Banging on the Telephone

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Helen picked up the phone with a tut of annoyance. How was she meant to work with these distractions? ‘Yes?’ she said abruptly, and then the mask of her irritation slipped away when she heard her boyfriend’s voice. ‘Baby!’ she purred, ‘how are you, how was the flight?

‘Yeah, I’m fine, it was fine, everything’s fine.’ Jamie’s amusement was evident in his tone. ‘I’m all alone, here in the hotel, and I was just… you know, thinking of you.’ His voice dropped lower as he continued, ‘And I was feeling a bit sexual, you know how I am, and I was just looking at our special photos.’ His voice changed to a whisper, ‘You know the ones.’

Helen’s face burned at the reference to the pictures. She knew which ones Jamie was talking about, the dirty bastard had enjoyed taking them, and in all honesty Helen had enjoyed posing. God, the memory of the sex that had followed…

‘So,’ Jamie said, ‘I was thinking that perhaps you’d like to help me out here?’

‘How?’ Helen asked, knowing exactly what Jamie had in mind.

He chuckled, far away across the oceans, alone in his hotel in New York. ‘Well, perhaps you could do a little smutty talk for me – to go with the pictures. I love your husky, sexy voice when you talk dirty. Come on, don’t make me beg.’

Helen sighed. ‘Sorry honey, I’m supposed to be working. Got that project to finalise and all…’

‘Well, if the boss can’t have a little time off, who can?’ Jamie cajoled.

‘Really babe, I can’t… sorry.’

‘Shit, Helen,’ Jamie persisted, ‘I’m big and hard from looking at the pictures. Remember how seeing my cock all angry turns you on?’

Jamie knew exactly where to aim his arrows of persuasion, he knew Helen’s Achilles’ heel and he went for it without hesitation. Helen faltered, and the silence that greeted his previous comment showed Jamie that he was winning the struggle. ‘In fact,’ he whispered, his voice gruff in his hunger for Helen’s participation, ‘I’m naked here and stroking myself as we speak.’

Helen closed her eyes, torn between the faint yet demanding throb of her clitoris, and completing the project she was supposed to be working on. ‘Damn you, Jamie,’ she sighed, ‘hurry up though; I really do have to work.’

Jamie’s chuckle of triumphant pleasure sounded in the earpiece of the phone. ‘You’re fantastic, Helen,’ he said. ‘Guess which picture I’m looking at right now?’

Helen didn’t need much time to think at all, she knew Jamie’s taste too well. The couple had only been together for two months; they’d met at a training seminar and had clicked immediately. Helen, a native of New York had recently arrived in London to lead a team of designers in the London offices of the corporation she worked for. She had liked the cheeky Jamie upon the first moment of seeing him; she loved his easy cockney charm, and knew that they would probably end up sleeping together on that first night of the course. She liked the way he looked, confident and well groomed in his business suit; and his wavy, not too long blonde hair and blue eyes were just to her taste. Being from the US, his still unfamiliar English accent and weird colloquialisms sounded strange to her ears. Over the course of their subsequent night of passion, Helen loved to hear the elongated version of the word ‘ass’. The way Jamie pronounced it as arse made the word itself seem rounded, just like the twin globes of her round, tight buttocks that Jamie raved over when they were revealed to him that night. ‘You’re looking at my ass, aintcha?’ Helen said; confident in her prediction over which photo was on top of the pile.

‘Yes,’ Jamie confirmed, ‘Am I that predictable?’

‘Oh yes, baby, you certainly are. I bet it’s the one where I’m on my knees and my butt is stuck right out at ya.’

‘Of course,’ Jamie replied. ‘I love your beautiful arse. Damn,’ he said in an exasperated tone, ‘I wish I could feel your bum right now, it’s so fucking sexy…’

Despite her earlier reluctance, Helen now warmed to her task. ‘Yeah, baby, Daddy’s little girl is sure missing him too.’ Jamie’s groan was loud in her ear at Helen’s use of the little girl voice that turned Jamie on so much. God, he was such a perv. Helen had heard British guys were kinky, and boy had she ever found herself one! ‘Oh, Daddy,’ she continued, encouraged by Jamie’s moan of pleasure. ‘Oh, Daddy, I wish you were here to touch my ass. I love your hands on my skin. It makes me all tingly between my legs, and my tight little pussy gets all slippery and wet.’

‘Helen… Fuck. I love it when you talk like that. God I wish you were here.’ Jamie’s voice had become almost desperate and Helen pictured him, lean bodied and handsome as he lay on the bed with his lovely cock hard and ready in his fist. It was one of those curious twists in life that found Helen in his home city and Jamie in hers. Jamie had only been gone for a day but Helen felt the tickle in her stomach that indicated her growing arousal. She was a naturally highly sexed woman and usually enjoyed some form of sexual diversion Yalova Escort at least once, or even twice a day.

