finally I spoke.

“You are one amazing girl,” I said gently caressing her beautiful face.

Ashley’s eyes sparkled. “You’re pretty special yourself.”

I kissed her ever so gently on the tip of her cute little nose. “So…since you’ll be in a new class for the spring,” I asked, “where will I get to see you again?”

Ashley giggled and wrapped her arms around my neck. “Would you believe…Paris?”

I raised my eyebrows in surprise as Ashley smiled teasingly and kissed me on the cheek. What did little Ashley have in mind for us next…

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