At The Library

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I am a 18 year old high school senior. I work at the local library. To celebrate the end of the school year, A few of the other people who work at the library decided to have a sleepover at the library. I was slightly concerned, because I was the only male who worked there. But, I went anyway. I was the last to arrive.

Also there was Alissa, a cute high school blonde who was had nice 36B breasts, Emily, a another high schooler who had slightly smaller breasts than Alissa, Sarah, a nice high school senior who had about 38B breasts, and finally, Penny, a cute 20 something redhead with about medium sized breasts. Penny was the chaperone for the night. I was the last to arrive.

A little about myself, I have a great body as I am on the swim team and football team. I workout a lot and am very muscular. I have had a few girlfriends, but nothing serious. Personally, I had a crush on everyone at the library. I walked in the library and ran into Emily.

“Ryan, I am so glad you made it. I thought you weren’t going to come, what with you being the only real man who works here!” I said, “I told you I would come. Where should I put my stuff?”

“Upstairs. Then you can come back down here. We are going to play a few games.”

I only became more concerned. What kind of games can you play in a library? Putting away books! But, I hurried back down.

As I walked by the security cameras I saw Penny turning them all off.

“Penny, why are you doing that?” I asked. “We don’t want anyone to see what we are going to do!” she said, with a wink. “Go down stairs, I have a fun game we are going to play”

I went down and I saw Emily, Sarah and Alissa all sitting in a circle. Penny was right behind me. I took a seat.

Penny said, “Are all of you comfortable with each other and trust me?”

I looked around the circle and everyone nodded.

“Good” she said “The game we are going to play is Sex Orgy.”

I was shocked to be sure. I had no idea that Penny was into any of that. I looked around the circle, and the three girls all seemed to be okay with this, and I didn’t want to look like a wimp, so I didn’t say anything.

Penny continued, “The rules are simple, there are three kinds of spaces, one where you do nothing, ones where bursa escort you draw a card, one where take off another person’s article of clothing!”

Again, as I looked around the circle, I saw no reaction or emotion from any of them. Penny opened up the game. It looked normal enough. We all took a piece, and placed them on the start space. Penny said she would go first.

She rolled a four and moved onto take an article of clothing. She looked around and turned to Emily, and took off her hair barrette.

Then, it was my turn. I rolled a two, and landed on a free space. The game continue like this for about four turns. Eventually, I was the only one who had noting removed, the girls all had hair pieces or shoes or socks removed. Emily was the most bare. Penny had landed on all take an article of clothing, and had taken something from Emily every time.

Then, it was Penny’s turn again. She rolled a one, and landed on another take an article of clothing. She turned to Emily, “Take off your shirt” I was in shock, for the first time, I saw Emily look worried, but she took off her shirt.

She had on a cute blue bra, her breasts looking constricted under her bra. My cock starting taking some movement in my pants.

Then, It was my turn. I landed on take a card space, the first of the game. I took a deep breath, and the card said turn to the person on you left and take off their shirt. I turned to my left and there was Alissa.

I said to her, my voice shaking a little, “I have to take off your shirt.”

She too looked a little nervous, but lifted her arms up and I removed her shirt. She had a flaming red bra on, with see through material, I tried not to look, but with her grin on her face, I could tell she was turned on, her nipples became hard.

Then Penny brought me back to Earth. “Alissa, your turn.”

She landed on take an article of clothing, she turned to me “Fair is fair. Take off your shirt.”

I reached up and took it off. I could see all of the girls admiring my six-pack muscles. Then it was Sarah’s turn. She was quivering a little as she rolled a two and move to a free space. She took a visible deep breath, and handed the dice to Emily.

She rolled a three and moved to take an article of clothing. She bursa escort bayan turned to Penny, “Take off your bra”

Penny reached under her shirt and removed a simple white bra. Then, it was Penny’s turn again. She landed on take a card space. It said “All players must remove their pants.” Penny stood up and motioned for the rest of us to do so. We all stood up, and as one removed our pants.

