At the Ocean: First Times

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This story continues on from a previous one but there is no real requirement to read the previous story as this one is mostly just smut. Having said that – please also read my other stories!

As always I’m a total slut for comments and feedback with a massive praise kink. Feel free to comment and please vote 5 stars if you enjoy! Gives this person joy to know others get off to his words…


Lying back on the bed my back arches, my cock hard as I grind against the hard glass dildo deep inside me. My breath is quick and light, heart racing, skin tingling. Everything quickens as I approach orgasm and then let it recede, edging closer each time.

In my head, the memory of touch and taste and smell play like electricity. I replay the first time he fucked me.

It was in the morning. I’d stayed the night with them, and we’d slept together in both senses of that phrase. We met first on the beach and ended up in bed and we were still getting to know each other. I thought they were the hottest people I’d ever met, and my head was spinning at the unexpected but lovely changes happening in my life. Since that first day and night I’d been enthusiasticly invited back to their home and bed.

She rose early for work and he and I lay on the bed watching lazily as she dried herself and dressed after her shower. There was much to admire, from her long legs, her full breasts and her tight butt. She smiled at us as she prepared herself for work, instructing us teasingly to enjoy ourselves while she was out.

“I’ll be imagining what you will be doing.” She said with a smile, her cute Scandinavian accent coming through. “I can’t wait to hear all about it. Hopefully the others won’t ask why I’m distracted.”

Sal worked at a local cafe along with a bunch of other waiters and chefs. It was one of those beach cafes with local roasted coffee and sourdough everything. Like most things she did, it was effortlessly cool. I doubt she’d mind if they did ask and knowing her she’d probably tell them exactly what was on her mind. Having been to a couple of staff parties with them I got the feeling that her workmates would be quite interested in hearing it.

Once ready, in her sexy right black outfit she stood at the door of the bedroom.

“Today is the day Rick.” She winked at me despite directing escort izmir her instruction to him. “You know what to do”.

And with that she left. He and I snuggled together.

“Good morning.” I mumbled, smiling sleepily as I felt his naked body behind me, spooning me.

His cock was pressed again my butt, his left arm reaching around me and his fingers stroked my chest. I move his fingers to my mouth so I can suck on the tip of his index finger, playing with it with my tongue. As I feel his cock gently harden I grind backwards, feeling my cheeks spread a little to allow the head of his cock to push into the crevice slightly.

I fucking love that feeling, a cock hardening between my cheeks, pushing closer to my little tight hole.

Returning to the present, my body is tight, arse clenching and loosening as the hard dildo rubs against my prostate. My right hand is rubbing my cock, in just the way I like it. My thumb on top near the head, rolling my foreskin over the ridge of the tip. My index and middle fingers under the head, circling around the frenulum. Every now and then I have to lick my fingers to remove some of the slick precum that oozes out. As I do this my memories flick to the next time he fucks me.

We’re all together, it’s late at night and I’m on my back with my legs over his shoulders. After an afternoon at the beach we’d ended up in bed early. She’s positioned over me, facing towards him, kneeling with her wet pussy inches above my willing mouth. As she rocked forward to kiss him, her pussy pushed back against my mouth and immediately I’m filled with her scent: warm and slightly sharp. I licked her pussy lips, which are spread and wet with her cum. I greedily lapped at her, tasting my cock and his mixed in with her juices. It’s hard to catch my breath, with everything happening and being so close to her. She rocked back and forth on my lips and mouth, pausing for a moment as my tongue flicked across her arse. I savoured that moment, my tongue probing gently into her tighter hole.

She moans deeply as she kisses him. “Oh, fuck that’s so good…” She continues, “I want to see you fuck him!”

She’s panting and her voice is muffled as she deeply kisses him. I’m expecting to feel his cock against my hole but instead I feel him position himself so that his tongue can lick my balls izmir escort bayan and arse, and then push gently on my anus, loosening me so gently and making my hole twitch and open for him. My cock throbs as he probes me.

