Back to School Night Ch. 02

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This story is Part II of my story, Back to School Night. Be sure to read Part I first!]

In the candle light, Marissa’s long lean body looked so smooth, so inviting.

I began by trailing the fingers of my left hand over as much of it as I could touch from where I lay. First I stroked her neck, then her ears, her shoulders, and then slowly circled each breast, working my way ever inward until my fingers trailed over her nipples.

Before moving on, I twisted each one just a bit as I’d seen her do earlier, just to let her know I’d been paying attention. Finally, I began to work my fingers down toward he crotch, over her belly button and into her bush, or what bush she had.

Another surprise awaited me there, because she had shaved all but a tiny patch above her lips. I was fascinated by the almost baldness of her pussy and kept stroking up one side of her little tuft of hair and then down the other, just barely brushing her outer lips the bottom of each stroke.

“I see you like that look,” she rumbled next to me, almost breathless now. “I like to keep it closely trimmed.”

“I do like the feel of closely trimmed,” I sighed into her ear.

Taking her left knee in my hand, I lifted it over onto my thighs, opening her up to my perusal. My fingers resumed their leisurely stroll over her body, now working back and forth on her inner thighs, again just barely brushing her outer lips as I passed them by. Each time I touched her there, a small moan would slip from her mouth.

Putting my hand to my mouth, I wet my fingers let my saliva drip down onto the top of her lips, moistening just the outer surface. This earned me a bigger moan. I then began a careful strumming of my fingers on those first lips, careful not to penetrate more than the barest fraction of the way into her. At this, Marissa raised her hips just a bit, trying to force me into her.

“No dear, sorry. I set the pace, just as you did earlier,” I instructed.

“Okay, okay, Tom. It just feels so good, I want more,” she moaned.

“Oh, you’ll get more Marissa, don’t you worry,” I replied.

Satisfied that she was ready, I began to probe for her clit with my middle finger. It wasn’t hard to find, already standing at attention, looking for me. Rather than strumming on it as I had done with her outer lips, I tapped on it, ever so lightly. Just the barest tapping. After each fourth or fifth tap, I’d press down on it and rub for a few strokes, then resume my tapping. Given the sounds that were coming from her throat, the tapping was having the desired effect.

“Twist your nipples for me some more Marissa. I want to watch you so I now just exactly what feels good,” I whispered.

“Okay babe, watch this then,” she said. While my finger continued to work on her clit, she took each nipple between a thumb and index finger and began twisting it out away from her body. I was amazed at how far she stretched her small tits up from her chest. It was as if she was trying to make her nipples into miniature cocks. It was mesmerizing to watch, both because I’d never been with a woman with breasts as small as hers, but also because I’d never seen a woman treat her nipples that way.

“Nice Marissa, very nice,” I said. “Keep it up while I change positions here.”

“I thought you were never going to get the message that I wanted your face in my pussy Tom,” she said, laughing now.

“Oh, I got the message a while back,” I said, “I was just enjoying myself too much to be in a hurry.”

“Fine,” she moaned. “Whatever. Will you hurry a bit now?”

“Lift your legs for me Marissa,” I replied, “Show me your pussy.” With that, I squirmed down to the foot of the bed as she reached under each knee and lifted it to her chest, exposing herself fully, showing me everything. canlı bahis

God it was beautiful. Her outer lips were pouting now, fully engorged and purplish. Her clit was just visible, inviting me down.

“Wonderful, wonderful,” was my attempt at a smooth response to what I was looking at.

I lowered my mouth to her pussy and began to tickle the outer lips with the tip of my tongue. As I did, she rolled further backward, pressing her knees more firmly to her chest and opening herself even wider.

As I pressed my face down on her, I used the index finger of my right hand to begin to stroke back and forth across the very base of her opening, just above the perineum, where the juices were beginning to leak downward toward her ass. This got me a very strong moan, but not nearly as strong as the one that escaped her when my tongue found her clit at last.

“Oh fuck. Fuck. Fuck,” she called out, louder now. “Tom, that is so good. Fuck me. Yes.”

Okay, I could tell this was going well. One part of me was given over to the passion of the moment, but the other was concentrating on doing a good job this first time with another woman in 20 years.

