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It’s very quiet in the hotel room as you return from the pool.

“Angie?” you inquire.

There’s no answer.

Curious, you kick off your slippers and wander into the main room.

We’d had a romantic and sensual experience together the night before; exploring each other, tasting each other, and learning about each other’s bodies for the first time. It had seemed as if there were not enough hours in the night. We wrought passion from every delightful moment of the long, glorious evening.

The next day we went for a walk on the beach, followed by a visit to the pool. We’d had plans for some other fun things that day, but we ended up scrubbing most of them. We were enjoying each other’s company and conversation too much. There was plenty of time for snorkeling and such later on.

Towards the afternoon I begged off swimming and left the pool early. You pouted a bit, but let me go. After all it was you who kept me up all night, and you felt just a little bit guilty about that.

You walk quietly into the suite and look around. On the other side of the room, tucked into an alcove to the right, is our bed. And there I am, doing my best to imitate a bed spread.

You look on, slightly bemused at my pose. Sprawled out across the mattress at a funny angle, face down, one of my feet is hanging off of the edge. I’m using my arms as a pillow, having apparently just fallen asleep where I landed. I’m not even under the covers. The only covering I do have is the fluffy white towel I used after my shower.

My hair is still soaked. You reach down and smell my freshly washed hair, and gently push the messy strands back from my face. You grin as you see the water droplets on my arm. Couldn’t even stay awake long enough to dry off!

You pad off to take a shower yourself and take your time, knowing full well that I need some recovery time.

Coming back to the bed later, you see I haven’t moved an inch. You reach down and tenderly brush your fingers across my cheek. You run your thumb across my lips rather absent mindedly, thinking about the night before.

Of it’s own accord, your hand begins to stroke the bare skin of my back. You see that my lightly freckled skin is taking on a very slight burn. You make a mental note to scold me about sunscreen later.

You lick your lips as your mind begins to wander again. You recall the feeling of me wrapped around you… hear my voice crying out for you… remember the taste of me on your tongue… casino oyna

You sit fully on the bed facing me now, and begin to trace little circles along my ankles and up the back of my calves with your fingers. Rubbing gently, you very slowly slide your hand up my inner thigh. Then back down again. You look at my face for any reaction. My face shifts just a little bit but not much.

You begin your stroll along my skin again, this time letting your fingers wander all the way up the inside of my thigh, under my towel. Then up along the outline of my ass, along the curve where my thigh meets my buttocks. From there you slide outward towards the top of my hip.

My body moves a little now and I breathe a little bit heavily. However, I still do not wake up.

You change positions, so you can access my body more easily. From your vantage point, you are able to run both hands, fully open, along the back of my legs. Up to my ass your hands slide, under the towel. You very softly caress my buttocks, then slide to my hips and back down the outside of my legs. You repeat this pattern a number of times as I begin to move a little under your touch.

You reach completely under the towel now. It’s not wrapped very tightly around me so it gives way to you just enough. You stroke and rub my back, from my ass to my shoulders. I give a sigh and begin to shift on the bed. I give a little frown and adjust my head to the other side. Not awake yet but just starting to react to the familiar feel of your hands on my skin.

You slide your hand up my inner thigh again. This time, your fingers reach up between my legs and begin to explore my slit ever so gently. You delicately separate my lips and feel for my clit. And when you find it, you very softly begin to work it… just a tiny bit. You hear me moan now. A sleepy languorous moan, as though just barely conscious of what’s happening to me.

You begin to realize that my body is awake, even if I’m not, as a silky hot moisture caresses your fingers. You slip a little bit deeper between my wet lips. My hips unconsciously move up and my back arches.

I clearly moan now and you look up at my face, but my eyes are still closed, my face still slack with sleep. You push into me a little more deeply, a little more insistently, all the while rubbing up and down the inside of my thighs with your free hand.

Finally, a little pout crosses my face. I sigh and moan. My body stiffens slightly.

You can feel me soaking canlı casino your fingers, as my body begins to react to your urgings. My hips start to rock as you rhythmically, but slowly, stroke my pussy, occasionally dipping inside of me to feel me tighten around your finger.

