Awakenings Ch. 03

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With apologies, Chapter 3 follows, temporally, Chapter 1, while Chapter 2 is a day later. All events and characters are fictional and are over 18.


Orv woke up with a full bladder, a raging hard on, and a vague recollection of a dream filled with generous boobs and stiff nipples, softly swaying under a thin nightgown. He was also disoriented – the feel of the bed was different, and his right side was against a wall that shouldn’t have been there.

He’d figure that out in a minute, but before the video of his dream faded into a thin vapor, he closed his eyes and tried to pull it back. He also reached down and took a pull on his cock, but realized he was already on the brink of an orgasm.

Those tits, those tits, … he could almost see them, but not quite. And more than that, he could feel a stiff nipple digging into his palm.

Dang, the dream just wouldn’t come back. But then, the real memories of yesterday flooded in to fill the void – Kath coming toward him in her flimsy negligee, boobs unfettered and swaying softly with each step, the hall light illuminating her naked body from behind. And the good night hug that had ended with his Mom’s right breast more than filling his large hand, her stiff nipple digging into his palm.

HIS MOM! He’d loved her dearly, but didn’t all sons? And didn’t all sons think their moms were beautiful? But with her hair down, with her body all but naked, … and such a body! Was it right to feel THIS way about your mother? His dream may have evaporated, but the memory of his Kath’s nipples, of her bobbling boobs – that he would never lose.

It was strange to think of her that way, while slowly stroking his prick, but his hormones over-rode the uneasiness he felt about recalling the sight and the feel of those magical boobs, even knowing they were his Mom’s, and he closed his eyes tighter and stroked a little longer and harder.

Why, her tits were easily as large as … as … what was her name? Amber! Right, the first girl who had ever “shown him” her fully naked breasts, her magical nipples. But she was a model in a magazine and his Mom was real. But would he ever see her nipples like that again? Ever feel the swell of her breast in his hand? Not much chance of that, he thought with a sigh.

Then the flood of images from Uncle Milt’s stash came back to him. Big boobs, smaller breasts, a few almost (well, not really!) overly large.

Dang, I really need to pee, Orv thought – but this still feels too good to stop!

He thought of the girl who had sunbathed wearing a bikini whose cup had been lowered to the point (um, points!) that her tan line actually CROSSED her nipples! A deep tan on the upper part of her boobs, and stark, stark white on the delicate underside, curving out from the side of her body to intersect the reverse curve at the top right at her precious puckered up nipples!

The photographer had done an artful job, in Orv’s opinion, lining up the girls breasts so that each nipple was in silhouette, both nubbins presented to the camera. Orv had to pause in rubbing his dick so as not to cum. And he really needed to pee!

And the stories! He really wanted to read more of those. He remembered a snippet of one that went something like this:

My name is Randy, and Kim, my girlfriend, is the hottest thing on two feet. She’s got an amazing rack and she just loves to show off her body.

One day, she and I were alone on a forested trail. Kim kept talking about how hot it would be to fuck in the forest. Then, we rounded a bend and Kim announced, “I can’t stand it, Randy, let’s just do it!”

Kim’s tee shirt was over her head in a flash and she grabbed her braless tits in both hands, lifting one stiff nipple to her mouth while she twisted the other between her fingers, all the while looking at me hungrily while I was still struggling with my belt. Kim has always LOVED licking her own nipples!

“Hurry, lover, someone could show up at any minute!” She paused with her tittie play to strip off her shorts. “Of course, that would make it even more fun!” She was naked underneath her shorts and immediately began to finger herself with one hand while the other brought the unlicked nipple to her lips.

“Slow down, girl, I’m coming. Well not yet, but at least wait for me a sec.” When I got my pants down, Kim smiled to see that I was also commando. (Orv wondered about the term at first, but figured it out from context.) Kim swiftly turned her back to me, leaned over, and braced herself on a bench. She was so hot that I easily slid into her, marveling at the feel of the tight walls of her pussy as they clung to the full length of my nine inch dick.

Orv had wondered whether all guys had nine inch dicks; his was a good seven and half, but eight or nine?? That seemed to be the norm in the stories, at least.

