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All characters are 18 or over.


“A-Anal Sex?” Jamie chuckled under her breath. She looked around the coffee shop and lowered her head in a whisper. “You’re joking.”

Her mirror shook her head and confidently stated, “You owe me, remember? I did that job interview for you!”

Donna and Jamie were twin sisters. Jamie saw her blue eyes and blond hair in her copy, but in most ways she felt inferior. Her sister was better with people, and married a perfect man early in life. Her tits were pushed out by an expensive, lacy bra and her clothes were worth four times Jamies. Jamie had a college degree and was barely making enough to able to pay her bills. Donna got herself in trouble sometimes, but she always felt that Donna got all the good womanly genes. Men would always choose Donna of Jamie any day, despite being genetically identical.

“B-But is this really the same?” Jamie could only guess how much she was blushing. She knew she owed her sister a lot, but this?

“Backstory.” Donna started, “Robert said I made a bet. He said I could fuck another guy if I won, and if he won we’d try anal. I’m calling in this favor okay?” She said it simply. “It’s been a few years, but I’m willing to risk it. I know you can still act like me.”

Jamie realized how serious her sister was and swallowed hard. They had both fallen for Robert, but he had chosen Donna. The idea of having sex with her sister’s husband was wrong on so many levels. Jamie should know, she had the idea nearly every night of the week and always felt guilty after every orgasm. She knew how much Donna loved Robert because Jamie loved him too, and the thought of him touching her made her quiver and shake unlike anything else.

But Jamie had the same idea as Donna when it came to anal. She’d never tried it, but had only heard bad things. It was painful, unsanitary, humiliating, and just plain weird feeling according to her friends. She’d played around back there before and just felt like she needed to wash her hands more often.

On the other hand, Jamie hadn’t had sex or been in a serious relationship for three years and she was getting desperate. Her heart and body were seriously conflicted. She was scared and turned on. She was anxious to fuck Robert’s brains out, but didn’t want to lie to him. How would he feel if he knew his wife was doing this?

“This Saturday come by about an hour before noon so I can give you a makeover before he gets back from his business trip.” Donna continued and gathered her things. Jamie had never agreed to it, but then again, that’s always how she got roped into these things. “And, you know, be clean and ready for you know what. I’m not touching you there.”

Several days later Jamie found herself looking at a mirror again, but this time it was a real one in Donnas bathroom. She wore a pink and black pushup bra and lacy panties that would have cost her a fortune if she bought them herself. A garter belt held up fine stockings and she inspected her taught assets with twirl. Robert was a surgeon and could afford to give him family the best in life. Jamie felt good about herself for several minutes in front of the mirror. She got into character and felt a lot better about herself. This was her house, her husband, her night to try something kinky with him. She felt beautiful for the first time in a long time.

She heard the door to the bathroom open with surprise. Her asshole clenched at the thought of what was to come, and what Robert would think if he found out.

“Ready!” She heard her sister whisper as the door closed. “Just wait on the bed for him. I’ll go shopping with your car while your busy. Just meet me at the mall once your done so we can switch back.” Jamie nodded and felt her chest grow tight. Once Donna left the house and she heard the car drive off Jamie went to the bed and rested herself on it like Donna might.

Pretending to be Donna was easy. You just had to pretend that you were a goddess that deserved all the good things you got and none of the bad things. Jamie told herself she deserved what was coming next, and told herself that it was a good thing and that it was going to feel great. She didn’t quite believe it, but she half believed it, and that was enough.

Soon enough she heard a car parked outside. Her heart beat faster with anticipation. The front door opened and closed. Jamie twitched and bit her lip with anxiety. She heard footsteps coming down the hall and she turned her body alluringly to the door. As the doorknob turned she spread her legs and caressed her inner thigh. She felt herself getting impotently wet and she felt her skin stiffen with goosebumps and she lightly touched her silken garments.

“Are you ready sexy?” Her mouth breathed naturally, her hand playing across her leg to her knee to spread her legs even wider. It wasn’t something she’d feel honest saying normally, but she knew how to play the role.

“Not yet actually. I forgot something” Donna walked through the door. Jamie immediately felt very exposed bursa escort and covered herself with a yelp as if her own mother had walked in on her masturbating. Donna walked to the bathroom nonchalantly with a devilish smile and a giggle, “Good acting though. Keep it up. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you were really looking forward to this.”

