Bachelor Party

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The car drove along the tree-lined lane to a house overlooking a lake. It was a large house with several levels of decks at the rear.

“It’s a beautiful house, Tiff,” Ashley said, taking in the beautiful flowers that were expertly laid out in the lavish gardens.

“Yes, it is. Mike is a very successful lawyer here. He has been my client for about two years now,” Tiffany, the taller blonde answered. “He’s really nice, but I am a little worried about tonight. I’m glad you came with me, Ashley.”

“Yeah, these bachelor parties can sometimes get out of hand, especially it they aren’t used to the rules,” replied Ashley, “will he have any help with security?”

“Yes, some of Mike’s friends will be here to help with his son’s friends, just in case,” Tiffany replied. She pulled the car around the back of the house. The two women grabbed their suitcases and went in through the side door. The housekeeper smiled at the two women and showed them to their changing room.

Tiffany and Ashley worked for a private dance club where each girl had their own clientele. They would dance privately for their clients either at the clubhouse or at the client’s own home. A few of the girls used some of their clients as johns while most of the dancers took their jobs seriously. Unlike public clubs, the rules here were much more liberal, but there was much greater air of sophistication and respect. Touching of non-private parts was allowed but there would be absolutely no groping. The dancers were professionals and all wanted to remain that way. This type of erotic dancing was much safer and rewarding than club dancing.

There was a knock at the door and a tall, older man walked in. Mike was in his late forties, slightly graying hair and fit. “Hi Tiff,” he said, smiling at the young woman. Tiffany got up and walked over to him, giving Mike a long hug.

“How are you, babe?” she asked. Ashley caught Mike looking down at Tiffany’s naturally large 38DD breasts, clad only in a bra. Ashley couldn’t blame Mike, for she loved looking and playing with Tiffany’s breasts, too. “This is my friend, Ashley, she will be working with me tonight. I hope you don’t mind,” Tiffany said, smiling at Mike seductively. Mike smiled, his arm around Tiffany’s thin waist.

“Oh no, that will be great. Now, this is my son’s bachelor’s party and I want the two of you to put on a great show for them. I have a few friends coming by to help, just in case it gets too rowdy, so don’t worry about that. We told all the kids the rules. They will have to pay for their own lap dances and you control how much they can touch. And the lap dances are $30 each, right?” Mike asked, making sure everyone was happy with the arrangements.

Mike left the room to make sure everything was organized for the party. Ashley was going to go on first so she was preparing herself for the show. She had decided to wear a school girl outfit for the first show since most of the guys there were in or just out of college. Tiffany was going to wear a baby doll negligee for her show.

“Thank you again for helping me tonight, Ashley,” Tiffany said, leaning against Ashley’s back as she finished her make-up. Ashley could feel Tiff’s large firm breasts against her back. Tiffany knew that Ashley loved the feel of her against her so she slightly rubbed her chest back and forth, adding to Ashley’s sensations. Tiffany wrapped her arms around her friend’s waist, pulling her against her mound. She ground her pussy against Ashley’s firm ass, sliding her hand up her belly, cupping Ashley’s breasts. Ashley bit her lower lip, moaning as Tiffany rolled and pulled at her hard nipples.

“Ooohhh Ggddd you’d better stop, Tiff,” she moaned, pushing her ass back against Tiffany’s mound.

Tiffany laughed softly, “And what if I don’t?” She kissed and nibbled on Ashley’s neck, squeezing her tits harder. “What will you do if I don’t stop?” Ashley glanced at the clock on the table. They still had a half hour before they were due to go on. Ashley turned around, looking up into Tiffany’s eyes, smiling. Tiff’s 5′ 6″ frame towered over Ashley, who barely reached 5′. Yet her figure and 34D breasts made her as eye catching as Tiffany. Tiffany had yet to put on her outfit so her bare breasts were right under Ashley’s chin. Ashley smiled at her friend coyly, pulling her head down to her. They kissed gently at first, letting their passions build. Their tongues danced together, exploring each other’s mouths. Tiffany moaned as Ashley sucked on her tongue, her hands sliding up Tiff’s side, cupping her large firm breasts. Ashley squeezed and caressed the large globes, toying with her hard nipples.