I was concentrating hard on going slow, my tongue pressing down hard on her clit, rubbing it, then backing off and flicking rapidly five or six times, before pressing down hard and rubbing. I’d moved up to two fingers rubbing across the bottom of her opening now and was trying to rub there in time with my tongue. I could tell she wanted me to slip them into her, but I wasn’t ready to do that just yet.

“Fuck. Fuck! So good, so good,” was all she could think of to say.

Faster now, I rubbed a little harder with my tongue, flicked it a little faster, imagining that it was a fan blade spinning around and around. Now my fingers began to probe into her, pressing her open. As I did, I let me pinky slip down toward her well-moistened ass, where it began to tease at that opening as well.

“Yes. Do that,” Marissa groaned. “Just like that. I like that.”

She was panting now and rocking her hips upward into my face. With two fingers inside her and another circling her ass, a tongue on her clit, I was lost now in the lust of it all.

Responding to her more insistent moans, I speeded up a bit more with my tongue and pressed my pinky against her opening, letting her know it was coming in. She responded by wiggling her ass to let me know it was okay.

“Close. Close. Close,” was coming from deep in her chest somewhere now.

In the face of that, I set to fucking her in earnest with my face, my hand, my whole body. And as her thighs tensed on my head, clamping down on me, I shoved my fingers forcefully into her vagina, my pinky driving home into her asshole, and I went in and out, in and out, as each wave of her orgasm broke over me.

My tongue was truly like a fan now, working on her clit as fast and as furiously as I was capable of doing.

She was bucking against me, almost shouting now, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!”

When the final wave passed, she pushed my head away almost violently and said, “Tom, I want you in me. Are you hard?”

“Let’s see,” I laughed.

Throwing her knees across and over, I started lifting her hips to get her up onto her knees. Figuring out quickly where I was going with this, she was up on her knees, elbows on the bed, spread and ready for me.

Grabbing a hip in either hand, I slid home, all the way to the hilt, pressing myself into her as far as I possibly could.

“Yes. Oh yes,” she called out from down around the pillows. “It feels so good to have you fuck me Tom. Now fuck me for real. Fuck me with that cock.”

Needless to say, this abandon on her part sent me over the edge. I began to slide in and out, pulling the head bahis siteleri of my cock all the way out of her pussy, but not breaking contact, then sliding it home until my pubic bone was pressing hard against her ass cheeks.

Her white ass floated below me in the candle light as I drove my cock home again and again. Below me I could feel her fingers working hard on her clit and the thought that she wanted to cum again so quickly drove me on.

I loved the feeling of my cock’s head popping out of her, resting in the air for split second, then being engulfed in the heat of her pussy again. God it was good. And I loved the way she was talking as we fucked.

“Yes, your cock is so hard,” she growled. “It’s filling me up. Splitting me. It’s huge. Oh yes babe, fuck me, fuck me.”

Before long I could tell she was close again, so I picked up the pace. I grabbed her ass cheeks now, using them as leverage as I pounded into her, loving the feel of those firm cheeks in my hands.

“My tits Tom, my tits,” she cried out. “Help me cum. You know what I want.”

That I did. I leaned over and grabbed a nipple in each hand and began to twist them away from her body as I’d seen her do twice already tonight.

The instant I started this, she began to shake and buck against me, shouting again, “fuck me, yes fuck me, I’m cumming. Yes! Yes!”

I was worried that I was treating them too roughly, but she clearly loved it, so I kept twisting as I kept up the pace of my pounding into her from behind.

Suddenly her knees gave way and I collapsed on top of her, cock impaled deep inside her.

This being my second time of the night, I wasn’t close yet, so I kept up a slow, insistent stroke, just to let her know I wasn’t done.

After a minute or two of post-orgasmic panting, she said, “Tom, I’ve got something I think will solve your problem.”

“Hey, I don’t think of it as a problem. I think of it as an opportunity,” I said.

This got a laugh out of her. “Babe, I don’t think of it as a problem either…need would have been the better word, no? Climb off me for a sec.”

Reluctantly, I withdrew and rolled over, wondering what this woman had up her sleeve now. “I want you to pull your knees to your chest, just like mine were when you were eating me,” she instructed.

Reaching down, I pulled me knees up as I was told. Her hand came between my thighs, pulling my cock down and out between them. From between my knees I could see that she was back on her hands and knees, this time facing away from me.

Then it was clear what she was doing.

