Aunt Ellie

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I write this as pure fantasy, its not real, though I do believe that incest without force is not only healthy, but isn’t wrong at all. I have had incestuous relations, just not with my Aunt. If enough positive responses are received I will write more stories.

* * * * *

My name is Jerry, I’m 42 years old, divorced, and have been a sexual pervert for as long as I can remember. Incest has and will always be the most intense form of sex I know of, and I’ve tried them all. Recently, I had to go to the coast on business, my Aunt Ellie lives there, and I hadn’t seen her much, and in the past we never said more than a few words to each other. Now Ellie is an extremely attractive woman for her young age of 62. She works out at a local gym three times a week and has the body of a 30 year old woman. Her third husband had just recently died, and because of business, I couldn’t attend the funeral.

I’d started doing the family tree thing, and was wanting a scanner to scan photographs to add to my family tree files and eventually make a website for others to view and share. My Aunt Ellie just happened to call and was talking to my mother, and I guess my mother had mentioned my wanting a scanner to which Ellie replied that she had one she never used, and if I’d work on her computer she’d give me the scanner. Ellie has always bought the best of everything, she always had an air to her that she came from money, and that she was better than everyone else. In spite of this attitude, I’d always thought she was a very beautiful lady, having used her in several of my masturbation fantasies. I called my Aunt to let her know of my coming down, and that I’d be staying at a local hotel, she told me to call her when I got in and got settled. I drove the two hours to the coast, checked into the hotel, and went to work.

The next morning, I called Ellie to tell her I was up and going, she told me where she lived, and how to call up to her condo. The drive over I was really dreading this, but kept thinking of the scanner that she was giving me. I called up to the condo, she buzzed me in, finding the elevator I rode it up to the fifth floor, as I exited the doors there she stood.

At the distance I was, I’d have never guessed her to be 62, my god she was a lovely woman, I started to feel the familiar twinge of my cock starting to get hard. “Hello Jerry!” she exclaimed. Smiling, looking her up and down, pausing at her bulging crotch and her firm breasts, then back up to her knowing eyes, I returned the greeting. “Hi, Aunt Ellie.” and hugged her close to me, I could feel her press against me. She showed me into her modest condo, asking if I wanted to look at the computer first or go grab some lunch.

Opting for looking at the computer first, she showed me into her bedroom. A king sized bed greeted me as I entered the room, she switched on the computer and we waited as it booted up. We chit chatted for several minutes, she too had been doing the geneology thing, and we exchanged views and opinions on which way the family tree leaned. Then naturally the topic turned to the loss of her husband, and how she’d dated an older man, but she didn’t like it too much. I laughed and told her she need to find a younger guy, that she was a very beautiful woman and needed someone to have fun with. She kept saying how she was 62, and mentioned how a woman in the building was married to a younger man. I teased her saying that’s what she needed too. Finding the problem with her computer was easy, I told her what she needed to fix it, and we went to lunch and on to pick up the part.

At the restaurant, she blushed when the waitress made comment to our being a couple, and the first time this happened she corrected them by saying I was her nephew. The next time someone else made this mistake, she let it go. I also noticed she started walking a little closer to me, and once in a protective way, I put my arm around her shoulders and she leaned into me as a lover would. This made my dick hard, and I caught her eyeing my crotch more than once. We bought the part and headed back to her condo. Once there, I installed the new hardware, casino siteleri booted it up, and showed her that it worked. We exchanged pleasantries for a few more minutes, I gathered up the scanner.

“You don’t have to leave if you don’t want to, Jerry. You can stay here and we can talk.” Ellie blurted out, like a high school girl. Smiling to myself, I replied, “Well, its almost time for the free happy hour at the hotel, and I was planning on having a few drinks and relaxing in the room for a while before I have to go into work again later tonight.”

“Oh, ok.” she said with obvious disappointment on her face. “Why don’t you come join me for the happy hour. They have almost anything you want to drink.” I said. Her face lit up like a child at Christmas, “Really?” she exclaimed, “You wouldn’t mind your old Aunt hanging around? You might meet a young woman there.”

Smiling, I said, “No I doubt that, I’d love to have you join me, just come to my room and we’ll go from there.” Giving her my room number I headed off with her walking me to my car, leaning up she kissed me on the cheek thanking me again for fixing her computer and promising to be at my room in 45 minutes. Kissing her back on the cheek, I told her it wasn’t any problem, and thanked her for the scanner. She turned and walked back into the building like a young woman. Getting in the car, my dick told me that the up coming evening could prove interesting at the least.

