At the Villa Ch. 09

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Chapter 9. Olympia.

Olympia revealed how she found Sam.

‘Fuck Sam stop; stop; give me a break. Fuck Sam… give me a break… pleeassse.’ She shouted and begged.


Olympia’s day, or “spending a day alone” with me at the villa had arrived. The girls’ stay at my villa was also closing in, and in a few days time Padme and I would be left alone, enjoying the peace but not the sexual excitement of the last few days. Both of us had enjoyed every hour we had been together, and since I had boarded the boat at Piraeus, on that specific night: everything seemed that it had been pre-arranged behind my back.

When I embarked on the boat for my return trip back home I had been challenged by Olympia for an intended, deliberate game. It was more a premeditated challenge, rather than a spontaneous one. She got what she bargained for; and I on the other hand got one of the most unexpected surprises of my life. (Read my story “On the Boat” Ch 1)

After breakfast I drove the ladies to the beach except Olympia. By the time I was back she had already cleared away all the breakfast leftovers and cleaned the table and the surroundings. When I stepped out of the SUV I looked around and found her relaxing on one of the airbeds. She was totally naked, enjoying the fresh cool air flowing under the shade of the olive trees. I stood there hidden behind a trunk of a tree, enjoying that perfect view. The V between her legs was pointing towards to where I was standing. Her pouty lips slightly open were directly in line with my vision. Her eyes were closed. One of her hands was lying down on the mattress while the other was resting on her own relaxed body, while her fingers were resting on her pelvis, out of which, one of finger seemed like automatically touching her clitories.

I stared at her for about five minutes. Sometimes she licked her lips with her tongue, at other times her finger moved between her legs. A moan every now and then, escaped from between her lips. She was as beautiful as any of the others, as all of them, the five, all had fantastic bodies, something which all of them were gifted with.

It was a real pleasure watching such young beauties; something which I had not enjoyed for quite a few years; although Padme was not much older, than any one of them. The way Padme made love or the way she practiced sex, was something awesome and which the like of which I had never enjoyed, or for that matter, I had never practiced. I had the share a number of hot ladies, not so much younger than myself and the way Padme made love, none I had ever encountered. The pleasures of the flesh and the way love was practiced between a male and a female, was something out of this world.

Slowly I let my shorts loose and allowed it to flow down along my legs without I even made a move. Underneath, I was wearing nothing. My dick, which had been hard most of the morning, popped up against my lower belly, some pre-come was obvious, it oozing out of the little oval hole. By reason it was; as sitting next to me in the front seat on the way to the beach I had Diana, who had never stopped a minute, that she did not tease my dick. Now it was waiting to enter any pussy that could come handy.

The thought of Olympia waiting for me, took most of my energy as I drove back from the beach. Yes she was waiting for me and sure she was ready to make that day, a memorable day.

Her eyes were still closed. I continued observing her body movements, her breathing, her breasts, moving up and down. I was sure she was dreaming as her finger was moving forwards and backwards, partly hidden between her moist pouty lips. I slowly lifted one leg and shook the shorts out of my leg. I managed to keep the silence, but as soon as I had shifted my second leg, my foot came down on some twig which broke the harmony.

Olympia was startled. Her eyes opened. Bewildered, she looked at me. ‘Ohhh! You’re already back!’ She astonishingly exclaimed.

I walked slowly towards where she was lying down; my eyes naturally were focused on the area between her legs, were the flowing love juice was already a sign of the accumulated heat. She was beautiful, waiting for the day’s adventures. I had Olympia and her hot sexy body, for a whole day at; ‘home alone’.

My dick was hard. It was there hanging between my legs, waiting to satisfy and be satisfied. I lifted my eyes and immediately corresponded with hers. Both of us precisely knew what we wanted. I approached her slowly while we were still communicating with our eyes. I never answered her; and there wasn’t any need. The closer I came towards her body, the more animated she became.

I stopped nearly at where her foot was resting. She smiled at me, a smile of desire. A wanton smile of a woman immersed in her own hot dreams; carnal desires; a real insatiable woman of great beauty. Her lips slightly opened. Her tongue emerged, rather very slowly. I could see the tip. She held it there between the lips, and then moved it to bahis siteleri the right and then to the left, just touching the upper lip. She teased me. Her eyes were shining with both desire and seduction. More of her tongue emerged. The way she moved it, was proof enough of how hot she was.

