At the Mall

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“Let’s go, hon,” his mom commanded. She walked quickly towards the mall entrance, her ass swaying in a tight pair of jeans. She also wore a dark blue t-shirt, her light brown hair cascading down the back of it.

Joe sighed and reluctantly followed his mother. He was 18 years old and about to graduate from high school, yet she still treated him like a little kid. Currently she was dragging him along to the mall as a punishment for a bad grade he got on a test. She wouldn’t have even found out about it if she had not been cleaning up in his room. Joe could not wait to move away to college, if only to have some privacy.

But for now he had to go to the mall with his mom. It was so humiliating. What if he saw someone from school? A senior in high school, going to the mall with his mother? He knew better than to argue with her, though. That was always a losing battle.

It was a Saturday afternoon so Joe was very worried. He looked around nervously as he followed her into one of the mall’s side entrances. At least they weren’t going in the front. That’s where a lot of kids hung out. God, this was so embarrassing.

“Look,” Joe began. They were headed towards Sears at the end of the hallway. “Why don’t I go look around and we can meet up later?”

She turned to look back at him but did not stop. The profile of her generous bosom pushed out against her t-shirt. “No. This is supposed to be a punishment, remember babe?” She looked forward again, smiling at her own genius. “You’ll remember this next time you decide to blow off an exam.”

Joe grimaced. He walked slower, pretending that he wasn’t with her. Although, to be honest, most people would probably think they were a couple rather than mother and son. She was smoking hot for a woman of her age, yet surprisingly still a single mom.

He finally had a break from her company once they entered Sears. He convinced his mom that he needed some new clothes, and so they went their separate ways. The break was short-lived, though. As soon as she saw him with a pair of pants, she dragged him over to the men’s dressing rooms. He moved inside quickly, only too glad to be free of his mother’s company. After spending way too long to try on a single pair there came a knock at the door.

“C’mon Joe, let me see.”

Joe almost punched the wall. This was going beyond just a punishment for him now. She always insisted on seeing stuff that he tried on. It was so annoying. “Fine,” he said.

Joe opened the door to show his mom the pants. Fortunately, there was no one else around. She stepped inside the stall, further infuriating Joe. “How do they fit, hon?”

“Mom, come on. They fit fine. Trust me.”

Of course she didn’t. She lifted up his shirt and stuck her fingers into the waistband of his pants, tugging on them. They stood very close together in the cramped stall as she pulled on his waistband. The back of her fingers brushed against his underwear as she slid her hand around from his front to his side. “Alright. Do you want those?” Her hand was still in his pants.

“Yeah, sure. Whatever.” He just wanted to get out of there.

“Ok, change back and then come meet me at the women’s dressing rooms.” She removed her hand and left.

Joe was really getting annoyed now. He was way, way too old to be doing this. Angrily he tore off his pants and changed back, then headed over the women’s section. It was more crowded over here. He looked for his mom, didn’t see her, and went to the dressing rooms. While waiting, he surveyed the store. There were a lot of hot older women around today. He was totally into older chicks. He saw one lady pushing a baby and started to think about whether she breastfed.

Then he saw her: Michelle Hannigan, a really cute girl from his senior class. And with her was Liz, Amy, Sarah… holy crap! Here came a crowd of six girls, all of whom he recognized from school. If they saw him here with his mom, it would probably be the mot embarrassing moment of his life. Having no other choice, he ducked into the dressing room hallway. Unfortunately, the hallway extended straight from the entrance, so just standing outside the stalls he could still be seen from out in the store. Now he was in a potentially worse predicament: being spotted hanging around in the women’s dressing room.

Joe desperately looked around, but all four of the stall doors were closed. Feeling like a total pervert, he tried to look inside to find the one with his mom. But the stalls were totally sealed off, allowing no view inside from any angle. In fact, each one appeared to be a room by itself. He took a total gamble and knocked on one of the doors at the back. “Mom?” he whispered.

She opened the door just as Michelle came into view out in the store. Joe pushed his way into his mom’s stall and shut the door behind him, his heart racing. Man, that was close.

