Away Together

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Our car travels north away from the main road following a winding route through dense forest and hilly terrain.

Daylight is fading as light snow begins to fall, dancing in the headlights just beyond the car. You look at me and smile, your hand stroking my face as I take it and kiss it gently, my tongue teasing your fingers making you smile, I can see your eyes sparkling in the fading light.

We are both excited to finally get away on our own in the middle of no-where without any distractions, just us.

It’s dark when we finally enter the long winding driveway leading to the cottage. We quickly unload and I build a fire in the large stone fireplace while you open wine and light candles, the room is bathed in soft light and is cozy having an instant relaxing effect, the long drive quickly forgotten.

We clink glasses, your gorgeous face radiating in the fire light, your eyes dancing as you look deeply into mine, knowing the effect it has on me. I put our glasses down and take your face in my hands, kissing you gently at first then becoming more urgent as you melt into me moaning softly.

I hug you tightly before pulling away and leading you to a large gourmet kitchen containing a huge gas range and a large center island.

Picture windows look onto a huge patio with a sunk-in hot tub, beyond that is the snow covered lake now bathed in moonlight. Jazz plays in the background as you re-fill our glasses and I start looking through the fridge.

My plan is to make us a simple pasta but I find myself pulling out a nice Chablis, green grapes, strawberries, whipped cream and a large cucumber.

You look utterly confused until you see the smirk on my face, whispering “You naughty boy” as you wrap your arms around me.

I kiss you hard, my tongue finding yours as I lift you onto the Island, lifting your shirt over your head and tugging at your pants which you un-do as I take my shirt off. You are quickly naked wrapping your legs around my waist pulling me into you, your hands running through my hair.

I lay you back on the island, kissing your nipples and caressing your stomach, reaching mecidiyeköy escort for the wine I let it pour across your chest, your nipples responding instantly to the chilled wine, causing you to gasp. I let it pool around your belly button before bending down and drinking from you, letting it drip from my mouth between your legs. I kiss your inner thighs and push you back so your completely laid out on the island.

I start by letting you drink, then let the wine pour down your neck and over your breasts, continuing across your stomach and letting it stream across your glistening pussy, the wine parting you and making your clit rock hard. I pinch your nipples teasingly before covering them in whip cream, letting it fall all over you, smearing it across your body and inner thighs.

I feed you grapes from my mouth, the wine mixing with your taste as my tongue runs across your lips. I ask you where you want to be kissed and at every location I place a grape or strawberry. You catch on quickly and tell me to kiss your aching clit and nipples.

I start eating off the most beautiful buffet I have ever seen, each item consumed causes you to moan with anticipation, knowing where I have placed each fruit. I make my way down your body, gorging myself on you, my hands smearing whip cream across your sensitive skin, you feel my mouth eating from your pussy, your so wet, flowing freely, mixing with the grapes the taste is exquisite.

I return to wine, rinsing you with the cool liquid but it does nothing to relieve the heat you feel. You pull me into you trying to press against my throbbing cock, but I pin your arms above you, licking from your neck to your hip. Your legs fall open wide, your clit stands out in need, your lips are swollen and glistening.

My mouth moves to your clit, licking wide strokes before squeezing it between my lips and sucking. You moan that you want my cock, whimper that you need to be filled.

I ease up so you think I’m going to stand up but instead I slide the cucumber into you, the sensation of being filled is overpowering and you let out a scream and beg me to fuck you maslak escort with it, which I do slowly at first then pick up speed as my lips find your clit. Your senses are in overdrive as you buck against me, screaming as you cum so hard, grinding against my face. Your still convulsing around the cucumber as I start to eat it out of you, my lips rubbing your clit making you crazy, pulling my hair into you as you cum again.

You lay back spent as I clean you off with warm water and towel you dry before wrapping you up in a big comfy robe, sitting you close to me so I can give you kisses while I make you dinner. I feed you yummy food and let you nap on the couch while I clean up.

I watch you sleep for a bit, you’re adorable and at peace, your dark gorgeous hair flowing, a stark contrast to the white robe. I bend and kiss you lightly on your cheek, causing you to stir and wrap your arms around me, pulling me into your warmth.

I scoop you up and carry you to the master bedroom which overlooks the moonlit lake. You drop your robe and slide under the duvet on the enormous bed, I undress and quickly follow, wrapping you in my arms we quickly fall asleep.


After a day of exploring outside and relaxing by the fire with our books, I make you a simple dinner of scallops and shrimp. Afterwards I open champagne and suggest we soak in the hot tub.

We change into robes and I lead you to the patio where steam is swirling around the tub in the fading light.

We slip into the water, I wrap my arms around you and cup your ass as your your legs wrap around me, pulling me into you so my cock rubs against your clit as I nuzzle your neck and kiss you deeply.

A moan escapes you as I press into you, my fingers spread your cheeks and graze your ass making you gasp in my ear. Despite the warm water I can feel the heat radiating from your pussy, feeling incredible against my cock.

I slowly turn you around and you grip the side of the tub as I move behind you and raise your hips so I’m between your legs as you float on your stomach.

My face dives into your crack, licking you from your ass merter escort to your clit, I can’t get enough. Your moaning loudly as I tongue your ass while rubbing your clit. You try to buck but I’m holding you tight, not letting up on my tongue assault of your ass and clit.

You moan that your getting close, so I stop, causing you to whimper in frustration as you spin around and wrap your legs around my ass, pulling my throbbing cock into you as you hold my face and tell me how good my cock feels in you.

Hearing that makes me pump harder into you, my hands squeezing and spreading your ass, massaging your tight little hole as I thrust deeply and hold you there, wrapping my arms around you, burying my face in your hair.

I kiss you as I slowly pull out, you clearly don’t want me to but I’m getting close and I don’t want to cum just yet. I help you out of the tub and into a towel.

I’m hot and flushed as I take your hand and lead you to a comfy bed of blankets I’ve made for us in front of the fire.

I lay down, the flames dancing in your eyes, sighing as you take in the sight before you. Your lips move to my cock taking me in all at once making me gasp, your hand cups my smooth balls, rubbing in rhythm with your mouth.

It feels incredible but it’s bringing me way too close so I gently pull you up to me, letting you straddle me and guide my cock into your waiting pussy which immediately grips me and pulls me deeper into you, the sensation is incredible.

You throw your head back as I take each nipple in my mouth and bite gently at first until you moan to bite harder. You lean forward to grip my my chest and tell me to fuck you harder so I grab your ass and pump my cock mercilessly into you over and over.

We’re glistening with sweat as I plunge deeply into you causing you to scream as your cunt clenches my cock, milking me, causing me to violently cum into you as you grind your clit against me releasing a torrent of cum as your ride out your climax.

I stroke your back and ass while kissing your neck and face, your still contracting around me as you kiss me deeply, your tongue finding mine.

You sit up and arch your back, your hair cascades around your glowing face. Your blazing eyes meet mine and I am speechless as this is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. I pull you to me and hold you as we drift off to sleep in front of the fire.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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