At The End of a Long Week

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It had been one of those days. Well, one of those weeks if Rick was being honest.

As foreman/manager/cheerleader for his crew, sometimes the construction business could be more than a little draining.

He had been working a “four tens” week, and his boss had requested he come in on Friday, too – the regular crew was gone, and some specialty subs needed baby-sitting. His wife, his beautiful, oh-so-patient wife had been completely understanding.

“I’m really, really sorry” he had told her, “Fridays are supposed to be our time together.”

“Hun, we both knew when they promoted you that stuff like this would come up now and again. Honestly, it’s not a big deal.” Kelly’s voice had been soothing. He was apologizing to her, and she was trying to make him feel better.

“The other issue is, I really don’t know how long this day will be, either. No one else from our regular crew will be there, so I’ll have to handle all their responsibilities too while I watch the subs.”

He could hear his wife’s smile over the phone, “Are you being paid overtime?”

“Of course!” came his quick response.

“That’s fine then – and we’ll have all Saturday to make up for it!”

Rick smiled at the memory; he had totally lucked out in the “understanding wife” lottery. The day was finally done, and he was driving back from the jobsite – thinking about his wonderful wife was a good way to pass the time.

The jobsite was a huge mansion for some millionaire or other, which they labeled (ironically, he smirked) a “cabin” in the mountains. The views were all breathtaking of course, but to meet the needs of the owner they had to do everything from coordinating the new utilities lines to planning out the future landscaping (slope, water flow, etc.), and every tiny little thing in between. The specialty sub-contractors came in on Fridays to stay out of the way of the main crews, and usually the management team planned out who was doing what – due to this and that, he was stuck with the short straw at the last moment.

Oh, well.

Like his wife said, overtime.

The long drive home was feeling even longer, and although neither Rick nor his wife would have the energy to “do anything” later tonight, he was really looking forward to sliding into bed next to her and cradling her as they spooned. He was a weirdo, Kelly had told him more than once – he was the one guy in a million who actually enjoyed cuddling.

The highway merged into the canyon cutting down through the mountains, and he could feel his ears pop as the elevation dropped. The stars were out overhead, and although the air had been crisp and cold at the jobsite he knew it would be a little warmer in the valley where they lived. His thoughts went to his wife.

She was beautiful. No two ways about it.

This was a later marriage as they hadn’t met each other until they were both in their 30’s. He had been immediately drawn to her with her striking black hair, intriguing dark skin, and perfect poise. She was one-quarter Lakota, and held some mystery and natural grace about her – a proud bearing, and completely confident. Her eyes were many times a dark, dark brown, then sometimes they would shift and turn almost black as he would feel himself disappearing pleasantly into them.

She had moved around a lot in her teens and twenties, been a heavy hitter in the rodeo circuit, and knew how to handle herself in most any situation – he joked with his friends that if a fight every broke out, he was picking her to be on his side first.

She was firm and soft where each counted the most, with incredible legs, a gorgeous ass, beautiful arms, firm breasts each bigger than one hand could hold, dangerous grace like a panther, and (he chuckled to himself) no gag reflex whatsoever. Holy shit! The first time he experienced that, he thought to himself, he knew she was the woman for him.

And he – how had he lucked out? He was average in pretty much every way. A touch over average height, an ancestry of European countries whose inhabitants weren’t all that picky, and completely ordinary brown hair with a sleight natural curl.

His eyes – she liked his eyes as much as he enjoyed hers – were probably his best feature; caring and soft much of the time, they could snap to cold anger in a moment if one his family or crew was in danger or being threatened by another’s stupidity. His muscles came from a lifetime of hard work on construction sites – no way to ever confuse him with a body-builder – and until he had met her he knew his future would be entirely average, too. But, when he met this incredible woman all that had begun to change.

He started to care about his work. He gave his word and meant it. He finished what he started. He knew the future held hope, promise, and possibilities. In short, she made him a better man.

Maybe physically he was still totally average, but when others met him now they instinctively knew he was something more – Kelly had guided him to be a strong and capable man.

Who would have thought.

That Casibom was the real reason his boss depended on him so much – his wife had made him worthwhile.