‘You know I want you to come back soon and to put that big thing of yours in me,’ Helen whispered. ‘I want you to put it in me, Daddy. In any hole you want.’ Jamie’s breathing was loud and laboured as Helen continued, ‘Where do you want to put it, Daddy? In my mouth, so I can taste your big cock?’ As she spoke Helen felt her nipples harden and the tiny heartbeat in her clit intensified. Despite the fact she was at work in her office Helen squirmed in her seat and hiked her skirt up around her hips as far as the straining seams would allow. She pushed her hand down into the elasticated band of her panties and touched the curled folds of her sex with the tips of her fingers. Her own touch electrified Helen and a jolt of lust led to a hunger for sexual relief. ‘Baby,’ she said in a near normal tone. ‘I’m fingering myself right now, right here in my office.’

‘Fuck,’ Jamie whistled in astonishment at the disclosure. ‘You’re such a slut,’ he continued, ‘but you’re so fucking beautiful and sexy,’ added to avoid any misunderstanding.

‘Yeah, you know how slutty I can be too, huh?’ Helen purred as her fingers were busy inside her knickers. ‘Don’t you just love it when I dress for you? And…’ Helen carried on, ‘you loved it when I flashed my pussy at that guy on the train that time.’

‘Oh yes,’ Jamie sighed. ‘That was so fucking horny. I thought he was going to take his cock out for you right there and then.’ Jamie chuckled at the memory, and his voice croaked as he continued. ‘Would you have sucked him off in front of me if he’d got his cock out?’

Helen paused for a moment before she replied. ‘Would you have wanted me to, Daddy?’ she asked cleverly, slipping into the little girl voice again.

There was another long pause, ‘Yes,’ Jamie whispered. ‘Yes, I would love to see you suck him. You look so nasty with my cock in your mouth, I’d love to see you with another man’s cock between you lips.’

Helen groaned out loud at Jamie’s words, and switched the phone to loudspeaker so she could use both hands on her hot sex. ‘Really?’ she asked. ‘You’d really like to see me doing that?’

Jamie paused this time, then, almost inaudibly he replied… ‘Yes.’

Helen pulled the gusset of her underwear aside to give easier access to her suddenly wet sex. She hiked her skirt up higher and heard the stitching tear in protest. She placed both her feet on the edge of her desktop and tickled her stiffened clit. ‘I’d slurp at his cock,’ Helen sighed at the bursts of pleasure from the excited nub of her clit. ‘I’d make the big end of it all slippery with my saliva, and I’d suck on it to make him bigger in my mouth. Would you like to see that?’

‘Fuck yes,’ Jamie replied, his voice clear through the loudspeaker. ‘I’d love to share you. Would you…’ his voice grew coarse, ‘would you let him fuck you?’

‘Sure,’ said Helen, totally abandoned with the thoughts of two men sharing her between themselves. ‘I’d let him fuck me in my ass too.’ She pushed a single finger into the heat of her vagina and rubbed the slick inner walls. ‘Both of you fucking me, one in my ass, and then the other in my cunt, God, I’d so love to be fucked like that.’ Helen was getting carried away with the scene. She really meant what she was describing. The feeling of desire and the craving for it to become reality were fierce, bordering on desperation, and Helen’s probing finger squelched wetly inside her body as she excited herself more and more intensely. ‘I bet you’re big and stiff right now,’ she said as she fingered herself and pushed another digit into her opening alongside its partner. ‘I love to see your thick cock in your fist. I love it when you jerk off for me. Are you jerking off right now honey?’

‘Shit,’ came his strained reply. ‘Of course I am. I’m thinking of you with another man’s meat in your mouth.’ Jamie groaned loudly, ‘And I’m thinking of how both of us would fuck you… God I’m so close to coming…’

‘I bet you are, but please, don’t come yet, Daddy, Helen teased, escalating the sexual tension. ‘I’m nowhere near coming, please wait for me.’