He then noticed his surroundings. They were in a pretty large area, which was a totally private separate casino oyna room. One side was filled with a full wall mirror, the opposite a wooden bench. In the center stood his mother looking pretty surprised. Thankfully she was fully clothed, in a white blouse and short black skirt. Her jeans and t-shirt lay on the bench along with a few other things she had picked up.

Joe smiled. “Uh, I felt bad about how I’ve been acting. So, um, I know you’re always trying to make me give an opinion about stuff you buy… So, here I am.”

She tried to give him a hard glare, but there was humor in her eyes. “Mhmm. And I’m sure it had nothing to do with those girls from school out there?”

“Oh, well… maybe.”

“Uh huh. Well, now you are indeed stuck helping me.” She gestured to the bench. “Have a seat, fashion boy. I’ve got plenty of stuff to try on.”

Joe grudgingly obeyed. At least in here no one would see them. He pushed her stuff out of the way and sat on the bench, facing the mirror on the opposite wall. His mom posed in front of the mirror, showing off her shapely curves in the blouse and skirt a few feet away from Joe. After a few moments she looked over at him. “Well?”

“Um, it looks good, mom.” In fact he could not be less interested. She frowned.

“Babe, either really help me or I’ll go have you introduce me to your classmates.”

Joe gasped. “Mom! You wouldn’t.”

His mom giggled. “Do you care to find out? Now shut your eyes while I change.”

Joe closed his eyes and covered them with his hand just to make sure. The last thing he needed was to be seeing his mom undress. After a little while she told him he could open them. She was now wearing a loose green skirt that stopped just above her knees, and a much-too-small tanktop. Her breasts were bursting out of the top, exposing large masses of cleavage and a solid white bra. The expression on Joe’s face made her look down.

“What? Oh, I guess it is too small. Just wishful thinking, I guess.” Joe stared openly as his mom wistfully adjusted the top. He felt a stirring in his crotch, something he had never felt before when looking at his mother. Wait, no, that wasn’t exactly right. Once when he was 12 he saw her getting undressed in her bedroom. That had been an accident, but the masturbation session that night had not been. It had been exquisite thinking about his mother while touching himself. Now, six years later, he was feeling the same lust towards his mom. He was totally disgusted with himself.

His mother took no notice of his staring. She was busy spinning and watching herself in the mirror as the skirt lifted up and billowed back down with each spin. On the last one, she spun fast enough to briefly show the ass of her white cotton panties. Joe tore his eyes away, but the image remained. His cock grew despite his best efforts to resist.

“Alright hon, hand me that top.” Joe picked out the one she wanted and handed it to her. “Ok, eyes shut.” Joe closed his eyes, again covering them with his hand. And he knew it was inevitable now. No matter how much he tried, he would not be able to resist peeping at his mother. He opened the tiniest of gaps between his fingers and peered through.

She had just finished taking the tanktop off. In the mirror Joe could see her generous breasts heaving and pressing against her white bra. She lifted her arms up as she pulled the shirt over her head, causing her breasts to rise up as well. Her back was arched and she looked absolutely incredible. Her thick brown hair spilled down her backside while her chest thrust forward. Then, to his dismay, she was covered up again with the shirt. Joe nodded his approval after being told to look, eager to be on to the next item. It was so totally wrong, but he could not resist the temptation. The taboo made it somehow even hotter.

This time she was changing her skirt rather than her top. Joe peeped as his mom pushed the short green skirt down her hips without bending down. He managed to not gasp at what was before him. Her panties were nothing like her bra. The bra was a plain boring white number, but these panties were lacy and sexy. They barely covered her ass cheeks, almost to the point of being a thong. In the mirror, Joe could see a faint dark spot between her legs through the very sheer lacy material. That must be her pubic hair, he thought. He swallowed dryly. Was he really doing this?

Then she bent down to put on the next skirt, thrusting her ass towards Joe. She was so close he could have reached out and spanked her. When she lifted each leg to step into the skirt, her ass swayed and flexed. She finished putting that on and told Joe to look.

He opened his eyes and acted surprised. “Hey, that looks pretty good, mom.”

“Yeah?” He could tell she enjoyed the rare compliment. Despite how amazingly hot she was, she rarely got compliments. Maybe people were intimidated by her looks. She modeled the short blue skirt for him, although she refrained canlı casino from spinning around with it. It was a little shorter than the green one and would surely have showed her panties. Little did she know he had already seen them.