We quickly settled into a familiar rhythm, although the slightly cool breeze reminded us of the naughtiness of our situation. As I plunged into Kim from casino siteleri behind, I reached down to play with her D cup tits and to tug on her hard nipples. I felt so lucky to have found a girl with such fine boobs who was first, not ashamed of them, but moreover loved to show them off, loved for me to play with them, and almost equally well enjoyed loving her own breasts with their extra sensitive nipples.

Then I heard a faint noise to my right and glanced over to spy an attractive couple rounding the same bend in the trail we had just rounded. They were about 25 feet away. Just behind them was a girl who looked to be 18 or 19. Her figure was AMAZING! Nice legs, shapely hips, a trim waist, and boobs that were having a hard time staying inside her half shirt. I swear, her cleavage went nearly to her chin!

Then I looked at her face and realized why she was with her folks instead of some equally hot guy. What nature had given her from the chin down had been taken back twice over when it came to her face. Put a bag over her head, though, and I’d have been on her in an instant.

Orv mused that this was an awfully cold assessment; he liked to look for inner beauty as well as the skin deep kind. But right now, he wanted to see what happened next!

When the three spotted us, the father took his wife by the shoulders and pulled her to a stop, while the Mom did the same to the girl. They did not speak, nor did they advance or retreat. The girl’s mouth fell open.

I could tell that Kim hadn’t seen the others, who were off to the side of her. She was moaning softly and looking down between her arms, watching her tits wobble in time to my thrusts. For my part, I did not acknowledge the others, keeping my head down – but with an eye on them just the same. But I swear I could feel my dick lengthen another half inch at the exhibition that Kim and I were providing. I had been close to coming, but I slowed down to savor the moment.

I straightened to give my back a rest and gave Kim a light slap on her tush. “Randy, if you’re going to leave my tits alone, then I guess I’ve got to give them the attention they need,” Kim murmured softly. With that, she braced herself on her right arm and raised the other to rub her bounding boobs.

I took another peek at the family. Still there, but no longer frozen. The dad had moved his hands to cup his wife’s tits while she was now gazing at the scene ahead through veiled lids. With Mom’s hands off her shoulder, the girl had reached under her short top with one hand and was softly rubbing her own generous boobs. Her other was on the outside of her skirt at the junction of her legs. The movement of that hand was faint, but clearly there.

Kim had thrust her one arm in between her boobs, lifting one with her forearm while her hand reached down to cup the other breast. “Oh, I do love to play with my tits,” she hissed, “especially with your hard cock deep in my cunny. And it is SO hot doing it on the trail, where anyone could spot us!”

Orv had remembered reading that passage yesterday and being immensely turned on. The couple being naked outside, Kim’s tits swaying in the breeze, and the family standing at a distance, silently watching and getting so turned on that they, too, were playing with all the boobs that were, well, at hand.

From experience, I knew that Kim would soon be twisting and pulling on her nipples, tugging them out until they snapped from between her fingers. I also knew that her pussy would clamp down hard on my dick each time her nipple was released from her grip. And that would soon mean the end for my well primed dick.

To forestall that eventuality, I slowed my attack on her pussy, but instead, I now began pulling my rigid member fully out of her hot cunt before slowly sliding it all the way in as far as it would go. I knew that this was giving the family a full view of my manhood from their vantage point on the side.

When I next stole a glance at the family, the dad had his own hand under the Mom’s blouse, and she appeared to be reaching behind her to rub his jeans. But the young girl had really gone to town. Her blouse was now fully unbuttoned, both glorious tits had been lifted out of her bra, and she was alternately pulling on each nipple, just as I knew that Kim was doing. And her other hand had now disappeared down the front of her skirt.

Between that scene and Kim’s pulsing cunt muscles, I gave in. I closed my eyes, moaned loudly, and unloaded a huge wad of sperm deep inside Kim’s eager pussy, pulsing and pulsing for what seemed like minutes. When I opened my eyes, the family had disappeared.

Exhibitionism and voyeurism – Orv had seen the words somewhere, but only in clinical terms. Now he was getting the real context. When he thought about it, the ladies who let pictures be taken for all the world to see the tits and nipples were sort of exhibitionists. And in a way, he was a much removed voyeur.