Jamie’s laboured breathing sounded loud through the speaker as Helen closed her eyes and allowed her head to loll back. She drew her juice covered fingers from the squelching grip of her sex and smeared it over her taut, pink clitoris. She massaged herself freely and savoured the slippery feel of her flesh beneath her fingertips. Helen began to pant and made tiny mewling sounds at the back of her throat as she pushed on towards her climax. Suddenly, just as the wave of her orgasm was about to break against the rock of release, Helen heard the heart stopping sound of the office door clicking shut. Her eyes widened with the shock of recognition when she looked up, caught in the hot centre of her approaching climax, her feet on the desk, her legs wide and with her sticky fingers pressed against the swollen gash of her cunt. Yalova Escort Bayan

Helen’s mind emptied when she registered the arrival of her personal assistant, Richard. Richard had heard the strange, muffled sounds from inside his boss’s office and had looked in to see if there was some sort of problem. He was shocked and surprised to see Helen in such a state of wanton abandon, but the sudden arousal that he felt at the sight before him helped him to recover quickly. A dozen scenarios flashed through his brain simultaneously. He could turn and leave, Helen hadn’t seen him and would never need know that he’d caught her in such a flagrant act of self gratification. He could use his phone to call Helen, and hopefully bring her back to her senses, once again never letting on that he’d seen her in such a personal, intimate moment. Or, he could use the situation for his own ends. He’d liked the look of the American woman when she first arrived as his new boss. He loved the voluptuousness of her curvy, full breasted figure. Her pretty face was a delight for him to behold and the scent of her long, soft shining hair that he caught occasionally always conjured up mildly erotic fantasies in his head. At 30 years old, Helen was ten years younger than Richard, and the man was mature enough to realise that an ambitious, powerful woman like Helen wouldn’t even contemplate any romance with a man at Richard’s level. As a result he’d never seriously considered Helen as a sexual partner, but now…

Helen sat immobile, her hand unmoving but still wedged between her glorious thighs, and Richard was given ample opportunity to feast his eyes on the sight of Helen in all her slutty glory. Long seconds passed as the pair just stared at each other across the room until Jamie’s voice sounded in the speaker again. ‘Come on baby, tell me more,’ Jamie said. ‘What else, what else would you like the two of us to do to you?’

The sound of Jamie’s voice and her recollection of the way the conversation had twisted prior to Richard’s shocking arrival gave Helen the inspiration for her reaction to being caught wide legged and exposed. Contrary to Richard’s assumptions, Helen did find him attractive. She liked older men and Richard was fit enough to rouse a passing interest in Helen. She liked Richard’s style, his unflappable and no nonsense manner, and In the few admittedly few brief moments of fantasy regarding her PA, Helen imagined him to be quite dominant in the bedroom, a quality she positively adored in a man. Her penchant for submissive behaviour was probably because everyone was so dependant upon her for the decision making during the working day that come the evening she was happy to relinquish all control to another party, to allow the man to take the burden of responsibility from her completely.

‘You know what honey?’ Helen spoke and kept her eyes locked with Richard’s stare. ‘I kinda like the idea of Richard, my PA, to join in with us when you get back. You know, get a really hot threeway going.’

‘You dirty bitch,’ Jamie replied. ‘Are you serious?’

‘Oh yeah, I’m serious alright,’ Helen held a finger to her mouth to indicate to Richard that he should remain silent. ‘What do you think? Wouldn’t that be so hot?’

‘Hey, whatever you say babe. How do you think it would go?’

Helen crooked her finger to Richard and invited him further into her office. Taken by surprise at the speed of Helen’s recovery, and the revelation that she was planning a threesome with Jamie and him, Richard moved slowly across the carpet and stood close to Helen’s desk.

‘Oh, I think I’d like to have Richard’s cock in my hand. I’m curious to see what he’s packing. I wonder if he’s as kinky as you. God… you Brits… you’re so fucking dirty.’ Helen smiled in a sly, feline way and massaged her temporarily neglected sex once more. She indicated in sign language that Richard should lock the door to the office. One interruption was sufficient for today as far as Helen was concerned, and who knew who would burst in on the debauched little scene which was unfolding in the room.

Richard moved quickly and quietly and was soon at Helen’s side. He unzipped his suit trousers and pulled his semi hard cock from inside.

‘Oh yeah,’ sighed Helen. ‘I bet he’s got a real nice cock, thick and meaty, just how I like ’em.’ Richard swallowed heavily when Helen took his cock in her hand and slowly squeezed along the shaft. His erection was sudden and Richard’s cock was savagely hard in seconds, a fact that wasn’t unnoticed by a purring Helen. ‘I’d stroke him slowly along his thick shaft, and I’d love to see how big and angry the head of his cock could get as I played with it.’ Helen acted as she spoke the words and she was rewarded by a groan from the unknowing Jamie through the speaker.

‘That’d be good babe,’ he replied. ‘I’d love to see that, what next?’

‘I’d get him all big in my hand, all excited so that the precum would leak from the eye of his cock, and I’d use my thumb to smear it Escort Yalova all around the dome, making it all slippery.’ As she spoke Helen pointed to her blouse and instantly Richard reached down and began to unbutton the cotton garment. He was eager to see Helen’s full breasts and wondered how far she would go with him that afternoon.

