Backside of the Future

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This story was inspired by a random 80’s porn that popped up online. My version of the story is not the same as the movie and has much more butt stuff. So, sit back and enjoy the ride.

May 2011

Cheryl Holt walks into the living room and sees her mother, Carol Davis, sitting in the window seat. She walks towards her mother saying “Good morning, Mom. How are you?”

Carol looks up and smiles wide. “Cherry! Good morning. I am so happy to see you.” She stands and wraps her daughter in a hug. “I am glad you and Jim decided to stay here. I’m not sure what brought you out here, but I am excited.”

Cheryl smiles and shakes her head at her mother’s use of her childhood nickname. “Jim is showing his invention to an investor and says that the area around here is best for showing what it can do.” Cheryl explains. “He should be here later. He is working on his presentation now. How are you doing Mom?”

Carol sits back down in her window seat and says “I’m doing OK, I guess. I miss your dad, of course. Your sister calls often and drops by when her job brings her to the area.” Carol’s eldest daughter Elizabeth works for a cosmetics company as a buyer and travels widely. Elizabeth is eighteen years older than her sister Cheryl. Cheryl was a happy surprise to the Davis family when she was born almost thirty years ago.

“I’m sorry I don’t make it out here more, mom. I can blame work or Jim’s work, but I should make more of an effort.” Cheryl says and sits next to her mother. She looks at her mother closely. Even at 65 her mother is still beautiful.

Carol was a model when she was younger. She is still tall and thin. She stands at 5′ 8″ and weighs 118. She wears her hair long down her back. Her hair is still black with some help. Her brown eyes still sparkle when she laughs. Carol had her first child, Elizabeth at 17. Her boyfriend at the time, David did the right thing and married his sweetheart. David was 18 and just started working in his father’s plumbing company. The couple had some hard times, as all couples do, but the good times were more frequent. They worked together and they made a happy and healthy home. It also helped that both David and Carol had an adventurous sexual appetite. They had an open relationship until he passed two years ago. Carol lost her sex drive when he passed, but she is beginning to feel the urges again.

Carol says “Cherry, I get that life gets away from you. Don’t live with regrets, baby.” She takes Cheryl’s hand and kisses it. Carol looks at her beautiful daughter. Cheryl stands at 5′ 5″ and weighs 120. Her hair is a curly mass of light brown. She has bright blue eyes and has freckles splashed across her face and chest.

The two women spend the day talking and catching up. Carol phones Elizabeth and all three chat for hours. When Jim returns that evening, he takes both ladies out to dinner. Carol can’t help but check Jim out. He is tall, at 6′ 3″ with a very muscular body. He has wavy sandy brown hair and a well groomed full beard. His blue eyes are surrounded by laugh lines.

The trio return home after a pleasant evening and then head off to bed. Cheryl and Jim head to her childhood room. Jim looks around at her room and chuckles. “I can’t believe your mom is letting us be in your room with the door closed. Your parents are pretty cool.” Jim jokes with his wife. They both laugh and Jim pulls her close for a deep kiss. “Have you had many boys in your room, sweetheart?” He asks as he rubs his hands up and down her arms.

“A couple. My parents were cool. They were very open about sex and Elizabeth and I saw a lot of things here.” Cheryl says. “I’m pretty sure mom slept with a couple of our boyfriends. And I know the both of them had my friend Jane on that window seat mom likes.”

“What?! How do you know?” He asks while taking his shirt off, unbuttoning his pants.