‘With whom did you sleep last night, Sam?’ She jealously asked.

‘I thought you knew.’

‘If I knew, I would not have asked.’ It was Olympia’s answer.

‘What about you?’ I asked.

‘Wow Sam… your daughter Lydia, was fantastic. She’s not only a good cock sucker, but what about when she sucks my pussy, woww. She really knew how to send me into the higher heavens.’ She answered with a great sarcastic tease.

‘She must have been well taught; I assume.’ I answered back, trying to hit the nail on the head.

‘I must say, Yes; Lydia was well trained, especially when I…’ She pulled her legs towards her body while at the same time she opened them as wide as she could, holding them wide open from the knees. It was a view; a fantastic perfect view which really needed some reflection. Her vagina and her ass hole were beautifully exposed. Her labia both stretched, were all glistening with the fresh juices which were streaming outwards, making her twat more than irresistible. My dick immediately registered the whole majestic scene and hardened as it became like a piece of steel, starving for the moment when I would shift him close enough to penetrate that hot waiting portal of love.

She had not shaved between her legs, not that morning at least, as her pubic hair was just like needles, pinning outwards. It was still very short, just a couple of millimetres or a little bit higher above the skin. I was mesmerized with its beauty. Those wet lips, slightly separated, were waiting to be pleasured; I assumed. As I starred at her and into her eyes, I licked my lips with my tongue, even though I had other desires rambling in my dirty brains.

I knelt on the airbed and slowly crawled a few centimetres on my knees, before I lowered my mouth close enough to kiss, give a quick lick, and press my nose close enough to smell that female scent. The aroma was exquisite and I could not wait to push my tongue between those swollen lips and taste the luscious sticky flavours, as I sucked the love juice as it flows directly out of its’ natural source.

The first touch of my tongue against the little knot sent Olympia in a delirium of pleasures. A little tremble of her whole body took place as my lips engulfed the little nubile which made her body shake, and her mouth cry and moan with sexual delights. Her hands flew and pressed my head down against her pussy, while her legs automatically clutched my back, and tightened the grip she had of my head. She pressed harder as she pushed her pussy upwards, filling my mouth with her labia as I generously sucked between the folds of her cunt. Cries of pleasure escaped from between her lips as she held me captive. My jaw sometimes ached with the pressure she was enforcing especially when another orgasm was on the way.

Soon both our bodies became wild fire. Her body movements increased as much as the cries and the pleasures she was enjoying. At last, another orgasm took over and she tried to push my head away from between her legs. She even moved her legs, but I caught them from her thighs and pressed them to me as I attacked fervently that burning pussy, which she tried to take away from me.

I kept my mouth there, stuck to her lips while enjoying her moaning and shouting as she wriggled on the mattress, pushing her pussy upwards as she was still trying to get away. I was stronger and held her there beneath me, waiting for the moment when I can jump into the next premeditated act. My tongue moved from her clit downwards towards her rosebud, brushing the smooth soppy delicate skin between the folds. I continued enjoying the taste of her sex as my tongue found her vaginal entrance. I skimmed around the perimeter of her vaginal opening. The effect was immediate as her body continued to shake and tremble. She cried those sweet cries of pleasure as she exploded and became lost in those unbelievable orgasms which she was known for.

That was the moment when I thought was the best to pull my mouth away, took my hard dick in my hand and pressed it against her clit. As she felt it she cried for it; ‘fuck me Sam; fuck me … fuck me hard.’

She pulled her legs towards her body as she opened herself wider, holding them wide open. My dick slipped inside her soppy waiting vagina and it skid easily all the way deep inside, filling her pussy to the brim. She let her legs go and used them to hold my body from my hips. She pressed her feet against my bums while she was going through another orgasm while making sure, she will keep my hard phallus pressed against her womb.

My body started moving as my dick went into action. In and out of her vagina my Willie moved as I started to fuck her; at first slowly and then increased canlı bahis the tempo as I continued to thrust in and out of her twat. She continued to moan and cry as her body went through one orgasm into another. She became wild fire. Her hands were holding me from around my neck as she started to buck back with every thrust I performed.