Tiffany’s breathing deepened as she rocked her pussy back and forth against Ashley’s. She kissed Tiff’s cheeks, sliding her tongue down her chin onto her neck. Dropping her head back, Tiffany moaned louder as she ceded her passions to her friend. Ashley cupped Tiff’s tits, squeezing them harder, rolling the hard, erect nipples between her fingers. beylikdüzü escort

“Ooohhhh Ggggddddd, Ashley,” Tiffany moaned softly, “I am so wet right now.” Tiffany grabbed Ashley’s head, holding it to her breasts. Ashley sucked and bit on the flesh, sending waves of electricity through Tiffany’s body. “Suck my tits, Ashley, suck them!!” Tiff cried softly, trying to keep her voice down. Ashley loved being with Tiffany. They were not only good friends and emotionally close but Tiffany had an incredible body.

Ashley sucked on the tender undersides of the fleshy globes, making Tiffany weak in the knees. Tiffany’s hands were all over Ashley, groping and squeezing her large breasts. Ashley felt bolts of electricity race through her body as Tiffany pulled at her hard nipples.

Sliding her tongue down Tiff’s body, Ashley could already inhale her aroma of sex. On her knees, Ashley flicked her tongue up and down the shaven lips of her friend. Ashley grabbed Tiff’s firm ass, pulling her wet pussy hard against her mouth, thrusting her tongue deep into the quivering tunnel.

“Ooooohhhhh fffuuuucckkkkk”, Tiffany cried, her hips bucking against Ashley’s wonderful mouth, “you are soooo good, Ashley… eat me… pleeaaasseee!” Ashley plunged her tongue deep into Tiff, her body shaking wildly. Ashley knew just how to please her friend, tonguing her pussy deep one moment, then sucking and biting on her swollen clit the next. Ashley, grinding her face hard against Tiff’s thrashing cunt, sucked and ate the wet pussy, her juices already flooding out and trickling down her cheeks. Ashley reached between her own legs, rubbing her clit as she continued eating her friend.

“Oooohhhh Gggdddddd, I’mmmm cuuuummmiiinnnggggg”, Tiffany screamed, trying to muffle her voice. She grabbed Ashley’s hair, supporting herself as she held the wonderful mouth to her exploding cunt. Ashley rocked her face harder, grinding her talented mouth against the flooding lips. Her fingers dug into her own pussy, plunging in and out as she tongued her friend. Tiffany fell forward, catching herself on the table as Ashley sucked and tongued her cum as it ran down her thighs and legs. She looked up, Tiff’s cum streaming down her chin. Tiffany had her eyes closed, supporting herself with one hand and groping and squeezing her tits with he other.

“You came so fast, Tiff, you must have really been horny,” Ashley said, giggling as she kissed and sucked on Tiff’s inner thighs and lips.

“I was, but you were also just so good, hon,” Tiffany said softly, pulling Ashley up to her. Their tits crushed against each other as they kissed. Tiff sucked on Ashley’s tongue, tasting her cum. They held each other tightly, Ashley feeling her friend trembling in her arms. “Thanks, babe, I really needed that before going on or I might have fucked some guy on stage,” Tiffany laughed, “I’ll return the favor later.” Ashley kissed Tiff again, saying that she did have to get ready for the show.

A few seconds after the music started, Ashley slipped through the heavy curtains. A loud and exuberant applause went up for her as she walked out on to the makeshift stage. The room was full of young men in their early to mid twenties, with a sprinkling of older men. Her school girl skirt covered about half of her beautiful round ass. The top hugged her firm breasts, crossing them just at the nipples forming a large and full cleavage. As she walked out, she would point to someone in the audience, bending over to touch their faces. Her skirt would rise up, exposing the cheeks of her thong covered ass to the people behind her. Everyone was whooping and hollering as she bent over, flashing her cleavage to one side and her ass to the other.

Ashley swayed her hips and sucked on her fingers like a little girl, winking and eyeing the different guys. Whenever one would reach for her legs, she would slap his hand playfully, acting very demur and shy. For the first song, Ashley danced and teased the audience. When the next song began, Ashley played with her body more. Her hands cupped her large breasts, squeezing them so that even more was pushed out of the top of her blouse. She also slid her hand over her ass, lifting her skirt. The guys went wild as she slid her fingers between her cheeks and rocked her hips as if her fingers had slid into her pussy.

Ashley masterfully kept the audience attention, making them watch her every move. Towards the end of this song, she began stripping her clothes, seductively. The guys yelled and applauded as she removed each piece until all she had on was her thong, that did very little to cover her pussy. For the third song, Ashley fell to her knees and leaned back, thrusting her pussy at the gawking and horny men. Near the end of the song, she ripped her thong off her body quickly. The audience went wild, yelling and screaming. Ashley slid her finger along her slit and offered it to the groom. Just before he could suck it, she pulled it away, slipping it into her own mouth. She escort beylikdüzü smiled coyly at the groom, taking his hand and rubbing it against her ass. even though that part of her body was off limits to everyone, she felt that the groom deserved at least a feel.