At the room, I freshened up a bit, and sat down to watch some t.v. before Ellie arrived. At almost the second, she arrived in 45 minutes. A soft timid knock at the door, I rose and opened the door, to see Ellie had changed into a little more casual dress. A light sweater, and a pair of jeans that formed a perfect camel toe of her pussy lips. Licking my lips, and looking back up into her eyes, she blushed and sputtered she needed to use my bathroom. When she returned she looked a little flushed, and I could see a darker area at her pussy lips, her pussy was dripping wet to the point of making her jeans dark with moisture.

“Shall we head down?” I asked. She could only nod her head. At the bar she eased closer to me, I noticed several of the men checking her out, and several of the older women glancing at us with approval. I ordered a beer, and Ellie ordered a wine. We went to a table, and sat down and started talking about anything and everything. I quickly finished my beer and waited till Ellies glass was almost empty, I went and ordered another beer and a glass of wine, they’d ran out of the wine glasses, so the bartender filled up a plastic cup which held almost 3 of the glass wine glasses.

Ellies eyes widened in surprise, ” That’s more like 2 glasses instead of one.” she quipped. Laughing I said, ” Oh, enjoy yourself Ellie, let loose, live a little.” She raised her glass and said, “What should we drink too?” Looking her in the eyes, I said, “Happiness, Fun, and Family.” She nodded her head, clinked glasses, and took a big swig of wine. As she poured some more wine into her glass, she said something about being old and unattractive.

I laughed, put my hand on her shoulder and said, that I only hope I looked half as good as her at her age. I started to massage her shoulder, this got the response I wanted, a moan, I continued to her neck, and other shoulder, when I went to the other shoulder, it brought our faces close to each other. I looked her in the eyes, and gently let my lips graze hers. Her eyes fluttered shut, and I moved back and continued to massage her neck and shoulders.

They came around and announce last call for the free happy hour, I rose and went and got two more beers, and another glass of wine. Back at the table, I looked down at Ellie and said, ” Why don’t we go back up to my room, and we’ll finish your massage.” I sat the tray down and reached for her chair to help her out of it. Ellie looked up, and only nodded as she rose. We walked to the elevator and to the room without a word, I opened the door and let my sexy senior aunt into the room.

My cock was hurting it was so hard, “I’ve got to use the restroom, why don’t you canlı casino take your clothes off and get on the bed so I can finish your massage better.” I walked into the bathroom and closed the door, not waiting for a response or a reply. I waited for almost a full 3 minutes, I cracked the door slightly and looked into the room. Much to my surprise, Ellie was laying on the bed face down, stark naked. She’d even removed her panties and bra.

I removed my clothes in the restroom, and walked in to the room, retrieved some lotion, compliments of the hotel, and went to the bed. I looked down on the sexy body laying before me, what I saw was not the body of my aunt, not the body of a 62 year old woman. But the body of a very sexy female, I couldn’t believe how tight and toned she was, I’ve known women in their 20’s that weren’t as tight and toned as my lovely aunt. I climbed onto the bed, I could see Ellie’s breathing increase, I straddled her sexy ass, my hard cock wedging itself between her ass cheeks.

I heard her gasp, I poured some lotion into my hand and rubbed them together to warm the lotion. I started to massage her shoulders, neck and upper back. As I moved and massaged, my cock moved and slide up and down the crack of her ass, I don’t know what was causing her to moan the most, my massage, or my cock. I moved down her body as I moved the massage down her back, as I did my cock slipped down between her legs and the tip of my dick rubbed down along the slit of her pussy. I could feel the moist warmth of her, then I felt her move her hips pressing against the tip of my dick, the tip rubbing her clit.

Smiling, I massaged down to her butt, and as I massaged her cheeks, I spread them apart, I could see her tight asshole, and down her sparsely hair covered pussy lips. I could see with each move that I made where my cock would push up against her pussy, her pussy would open like a small mouth. I moved so that the head of my dick touched her pussy hole, and allowed just the tip to enter her. “MMMMM, Yessssss.” she hissed upon feeling the tip of my cock enter her.

Smiling, I pulled out, she whimpered her disappointment, I leaned down, spread her ass cheeks, and licked her tiny brown eye. “OH MY GOD!!!!” she exclaimed as she pressed her ass against my mouth. I felt my tongue press into her tight ass, her muscles relaxing enough to allow my probing tongue to enter her dark netherlands. She reached around and grabbed a handful of hair and pushed my head, trying to get more of my tongue into her ass. “Never, has anyone done this to me, my God what have I been missing.” She moaned. I let my tongue slip downward and plunge deep into her hot, wet hole. Her hips started to buck wildly, I finally found her clit, and sucked it into my mouth. She rolled over onto her back allowing me a better vantage point to get at her pussy with my mouth. Now with both hands full of hair, she ground her cunt into my face, as she fucked it hard.