The momentum increased as I pulled my dick out and tore my body away from her’s. I grabbed her and turned her over on her stomach. Then I pulled her from her hips; quickly getting her on all fours while my hard plump purple head immediately found its’ counterpart and filled it again to capacity. With her head jammed against the air mattress I started fucking her like it was my first fuck; like a crazy guy enjoying his first taste of the female flesh.

She cried and shouted until she passed out and her body dropped on the mattress leaving me there, squatting behind her with my dick hanging between my legs. The day was young and we still had a lot of hours to continue; to enjoy the art of love making, or fucking the rest of the day.

I left her there on the airbed relaxing while enjoying the aftermath. I walked inside, brought some cold water and some juices and by which time I was back she was returning back to earth, from the after effects.

I let her relax. When she felt ready she turned over, opened her legs wide and massaged her pouty drenched and sticky lips with her hand. ‘Wow Sam; that was some fuck!’ she exclaimed.

‘Well, I’m sure you been fucked before… with such vitality and wildness?’ I answered back.

‘Only once Sam; while on the boat, when you fucked the hell out of my body. I will never try to challenge any body like that, again; but I had a great mission to accomplish…’

‘Which, you did, with honours!’ I exclaimed.

‘It was a special favour… Yes to your dear daughter; dear dad.’ She whispered in a rather sarcastic way.

‘Did you know she was my daughter?’ I asked.

‘Did you know you had a daughter, dear dad?’ Provokingly, she asked again.

Those questions were never answered. We knew what the answers were. We were just teasing each other while every now and then I was watching her leaking pussy, magnificently exposed between her open legs.

I was still hard. She, then lifted her legs high and rested them on my shoulders as I trusted my dick where it belonged, filling her again and again to the brim. Soon we became more than one body and both we started to buck and fuck as her legs tightened around my neck. I was not making love to Olympia; I was just fucking her, making her cry for more. My dick continued to plunge in and out of her pussy as she reciprocated one for one.

She soon exploded. I stopped fucking her and rested myself, my dick still hard, her heart beating and the muscles inside of her pussy were gripping hard at my manhood .

I gave her enough time until her heart reduced the beating and she started to relax. I moved in and out of her tight hot wet quim very slowly, more like making love than fucking her. She was intently watching me by looking into my eyes. No words were said, neither needed. We both knew what we were feeling. The pleasure we had enjoyed, was incredibly fantastic.

I kept watching her, just looking into her eyes for any movements. I slightly smiled as I lowered my lips until they met her’s. We brushed them against each other’s. ‘Tell me, why did you try to find me, and how?’

‘You already know that Lydia and I became very close, sometimes even very intimate. She wanted nothing more than finding her lost uncle, who was living somewhere in Greece or the whereabouts. I could have said no, although at first I was reluctant, to try. In a way, I had no idea where to start, so to keep her happy as a start I asked, for your full name. She knew that you were rich and had money, handsome and a great womanizer.’

‘How did she know?’

‘Easy Sam… You never lost contact with your mother. Whilst your parents were alive, there were contacts. Your sister lost you after your parents passed away.’

‘So where did you start?’ I curiously asked.

‘It was easier than I thought. One of my lecturers enlightened me to start at the companies’ registration office. Making sure that I get the right information, he even went himself.’

‘Was it for a fuck or a fee?’ I teasingly and mockingly asked.

‘Neither Sam… He was a decent married man. He came back with some addresses. From there on, it was plain sailing. When that happened, it was after the Easter recess. I had never told Lydia that I had all the information about you, neither anybody else.’ She answered.

‘Why not? Where you scarred, that maybe you may lose her friendship?’ I asked.

‘Nothing of the sort. It was the timing that was not right. I wanted to make sure that you were really the one I was looking for; before I had to make the next move. I was curious of who you were, as I had heard so much and so many things about the most güvenilir bahis handsome guy that I became obsessed. I wanted nothing more that to find you; find out what this awe was about. I became curious about how you lived, women; married or not; what? I was not in a hurry and did not want to disrupt Lydia from her studies. Sam, she was crazy about you and wanted to find you at any cost. She heard so much about you from your sister, that there was no turning back. So I promised her that I was still working on it, and when I find you; I will take her to meet you.’

