Back From The Brink Ch. 02

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*Would you rather be better than you parents or have your children be better than you*

(Monday, one week later)

I walked into the office space where I would meet with my new co-workers. I was rendered a bit concerned by the size of the office complex I entered; it was small. The receptionist was a polite enough woman, maybe twenty five who sent me right back to the conference room. I knocked and stepped inside. What I saw did not impress me.

“Hey Sylvia, let me introduce you to my team. This is Allen Rubin,” he indicated a crisply dressed man, around five-six and one-seventy. He had thinning black hair and sharp brown eyes. His demeanor was relaxed and he studied me as I entered. If he found me overly attractive, he did a good job of hiding it. “Allen handles the physical side of our investigations.”

“This young lady is Linda Chun,” he motioned to a young Asian lady who looked at me in a slightly condescending manner. She had thin black hair down to her ass, slender foxlike features, small breasts and slender hips. She also had an undeniable aura of control and authority about her. “Linda is our Office/Financial Manager. In a way we all work for her,” he grinned.

“The last member of our team is Grace Winslow,” he indicated an African-American woman, maybe five-ten in height but only one-twenty in weight. Her hair was thick and past her shoulder, her eyebrows were thick and she shot a contemptuous gaze my way. “Grace handles all the technical and computer sides of our operations.”

I looked over her situation and didn’t like what she saw – four, now five people?

“Is this the entire operation?” I asked. Grace and Linda snorted. Allen shook his head.

“We mostly hire contractors to do our business Sylvia,” he chuckled. “Normally we have about forty people on any given assignment.”

Now I felt stupid. Of course things had streamlined in the past ten years.

“Allen has a team of about fifteen investigators we trust; any ten of whom we can count on for a project at a time. Grace has around the same number on the computer side of things plus we have a few technical people on retainer for any tech information we might need.”

“Linda handles all our central office staff, budgeting and expenses such as legal and regulations. We went to school together and I brought her on when I took over operations. Grace and I also went to school with together but she was a year ahead. When I got out I looked her up and she’s been with me ever since.”

“Allen dates back from before my time, but he knows people who know people if you know what I mean. If there is a physical problem that needs solving, or secrets uncovered, he’s our man. In case you are wondering – no I have no idea where Allen got his experience but most of us think he was with the CIA.” Allen smiled at that but withheld comment.

“Everyone, this is Sylvia Westermann. She was once one of the best mediators in North America. She screwed up and has been living in exile for the past decade, but I would like to bring her on as a full-time member,” Sebastian suggested to his companions. For me it was an uncertain moment; I had made the assumption that Sebastian was in charge.

“She has my vote,” Allen surprised me by speaking up. I didn’t know what I had done to win his confidence.

“I think you are doing a good job as mediator Bas. We don’t need another full member,” Linda stated. Linda clearly didn’t like me much. Grace studied the situation for a second.

“I say we let her in,” Grace said carefully, “but on a six month basis so we can she is worth the hype. I trust your instincts Bas, but we are talking about a good deal of money here.”

“Linda,” Sebastian asked, “would a six month probationary period be okay with you?”

“Fine,” Linda allowed, but she didn’t look pleased.

“Sylvia, you are in. Here is how things work out: I get three shares, everyone else gets two, and the company gets five shares for miscellaneous expenses. Our current project is worth six million. You can figure out what your share will be,” he grinned. I didn’t have to think about that long.

“Thanks everyone, I won’t let you down.”

“Okay, I’ve been gone on vacation; what have we accomplished with Cosgrove Merchant Lines in my absence?” Sebastian began. I sat back and watched as this was the side of the operation I’d never seen before. Usually I got information from another source and seeing it presented in a staff meeting was new.

When the talk finally turned down to auctioning off various properties, I suddenly spoke up and Linda and I instantly locked horns. Sebastian sat back and let the two of us dueled for a while but when Linda called Grace into the conversation, Grace backed my study up and Sebastian accepted my plan. When lunch came Sebastian had to leave for a client meeting so I ended up going out with Linda and Grace – Allen tended to do is own thing.

“So, how did you and Sebastian meet up?” Linda asked. I wasn’t sure how answer that.

“I was working in a little town in Kentucky when he came by my ataköy escort office and we hit it off,” I sort of told the truth. “We had lunch, talked about my past and he offered me the job.”