The young men began pulling out dollars, offering then to her. Ashley would either squat in front of them, taking the bill with her knees or thighs or lean forward, capturing the money between her breasts as she squeezed them together. Often Ashley would trap the fingers between her breasts, giving the young man a little extra. She did noticed one guy who was a little more animated than the others. She cautiously approached him as he held the money out for her.

“I want your tits, babe,” he yelled crudely, waving the money in the air. Ashley walked over to him, teasing him slightly. As she leaned over to take the money, he suddenly reached up, grabbing at her breasts. She pulled away quickly, giving him a scowl, but he just laughed, oblivious to his crudeness. She finished the song and dance, sauntering to the curtain and off the stage.

“You better watch out for that guy,” Ashley told Tiffany as she prepared to go on stage. Tiff wore a teacher’s costume that was a very short skirt, a nearly open blouse and a pair of glasses. Her hair was a bun on the top of her head, giving her a conservative air. Like with Ashley, the crowd went wild when she walked out. Also like Ashley, Tiff worked the crowd, keeping their attention on her fully. When she pulled off her top during the second song, exposing her large 38″ beasts she was greeted with wild applause.

Tiffany knew that men loved her tits and she knew just how to drive them wild. She cupped her breasts, rolling her nipples in her fingers. She lifted one to her mouth, flicking her tongue on the hard protruding flesh. After the third song, she gathered her clothes and made her way off the stage. Backstage, Mike introduced Tiffany and Ashley to the friends that were going to act as security for them.

“Tiffany, Ashley, this is Jake. He’s here to me take care of you both and to help you if you need anything or if anyone is bothering you.” Ashley smiled at Jake.

“Hi Dr. Jones, fancy meeting you here,” Ashley said, retying the top to her costume.

“How are you, Ashley,” Jake answered shyly, not sure how to react to seeing his young patient almost naked. Ashley smiled to herself, knowing that she was making her dentist nervous rather than the other way around.

“So you know each other?” Mike asked.

“Yes, Dr. Jones…,” Ashley began.

“Jake, call me Jake, Ashley,” he interrupted. Ashley smiled sweetly.

“Jake is my dentist,” she replied, taking his arm into hers. Jake felt a rush through his body as she held him. He had always found Ashley very attractive and extremely sexy. He had often fantasized about meeting her after hours at the office, sort of a standard dental fantasy.

“Well, it is just Jake and I tonight, so I will take care of Tiffany and Jake, you make sure no one does anything wrong with Ashley,” Mike said, putting his arm around Tiffany. Ashley was pleased with that, she would rather have someone she knew as her “security” than a stranger.

Jake and Ashley talked as she got ready for the next dance. They spoke about her life before moving to Arizona, what she did for fun and things she enjoyed. She had always liked Dr. Jones but had never spoken to him at length before. She found herself seeing him in a different light here. She liked that he looked in her eyes as he spoke with her, unlike a lot of men and that he even turned his back to her whenever she had to remove some of her clothing when changing. She had thought that his proper manner at work was just him being a professional, but now realized that he was really a gentleman as well as having a good sense of humor.

“What is your next dance going to be?” Jake asked, having thoroughly enjoyed the first one. Ashley smiled, knowing that the next show was always a good one.

“Tiffany and I will act like a student and teacher and she will seduce me on stage. Then we will play together on stage,” she said, watching for his expression. Jake’s eyes widened as a sly smile came across his face.

“Oh my…that sounds like some show,” he said, feeling his heart beating faster.

“It is,” she laughed, “but you will have to watch some of the guys though. Sometimes a couple of them try to get on stage and join us and we can’t let that happen, now can we?” Ashley smiled coyly at Jake seeing his brain working overtime as he imagined her and Tiff making love together. “Well… how do I look?” Ashley asked, turning slowly as she slid her hands down her sides. She could feel Jake looking over her small tight body.

“You look stunning, Ashley,” he said. She could see a slight bulge forming in his slacks, but she looked away, not wanting to embarrass him. She smiled, walking to the hall to meet Tiff. Jake watched beylikduzu escort as her ass swayed to and fro, the little skirt hiding very little of her round cheeks.