Randy (and unwittingly, Kim) really enjoyed his exhibitionism, canlı casino and the family, as voyeurs, got a real treat, with no harm to either side. Orv liked this concept.

Orv, like Randy in the woods (and in Kim as well) was nearly at the point of no return too, but he REALLY needed to pee – NOW. He opened his own eyes, took in the room that was now his, and climbed out of bed.

The desk caught his eye. What was he supposed to … Crap! Milt’s collection was still on the desk! He would need to move that and soon.

Standing up, he reached for his PJ bottoms on the chair and something else caught his eye – a reflection from INSIDE the closet, just visible through the partly open door. Curious, he opened the door wider, and sure enough, there was a knee length mirror mounted on the back wall.

Never having seen his whole body naked, Orv took a moment to check himself out. Not bad for a self-proclaimed nerd – well muscled shoulders, pretty close to a six pack, and his 7 1/2 cock was still pretty much horizontal. He rotated a bit to get a side view and felt and saw his prick wobbling. He twisted back and forth a little harder and felt his dick slap his thigh. Kind of interesting.

But he also felt his bladder REALLY begging for release, so he pulled up his PJs and headed for the hallway. His prick was definitely leading the way, but he’d heard no sound from Kath’s side of the hall. He softly opened his door and entered the hallway.

Kath, for her part, was also feeling the need to use the facilities. She had slept later than usual and had awoken with memories of an unusual dream. It had begun, as had so often been the case, with the 19 year old memory of hearing the doorbell ring. It would be Biff, there to pick her up for the fateful and horrific date. She had been all aflutter, thinking of going off on her first date to the Senior Prom.

But her mind already knew how the date was going to go, so, in her dream, the dread was taking over when she turned the handle to the front door. Yes, it was Biff. But as her heart sank, his form took on a new shape. Gone were his prom clothes. Instead, the figure was in a bathing suit – a tight one with a large bulge. Kath’s dread was put on pause.

Looking up, the figure was shirtless, with broad shoulders and rippling muscles. Wait – was this the guy in the poster? This must be another dream, and it doesn’t have to end with the same shame and hurt that had tormented her for years. Could she control the direction of the dream?

But the face wasn’t the same as in the poster, although she couldn’t quite place it. She looked back down and the swim suit had been replaced by some tennis shorts – just like the ones Orv wore. And, oh my, there was a huge, long bulge down one leg, almost to the end.

Kath felt her breasts lift and her nipples harden – a very new experience for her. Her breathing quickened. She looked down at herself and the prom dress was gone, replaced with a nearly transparent nightgown. The color of her areolas and nipples shown through clearly, and she found her hands reaching up to hold them, to lightly pinch the nipples. She started to feel wet.

When she glanced up again, she was looking at her reflection in a mirror. Yes, she now had a mirror that showed much more than just her face. She looked at the woman in the mirror and realized that she was quite a beauty – long hair in soft curls, a pretty smile, and then those beautiful breasts.

Then Orv was standing behind her, giving her a warm smile. “I love you, Kath,” he said as his arms encircled her, “and your breasts are incredibly beautiful,” he said with tender sincerity as he stared at them in the mirror. One hand held her right boob, and her nipple pressed into his palm.

Then he was in front of her and she felt the length of his hard penis, still inside the tennis shorts, but pressing into her abdomen from her hip all the way to … well, to the site of her wetness. She grew weak in the knees and began to tremble all through her body. Yes, this is the way this dream needs to go from now on, she thought.

But before she could get more excited, she had to find a bathroom – she really needed to pee. But everything was out of place, and each door she opened just led to another hallway. And then she woke up.

Kath needed the bathroom, but like Orv, found herself disoriented in the new house and so took a few moments to take stock. Unlike Orv, she remembered every detail of her dream, and she went over the sequence in her mind.

Ever since the incident with Biff that had left her bruised in both body and soul and pregnant with Orv, the nightmares had been a part of her life. True, they had become less frequent, but they had always left her in a terror.

Her eyes caught sight of Mr. Craig in the poster, wading out of the water. In a whisper she said, “Thank you, Daniel, whoever you are.” If she could go to sleep with that hunk of a man looking down on her and if he could turn the kaçak casino nightmares into sweet dreams, then perhaps the poster should stay on the wall after all.