The rest of the drive passed in happy reflection.


The neighborhood was so very quiet – no dogs were even barking and the crickets were only chirping tiredly, probably just out of reflex.

He passed a car parked against the curb in front of their house – he thought it was the cute number his sister-in-law drove – and slowly pulled into their driveway. The truck slid to a stop, he set the brake, and got out, closing his door as quietly as possible. Kelly had her car in the garage as per usual, and she knew where he hung the truck keys in case she had to get something in the morning and couldn’t rouse him to move the truck. Glancing at his watch he grimaced – in case she had to get something later today. Shit, it was late.

He double-checked his tool locker, making sure it was locked, then quietly made his way to the door and inside their home.

His fatigue did not prevent him going into full ninja mode as he put his stuff away and got ready for bed; brushing his teeth as quietly as possible and shucking all his clothes but his boxers while he was still in the bathroom. He was not going to wake his sleeping beauty.

If her sister’s car was here, she was probably either out with her friends or already asleep in the guest room – good to know who would be around tomorrow, at least.

He remembered with a twinge of embarrassment another morning after a late, late night, when he had thought to surprise his wife Kelly as she was in the shower. It was startling to discover how similar his wife and Nova, her sister, were in almost every respect, but that memory still made him blush – after that the “lock the bathroom door” rule went into full force!

Making sure the lights were off, he left the bathroom and felt his way to their bedroom, carefully sidling around the bed and slowly, slowly lifted the covers to slide in behind his wife. She murmured a bit as he spooned up behind her, and although the house was pleasantly cool he was delighted to discover she was wearing only the briefest of tank tops and her flossy thong panties.

Instantly hard, he curved his right arm under the pillows, bent his knees to match hers, and curled his free arm over her torso as he snuggled right up against her gorgeous back and perfect ass – his erection pushing against his boxers and pressing right between her cheeks. In reflex, she wriggled back against him and pinched his hardness as she settled herself. Rick’s breathing slowed, and he felt the tension drain from his muscles as he drifted off into a happy slumber.


He wasn’t aware of the transition into dreaming, it just sort of happened. And it felt so real.

He remembered groggily becoming aware that his wife was clenching her ass cheeks against his penis – clench, release, clench, release – slowly building a rhythm. He could feel an erection building, as well as a growing awareness of his surroundings.

Still feeling like he was in a dream, he began moving his hips in time to her rhythm, and started to make thrusting movements in time to her clenches.

As his arm over her side he moved his hand across the front of her torso – gently stroking with his fingertips – then felt for the lower hem of her tank top. Rick slid his fingers between her warm flesh and the material, and felt the firm, smooth swelling of her lower breast. As his fingertips traced her curves and drew closer to her nipples, he felt the heat rising as her nipples hardened. With a scissoring motion his fingers pinched her hot nipples, tweaking and turning, and his thumb caressed the swell of her breast.

During this concentration his rhythm had suffered somewhat, so he refocused and began bouncing his attention back and forth between stimulating her nipples and grinding his growing cock between her clenching ass cheeks.

Her movements shifted, and she began to slide up and down his erection as she gripped him. Her hand reached around awkwardly for his hip and pulled him against her, her rhythm gradually increasing in pace.

He shifted his arm until his hand which had been cupping your breast slid between her ribs and the mattress, then pulled her torso towards him and used this grip as an anchor.

Her breathing came in louder gasps, increasing pace with their movements, then she pulled away from him and, releasing his hip with her hand, quickly slid her thong panties down her smooth legs and kicked them free under the covers. She fumbled back around and hooked her fingers under the waistband of his boxers – he quickly let go of her rib cage, hooked his boxers with a thumb and yanked them down as far as he could reach.

Her questing hand found his cock, now hot and throbbing from their grinding, and wrapping her fingers around him she slid her tightening grip up and down the length of his shaft – pulling hard, desperately. He moved his arm back over her torso to get Casibom Giriş a firm grip for leverage, then as she guided him towards her ass he pulled her towards him.