‘So you managed to keep her quite as much as you wanted her friendship.’

“Yes, in a way you are right Sam, but although I kept my promise I never had any problem loosing her friendship. She treated me as a real friend, and you also have to remember that occasionally we become so very intimate and get so lost in the world of carnal pleasures, that we go crazy. Orgasms will be flowing from one body to another until we could not endure anymore; so strong they become.’

Our bodies were still connected. I stopped moving or rather fucking while my dick was still impaled deeply inside her vagina. While she talked, she kept the activity in force by using her vaginal muscles. She never stopped teasing and every time she mentioned something, like my daughter or my name she squeezed her vaginal muscles.

Sexual energy was still flowing through our veins, and increased further as I started thrusting my hard cock in and out of her vagina. She looked into my eyes, smiled and then our lips jammed against each other’s. Our tongues became activated, and we both started to suck each other as the thrusts became stronger, longer and frequent. She moaned into my mouth while she was sucking on my tongue. I thought it was going to break. She did not let it go but kept sucking on it, as I increased the movement of my hardness in and out of her soaking pussy.

Sexual fire took over her body, sometimes to the extreme. She let me fuck the hell out of her while she let my tongue go so she could cry and moan as she became engulfed into an incredible orgasm. I was not ready to spend my seed, at least not yet. I fucked her like crazy; my dick moving in and out inside her vagina while she cried for me, to stop. She wanted a break, but I was in the mood to do so. I kept fucking her pussy with all the strength I had; trying to hit different erogenous spots within her hypersensitive walls of her vagina. Instantly I changed to slow short trusts, fucking her entrance just in and out, very carefully making sure not to loose the connection. It was the most sensitive area of a woman’s vagina. Her next target I was aiming at was her G-spot.

That was the final flicker. A few more trusts hitting her G-spot target and her body exploded again. Her red hot chakra exploded as it filled her body with hot sex energy. She started using her hands to push me away, get me off her body and disconnect our intimate parts. I tried to resist. She became incredibly aggressive as she became totally lost in the most dramatic orgasm of the day.

The latest orgasms were too much for Olympia to endure. She begged me to stop; yes to stop fucking her. But I decided to keep at it. My dick changed the tempo so I started beating in and out of her pussy, smashing against the wall of her womb. ‘Fuck Sam stop; stop; give me a break. Fuck Sam… Give me a break… pleeassse.’ She shouted and begged.

I gave her a few more hard thrusts and slowly pulled my organ out of her body, leaving her on the bed, totally exhausted.

She looked radiant. I was not yet done. I was still hard but I wanted some more answers from Olympia. I lay down next to her holding her shaking body in my arms, until she relaxed and cried; ‘When the fuck, did you fuck the last woman?’ She cried.

‘You know precisely when.’ I shouted. ‘You know…’ I continued; ‘last night I had one beauty on each side, with myself in the middle… one I was sucking her pussy while the other, she was fucking herself on my dick.’

‘It felt like you had never had a woman before we invaded your privacy, or, they never satisfied you.’

‘I prefer to satisfy first before I get satisfied.’ I answered.

‘Sam please, I’m sure we are going to miss you when we leave.’ Olympia’s tired voice recited. ‘What do you want to know?’

‘I’m still hard sweetie.’

‘I know, I can still feel it pressing against my thigh. Please Sam, give me a break. The insides of my pussy are so sore; I don’t know how I am going to walk around.’

‘Whom did you eat last night?’ I asked.

‘You know who, Sam; so please cut the shit.’ I knew with whom she spent the night. It was Lydia, and they spent the night together. They retired to the servant’s quarters, rather early and away from the rest of the crowd.

‘Does it matter with whom I spent the night or are you jealous? You know we sucked each other while you were fucking us; did you get jealous?’ Olympia asked rather apprehensively.

‘It’s just teasing. No, I never been jealous! I’m proud to enjoy some beautiful virgin ladies which as you know it was a co-incidence, not planned from my side. Did you plan it as it happened?’

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