While lifting her dress up and off, Cheryl continues “I walked into the living room and saw Jane going down on mom and dad was buried in Jane’s ass.” Cheryl drops her dress and stands in front of her husband wearing a baby blue strapless bra and matching garter belt holding her black stockings. Her waxed pussy is uncovered and her lips are glistening. She pushes her husband back to sit on the bed. His cock is standing up straight. Cheryl kneels between her husband’s legs. Her hand takes his cock in her hand, stroking lightly. “That was the first time I saw anal sex and it was my father sodomizing my friend.” She leans in and licks the head of his cock. “I was mad at first. Jane was coming over to have sex with me!” Cheryl takes her husband’s cock in her mouth. She pulls off of him, stroking steadily and says “Jane looked so happy though. Mom looked ecstatic, I know she was because Jane could eat pussy well. Dad looked amazing too. He was slipping his huge cock deep into Jane.” Cheryl sucks Jim back into her mouth. She bobs up and down, stroking in time with her bobs. She feels him grow harder and she releases him. “Once I got over altyazılı porno my mad, I realized how exciting it was watching the three of them. My hand slipped under my skirt to my soaked pussy. I slipped a finger inside and was pumping it time with daddy’s pounding of Jane’s ass.” She kisses the head of Jim’s cock “My other hand was under my shirt squeezing my own breast in time with mom’s hands on her own. My dad was pounding Jane so hard, he was pretty much masturbating mom with Jane’s face. Soon my mom was cumming. Her howls brought Jane, dad, and me off almost at the same time.” Cheryl deep throats her husband, holding him in her throat. She can feel him tensing and she backs off of him. “Dad buried himself in Jane’s ass and unloaded. When he pulled out of her, his cum followed and started dripping. My mom spun Jane around and buried her tongue in her cum drenched ass. Mom sucked my dad’s cum out of my teenage friend’s ass.” Cheryl inhales Jim’s cock and buries him deep into her throat. She begins swallowing, massaging the head of his cock. Her hand is rubbing his balls. Jim grabs her hair and holds her as his cock explodes down her throat. She loves the feeling his molten seed flowing down her throat. She feels Jim’s cock expand as each load spurts down her throat. He uses her hair in his hand to pull her off of him. He takes his cock in hand and splashes her face with his last two shots. He releases her hair and she falls back to her rear. With a giant smile she uses her fingers to slip the cum from her face to her mouth.

Carol takes her dress off in her bedroom. She stands before the full length mirror looking at her body. She knows what she used to look like and sees the blemishes and wrinkles. She does see the firm, thin stomach. Her legs are muscular still, from doing yoga and walking. She does have an elliptical machine and daily she exercises in one way or another. Carol reaches behind and unhooks her bra. she lets it fall down her arms and she puts it in the laundry basket. Her breasts do sag, but not terribly. She wears a 32B bra and fills it well. She does have push-ups to give her some excellent cleavage, when she dresses up. She runs her hands beneath her breasts and lifts them to where they used to stand unsupported. A delicious thought runs through her head, “I wonder if Jim would like them. I think his hands would completely cover my breasts. Mmmm…” Carol releases her breasts and slides her thong down her long legs and off. She stands and looks at her naked body. She runs her hand over her bare mound. “Damn gray hair. I miss my bush. I don’t like this. I like the gray hair less, though.” She says to herself. Carol strikes a pose in the mirror. Carol turns towards her bed and pulls the sheet down. “Oh no! I didn’t think to check if Cherry has fresh sheets on her bed.” Carol says. She turns and takes her robe off the hook. She wraps it around and ties the belt and heads out the door down the hall.

Carol gets to her daughter’s door which is ajar. She raises her hand to knock when she hears her daughter talking about her. Carol with her hand still raised stops and listens to her daughter describe a sex scene with David, a girl named Jane and her. Carol tries to remember the girl, but there were so many people and drugs to have a clear memory. Carol notices her daughter keeps pausing during her story. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she peeks into the cracked open door. Cheryl’s bed is situated so Carol can see both of them. Jim sitting on the bed and Cheryl with her head in his lap. Carol gasps when Cheryl sits back and she sees Jim’s large hard cock. “Oh my. Good job Cherry, nice choice in a man.” Carol says to herself. Carol slips her hand into her robe and her hand rubs over her mound while listening to her daughter’s story. It is a sexy story and with her fingers rubbing her clit just right, Carol can feel some wetness coming to her neglected pussy. She continues to massage herself watching her daughter drive her son in law wild. Carol hears Cheryl describe her eating David’s cum out of that teen girls asshole and that vision drives her to the edge, then seeing Cherry take that entire cock in her throat when Jim cums, pushes Carol over the edge. Her first orgasm in over 2 years washes over Carol. Fortunately, Jim’s bellow when he came down his wife’s throat covers a moan from Carol. Carol watches her daughter receive a facial. “Mmmm.. That looks so delicious.” Carol moans to herself. Carol stands at the side of the door, making sure her legs are steady enough for her to get back to her room quietly. Just as she is ready to walk away she notices the show is not over yet.

Jim watches his lovely wife lick the last of his cum off of her fingers. She looks up at him with her finger in her mouth. Jim stands and lifts Cheryl from the floor and tosses her onto her childhood bed. She giggles and spreads her legs. Jim walks to her and takes her hips and flips her onto her hands and knees. “Oooooh!!” Cheryl gasps.

“Your mobil porno story inspires me baby.” Jim says and then runs his tongue from her clit to asshole. He runs his tongue around her brown eye and then pushes against it.

“Fuuuuuccckkk!! Jimmy that is gooooood!!” Cheryl moans “Tongue fuck my ass! Eat my pussy! Make me cum!!”