Joe’s heart was beating like a hammer when he said: “Actually, I think I liked the other one better. Could you put that back on?” He just had to see those panties again.

His mom paused. She was probably wondering whether he was serious or just giving her a hard time. Seeming to making up her mind, she told him once again to close his eyes. He watched her intently between his fingers. This time instead of dropping the skirt to the ground she bent down all the way with it, pushing it slowly down her thighs and calves. Her ass was even closer to him now as she bent. He licked his lips, hungrily staring at his mom’s exquisite bottom. She stood up, stepped over into the original green skirt, and bent again to pull it up. He was extremely disappointed when her panties were covered up.

“Ok,” she told him.

He uncovered his eyes and smiled at her. “Wow, mom, you look really hot.” My God, he immediately thought. Did I really just say that?

She gasped and then blushed a little. “Babe!! You shouldn’t say that about your mother.” She paused to study herself in the mirror. “But, you know, I do agree with you.” She did a quick spin, fully revealing her long slender thighs and sexy panties for a couple seconds, her son momentarily forgotten. “Mhmm. Ok, next. Hand me that dress.”

Joe did as his mom requested. This time he was given a real treat. First his mom dropped the skirt, then she pulled off her top as well. Now she was almost fully nude, wearing just a small, thin pair of panties and a tight bra. His eyes totally ate up the image. Her nipples could clearly be seen poking through the fabric of her bra, and her pubic hair was as visible as ever. He had an enormous erection now from watching his mother continually dress and undress. Sadly, she pulled on the dress before his eyes could gobble up any more. The dress was a red formal thing with a long zipper in the back. He watched her reach for the zipper, give it a brief try and then quickly give up. She turned to look at him and he almost made the mistake of uncovering his eyes before she said it was ok.

“Ok,” she said. He opened his eyes. “I need you to zip me up please, hon.” She stepped back towards him, standing between his legs with her back to. Joe leaned forward, reveling in the opportunity to touch his mom. He was beyond reason right now. All he cared about was pushing the envelope with his mother. Eagerly he grabbed the zipper. It was about halfway down her ass. He gazed up the length of the opening, his eyes lingering at her bra strap. Somehow this was sexier than seeing her naked. Licking his lips, he refocused his attention and tugged up on the zipper. It didn’t move. He tried again and it still did not move. His mom’s ass swayed as he pulled up with force on the zipper. Nothing.

“It’s stuck, mom.”

She scoffed. “You’re a big strong boy, Joey. Try harder.”

Joe nodded at her in the mirror and gently rested his hand on his mother’s hip. Using that for leverage, he tugged up as hard as he could. The zipper moved, but only barely. Encourage, Joe braced his mother by squeezing her hip and pulling up even harder. He made the mistake of pulling more towards him than up, however, and his mom came tumbling back against him. Thankfully, she landed on his thigh, avoiding his enormous erection. She sat there straddling his thigh and knee, her warm crotch pushing down against her son’s flesh, giggling. Joe rested his hands on her hips. His mom’s soft body felt wonderful in his hands and against his leg.

“Great, honey. If you break that you’re going to have to pay for it.” She giggled in spite of herself. “But I guess it’s already broken.” Her ass was grinding against his upper thigh, only inches from his huge hard-on. If she felt that it would be a disaster. He pushed her up off his thigh, maybe a little too hard. She turned to him and made a face. “Gee, babe, thanks for the help up.”

He smiled weakly. This was getting to be too much. He had to get out of here before he did something he would regret. Unfortunately, his mom still had several articles of clothing left, and his erection would make walking pretty tough as well. He was stuck. He would just have to tough it out.

Next was a pair of khakis. His mom had just changed out of that dress and had no other tops to try on, so she was just in the bra and pants when she told him to look. He swallowed and told her she looked good.

“Hmm.” She studied herself. “I don’t know, this waist seems a little tight.” Indeed, the pants were extremely tight. They left nothing to the imagination – all of her lower curves were on display. “What do you think, babe?” She moved closed, took her son’s hand and guided it to her waist. She was standing between his legs once again. kaçak casino Her large breasts and smooth sexy tummy were only inches from his face. He did as instructed, slipping his fingers into the waistband of her pants as she had done to him earlier. He did it directly above the zipper, causing his fingers to reach almost down to her crotch. Joe tugged on his mom’s pants, pulling her a little closer to him in the process. She looked down at him between her breasts. “Well?”

