At Last…

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Big Tits

Joanna could not remember exactly how she had come to be pinned on the floor looking into the eyes of Matthew…

She remembered teasing him about his choice in women, or something like that, while they watched TV side by side on his black leather couch. Unexpectedly, he playfully tackled her and they went rolling onto the floor, laughing as each struggled to come out the victor…

Matthew had clearly won. His thick arms and strong hands pushed Joanna’s long, delicate hands into the carpet. She knew she had no chance of winning in the first place and enjoyed knowing she’d have no choice but to give in to his strength. She enjoyed the smile on his face as he breathed heavily. She enjoyed his probing fingers tickling her until she screamed with excitement. With her scream, Matthew seemed to snap out of his playful mood and now wore a face of intensity while looking down into Joanna’s eyes.

“What?” Joanna asked with a smile.

“Oh, nothing…it’s just…there’s something about me being on top of you and making you scream…” he grudgingly admitted.

Joanna’s face flushed and her body grew degrees warmer in seconds. How did she get to this point when she promised herself she’d behave while they were alone? She feared not being able to control herself. Even touching him was more than she could handle. There was some kind of fire between herself and Matthew she couldn’t control…didn’t want to control anymore.

She looked up at his furrowed expression, then down to his mouth and thought about his tongue ring. She had thought about it many times. Her partner didn’t have piercings and for some reason, the idea of smooth metal on soft, wet skin had always appealed to her. Her body grew noticeably warmer again and she turned away slightly to hide her flush. Still holding her hands into the ground, Matthew leaned down and kissed Joanna’s neck. The kiss multiplied slowly and drifted up toward her jaw. Joanna’s breathing rapidly increased as Matthew allowed the full weight of his body to press her. Her arms were released as he went down to his elbows and the kisses lain upon her neck transformed into small bites. His bites were gentle, and yet firm. Enough to cause Joanna to whimper in exquisite pleasure and pain.

Joanna’s mind raced. Her mind told her to say no, get up, and leave…perhaps never come back just to be safe. Yet, the kisses from Matthew’s wanting lips and the bites from his greedy teeth were enough to have Joanna reeling into desire. She did want him. She wanted so badly to lose herself to him and give him complete control. Matthew’s lips wandered over Joanna’s neck and jaw and stopped before her mouth. A moment of hesitation passed as they looked into each other’s eyes. Matthew’s eyes begged to go on and Joanna could stand it no longer. Her arm reached up and pulled his face into hers, feeling his lips for the first time. She moaned gently.

It was all over now…her resistance, her control…she surrendered to her urgent instincts and enjoyed his hands rushing over her clothed stomach and breasts. His lips opened, parting her own and his warm tongue found hers. Joanna couldn’t seem to catch her breath or control the fire being ignited between her legs. His tongue sought out all the crevices and alleys of her mouth and she dug her nails into the back of bahis siteleri Matthew’s neck lightly. Her tongue found the smooth metal ball it had been waiting for.

Matthew pulled out for a moment and whispered, “Play with it…use your tongue.”

Joanna couldn’t bear to have his mouth away from hers and pulled him back to her. Her tongue’s tip danced around the warm metal as their bodies writhed against each other. Joanna’s sense of urgency was heightened by Matthew’s own as she felt his hard cock growing between them. A surge began when Matthew grew so hot he removed his shirt and came back down upon Joanna. She knew how long he had waited to get her alone all to himself. She knew he wanted her for a long time.

Joanna’s arms reached around Matthews back and explored the supple muscles along his flanks as he began planting kisses further and further down her chest while teasing her mouth with his fingers. Matthew stood up, helped Joanna up, and led her quickly to the leather couch, where he removed her shirt as quickly and gently as he could in his animalistic haste. He moved in close, breathing heavily as he gazed over her luminous, large breasts encased in a black lace bra. The bra was quickly removed and within seconds, they were at each other again. Joanna’s long legs drifted apart as she reclined and Matthew laid himself heavily between them, kissing her lips and then moving down to her exposed breasts. The intensity of Matthew’s tongue ring against her nipples was enough to make Joanna’s hips buck and her back arch. Matthew pinched, then squeezed her taut nipples and licked them with ardent fervour.

Joanna’s moans were growing louder and she couldn’t help dragging her sharp nails up Matthew’s long back with each rush of ecstasy. His face twisted in slight pain, causing him to pinch and bite her nipples a bit harder as she scratched. She writhed under his touch and bucked her hips against his pressing groin. Matthew began rubbing her breast with the palm of his hand and came back up to kiss her again, driving his tongue into her mouth. His cock grew harder as Joanna rubbed her body against his hips.

Matthew could take no more teasing and began slipping off the tiny skirt Joanna had been wearing. Her black, lacy underwear went with it and as her body lay there exposed and inviting, Matthew had to hold himself back from taking her there and now. He knew she had longed for his tongue with the teasing metal ball and his thick, long fingers to stretch her.

Joanna’s hips continued bucking gently as her lover ran his hands down her inner thighs, teasing them open. She whimpered and begged, “Please tease my pussy…”over and over. Matthew had waited a long time for this…for her to beg and be completely at his mercy. He lowered his face near her warm cunt and breathed in her addictive scent. With his thumb, he rubbed her clitoris in gentle circles while using the tip of his tongue on her outer lips. Joanna gasped and breathed out quickly, her pussy beginning to contract slowly. His thick fingers pulled her swelled lips apart to expose the wet, dark pink flesh of her cunt.

Joanna whimpered and tried to control her bucking as Matthew whispered in a deep, teasing voice, “you want my tongue, don’t you?”