Then she remembered Orv’s role in the dream and her mind went into turmoil. Their ritual kiss good night had been far different from any before, and pieces of it had found their way into her dream.

Kath, he’s your SON, she said to herself. But at the same time, her body was reacting to the images and feelings in her head – her breasts were swelling, the nipples were stiffening, and a warm, safe feeling was spreading through her body.

Then, almost of its own accord, her right hand had found her left boob – and she gave a start and pulled her hand away quickly. Kath had forgotten that she was not in her typical sleep bra and heavy nightgown, so instead of all of that material, her hand had come to rest on a very nearly bare bosom – covered only in the thin, virtually sheer nighty she’d found in Angel’s dresser.

What is happening to me, Kath wondered, although her hand tentatively returned and began to cup her boob, gently exploring its silky softness. She shivered when her finger found her nipple, which immediately stiffened. All these years have gone by and I never felt worthy of being loved, at least by a grown man. She had never let Orv know of the shame she had harbored, but it had taken its toll.

In just the last day, though, she had had so many feelings wash over her, feelings that, let’s face it, made her feel like a woman for the first time in her life. As she mulled over the recent events, her index finger toyed idly with her nipple. On its own, her nipple responded.

There had been the drinks, which had relaxed her beyond measure. Then there was the porn movie, which, while first putting her off, had ended up getting her turned on, despite herself. Kath started to twist her nipple, mimicking the motions of one of the porn girls. But at the same time she realized that she REALLY must get to the bathroom.

Then there was Zhivago, with the tender affection that the doctor had shown both of the women that he loved. She ached for him, remembering how he could not catch up with Laura at the end. Kath cupped both of her boobs and squeezed them tight at the memory.

Finally, she remembered the alcohol infused finale of the evening – having no choice but to wear one of Angel’s sheer nighties, watching and feeling how her heavy boobs moved as she walked, braless to the bathroom and then to Orv’s room. The way he fought to keep from staring at her nipples, the way he felt in her arms, the security she had felt in his love, the feel of her right boob in his masculine hand, the flood of emotions …

Speaking of floods, it was REALLY time to find the bathroom!

Kath had not yet found a bathrobe, and there had not been a peep from outside her bedroom for at least five minutes, the time she’d been awake, so she padded softly to her bedroom door, unable to control the wobble of her unrestrained tits, hoping to duck into the bathroom without running into Orv. The touch of the gauzy fabric made her nipples stiffen even further.

The hallway was unlit, but bright sunshine was pouring in the windows downstairs, so when Orv and Kath both entered the hallway at the same moment, the half-light was more than sufficient to reveal two (well, three) things – first, that Orv’s dick was straining the limits of his pajama bottoms, and second (and third), that Kath’s nipples were beyond stiff and were not hidden in the least by the nighty.

“Oh, Kath – sorry, I didn’t hear you” said Orv, as his hand moved to bring his dick in close to his body. “Sorry, I guess I really need to pee.” As was the case the night before, Orv fought a losing battle to look at his Mom’s face – her boobs and their stiff nipples were like magnets. And then there was the shaded triangle below…

“Um,” said Kath, who had a similar struggle, first taking in the size of the tent her son’s penis was making in his pajamas before forcing herself to look at his face. “I need to pee, too, but you go ahead, I’ll go downstairs.” Kath had been so flustered that she hadn’t really realized how naked she was to her son’s admiring eyes.

Orv decided it was best to sit down, since he totally failed at aiming his dick at the bowl while standing, but even then, despite how full his bladder was, it took some time before his physiology could let go of basic reproductive instincts so that the needed muscles could relax to allow urination.

Well, that was embarrassing, he thought. But she raised me, she knows about a piss hard-on. Still, he thought, I did get another look at Kath’s breasts, but this morning with the benefit of daylight! He burned another image into his memory, this time with light filtering in from the side. Her left breast had been in half light, with the illumination hitting the outer half of her boob, stopping roughly at her nipple, which had certainly seemed contracted. I wonder why? The other boob was more in shadow, but the nighty was thin enough that the coloration of her areola and nipple had been clear, nonetheless. When he finally finished peeing, he gave his semi-hard dick a stroke, quickly bringing it back to full attention.

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