Jim does just that. His lips and tongue work her engorged clit, lick and suck her soaked lips. His hands are grabbing each of her butt cheeks and squeezing and spreading her bottom open. His tongue pushes back into her ass.

“YESSSSS!!” Cheryl falls to her face and shoulders on the bed. She reaches between her legs to rub her clit, while his tongue is up her ass.

Jim retracts his tongue and slides his thumb over and presses against her sphincter. He pushes against it until it slips in. He pushes in to his knuckle.

“Yesyesyesyesyes!!” Cheryl is frigging herself so hard and with the pressure in her ass, plus the earlier action has orgasms flowing over her like waves. Cheryl falls forward away from Jim’s thumb and tongue and rides the euphoric waves.

Jim stand and turns for his suitcase. He sees Carol watching from the door. Her eyes appear to be closed and her robe is open with her hand on her tit and the other between her legs. “Not bad for her age. Great tits!” Jim thinks to himself. He reaches into his suitcase and takes a small bottle out. He glances at Carol again and sees her eyes are open. He opens the bottle of lube and strokes some onto his rock hard cock. Noticing Carol’s eyes are laser focused on his cock, Jim squirts a little more lube on himself and strokes some more for Carol. He then turns to his wife. Jim takes her hips again and lifts her to her knees. He drips some lube into her crack and uses his thumb to rub it into her backdoor.

“Mmmm, yes. Get my ass ready to fuck with that giant hole destroyer of yours.” Cheryl says as she pushes her butt into his hands.

“Baby, you are about to get fucked, hard. That story of sexy Carol eating your friend’s ass. How great would it be if your mom ate your ass when I get done fucking it?” Jim says as he places the head against her rosebud. He turns his wife slightly to give the peeking Carol the best view of his raging cock pushing into her daughter’s ass.

“You are a dirty fucker, Jim!” Cheryl says “Mom… Oh fuck!! Goddamn your dick is huge!” Cheryl gasps. “Get… that… Thing … in.. me… now!”

Jim grabs his wife’s hips and he pulls her completely onto his cock. His balls slap against her soaked pussy. Jim holds his wife still to let her tight channel adjust to the intruder stretching her. He looks over to the door again and starts pumping his wife’s tight, hot ass.

Cheryl is on cloud nine. She is in a continuous state of orgasm. Her rectum is clenching and squeezing her husband, trying to milk his cum out. Cheryl’s face is buried in the pillow muffling her cries of pleasure. She can feel every ridge and vein of her husband’s big cock as it is moving in and out of her most tender space. Her hands are clenching the sheets. Her orgasms overtake her.

Jim is pumping in and out of his wife. He knows her mother Carol is watching him sodomize Cheryl. The thought of Carol taking his cock pushes him over the edge and he holds Cheryl still as he unloads his seed deep in her rectum with a bellow “CCCCUUUMMMMIIINNNGGGG!!” He thinks he can hear moaning from the hall. Knowing he has a fan watching, Jim pulls out of Cheryl and strokes his last shots onto her back and ass cheeks. He drips some onto her stockings and enjoys the color contrast. He steps back to let Carol see as much as she can. Jim enjoys seeing his cum dripping out of her filled ass down over her soaked pussy. Jim turns to the door to see what Carol does. The door is closed.

Carol is watching her son in law give her daughter a rim job. They look so sexy that Carol opens her robe and starts rubbing her breasts and clit. Another orgasm takes her when Cheryl cums from her husbands tongue. When Carol opens her eyes, she sees Jim standing there looking at her, stroking his cock. Carol gasps and stares at his glistening cock when he strokes more lubricant onto it. She watches Jim turn her daughter towards her and places his steel pipe against her tight rosebud. Hearing her daughter talk so dirty while Jim is plowing her is making Carol think about doing just what Jim said and going in there to suck his cum out of her daughter’s ass. “What am I doing? I can’t be watching this. I definitely can’t go join.” Carol closes the door and walks back to her room. She closes her door and slides into bed. When she closes her eyes she sees Jim’s cock. Carol rubs her pussy to that vision and drifts off to sleep thinking of the only other time she has seen a cock like that, and how that one felt buried deep inside of her.