So, then, there stood Emily, only in a matching blue bra and panties, Sarah, standing there in her shirt and a purple panties, Alissa, in her matching flaming red bra and panties, Penny in her plain white panties and a shirt with no bra, and me standing there in my boxers, with a very noticeable tent in my boxers. I noticed all the girls looking with interest.

Then, it was my turn again. I rolled and landing on take a card space. I picked it up, it read, “Everyone, Get Naked!, then who ever drew this card must give one person oral sex for five minutes!” I read it in shock! I read the card, and everyone took off all their clothes. I slowly slipped off my boxers and stood there and took in the sights.

Alissa, the one who I thought had the smallest breasts, had the biggest! They were great. Everyone else looked really good.

I said, “Now, I have to give one of you oral sex”

They looked at each other, and then I said, “Alissa, you up for it?”

She looked around and said, “Is everything that happens here, stay here?”

Everyone said yes. She took a deep breath, and said, “Okay Ryan, bring it on!” I had never done anything like this before, so I slowly went to my knees, and looked at a neatly trimmed bush covering her tight pussy.

Penny took a timer out of the box, and said, “Okay, Ryan, Go!”

I slowly stuck my tongue out and explored her tight pussy. I was so busy, I didn’t notice Sarah roll the dice, and draw a card that said, “Time for a Threesome! Pick any three players” Sarah looked around and said, but wait, the only three left are…”

Penny quickly took control and said “Come over there Sarah. Let me lick that cute pussy of yours. Emily, come over here and lick my pussy.”

They both stepped over slowly, but quickly dropped to their knees and took the positions and started licking and enjoying getting escort bursa sucked. While that was happening, I was getting into a grove, and flicking my tongue at all of the sweet rewards. I flicked Alissa’s tight pussy.

“Oh Ryan, come on give it to me! I need you to fuck me.”

I took my head out of her bush to notice her rubbing her fingers along her breasts.

I glanced over and saw Emily, Sarah, and Penny thoroughly licking each other. The sight of the three girls totally eating each other out let me see that, I could fuck Alissa.

I said, “Are you sure, Are you a virgin, what about protection…”

She put her finger to my lips and said, “Don’t worry, I’ve never been surer in my life. I am on the pill, as is the rest of us here. And, I am not a virgin”

Okay I said. I slowly stuck my huge 8 inch cock into her tight, but not too tight pussy.

I started to slowly gyrate my hips and begin to fuck her. Alissa, who was close to Cumming in the first place, within a minute of me starting to fuck her, she cummed.

I stopped, and said, “Turn around, show me that cute ass of yours.” She hesitated, but turned around showing me that cute tight ass. My cock was thoroughly lubricated from her cumming, so I starting fucking her in the ass.

She was so tight, but then when I cummed, she had her second orgasm of the night. I slowly pulled out of her, and she gave me a kiss, and lied down to recover from her two mind blowing orgasms.

Meanwhile, over at the lesbian threesome, Penny was softly licking Sarah’s pussy, and Emily was licking Penny’s pussy. Just about when Alissa cummed for her first time, all three of them orgasmed at once. Emily and Penny quickly got all of the sweet juice.

Then, Penny said, “Sarah, lick Emily’s pussy”

Sarah, who was normally a shy, quiet person, had turned into quite the little slut. She bent down to began licking Emily’s pussy. She bent down to see a the hairiest pussy she had ever seen. She started to lick Emily’s soft, inviting pussy.

About the time that I cummed in Alissa’s ass, Emily cummed in Sarah’s mouth. Then all of us collapsed in a wonderful, sweet pile. Everyone fell asleep. In the morning, they all woke up, and realized what had happened last night. When I woke up, I saw all the girls around me.

Penny spoke up, We heard what a great job you did with Alissa last night, and I think we will be meeting often. We all liked last night, so I think that we will be meeting often. I smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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