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I was in a bit of a mood. What I wanted to do was go out to a nightclub somewhere with my boyfriend for a few drinks and some fun and maybe even some frolics at the close of the night. Nothing wrong with some fun and frolics, now is there? Was that what I was doing? No. It was not. I was faithfully fulfilling a promise to Alison Newberry to go and babysit for her. I couldn’t stand her up because I knew how important this occasion was to her.

It had been a hot and mucky day and was shaping up to be a hot and mucky night so I was decidedly under-dressed. I was wearing shorts and a cut-off top with no bra and I didn’t give a damn if my breasts bounced and jiggled under that top. Alison and Eric would be out and who cared what a couple of toddlers thought?

Eric opened the door to let me in, giving me an appreciative look as he did so, and so he should. I was a nubile eighteen, blonde with blue/green eyes and a damn good figure which my shorts and top were showing off very nicely. Mind you, Eric wasn’t too bad himself, being six foot tall, solid build, and reasonably handsome. I prefer blonds myself, but he could have made me change my mind.

Alison was off getting ready and probably would be for the next half hour. At least. Eric was looking slightly frazzled as the kids had been running him ragged, all sooky and wanting attention.

I quickly determined that little Shelley just wanted a new nappy, less clothes, and a bottle, and if she got those she’d be happy to go to sleep. I knew just how she felt, apart from the nappy bit. A quick change, a cuddle, and her bottle and she was dropping off even as I was reaching to extract Brian from Eric’s hopeless grasp.

Brian was hot and restless and dry. He didn’t want to be soothed. It was when he latched onto my hand and started trying to chew that I caught on what was wrong with him. Teething. Fortunately Alison had some teething gel and after administering that and giving him a bottle he was ready to settle down.

I sneaked quietly out of the room, stepped into the hall, and immediately crashed into Mick, finding myself plastered against him. I don’t know if it was deliberate or not but one of his hands finished up clutching one of my breasts. He opened his mouth to say something but I got in first.

“Quiet,” I hissed. “If you disturb them you’ll be the one putting them back down.”

While I was speaking I was taking a step backwards, breaking contact with him. That turned into two steps because Mick forgot to let my breast go as I retreated.

Mick, by the way, is Eric’s brother, and a bit of a lech. I assumed that he was going with Alison and Eric to this affair that they were attending.

“Understood,” he said. “No loud noises permitted. Um, excuse me for a moment.”

With that he calmly lifted the front of my top, exposing my breasts. Easy to do because, as I said, it was a crop top and he had no need to worry about a bra impeding his view.

I just froze for a second as we both looked down at my breasts. One of his hands brushed across them and my nipples promptly responded.

“Very nice,” he said. “Very tasty from the look of them.”

I had to agree with his assessment. I did have nice breasts. High and firm and a decent size with no noticeable sag, unlike the udders I’ve seen on some people. Still and all, he shouldn’t be looking. I took another step backwards, causing him to lose contact again. To my irritation my top didn’t fall back into position, getting snagged against my nipples, instead. I hastily pulled the stupid thing down, ignoring Mick’s chuckle.

“Come Tekirdağ Escort on,” he said, his hand lightly touching my arm and directing me down the hallway. I walked along with him. Why not? I was going that way anyway. We moved into the front room and I gave him a firm warning.

“If you’re going to watch the tellie while you wait for Alison and Eric keep it down low. Kids, remember.”

“Alison,” he calmly replied.

I gave him a confused look.

“Wait for Alison,” he clarified. “It will take Eric five minutes flat to get ready. Anyway, I don’t intend to watch the tellie. What’s your second guess for what I’m going to do to fill in time? I’ll give you a clue.”

To my very great surprise he lifted my top again and started stroking my breasts. I hastily slapped at his hands, noting that my nipples were still standing out.

“If you think I’m going to stand here letting you paw me you’re crazy,” I informed him a trifle crossly.

“Wrong again,” he said, and my surprise was even greater when he unzipped himself. He wouldn’t dare, was my first thought, followed by, he would, and will you look at the size of that thing.