“Angela,” you whisper.

I moan, and you can hear my breath coming quickly. My eyes are still closed.

Focusing now on the task at hand, you quicken your delving and plunging. You enjoy feeling my body react this way to you, even though I’m not fully awake. You love to hear my voice as I first begin to stir, breathing your name. And breathe your name I do, panting softly, “Tim” again and again.

After a space of a few minutes you feel my entire body abruptly stiffen and you hear me begin to gasp out loud. Looking up at my face you see my eyes fly open wide in surprise.

“Oh! Oh Tim! Oh my god!”

I awaken.

At first I’m confused, shocked. I go from total relaxation to totally aroused in an instant. Everything clicks into place all at once and as I fully realize what you have done to me, I completely lose it and begin to cum.

I cry out again and again as you fuck me with your fingers, my body writhing face down on the bed, my orgasm rocking me in violent shakes and shudders. “Unh.. oh baby… oh yes! Yes Tim!” I cry out to you over and over — the sounds of pleasure tumbling from my lips, turning you on in fantastic ways, sending shivers down your spine.

Eventually, my body begins to relax, the shudders slowly easing up. As I begin to come down from that very high place, you gently turn me over to face you. The towel unravels completely and I lay naked before you, bared breasts quivering. My eyelids are half shut, my mouth swollen from where I bit my lip, my face flushed with pleasure.

“Mmm sweetie…” you say in that husky voice of yours, the one you get when you’re turned on. You reach down to kiss me deeply. I kiss you back hungrily, greedy for your tongue in my mouth.

My breasts fall prey to your hands, as you caress and rub me. You roll the nipple of my left breast between your thumb and forefinger, making me go crazy. At the same time you kiss my right breast, licking and sucking at my hard, pink nipple. You roll your tongue around it, biting it ever so slightly.

You can tell you are getting me worked up into a frenzy again, so you move your kisses and licks lower. Down across my belly, to my hips and then to my pussy. You greedily kaçak casino delve between my lips with your tongue, tasting my juices, smelling my sweetness, rolling my clit in little circles. As you lick and suck at me, you can hear me panting, whimpering, barely able to say your name.

I put my hands in your hair and latch onto your head, pushing your face into me. As my legs spread wide to you, you realize that even though I just came, I can’t hold off much longer now. You know I’ll cum again soon and you want to feel me around you.

You rise up to face me and hold your mouth just centimeters from mine. Ready to plunge into me, your body is suspended over mine, my legs waiting to wrap around you, my mouth trying to reach yours.


You breathe my name into my mouth and at the very same moment you push your hard cock into me, lick my mouth and then kiss me fully so that I can taste myself on you.

As I feel you dive into me I go crazy. I grab your head and kiss you so hard. I can hardly breathe as you begin to fuck me. My legs wrap around you as though somehow, using all of my strength to pull you into me, I might actually meld with you. I’m hanging on so tightly that you are lifting me off of the bed, and you barely have room to move inside of me.

You push my shoulders back now and I lay back with resistance. I call your name as you thrust your hips against mine, hitting me deeper and harder than I can possibly stand.

My pussy is so wet with cumming already and now, once again, you begin to feel me clamp down around your hard cock. I’m so tight it almost hurts when — bang! — I begin to convulse around you: heat, wet, waves of tightness gripping you inside of me again and again.

“Oh baby.. please baby.. cum inside of me!” I sob in your ear.

You’ve been waiting for a while now. You know you can wait longer… but you also know what I want and you oblige me. I feel your cock throbbing inside of me as you unleash your orgasm into me. And now you can feel the entirety of my drenched canal, all the way to my cervix, contracting and pushing hard against you. You fight back to be inside of me and I hear you moan in my ear as you bend over me in your release.

Together we blend, together we rock. Our breathing as one for just a few moments, our passion combining to take us so high that we never want to come down again.

And as you finish, and start to relax… and as my convulsions begin to subside… you bend down to kiss me deeply again… my hand against your face… my eyes locked adoringly on yours…

I give a happy sigh as I feel you resting inside of me. I know that we will hold each other, just like this, for as long as we can.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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