“Y-You could have warned me!” Jamie was back to her normal self and could feel her skin going flush. It was humiliating for her sister to see that side of her.

“I just came for my purse, ah, right here!” She picked it up and began walking back to the door. “Now you can assume the position again. Oh! And one last suggestion, I heard that maybe you can loosen yourself up a little bit before hand to reduce the-“

Both sisters heard a door slam shut in the driveway. Both sisters paused to look at each other and notice panic in their twin.

He was here.

“I can’t do this!” Jamie stood up with a hurried whisper. “I can’t get into character this fast!”

“Just stick to the plan! He can’t see both of us like this!” Donna thought hard as the main door was unlocked and opened.

“Honey! I’m home!” They both heard. “Is Jamie visiting? I saw her car.”

Jamie swore, “Shit! I have to get dressed! This was so stupid! I can’t believe I agreed to this. Let me-“

Donna stopped her from going into the bathroom. “She’s just leaving!” Donna shouted out. Donna took a deep breath and in several seconds she seemed a bit hunched over, a bit more timid, and a bit more like Jamie.

Jamie was stuck like a deer in the headlights as Donna walked calmly out the bedroom door and closed it after her.

“Hi Robert!” her tone and inflection was slightly altered, “Oh, my sister said she was going to let me borrow some of her clothes. I hope you don’t mind.” Jamie was hyperventilating. Her pulse beat across her skin and made her blood boil with heat. She was stuck here and she had to get back into character fast. She heard the two talking to each other but lost most of the words, “She is just getting ready for you. You know, girl things. Just give her a few minutes.”

Jamie took a deep breath. Way to buy some time. She took another few breaths, to no avail.

“You okay in there?” She heard Robert call.

“Y-yea!” She studded. Bad start. She tried to calm down. She paced until she heard a car outside leaving and then tried to get comfortable on the bed as she heard footsteps. “R-Ready!” she lied. She gulped as the door opened and tried not to cover her still blushing body. “H-Hi.” She murmured as Robert entered the room. She tried to stretch out more, but her self-conscious nature forced her legs tightly closed and forced her arms to clench to her chest. He was a large man with a sharp jawline, short cut hair and piercing black eyes. His face held the kindness of a doctor but his body was hard and strong like a soldiers. She felt herself melting into an embarrassed puddle of shy and defeated hormones.

She thought she could feel no greater sense of failure before he smiled and said, “You look a little nervous.” She felt her womanhood gushing at the eye contact. She imagined him peeling off her expensive wrappings and conquering her on the spot, making her scream and squeal like one of her dark fantasy’s over the years. She feared that if she tried to respond, all that would come out was some drool and gurgling noises from the back of her cock hungry throat, and yet he waited for her. She suddenly remembered her purpose for being here and felt her rear end tighten and relax as if it was already getting fucked. It felt strangely arousing, imagining him there now. She realized with a feeling of ecstatic horror that all her orifices were preparing themselves for sex without her consent.

She nodded and hummed in a high-pitched chirp and an awkward smile. She swallowed as she salivated. He chuckled and hung up his coat, slowly undressing. “I’ve never seen you like this.” He toyed with her. “I think it’s cute.” Jamie cupped one her breasts as she saw him loosen his tie and unbutton his shirt. “Are you scared or exited?”

“Ah,” She started and stopped; worried that he would know her voice was wrong. “Both.” She said quickly.

When he removed his shirt she felt like her soft, wax like body was melting from the heat. Her legs began to spread and droop down like a burning candle and her arms began to relax and drip down to the sheets. Her pale chest heaved and her body shivered. When he was at his boxers her mouth opened and she let her hands explore her thighs again, this time without any pretense.

She didn’t think she could be more turned on, and yet she felt herself slowly begging for his touch as he approached and crawl over her on the bed. He seemed to dive into her, both his strong arms shielding her sides and supporting him as he swooped and smelled her from crotch to clavicle. He delicately touched her sternum with the tip of his tongue and she arched her back from the sensation exploding across her body. bursa escort bayan If he did that a few more times she wouldn’t be able to stand it. Could a woman cum like that? She wanted to find out.