He knew she enjoyed anal – they both did – but he knew it would hurt if he went in dry. A part of him still thought this could be a dream and that it would all be okay, but he would never forgive himself if this was truly as real as it felt in the moment, and he ended up hurting her. He let go of her ribs and reached behind him for one of the bottles of lube they kept on their nightstands, blindly feeling around and praying he’d grab it quickly.

Success! The bottle was right there! Rick swiftly palmed it and brought it to her hip; he popped the lid with one thumb as she continued to grind against him, then squirted the lube on her hip. It was cold and her heard her gasp – he scooped the lube up with his fingers and she pulled away just long enough for him to slather his hot and swollen cock. It was cold! But the sudden chill had no affect on his pulsing erection.

She gripped her ass cheek and pulled, easing his access to her anus; his heart raced as his need mirrored hers.

He felt across her abdomen to her hip, and held on; his other arm, bent at the elbow and supporting her head under the pillow, unfolded so he could get a firmer hold on her shoulders. He used his leverage to better time his response to her hips pressing back against him.

Feeling for the bud of her asshole with the tip of his pulsing, swollen cock, silently grateful for her hand easing the way for him, he found her sphincter and felt it winking with her need.

He pressed towards her, felt the tip glide in, and her anus clamped down. His wife gasped and froze for an instant, then quivered. She took in a deep breath and he felt her asshole unclench, and she thrust her ass towards his hips.

Bracing himself, he responded in turn – thrusting his burning cock into her rectum. The lube helped them glide together, and the motion was smooth.

She gasped as he pushed all the way in, his testicles pressing against her swollen pussy lips, then she held him there – clenching and relaxing, clenching and relaxing – his throbbing penis resting in her rectum.

His heart started beating again, his breath came back – he hadn’t realized until then he had been holding everything in. Gasping as quietly as possible, he started pulling back as she clenched, then slowly thrust as she relaxed.

Another rhythm built up – this one not so frantic as when they were dry-humping a few minutes before, and he felt like their hearts were beating together, shaking their bodies with each pulse, as he pulled back during her flexion and pushed in again as she opened.

In and out, in and out, in and out. He felt her muscles under his arms begin to unknot, and he shifted position to get better leverage and a better grip.

After a few moments, her breathing picked up again and she added her own movements to his – pushing her butt back against him in time with his thrusts, pushing quicker and quicker and with more and more energy. Their speed built back up, faster and faster – he felt sweat slicking their bodies and making his grip slippery – her breath came in stronger gasps and he heard her soft moans muffled in her pillow.

His cock was burning, his breathing ragged, and she pushed back hard and clenched tightly, not letting him pull out. She squeezed, released, and squeezed again, wiggled her ass, and her body trembled.

“Fuck” he whispered reverently, and was startled that even then he didn’t want to make a noise which would wake her sister. Then he felt it – his hips shook as his orgasm began. He felt burning streams of cum erupt from his dick deep inside his wife’s ass, burning and erupting over and over. He shook and moaned as quietly as he could, spent and sated.

He leaned closely to his wife’s neck, damp with the sweat they had worked up, and gently kissed her; she wriggled against him like a cat getting comfortable.

They stayed like that, his softening penis deep inside her, until his consciousness began to fade – he became dimly aware of her pulling herself off of him, and him helping to clean things up with the wipes by the bed, then he drifted off to deeper slumber vaguely disappointed he hadn’t done more to show his love to this amazing woman.


He was so tired.

His consciousness bubbled just under the surface – this week had been so long, and he hadn’t realized how incredibly soothing it was to spoon with his wife after such a bone-weary set of days.

Was that a dream? He dazedly asked himself, enjoying the warm memories of their bed and the aura of contentment emanating from his wife’s beautiful body.

Dimly, he heard voices and assumed they were fragments of dream. He felt hands gently turning him onto his back, pulling his boxers off the rest of the way from his legs, and a warm cloth cleaning off his flaccid member.

The impromptu bath, even though it was a dream, was soothing.

The cloth Casibom Güncel Giriş came back, warm and wringed almost dry of excess water, cleaned and massaged him more – the length of his penis, his scrotum, all around his lower abdomen and upper thighs. Then –

In his dream, this wonderful, soothing dream, he imagined a second set of hands – cool fingertips gently walking across his thighs and stomach, his chest, and tracing lines over his lower abdomen and genitals. He felt himself responding to this second touch added to the first.