“Just like that?” Grace said.

“Well, there were some bumps along the road; I was in a rough relationship that Sebastian had to help me with,” I answered.

“So what did you wear before you got your new clothes?” Linda said snidely.

“I wore twigs and branches,” I shot back. “Do you have a problem with me that I should know about?”

“You are old with a bad reputation,” Linda pointed out. “Grace, Bas and I all come from the same school and time period. We’ve worked to make this company successful. Sure Allen is an integral part, but he’s mainly a friend of Bas. You are no one’s friend unless you are claiming to be Bas’s friend.”

“Sebastian, or Bas, believes in me. He thinks people will look past my previous activities to see what I can do now. If you trust his judgment you should believe that I can perform,” I countered.

“Are you going to sleep with our clients to seal the deal?” Linda questioned intently.

“What she really wants to know is are you going to sleep with Bas,” Grace joked.

I realized I was suddenly on dangerous ground. What kind of relationship storm had I walked into? What was Linda going to do if I came clean?

“We have been sleeping together for the past two weeks,” I confessed. Linda looked stunned as did Grace.

“How did that happen?” Grace asked, decidedly curious.

“I made a move on him in a motel room. I kissed him and he kissed me back and one thing led to another,” I told them.

“Just like that?” Linda said.

“Pretty much, yes; are you interested in him as well?” I inquired. Linda looked away but Grace intervened.

“Linda has had this crush on Bas for the longest time but outside of work she can’t talk to him. Now you show up and you can see why she’s upset,” Grace explained. I could see the problem too. Linda was smart, but not the people person that Sebastian and I were.

“I have to go,” Linda said and she was up and gone before I could say anything.

“Have I screwed things up for all of us?” I asked Grace.

“Nah, Linda is a big girl but now I would consider her more motivated than ever to make Bas her own – just warning you,” Grace smiled.

I felt a little sorry for Linda; Sebastian wasn’t a man likely to be owned by anyone. He wouldn’t lead her on, but he wouldn’t change who he was either. That might be a hard pill to swallow. I had ignored that aspect of my relationship with my boss so many years ago and while he had led me on, I should have known better. With age comes wisdom.

(Four weeks later)

I twitched uncomfortably in my seat at the conference table. Last night Sebastian had pounded my whole body fantastically. I had taken his thick cock up my ass until I thought he’d split me in two. It wasn’t sex, it was fucking and he’d fucked me until I could no longer sob, no tears would come down my face, and I’d nearly bitten through the pillow I was hanging on to for dear life.

When he finally shot his thick streams of semen into me and let go of my hips I had collapsed nearly lifeless to the bed. A slow trickle of his come dripped down from my ravaged hole, across my pussy and onto the bed. I was too sore to move. It was fucking in its rawest, most physical form and I loved it. If butt-fucking was wrong I didn’t want to be right, or so it went.

My thoughts snapped back to the meeting. Linda had outlined to the client and his board of directors what our analysis had revealed and she sat back down. Now Sebastian stood up and I felt his presence permeate the room. God the man had charisma and now he was showing why he led the team.

He showed the members what he had planned for the company, what had to go and who had to be let go. Certain members, the ones about to lose their jobs, tried to belittle his report but Sebastian was ready for them. One was having sex with the President’s wife and another with his daughter. After that the rest of the deadwood was doomed by guilt by association. Sebastian had given the bad news. Now it was my turn.

I stood up and outlined what peripheral businesses had to go and how much cash would flow into the company’s depleted coffers. I had worked some wonderful deals; things that I was very proud of. One mediation had proven to be difficult; my opposite number knew my reputation. He asked if sleeping with me was part of the package to which I responded that if he came up twenty percent on his offer I would consider it.

Since that would have cost him a million dollars I would have been the most expensive fuck of his life. He paled and backed down and then his sorry ass was mine. I got most of what my client company wanted and I felt I had impressed my fellow teammates with my ability. Just as important, I had proved to myself I still had the skills and the drive to be at the top of my profession.