“I’m going to have you bend over the end of the couch and then I’ll pull down your shorts and put this to good use.” He gave a casual slap to his erection and it waved from side to side. “Just remember the kids and don’t scream at all.”

Idly wishing for the chance for a bit of a frolic with my boyfriend was vastly different to being propositioned by a man I barely knew, and one who had the gall to assume that I would. He was standing there, his cock on display, looking for all the world as though he couldn’t conceive of a single reason as to why I might object.

On top of that was the realisation that the reason I might have been susceptible to my boyfriend having a bit of a frolic was because I wanted one. And here was Mick, offering.

Of course I said no, right? What girl wouldn’t say no in these circumstances? Me, apparently. I just stood there, looking at Mick, feeling hot all over, and especially hot low under my stomach.

Mick took a casual step closer and undid the button on my shorts. That done he simply pulled them down, returning to take my panties down as well. He rubbed his hand over my mons and slipped it between my leg, deliberately feeling me. Then he winked.

“Turn around and bend over,” he said. “There’s a good girl.”

Good girl? More of a girl who was feeling delightfully wicked. I turned and leaned over the end of the couch, fully realising just how exposed I now was. Mick started rubbing my pussy, building up the arousal that had already started.

I was breathing hard, hot and ready, waiting for what was coming. Mick was stroking the head of his cock back and forth along my slit, teasing me, making me wait. I gave a small groan of relief when he started pushing into me.

“What the hell, Mick?” Eric snarled.

“Keep it down, Eric. The kids are asleep. What’s the problem?”

“What do you think you’re doing to Brenda?”

“Ah, Eric. You have two children. Does that give you some sort of hint? Does it look as if she’s struggling and protesting?”

I have to admit I wasn’t. I was frozen in place, staring at Eric with eyes wide. His face was red and he made a sort of spluttering sound and left.

“Now, where were we?” asked Mick. “Oh, yeah. I was about to do something like this.”

With that he pushed into me a lot more forcefully, with me making a squeaking sound and pushing back to meet him. At the Tekirdağ Escort Bayan same time his arms went around me and his hands were under my top massaging my breasts. Quite frankly right then I didn’t care what Eric might think. I’d been needing this. If anyone ever tells you that women don’t get this type of urge they’re lying.

Now that he’d started Mick got going with a will. He banged in hard and fast with me responding in a like manner, enjoying both the sensation of his cock plunging into me and his hands mauling my breasts, rubbing and squeezing them.

I’d like to say I had a hard time believing that I was actually doing this but I didn’t. When you’re bent over a chair with a sizable cock firmly planted inside you it’s only too easy to believe you’re doing it. It would be madness to think otherwise. Mick was having the time of his life from the way he was reacting and me, I was struggling to keep my mouth shut. If I let loose with the squeals of excitement that I actually felt I damn well knew that I’d either wake the kids or Alison would come out to see what was going on. (Alison being the bigger danger. I don’t think she’d have been impressed.)

Things were heating up rapidly. My own arousal was complete and my excitement was just running away with me. I was going to climax whether Mick did or not and I was a trifle relieved when I felt him picking up speed to finish off. Not that I greatly cared if he climaxed but I’d have felt that it was some sort of insult to me if he didn’t.

We both went off with a bang at approximately the same time so I guess you could call it a win-win situation. Mick pulled back and fixed up his trousers while I just clutched my shorts to me while I made a hasty trip to the bathroom to get cleaned up a little.

After that I spent my time keeping one eye on the kids and one on my phone as I chatted with some friends, making sure I didn’t come to the attention of Eric who might be feeling a little agro. Alison finally came past to check on the kids as she headed out and from her attitude Eric had kept his big mouth shut. I breathed a small sigh of relief and waved them all off. Alison gave me a little wave in return, Mick a wink, and Eric a glowering look. Bad luck, Eric.

The evening turned into the night and the night continued to be hot and mucky. The kids, bless them, slept on, and I watched the tellie. It was nearly midnight when everyone returned.