“Oh yes, Jerry, suck your old Auntie’s pussy.” She moaned. I continued to alternate sucking her clit, inner lips, tongue fucking her pussy hole and ass hole, till she exploded into such an orgasm, I thought she was pissing, I’d read where women can ejaculate when they cum but had never experienced it. Ellie was ejaculating all over my mouth and face, I loved it. As she started to come down and settle down, I kissed my way up her body, stopping at her hip bones, navel, and breasts. Then up to her mouth, kissing her deeply, then as she started to lick and kiss her juices off my face, I let my thick cock slide into her, stretching her.

She moaned into my mouth, “Yessssss, Jerry, fuck me, fuck your aunt.” I plunged it in all the way to the bottom. I looked into her eyes, smiling, kissing her softly, I pulled out till just the tip was in her tight hole. I watched the expression on her face as I pushed all the way back in. I continued to tease her in this fashion until, I could feel my own release rising up. I quickened my pace, slamming into her harder and faster, our finger entwined, she started to meet my thrusts as she started to fuck me back.

I couldn’t believe that kaçak casino this 62 year old woman, my aunt, was giving me one of the best fucks of my life. I looked her in the eyes, and told her I was going to cum, she pulled me close, digging her nails into my back and ass, my cock swelled, and I started to shoot my cum deep inside her. I came for what seemed like hours, my body literally started to jerk with each spasm of my dick.

Breathless, I lay on top of my sweet Aunt Ellie, I felt her kissing my neck, my cheek. I rolled over onto my back, pulling her on top of me, “You were incredible.” I said. “You, my dear nephew, are the best lover I’ve ever had in my life. I don’t know if its because its been so long since I’ve had sex, or the fact that you’re my nephew, or that your younger than me or what, but you are the best. I hope you don’t think ill of me because I allowed this to happen. I pulled her to me, kissing her deeply, “Never!” I whispered into her mouth.

She then started to tell me how she’d never had anyone suck her pussy or ass, that she’d read about it, and wondered what it was like, but all of the men she’d been with in the past, said that real men didn’t lick pussy. And her generation would never even consider something like ass licking to be decent. I laughed and told her that was a normal part of my love making and did it to all the women I fucked. I asked her if she’d ever been fucked in the ass, and she told me never. I pulled her tight against me, and whispered in her ear, ” I guess that gives us both something to look forward to on my next visit.” With that, I rolled her onto her back and moved into a 69 with her, she licked and sucked my cock clean as I sucked and licked her clean.

As soon as she had me hard again, I moved her into the doggie position and took her from behind. Slamming into her hard and fast, we both came quickly, she looked at the clock and mentioned she needed to go, she had an appointment early the next day. I told her I needed to get ready to go to work, but really enjoyed our visit, and looked forward to our next. I walked her to her car, dressed in a pair of gym shorts. As she started to get into the car, she kissed me deeply, and massaged my cock and balls through my shorts, sitting in the car, she pulled me close, moving the leg of my shorts to the side she leaned in and took my cock into her mouth, I looked around to make sure no one was coming.

She took her mouth off my cock long enough to whisper in a husky voice, “Cum in my mouth, I want to see what my nephew tastes like.” Then she took me all the way down her throat, deep throating me, I could feel her throat squeezing my cock, she massaged my balls. Looking down, I saw her take a finger and dip it into her cunt, I could see the shininess of the slime on her finger, she reached up the leg of my shorts, and as she deep throated me again, she eased her slimy finger into my asshole. She started to pump her finger in and out of my ass in rhythm with her head.

I felt her massage my prostate and soon felt my balls tighten, gripping the edge of the car, I thrust into her mouth, I groaned loudly and started to cum in my Aunts mouth, she never missed a beat with her head or finger as she milked my cock dry. Once I started to soften, she pull me from her mouth kissed the tip gently and said, ” Delicious.”

Pulling her finger from my ass with a wet popping sound, she popped it into her mouth, winked at me, closed the door, and drove off. Damn, my Aunt Ellis is a wild woman. I smiled, and walked back to my room on weak knees, I looked up at the windows above where we were and saw a young woman in her teens looking down, I smiled and waved, she smiled and waved back.

As I started to wonder how long she’d been standing there, she moved the curtain to the side, her hand was buried in her bald pussy, I looked up to her face and read her lips as she mouthed, THANK YOU, smiling I waved, and walked on back into the hotel. I got off the elevator and went into my room, just as the door was closing, a soft knock came, and the door pushed open, there stood the young woman from the window, dressed in just a robe.

She stepped into the room, and as the door closed, her rope fell open revealing her naked body underneath. Smiling, I thought to myself, I’m going to be late for work. But that is another story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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