She managed a feeble, breathy, “yes….please…”

Her canlı bahis hands ran through Matthew’s hair, eventually trying to bring his face into her pussy. Matthew yielded, as he could hardly restrain himself, and used the tip of his tongue at her entrance, barely licking the surface, making her cry out softly. Finally, as he could not take anymore, Matthew pressed his tongue ring against the engorged flesh of her clitoris. Joanna moaned loudly and smiled, rubbing against his face and pulling his hair. Laying his tongue flat and wide, he dragged his tongue up from the bottom of her entrance to her sensitive clitoris and flicked it quickly. His tongue passed between her red inner lips and Joanna felt as if she’d pass out from the ecstasy of his tongue ring pressing against her entrance.

She did her best to control herself, but when he began rolling his tongue ring over her clitoris faster and faster, she cried out, “harder!…faster!…oh, yeeesssss…”

Matthew inserted a finger into her dripping pussy and felt her clenching down hard around it.

She moaned, “another finger, use another…” and Matthew slowly pushed two thick fingers into her seizing cunt.

She gasped and writhed so much Matthew had to restrain himself from having his way with her. His two fingers went in and out of her slippery entrance and built up speed. His tongue, rubbing with constant pressure over her clit, caused her to tighten and convulse. Joanna didn’t expect the rush of pleasure between her legs and yelled out as her orgasm took over…

Matthew slowed his tongue and fingers and smiled. He’d given the woman of his dreams an orgasm.

She looked at him, breathing heavily, and confessed, “I’ve never had an orgasm at the hand of another person before.”

Matthew smiled and stood up. She sat up and noticed the huge bulge in his jeans and asked if she could see what he was hiding. As he removed his pants and boxers, a huge, throbbing cock emerged. Joanna’s eyes stared at the member hovering at eye level and took it in both of her hands. Her long fingers and soft flesh caused his knees to weaken and when she began stroking up and down the length of his shaft, he had to hold on to the couch back for support. He had dreamed of Joanna manipulating his cock and ogling over it the way she was now. The idea of his fantasy coming true almost caused him to lose control and cum.

She looked up at him with her hypnotic blue eyes and lowered her mouth onto his manliness. She made her mouth tight and wet, pushing his cock into her mouth and then sucking hard as he pulled out. He knew he couldn’t take much more of this when what he really wanted was to fuck her. He wanted to have her and make her scream.

Her speed picked up and Matthew had to stop her abruptly, pushing her back down onto the couch. He put one of her legs up onto the high back of the couch and the other down onto the floor. Her legs being spread wide and her entrance still so wet and inviting made his cock jump.

As he lowered himself onto her, he whispered in her ear, “I’ve been waiting so long for this…”

To his surprise, she answered, “so have I.”

Her hands wrapped around his back as he brought the tip of his cock to her hot, slick entrance.

As he barely skimmed the smooth inner lips of her needy güvenilir bahis cunt with the head of his cock, she whined and whimpered, “please, don’t tease me anymore…I need you inside me…” and with that, Matthew pushed inside for the first time, nearly going blind from pleasure.

Joanna’s nails gripped into his back, leaving swollen, red half-moon marks. Matthew moaned in blissful agony from the tense grip in her nails and swollen cunt. He pulled his cock out slowly, enjoying the way her pussy didn’t want to let him go, and then pushed back into her again. He leaned down and kissed her mouth, their tongues searching wildly between their lips. With each powerful thrust driven into her, Joanna moaned and dug her nails into Matthew’s back and shoulders. Joanna’s cunt began to tighten and pulse as Matthew’s cock rushed in and out of her. Her breathing became quick and shallow. Matthew didn’t want her to cum just yet. He wanted her next orgasm to knock her unconscious and so, pulled out of her.

Joanna whimpered helplessly and cried out, “no!” as Matthew stood up.

He couldn’t hold back any longer and abruptly took her arms and lifted her up. She took well to being told what to do. Matthew brought her to the back of the couch and leaned her forward, telling her to bend over. She did as he commanded. Matthew spread her legs apart and stood back a bit to gaze at her tight ass, swollen cunt, and complete vulnerability.

He came up behind her, rubbed his cock against her pussy and asked if she was ready to cum again.

A breathy “mmm-hmmm” was all she could mutter as her cunt pulsed for release.

Matthew drove his member inside her and her whole body tightened in excitement. She gasped and moaned. Staring at her bouncing ass, he couldn’t help but ram into her faster and faster, pulling her hips onto him and reaching new heights inside her. Her long fingers clenched into the back of the couch and her breathing quickened yet again.

Matthew almost lost his control when she cried out, “smack my ass!”

Matthew thrusted faster into her cunt and smacked her right cheek, enough to leave a small red patch and she threw her head back moaning, allowing her long brown hair to cascade down. He ravaged her body, reaching under to grab her breasts and pinch the nipples, then ran his hands back around to her hips to pull her in harder and harder. Joanna felt wave after wave of pleasure pass over her and started to moan louder and louder. Matthew reached around Joanna’s hips to find her clit, pressing into it and rubbing in quick circles. He felt her pulse and tighten around his ploughing cock much faster than she had before. Her voice lifted higher and higher until finally, with Matthew’s stiff, ramming cock, she screamed with pleasure. Her orgasm weakened her instantly and it was all she could do to keep standing. Matthew felt her warm juices flow over his cock and made her so much slicker than before. He heard her scream and felt her entrance clench down on him. He couldn’t go any longer.

Joanna moaned, “cum for me…cum for me….”

Matthew thrust hard and released into her with a loud moan. It was as if electricity had shot through him, rendering him helpless to intense pleasure. He began to shake slightly and grabbed her hips for support. Eventually, he slumped over her and both breathed a bit more freely.

Later, they lay on the couch together, trading thank you’s.

Joanna smiled as Matthew grinned and whispered in her ear, “next time, you get to call the shots.”

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