Cheryl wakes the next morning in a puddle of drool. She laying face down and lifts her face out of the wet spot. She rolls sex izle to sit on the edge of her bed. Cheryl winces as she puts her weight on her bottom. Last night’s memories come crashing in on her and she smiles despite the pain. “I am really going to have wash these sheets.” She looks down at herself and her sexy blue bra is askew, her left breast hanging free. Her stockings are stained with both of their fluids. Cheryl stands and takes off her bra, stockings and garter. She grabs her robe from her bags. Cheryl sees that Jim’s bags have been gone through and it looks like he has already dressed for the day. She walks out into the hall and to the bathroom. After her shower, Cheryl walks into her room and dresses in a white bra, white thong, nude colored thigh high stockings, faded jeans and a red tank top. She slips her feet into a pair of strappy red wedges. She pulls her hair back into a loose ponytail. Cheryl walks into the living room and sees her mom sitting in her favorite seat in the big bay window facing out over the pool. “Good morning, Mom. How are you today?”

“Good morning, Cherry Dear. I’m doing well. How did you sleep?” Carol asks.

“Like the dead, Mom. It’s nice being back home.” Cheryl replies “Have you seen Jim this morning?”

“It’s nice having you here too, sweetheart.” Carol replies, realizing Cheryl has no idea her mother saw her get her ass pounded last night. “Jim left an hour ago, said he had to do some prep work on his presentation and wouldn’t be back for a few hours. He said you were sleeping too peacefully to wake you up.”

“Oh, OK. Isn’t that sweet. Well, have you had breakfast yet? Want to have some with me?” Cheryl asks.

“Sounds good, Cherry.” Carols stands and walks with her daughter to the kitchen. Mother and daughter have a pleasant breakfast of french toast. They chat about everything and nothing over the next hour or so.

Cheryl says “I’m going into town for a little bit, Mom. I’m gonna see if I can dig up some old friends.”

“OK, sweetheart. I think I am going to take a nap. You know how we old ladies like to nap.” Carol chuckles and stands up from the table.

“Oh, Mom, you aren’t old yet.” Cheryl says as she hugs her mother and kisses her cheek. Cheryl heads to her room to grab a button down shirt and puts it on, leaving it open. She walks outside and her car is not where it was parked. She looks on the side of the house and sees her husband’s van, but her Corvette is nowhere to be seen. “Dammit Jim! That’s why he didn’t wake me. He knew he was going to take my car.” Cheryl says “Well, fuck him. I’m taking his van.” Cheryl opens the door and pulls the keys out of the glove box where her husband always keeps the keys. She shuts the door and walks around the van to slide into the driver’s seat. She looks into the back of the van as she starts it. Lights come on and sparks shoot harmlessly in the electronics that are crammed in the cargo area. “What the hell, Jim?” Cheryl mutters. She shifts into drive and heads out onto the old road. The van is riding low and heavy. It sways and bounces. “Fucking asshole. Taking my baby and leaving me this piece.” Cheryl bitches to herself. She reaches for the radio knob and twists it to on. Sparks fly behind her and a smell of ozone spreads through the van. Cheryl pulls over and pushes the door open and gags. She gets the door completely open and stumbles out of the van. She gets to the front and vomits on the side of the road. She moves away from her mess and slides to the ground and says “What the fuck just happened?” She rests her head on her crossed arms and passes out.


“Hey sweetie, are you alright?” Cheryl wakes with a start at the voice. She looks up and around. “Oh, I’m sorry ma’am, but are you OK?”

Cheryl sees a teen girl squatting in front of her. “I think I’m OK. I got car sick or something.” Cheryl squints in the bright sun, trying to bring the girl into focus. “Maybe I’m not feeling too good. I am feeling really woozy.”

“Well, my name is Lizzie and I just live up the road here if you want to get out of the road and stuff.” Lizzie stands up and looks up and down the road. She sees no one else, as usual on this long, country road.

Cheryl’s eyes are getting used to the sun, she opens them and takes a better look at the girl, Lizzie. Lizzie is about average height and weight it seems. She is definitely into the retro look. She has BIG hair, jet black in color. It is teased and blown out huge. She has a giant white bow on top. She is wearing a tank top and appears to be braless as Cheryl can see her nipples through the off white top. Lizzie is also wearing a very short tennis skirt that is white with red and blue stripes along the hem. She is wearing blue leg warmers, LEG WARMERS!!, over her white Reeboks. “Hi Lizzie, I’m Cheryl. And I think I would like to get off the road. I’m going to leave the van here and my husband can pick the damn thing up later.”

Lizzie squats down again, her skirt flutters in the wind giving Cheryl a peek at her hot pink panties. “Awesome! Let me help you up, Ma’am.”

“Oh, please don’t call me Ma’am. I’m not even 30 yet. That won’t be til February. Please call me Cheryl.” She says as she stands up with Lizzie’s help.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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