“I didn’t think you could get this horny.” He said as he kissed her throat. She let her head sink back and cooed from the touch. “And you were acting so reluctant before. Did your sister say something to you?”

Jamie looked down and saw the beast crouched above her. She felt his manhood on her leg and tried to coolly respond with some cunning lie. She looked into his ambitious and intelligent eyes and found herself helplessly overwhelmed. Instead her voice croaked, “I love you.”

Her heart choked her throat. She didn’t mean to say that. Was that something Donna would say? She was terrified for an instant before he kissed her lips and sank himself into her wet and dripping mouth. His muscle wrestled with hers and pinned it down. She gasped and groaned as she felt Robert delicately tap his fingers down her ribs and stomach. He pet her lightly, goading her pussy to drip like a faucet, and her legs to bend and tremble. He broke off the kiss when his hand looped round her waistband and she felt like clamping onto his hips with her legs and never letting go.

“I’ll start slow.” He said. Her mind groaned with the idea of waiting, “Are you ready?” of course she was. She nodded and dropped her jaw, ready for him to continue ravishing her.

He flipped her like a boned fish and pulled her rear to the edge of the bed in one fluid motion. She yelped and chuckled, her legs wide and her spirit burning for his love and attention. He knelt on the ground and she felt his wet tongue on her wet panties. The slick sensation struck her like lightning. Her back arched and she pushed her chest up and off the bed with a silent scream. Her throat cracked out a wine as she felt his strong hands grip her ass and push his crafty mouth against her with more force. He spread her cheeks and she felt herself even more open to him. She was suddenly mortified by the idea that she may smell different from her sister, or taste different, or moan differently.

This should have stopped her lust, but instead it was doubled. The forbidden thought entered her mind, “Perhaps if he would prefer me, Jamie”. That idea set her off and she felt that naughty idea enter her brain just as a naughty thumb pressed against her embarrassed, clenched asshole. A smooth cloth separated her ass from penetration, but her inquisitive body pressed against the finger happily. The feeling was amazing as her pussy continued to be pumped wet by her masters mouth, coercing the fluids from her, and Roberts strong hands slowly took her for his own. Her ass belonged to him now. That was a pleasant thought.

She wanted him in her now, one way or another. She moaned for a mixture of pleasure and frustration as he kissed her legs and reached from something under the bed. Lube, she thought. It was going to happen soon. She felt the sheer fabric move aside and felt the cold air touch her most private areas. She shivered and clenched as she felt him size both cheeks once more, spread them, and lick her bare, moist cunt.

“Ahh!” She couldn’t control herself. Her breathing was out of control. She had never been this sensitive before. “Oh wow.” She shook as he almost touched her clit. She felt her juices dripping down her legs and felt like an animal. She let go of her mounting fear and felt herself relax again. As she did so she felt a cool, slippery finger touch her at the base of her opening and slide up towards the center of her anxiety and tension. As the digit pushed and prodded her his tongue made circles around her pleasure. She almost didn’t notice when his thumb seemed to slip inside her in the biologically wrong way.

“Gah!” She seized as his thumb gripped deeper and he lightly flicked her clit. “Oh!” Her hips thrust backwards for more and everything went deeper, so deep she couldn’t stand it and reeled back. “Ahh!”

She felt him stand, and hand caressing her opening to tease her before she felt something larger pressing on her pussy. Her eyes widened as she felt herself spreading. “Oh god yes!” She never dared to guess that Robert would fuck her legitimately. His cock dug into her until she felt like she would break.

“You are really tight!” She heard Robert say with surprise. She shook with every centimeter and gripped the sheets until his entire shaft was inside of her. He felt amazing. She had almost forgotten how good a cock felt. She only had a moment to catch her breath before he drew back and pounded in again. His thumb still gripped her tightly.

“Fuck!” She shouted. It almost hurt. She covered her mouth in surprise.

“Ah, the potty mouth arrives! I was starting to get worried.” He commented. So Donna did more dirty talk. She should have guessed.

“Fuck Robert, that feels so fucking good.” She continued. She felt him thrust again and her voice cracked another high-pitched moan. “Just like that!” escort bursa He was still so slow, but his thrusting became methodical until she was certain that she was going to cum, and she was going to cum hard. She felt it. It was like feeling the water level dropping before a massive wave was about to hit.