The warm cloth disappeared, and was replaced by light stroking from the fingers which had washed him moments before. He felt the confidence of their owner as the fingers traced his scrotum, drew on his thighs, and lightly scratched over his belly. The second set of hands followed the first around, perhaps a little more timidly, but the sensations were just as enjoyable.

I won the dream lotto too! He found himself thinking, and smiled again.

“He likes it!” a woman’s voice said. “I think he’s waking up.”

“Of course he likes it – he’s a man” came a response laced with humor. As if through cotton, he realized the second voice was his wife’s.

That would mean – the first voice was her sister’s! He tried to jerk awake, to push her away from him or something, but he just couldn’t move. He grunted and couldn’t even open his eyes. Dream paralysis came at the worst time!

“Honey” Kelly’s voice soothed “it’s okay, it’s okay. Nova’s here, she’s with me, we know what we’re doing. Relax.”

He so wanted this to be a dream; he loved this as a dream. If it was real, things would become too complicated too quickly. But it was his wife’s voice soothing him – so it had to be okay.

The tension left his muscles, and he relaxed again.

“I want this, Honey, we want this. Let us do this. Pretend it’s all a dream if you want, relax. You’ve had such a long week, you work so hard, and we want to show you how much we appreciate you.”

He felt himself smiling again.

He felt the other woman move towards him – now he knew her as his sister-in-law Nova – and gently tie a soft blindfold over his eyes. The remainder of his tension dissipated and he made the choice to enjoy this – and buy into the fiction it was all a dream. Still, there was a part of him that wasn’t completely, entirely sure…

He felt the two women settle on the bed with him, his wife at his hips, her sister near his shoulders.

She smelled so much like his wife, and he remembered – she was just a couple years older, but the two were so much alike that they still ‘replaced’ each other at family get-togethers, just to tease people. Over the years he began noticing the things which helped him tell them apart; his sister-in-law was a little more serious around the eyes and moved a little differently, he supposed.

If his wife was a panther in her grace, her sister was a jaguar.

They both had the same night-black hair and flawless coppery skin, but her sister had just a touch more tension in her muscles and, if he was being honest, her breasts were just a slight bit larger. Not that he had ever stared at them and taken note of course, or that he had ever been caught looking as both sisters exchanged quick, laughing glances as he hurriedly found somewhere else to be while the embarrassment drained away. Nothing like that had ever happened on any of her welcome visits, not ever.

He often surreptitiously reflected on the two women whenever their attention focused elsewhere, enjoying the mental comparisons between their gorgeous legs, flexing calves, tight shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, their laughing smiles and happy eyes.

He couldn’t say he had ever even really daydreamed in any earnest about ‘hooking up’ with his sister-in-law, but both sisters knew he appreciated their beauty, and admired them as strong, capable women. And he knew he had never complained about the hugs and occasional kisses, either.

And now this, what was happening even if it was just a dream – he had never pressed for it, even in his ‘fantasy talk’ with his wife, but he knew whatever happened it would not be something he’d ever want to forget.

He felt his sister-in-law’s weight shift as she leaned closer to his wife; he felt his wife move as well as she adjusted her position on the bed.

Kelly’s hands, warm and soft, slid over his thighs and up to his crotch. He felt an instant warmth, and his penis started to grow. Both women made soft, delighted sounds, and the blood started rushing through him when he felt the second set of warm, soft hands on his hips, sliding to his belly, and coming to rest in his trimmed hair near his wife’s hands.

He felt himself hardening as both sets of hands began exploring his scrotum and penis. There was a brief pause from one set of hands then the other as they pulled away from him and came back with lotion, providing a startling, intense change of sensation.

His wife shifted her focus slightly to concentrate on massaging and stroking his thighs, hips, and scrotum, while her sister devoted her attention to the warming shaft of his erection. His breath caught as she circled him with both hands, then brought them up and down his length while winding her grip in alternate directions.

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