I moaned into her pussy, and am rewarded with her pulsing and twitching on my mouth. I think she came again as all of a sudden my face was drenched with slick, warm liquid. In a smooth movement she leant forward and took my hard cock in her mouth, in classic 69 position. But with the added bonus for me he kept french kissing my arse. I made noises beyond speech that time. The kind of sounds you make when you are nearly mindless. It’s almost all body, sensation and instinct. It was a relief from being in my head where I spend too much time usually.

He pulled away, asking “Ready?” As if he didn’t already know that I was silently begging for it. He stood to align his hard cock with my twitching hole. His voice, tinged with his slight accent always turns me on, and I had to urgently and deliberately pull back from orgasm. I was ready for him, but not ready to cum yet.

In the present I’m also having to slow down, preventing myself from hitting that point of no return where it’s impossible to hold back the orgasm from cascading down and out of me. I slow the rhythm of my hand and my hips as I deeply grind the thick hard tip of the dildo. My chest is heaving and my heart racing, the pulse of it mirrored deep in my cock and arse. I close my eyes and the memories of those two times merge into one.

That first time, in the morning after she’d left he was so gentle and slow. It was dreamy and warm. He took his time, ever so slowly pushing into the crevice of my arse and then pulling back. Using lube and his precum he slowly slickened my hole each time pressing the soft head of his hard cock a little deeper. I could barely tell when he was finally inside of me. We fucked for ages, spooning for most of it as we kissed and he stroked me from behind. Our bodies glided together. He opened me, and I felt like we connected on a new level.

The other time, with her, was harder and faster and more desperate. By that stage we were all so on edge that everything was elevated to another plane. His cock, thick and hard, yet soft at the skin penetrated me and I groaned in deep pleasure, almost in izmir escortlar a trance.

She had sat back up again so that she could watch his dick going in and out of me, watching us fuck. This also put her drenched cunt right back onto my face and I lapped at her greedily. His rhythm quickened, and all I could hear was groans and the wet slick noises of her pussy and my arse as he fucked me harder. It felt like we were synchronising, not quite blurring into a single entity but rather three bodies coming together, aligned with each other in mutual pleasure.

These memories swirled down my body, my nipples, cock and arse connected by an electric energy. I frantically stroke my cock, an unstoppable pressure building as I hold my breath.

On that first morning my orgasm came just after his. A slow, moaning intense orgasm requiring no touch of my cock. Our pleasure grew until I felt him finally throb deep in me, and I could feel his cock, impossibly surely, thicken even more as he came. His fingers, slick with my precum, was stroking my face. Without thinking, I moved them to my lips and I sucked on them deeply, my tongue playing across the tips. And with that my orgasm poured out of me, a slow throbbing joy as I spurted, our bodies breathing heavily together. On that next occasion my orgasm preceded his, my arse milking him, tightening intensely, holding him in place. As I came she leant forward and took my cock into her mouth, her lips wrapping around my cock. It felt like he was directly milking my prostate from deep inside, and pumping cum from my twitching cock. With a shriek she came again in my face and lips, which dripped with her slick cum. And then his orgasm filled me intensely and his drawn out groan filled the room.

As these memories meet and collapse in a cascade. I can no longer hold back from orgasm and nor do I want to. I want to feel both as frantic as that time was together and as at peace and comfortable as that first gentle time in the morning. My eyes roll back as the first wave of orgasm rolls through me. I’m no longer touching my cock – I’m going to cum anyway but I’m bucking hips so that the dildo pushes in and out of me. It just feels perfect there and for a moment there’s a feeling that it can go on for ever. And then it hits me, my cock twitches and pulses and cum shoots from the tip, pooling on my stomach, warm and sticky. For a moment, in my minds eye I’m in three places and three times, linked through love and sex and passion.

I lie there for a long time, in my sunlit room. I smile as I begin to clean up.

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