Helen released Richard’s thickness and stood up. She licked the goo from her thumb that she’d been using to smear Richard’s glans and then kissed him quickly on the mouth. Helen’s tongue squirmed briefly against Richard’s and he tasted himself on Helen’s mouth.

‘I’d like to have Richard sat in a chair,’ Helen continued when she had slipped her blouse over her shoulders and unclipped her bra. ‘I’d like to sit in his lap and have his hard length rubbing up against my swollen pussy through my underwear.’

Richard took his cue and sat in Helen’s vacant office chair, his cock waggling in front of him as he moved.

‘God, Helen,’ Jamie moaned, this is so fucking sexy, you’re going to make me explode.’ Of course Jamie was completely oblivious to the fact that Helen was actually living out what Jamie thought was a fantasy. He had no idea that Richard was taking Helen’s words as instruction and was about to have the glorious, half nude woman squirming on his lap.

‘I love the feel of a big, stiff cock rubbing against my tight, little girl pussy, Daddy.’ Helen said, and slipped into her little girl lisp again. ‘My pussy’s so hot, so swollen, Daddy.’ Richard had to bite down on his bottom lip to stifle the groan of pleasure that almost burst from him. The pressure of Helen’s buttocks on his thighs, coupled with the vocal caricature and her palm pressing his cock against the gusset of her knickers was almost too much for him, and he closed his eyes and struggled against the urge to cry out.

‘As I sat in his lap,’ Helen continued, showing no mercy. ‘I’d love him to squeeze at my tits and have him pull on my nipples. God, you know how I love to have my breasts mauled.’

‘Shit yes,’ Jamie sighed. ‘I’m looking at one of the pictures right now, one with your big jugs being shown off. Man they’re just so spectacular.’

Richard lifted Helen’s weighty breasts and felt the softness of them under his fingers. Helen continued to stroke his shaft against the now sodden gusset of her panties and her palm as Richard pulled at the long teats that tipped the peaks of her boobs. The black cotton material of Helen’s underwear was covered in silvery smears of Richard’s precum, she writhed around in Richard’s lap and humped against the hard length of his erection.

Helen stood suddenly and took Richard’s hand to show she wanted him to get out of the chair. ‘When he’s all excited and big,’ Helen explained her intent to her divided audience. ‘I want to sit back and let him eat me.’ She sat in her chair and hooked her knees over each of the arms. Her sex exposed and oozing in an open invitation, and Helen cupped her breasts in her palms and squeezed them together as Richard dropped to the carpet in front of her. ‘I want him to suck on my clit, and to taste my juice,’ she whispered, and Richard complied instantly.

‘That’s it Helen,’ Jamie spoke. ‘Talk dirty, be really filthy for me, you know I love it when you get nasty.’

Helen laughed, ‘Ok, you asked for it,’ she said in response. ‘I want him to lick my hot cunt. My pussy lips are swollen with my desire, and I am just about to juice so much it’ll be pissing out of me.’

‘Fucking hell,’ sighed Jamie, obviously enjoying himself immensely. ‘You’re such a dirty bitch… go on!’

‘I want to have his face smeared with my cum, and then I want him to kiss me so I can taste it. I want his tongue in my mouth so I can almost drink my juice from him.’

Richard was busy between Helen’s legs. He was lapping at her clit like a cat licking cream, and he probed inside the molten heat of Helen’s opening with his finger. As she spoke Helen was pushing her hips against the pressure of Richard’s face and finger, and her words fanned the flames of Richard’s lust. God, she was a filthy mouthed bitch, but he loved every word, every obscenity that she delivered with such vehemence. Richard was desperate to take her; he really wanted to see her face as he speared her with his cock. He wanted to see her expression of ecstasy as she writhed against his pumping, and he wanted to see her big breasts as they wobbled over her chest with the force of his thrusts.

‘Oh no,’ Helen groaned. ‘I’m going to come, I’m going to come,’ she repeated, and she held Richard’s face against her body as she spasmed in the chair.

‘Fuck yes!’ Jamie cried and Richard listened to the sound of Jamie’s release as the man groaned into the loud speaker, his spunk no doubt flying in spurts from the eye of his cock. ‘That was fucking fantastic, babe,’ Jamie said when his climax had subsided. ‘Do you really want to do a threesome with Richard?’ he asked.

‘Shit yes,’ Helen said when Richard stopped kissing her for a moment and allowed her to answer. ‘I want him to fuck me,’ she went on as Richard positioned himself awkwardly between her legs. ‘I want him to jab me with his thick cock, I want my legs to be spread wide and my hot little cunt pounded as punishment for being such a bad little slut.’

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