The president of the company approved our avcılar escort plan and we all went out for drinks. The team was getting paid big time and I suddenly wondered what I was going to do with my newfound wealth. Back in the old days I spent as quickly as I brought it in; tomorrow was another day. I wasn’t about to make that mistake again. As the party broke up, Allen came up and pressed a flash drive into my hand. I knew what it was even though I had dreaded getting it.

I went to Sebastian’s place; I had been living with him since I had come to LA. I wanted to buy my own place eventually when I had my own money, but the sex was smoking hot and the accommodations didn’t suck. Tonight I didn’t rush off to the bedroom. I sat at my computer and checked out the information Allen and Grace had found for me.

On it was information on my daughter and ex-husband. He had done well for himself, selling security systems in the Mid-Atlantic States and had gone on to semi-retirement. My daughter had gone on to college, graduated with a statistics degree with honors and was now working at a marketing firm in Philadelphia.

What followed was a little scarier. I had photos of each of them that looked very recent. My husband’s internet activities looked to be very mild and unimaginative. My daughter was a bit more expressive and had a boyfriend she communicated with regularly. Then it got even weirder; the report identified two other women the man was seeing besides my daughter including pictures of the couples. How they got this and how legal it was made me queasy.

Sebastian sat down beside me.

“Everything you needed?” he asked.

“How long have you known what I asked them to do?”

“From the beginning; they tell me everything and I knew this was important to you,” he answered.

“What do I do?” I found myself wondering.

“I imagine you contact them and let them know you’ve changed,” he told me.

“What if they tell me to fuck off?” I worried.

“Then you will have tried which is a hell of a lot better than never knowing,” he lectured me.

I could have called but I opted for e-mail instead. I began typing away:

-Marcy, this is your mother. I would like to talk to you if that is possible. If you like I can give you my number or we can talk through another medium. Please give me another chance.-

-Your mother, Sylvia-

I sent a similar letter to my husband but I had even less hope there. I was too distraught to have sex and Sebastian was sympathetic. In the morning there was a reply from Marcy.

-Fuck off you Bitch. I hope you are rotting in hell. I talked to Dad and he told me you were in some used car lot in Bumfuck Nowhere and I hope you stay there. Don’t contact me again.-

I had to try one more time.

-Marcy, please give me a chance. I’ve turned my life around and I would like to give us a second chance. I know you have little reason to trust me, so all I can do is beg for your forgiveness. Please, I miss you.-


Sebastian and I want out to eat and then got me a realtor. I learned that my newfound wealth wouldn’t buy me much in the neighborhoods I wanted to live in; such was the LA way. When I got ‘home’ there was another message for me.

-You are a horrible, horrible person and I can never forgive what you did to Dad and me. Give me one good reason why I don’t put you in the spam folder?-


The message was only an hour old so I sent off another one. This time I asked Sebastian for advice. His suggestion was simple.

-Marcy, there is no good reason to forgive me. I was wrong and we both know it. I am begging you.-


By the time I went to bed I was crying. Early in the morning I crawled over to Sebastian and we made slow passionate love like we were newlyweds just learning each other’s bodies. When I went to the kitchen to get a drink there was a message in my inbox.

-Sylvia, you are a bitch and an evil one at that. Do you understand how much damage you did to us? Dad doesn’t even look at women anymore. You scarred me for life. Why do you want to talk to me now? Where were you ten years ago?-


-Marcy, I was fucked-up, selfish, and stupid. You are right, I was an evil bitch and most of what came my way was my own doing. I was pretty low then someone showed up and gave me a chance to do things right and I’m trying to do just that. Seeing where I am now makes me realize all I gave up for my own arrogant desires. I miss you.-


There was nothing the rest of the day, but after dinner I had another message.

-Why on earth would I believe you’ve changed?-


-Can I call you?-


A half an hour later I got her number and the fact she wouldn’t be home until nine o’clock pm Eastern Time the next day. That night Sebastian fucked my brains out then we fucked again in the morning before we worked out and again after breakfast. What Sebastian thought of my stress relief he was kind enough to keep beylikdüzü escort to himself though I noticed he was whistling as he walked around his place.

At six o’clock my time I made the call.

“Yes,” came this unfamiliar female voice.

“It is Sylvia.” I didn’t want to use the term ‘Mother’ because of our history. As it was the pause was deafening.

“Okay, you called. What do you want?”

“It is good to hear your voice Marcy. How have you been?” I asked.