Joe gently removed his hand from his mother. “They feel pretty good to me, mom.”

Satisfied, she stepped away. Then, without telling him to close his eyes, she took off the pants. Joe stared at his mother as she stripped down to her bra and panties once again. Apparently she was now comfortable with him being here while she changed. Continuing to act like it was no big deal, his mom placed a hand on his thigh as she leaned forward to take the next article of clothing off the bench. It was one of the teddies she liked to wear to bed. Standing directly in front of her son, she arched her back and pushed her chest and crotch forward as she pulled on the teddy. It was light blue and did not even cover her panties. In the mirror, Joe gazed at her mostly bare ass.

She stood very close to Joe as she modeled this piece. “Do you like it, hon?” Her voice was a little lower now. Was he crazy, or was his mom coming on to him?! She leaned forward, pushing her breasts toward her son. Each hand was resting on one of his thighs. She whispered in a husky voice: “Do I look good to you, baby?”

Just then, a loud knock startled both of them. “Shit,” she exclaimed. She went over to the door. Joe watched the movement of her ass as she made the few steps journey. “Yes?” she called. Silence. She opened the door and looked out. There was no one there. It must have just been someone in the next room banging something against the wall. His mom shut the door, lingering there for a few moments, while Joe tried to figure out what had almost just happened. His gaze remained fixated on his mom’s sexy ass, which was peeking out beneath the teddy and her clinging panties.

When she turned, she briefly regarded her son and then promptly undressed. Joe watched while she dropped the teddy in the corner and tugged her tight jeans back on. She said nothing until she was fully clothed and back at the stall’s exit. Without looking at him she said, “Wait here. I’ll be back soon.” Then she was gone.

Joe had a good while to think about what was happening between he and his mother. He had a hard time concentrating with the enormous erection pulsating between his legs, though. He wanted his mother so badly right now. The taboo was not enough to stop his hungering lust for her. Joe decided he would go with whatever his mom decided to do about it.

She did not return for about half an hour. Once she did, what she was carrying caused Joe’s jaw to drop: a large Victoria’s Secret bag. She placed it on the bench and stood in front of her son, looking down. “Unzip me please, hon.”

Joe obediently reached out to undo the button on his mom’s jeans. His fingers brushed against the smooth skin of her stomach as he worked the button. Once that was done, he gently pulled the zipper all the way down. Her pubic hair peeked through the opening in her jeans and the very thin fabric of her panties. Joe swallowed dryly and looked up at his mother.

“Thank you.” She stepped back and undressed for him. When she was just in bra and panties, she reached into the bag and pulled out a tangle of items. She paused to look at Joe. “Close your eyes, babe!” She gave him a mean face. “I won’t have you peeking.”

He shut and blocked his eyes and decided he would not spy on her. He was not quite ready to see his mom in the nude. A few moments later, she told him it was okay to look. Joe opened his eyes and was totally shocked. His mother was facing him wearing leopard print bra and panties with black lace trim. Both pieces were much too small for her so she was practically bursting out of them. In fact, her bra was not even fully on. It had an undone clasp in the front between her breasts, and she was holding the two halves of the bra together, looking at her son with dismay.

“Joey,” she whined. “Help me with this clasp? I can’t seem to get it.” She stepped forward and then turned around, placing her ass directly in front of his face. The panties fit snugly against her generous ass cheeks. It was the most erotic thing Joe had ever seen. She looked at him in the mirror. “Babe?”

Nervously, Joe stood up behind his mother, his shaft only inches from her ass. “We should do it in front of the mirror,” he managed to get out. His mother nodded and took the few steps to the mirror. Joe took his place behind his mother and reached his arms around, leaning forward so that his erection would not bump into her. Using the mirror as a guide, he grabbed either side of the clasp. His mom surprised him by letting go, forcing him to hold the bra firmly against her breasts so that it wouldn’t move. He could feel her nipples beneath the leopard print fabric. She dropped her arms down so that his arms were now tucked underneath hers.

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