Ashley walked out on the stage to a loud applause. She acted like a little girl, then pulled a cigarette out of her bag. Just as she was going to light it, Tiffany walked out, slapping a ruler in her hand. Ashley feigned fear as she dropped the cigarette. Tiff made a circular motion with her fingers. Ashley pouted then bent over, holding her ankles, her skirt pulling up, revealing her ass to the crowd. Tiff walked over to her, sliding her hand over Ashley’s shapely backside. The audience began yelling, loving the show. Tiff slid her finger along Ashley’s ass, sliding it between her cheeks and between her legs. Ashley felt a rush of electricity run through her body. She bit her lower lip as Tiff pressed her finger harder than usual along her lips.

Tiff pulled Ashley’s skirt up then slapped her ass a couple of times with the ruler with a pop. Ashley jerked with each slap. After a few slaps, Tiff began rubbing her friend’s ass, caressing the cheeks. She then fell to her knees, kissing Ashley’s firm, round cheeks. The guys in the crowd went wild, not expecting anything like this.

Ashley began grinding her ass against Tiff’s mouth, cupping her breasts. Every once in a while, Tiff would actually tongue her pussy, teasing Ashley unmercifully.

Just as the song changed to van Halen’s “Hot for Teacher”, Ashley turned around, pushing Tiff to the floor. She straddled Tiff’s waist, pulling both hers and Tiff’s top off. She caressed and squeezed Tiff’s breasts, playing with her hard nipples. Both Tiffany and Ashley wished they were home, alone, so they could finish what they had started earlier that night. For the next two songs, they kissed and fondled each other’s breasts and ass’s, as if making love.

Jake watched intensely, as did ever person there, wishing they could be a part of the show. Suddenly the guy that had grabbed for Ashley’s leg tried to get up on stage. Jake grabbed him, pulling him off before he could reach the girls. Tiffany shook her finger at him telling everyone, with a smile, that if someone tried that again, then she and Ashley would just have to finish in the back, alone. The guests all booed the guy, pushing him to the back of the crowd as his punishment. Ashley winked at Jake, then blew him a kiss, thanking him for his aid. All the young guys patted Jake on the back as if he had just won the lottery.

Ashley and Tiff continued their show for the appreciative crowd. They caressed and tongued each other’s breasts, sending waves of electricity through their bodies. Ashley, still straddling Tiffany, pulled her head up to her breasts, rubbing her tits in Tiff’s face. Tiff buried her face between Ashley’s breasts, sucking and biting her hard, pointed nipples. Tiff’s movements were overly dramatic, to add effect to the show, but the sensations were real. Ashley felt her juices beginning to flow, becoming wetter as Tiff teased her nipples.

Ashley felt herself becoming too excited so she pulled away from Tiff, kissing her way down her friend’s body. Tiff arched her back when Ashley’s tongue reached the top of her thong, just above her pussy. She almost came as Ashley ground her face against her mound, sucking on her thong. Ashley could still taste the cum on Tiff’s thighs from their earlier encounter. Grabbing her friend’s large breasts, Tiff pulled at her nipples as her hips rocked back and forth, as if fucking her friend’s wonderful mouth.

After a few minutes, the song began to come to an end. Ashley sensually crawled up Tiff’s body, letting her breasts drag across her tummy and tits. As the song ended, the two beautiful women embraced each other, kissing each other passionately, their tongues dancing together. They held each other until a few seconds after the song ended, adding to the dramatic, erotic effect of their show. When they sat up and smiled at the crowd, the audience went crazy, clapping and hollering wildly. The girls gathered their clothes, bowed and walked off the stage hand in hand. The applause went on for so long that they came out for a second then a third bow. Before leaving the third time, Tiff took Ashley into her arms and kissed her again, resulting in an even louder applause. They giggled and left the stage for the last time.

Mike got on stage and told everyone that the two women would be doing lap dances for those willing to pay. For $75, they could have a topless dance lasting about eight minutes. The same rules applied, touching only on their sides but not on their privates, including their breasts. About twenty guys signed up for it, evenly split between the two.

Mike and Jake went to the dressing room to check on the girls. They were still resting, wanting to have a little longer break, so Jake and Mike sat in the room, talking with them. Ashley told Tiff about the guy trying to get on stage. Tiff walked over to Jake, kissing him gently on the cheek, thanking him. It was getting close to 10:00 so they decided that they needed to get started. The girls had already picked out a series of songs lasting about four minutes each. This way, each dance would last two songs.

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