She was guiding my cock toward her pussy, but as she did so, she lifted her ass upwards and literally sat on my thighs, pressing them down into my chest, my calves on her back, using me kind of like a rocking chair, only one that has a hard cock in the seat. And that hard cock was now inside her.

“Ah, now that is about as far in as it will go, don’t you think,” she asked?

“I think so, Marissa, I think so,” I gasped, stunned by how far inside her I’d gone.

“Now babe, I’m going to fuck your cock. I want you to lie back and enjoy it…not that you’ve got much choice now.” And she laughed a self-satisfied laugh.

“Whatever you say Marissa, whatever you say,” I replied.

At first, she fucked me by rocking back and forth on my cock, making it rub around inside her, causing all kinds of wonderful sensations on the head as it rubbed against the inner walls of her pussy. At the same time, she was fondling my balls with one hand and teasing around my asshole with the other.

“Yes, that’s good,” was my way of letting her know I liked it all.

“You like having your ass teased Tom?” she asked.

“Oh yes, I do” I tried not to sound too eager.

After a few minutes bahis firmaları of this, I felt lubrication on my ass and realized she’d taken some massage oil from the bedside stand. God this was good!

Then with each rocking stroke on my cock, she pressed her index finger a bit harder against my opening. I relaxed a bit to let her in and before long she was fucking my ass with her finger in time with her rocking. In and out, opening me, probing me. Needless to say, this fucking of my ass was making my cock that much harder, my balls that much tighter.

Suddenly the bottle of massage oil was floating over my face.

“Take this Tom. I’d like the same treatment please,” she asked.

A quick study, I poured some of the oil into a little puddle on my chest and began to apply it to her ass as well.

She lifted herself up just a bit to give me more access and within a minute, we were locked together. My finger was in her ass, my cock was in her pussy, her finger was in my ass. Each of us was concentrating on giving the other pleasure, our bodies completely entwined, me pinned to the bed by her long tall frame.

I could have gone on like this forever, but all good things just seemed destined to get better on this night of lust.

“Okay, I’m ready now,” she said and without warning pulled out of my ass and let go of my balls. Her pussy began to slide slowly, agonizingly up my shaft until I could see the head of my cock beginning to appear from the folds of her lips. I was afraid she was going to get off and I really didn’t want her to.

Fortunately, she had no such intention, because without warning, she slammed herself down. Hard. Ramming me deep inside her. Then the slow, oh so slow progress back up my shaft, the briefest lingering with just the edge of my head exposed, and then—slam! Down again with force.

Each time she threw her body down on me like that, Marissa shoved her finger deep into my ass, probing for my prostate. On the second or third try she found it and each time she did, she would give it a quick massage before pulling her finger back just as she was pulling herself back on my cock.

Needless to say, this was starting to drive me insane!

I began to grunt, not caring if I sounded like a wild animal or not and with my hands I held onto her thighs with all my strength—not directing her, just holding on for dear life. She was totally in control of me and I would do whatever she wanted at this moment. Just so long as she kept fucking me like this.

The waves of pleasure that were radiating from my crotch were nothing short of incredible.

“Fuck yes, Marissa. Fuck yes! Fuck me babe,” I called out, oblivious of how loud I was being. “Please just keep fucking me! Make me cum in you. I can’t stand much more. Please just fuck me.” It was all I could do to talk dirty, much less make sense…

With one last hard stroke, she pressed her finger hard against my prostate and suddenly I was shooting, my hips bouncing up off the bed, sending her up toward the ceiling, her finger pressed hard into me, my cock completely engulfed in her body. Wave after wave shot through me and one of my balls actually disappeared into my pelvic region as it was drained dry.

Sensing I was done, she withdrew her finger from me and said, “I’m close again Tom. Don’t move. I’ll finish.”

I could feel her hands working hard in her crotch as my cock began to soften inside of her. And sure enough, in another minute or so, she was cumming again. Shouting. Moaning. Squirming on my by now only half hard cock. “Yes! Yes! Yes!” We were so imaginative in our speech!

When it was over, she literally fell off me and onto the bed, my cock coming free from her with a little slurping sound not unlike a soda bottle opening. The sound made us both start laughing.

I rolled forward so I could take her in my arms and we laughed and laughed, our feet on the pillows and our heads at the foot of the bed. Before long, we were both asleep.

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