“You mean ‘how have I been for the last ten years you haven’t been around’?” she mocked me.

“Yes, something like that. I understand you work for a marketing firm now. That sounds really nice,” I said.

“I hate it. The job sucks. Everyone treats me like a moron,” she seethed with anger.

“Oh, what do you want to do?” I attempted to mollify her.

“Do you even know where I went to school or what I majored in?” she growled.

“You went to Penn State and you majored in Statistics Marcy,” I sighed and sent a thankful prayer Allen’s way. There was a long pause.

“Oh … I didn’t think you would actually know that,” she admitted.

“Honestly I only found out a few days ago. As your father told you I was out in the middle of nowhere for the longest time. Only in the past few weeks has my life turned around to the point I would hope you might not be ashamed of me.”

“Mom, I hate you, I’m not ashamed of you. You were a dirty whore and you broke Dad’s heart,” she spat. “I’ve waited ten years to tell you that.”

“Can you say anything to make any of the hurt go away?” I pleaded.

“You can tell me you have a flesh eating disease and only have a few painful days to live,” Marcy snapped. I was starting to feel totally helpless. I looked over at Sebastian and he gave me the gesture for ‘keep her talking’.

“Marcy, what was the worst thing I did to you?” I said.

“You cheated on Dad,” she said after a moment. “You broke something inside of him.”

“I can never do that again and I can’t fix it. What can I do for you?” I asked.

“I … I don’t know. I don’t think there is anything you can do to make it up to us,” Marcy admitted.

“Can you find it in yourself to give me a second chance? Can you think about it for a while and if you feel like it, call me back?” I inquired.

“Sure Mom, whatever,” Marcy sighed. “If I don’t call you back, don’t call me again, okay?”

“Okay Marcy,” I replied close to tears. She hung up and Sebastian took me in his arms.

(Three days later)

“Yes,” I answered the phone. It was late in the afternoon and we were talking about dinner.

“Sylvia, this is Marcy,” was the reply. I felt my heart leap into my chest.

“I can’t express how good it is to hear from you Marcy. What can I do for you?” I asked.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure why I am calling you,” she said.

“Are you even considering giving me another chance? I would love it if you would try to forgive me. Please just try,” I begged.

“I’m only listening to you because my therapist thinks it is a good idea that I come to grips with my feelings toward you,” she confessed.

“Therapist?” I wondered.

“Yes,” she snapped angrily. “Something about coming home and finding you getting gangbanged by four guys Mom. For some reason I haven’t gotten over that.” I hadn’t forgotten that episode though I wished I could. An angry ex-client had sent one of my stupider moments on DVD to my husband and in his shock he left it for my daughter to see by accident.

“You were never meant to see that. It was a stupid thing for me to do and worse thing for me to put your father and you through. I am not that person anymore,” I pledged.

“I find that hard to believe,” she responded.

“How about I prove it to you?” I asked.

“How would you possibly do that?” she asked.

“You could come out and see me,” I offered.

“Where are you?”

“I’m in Los Angeles,” I told her.

“When did that happen?” Marcy wondered.

“Two months ago. I have a new job doing corporate work for Vandemeyer Corporate Systems. I’m a mediator again,” I informed her.

“How does a used car saleswoman get a corporate job in Los Angeles?” she scoffed. “Who did you have to screw?”

“It wasn’t like that. This man came through town, his car broke down and he remembered my work from two decades ago. We talked and he ended up offering a job. I finished my first contract a few days ago and I wanted to see you once I had something to show you that I wasn’t a total loss,” I expressed to her.

“How many men did you have to suck off this time Mom?” she grumbled.

“Please Marcy, it isn’t like that,” I repeated.

“What is it like that then?” Marcy challenged me.

“Why don’t you come out and see?” I requested.

“To Los Angeles; How in the hell would I do that?” Marcy questioned.

“I can pay for round trip tickets and I have a place you can stay,” I responded as I looked to Sebastian for confirmation that Marcy could use one of the guest rooms; which he did.

“Is this supposed to make it up to me?” Marcy grumbled.

“No Marcy, I can never make up to you what I put you through. I’m trying to give us a new start because I really, really want you in my life,” I told her. She didn’t answer for so long I was afraid she’d hung up the phone.

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