But then, he stopped. She would have complained if simply feeling him inside her didn’t feel so good. She ground her rear against him in agony. She felt his cock slowly leaving her and groaned with disappointed pleasure. She was happy for the break, as her body felt weak and sweaty. His hand left as well and for a moment she felt empty and aching for release.

He slapped her ass as she screeched. “How’s that?” She slapped her again. She’d never been spanked before, but she felt like she could learn to like it. Did he do that with Donna?

“I love it.” She answered honestly. “Slap my ass Robert. Harder.” He did and she moaned, the pain spreading out and heightening the wrongness of the situation. “It’s all yours.” She wiggled it for him.

“Don’t mind if I do.” She felt him pull down her panties halfway down her ass. Then she felt her cheeks being spread. A slick bulb touched her rectum and she slowly breathed in and out. She felt it pierce her and she felt herself spreading. It was going to hurt, but she wanted him to have it. This was something Donna never gave him. This made Jamie better, hotter, and more of Roberts woman than Donna was in some meaningful way. She felt the lance dig deeply and moaned as the tip finally breached her. It was official. Her asshole was now a fuckhole. It was Roberts personal fuckhole, and she was his fucktoy. He began to push deeper and she moaned without restraint. It was so slick and so hard that she felt like it was part of some sort of well-greased sex machine.

When she felt him sheath himself totally and completely inside her she felt complete. She felt whole and happy. He receded back, like the water level going down, and then he crashed back like a wave and she felt his power take her. She couldn’t resist shoveling her hand desperately under her and into her half off panties. He impaled her again before she could touch herself and her body began to feel light and weightless, but completely out of her control.

It wasn’t that it felt completely pleasurable. In fact, it wasn’t even comfortable. But it was the biggest turn on she’d ever felt, and she’d never felt like such a mindless animal. She’d never given up so much control, or so much of her dignity. She’d never been so totally owned by anyone before, or willingly given up so much of herself.

Her fingers scrambled and fought their way towards her pussy, but before she could find release Robert pulled a complex maneuver. He pulled halfway out, and then rolled her to her back. She was so startled that she covered herself on instinct before realizing how silly that was. He pushed down on her knees and thrust deep into her again as he made eye contact with her. Jamie had never felt so close to being found out. How could she lie to him like this? How would it be possible for him to not recognize her? Her hands swept to her blushing, ashamed face and she peaked through to his eyes like a child might as she felt herself fucked even deeper.

“You’re so silly.” He chuckled. He shook his head and held down her hands by her sides as his shoulders pushed her legs back and his cock rammed her ass. Her pussy dripped down and around her new fuckhole now and she greedily wormed her body for some kind of satisfaction. That was when Robert leaned down during his fucking and undid the front clasp of her bra with his teeth. Her tits popped open and Jamie felt her eyesight blur with tears. It was so dumb. She was getting fucked in the ass, but Robert seeing her tits was the final straw and she suddenly felt insecure about everything, even as her body told her she was close to the hardest climax of her life. Her willpower was gone and she no longer had the capacity to pretend to be anyone or wear any more masks. This was her horny, vulnerable, embarrassing spirit on display and he was fucking it just like he was fucking her asshole.

She felt like her climax was just a foot away, but behind a steel grate. She pushed herself against the painful barrier but found herself even more horny, and still unable to find release. She reached as she cried harder and moaned loudly. “I love you. I love you.” She chanted. Anything else would have been a lie. “Fuck, Fuck, Oh god, Oh god I’m so close-“

Robert pushed her knees to far back they touched her ears and fucked her so deep she almost felt nothing else. Then he kissed her as his dick drilled down into her and slammed her shoulders into the bed. The wall between her and her orgasm cracked as his lips pecked hers and it began to fall apart as Robert held both her wrists down with one hand, and the other slipped between her breasts, up her stomach, across her hips and just above her clit. Her eyes met his as the kissed and his fingers flicked her plesure. But even that wasn’t enough. It was when he broke of the kiss in the next moment and grunted deep and with power. It was when she felt him quicken his pace and shoot into her and saw his face contort in pleasure.

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