Only Alison and Eric came inside, Mick driving off as soon as they got out of the car. Alison was almost floating on air, happy as Larry after a successful night. (It promptly made me wonder who was Larry and why was he happy.) Also, I’m not saying she was drunk, it was plain that Alison had partaken of alcoholic spirits and was now feeling the effects.

“Why don’t you head off to bed?” suggested Eric, steering Alison in the direction of their bedroom. “I’ll pay Brenda and check on the kids and be with you soon.”

Alison said something and floated off, trailing happiness behind her. Eric watched her go with a smile on his face. As soon as the bedroom door closed behind her he turned to me, an even bigger smile on his face.

“My turn,” he said, and simply reached over and flicked open the button on my shorts. Before I could say yes, no, or maybe, he was pulling them down, complete with my panties. He didn’t stop when they were far enough down for him to get at the goodies, either. Not him. He gave me some sort of karate chop behind my knees and my legs buckled and he guided me down until I was sitting on Escort Tekirdağ the floor, my legs in the air while he hauled my shorts and panties right off and tossed them to one side.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I squealed indignantly.

“Use your head,” he said. “What does it look like I’m doing? The only reason I haven’t fucked you before this was because I thought it might upset you and Alison would give me hell for chasing away a good babysitter. You’ve shown you’re willing so let’s go. Raise your arms.”

I automatically raised my arms, responding to the command in his voice, and he promptly lifted my top up and off, tossing it to join my shorts and leaving me totally naked. (Shoes don’t count.)

“Hold on,” I protested. “I haven’t agreed to any such thing.”

“Don’t be silly. Of course you have. You lifted your arms so I could take your top off, implicitly agreeing to be naked and accepting what that entails. Lie back.”

To help me lie back he grabbed my ankles and lifted them high, effectively rotating me with my bottom being the axis. He then pushed my legs wide, totally exposing me to his lecherous gaze. He released one leg while he undid his trousers and pushed them down, letting his old fellow out to play, and it certainly looked in the mood for a bit of friendly frolicking.

Was I really being given a choice in this I wondered? Probably not, but it was exciting. Eric was being domineering and he was going to do this and that was the end of the story. Did I want to put up a token protest?

I looked at where he was about to drive into me and decided that, no, I didn’t want to protest. I wanted to see what it was like to be dominated. Mick had been fun but it was just fun, whereas Eric looked as though he wanted to demonstrate something.

Then he was driving into me. No foreplay for Eric. He was taking what he wanted and I was lucky that I’d already got aroused. Something to do anticipation when I found myself losing my panties, I guess. Anyway, I pushed up to meet him and our groins slapped together and his hands slapped down onto my breasts, crushing them in his grasp.

Now that he’d got under way he really went to town. I suspect that the house was built on a concrete slab, because he was bouncing so enthusiastically that a wooden floor probably wouldn’t have taken the strain.

To be frank I think he seemed a little pissed off at himself. Annoyed that he hadn’t taken his chances before this and even more annoyed that Mick had. The current action was a warning not to be jumped by Mick again, a penalty for having been jumped, and a promise of what would happen the next time I sat for Eric and Alison if he could manage it. (A lot of messages to build into a quick fuck, but he was managing it.) Oh, plus an assurance that he was having a fine time banging me, which was only fair and reasonable, as I was certainly enjoying what was happening.

He kept giving his all and I kept right on responding, quite happy to be ridden to the end of the race. Was I, perchance, a closet submissive? Should I try out a bit of bondage? Something to think of in the future. It could be interesting. Right now I had an energetic man who needed my assistance, an assistance I was giving with plenty of oomph.

Our excitement levels rose rapidly. The way we were acting I couldn’t see that they could do anything else. I was going to climax damn soon and I warned him to finish it, and finish it now. He grunted and applied the pressure, climaxing with a groan while I remembered the kids and Alison and managed to climax silently.

I collected my pay and toddled off home, feeling a rosy glow as I left. The only annoying thing was that I didn’t get a bonus in my pay. You’d think that with all the extra duties I’d been expected to perform I’d have received a small bonus, but no. Some people are just tight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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