Bangkok Afternoon Delight

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Bikini Babes

I landed a prime job in Bangkok about a decade ago. I had to travel back and forth to NYC (where I lived with my wife and kids at the time) – it was for 3 years but worth it because it would advance my career, as it has. So I had been doing this for over a year at the time and got into a good routine – work, gym, group of friends to hang out with, etc… was not seeking out opportunity with the beautiful Thai women but I’d flirt. I was always a little concerned a coworker would see me and it would get back home or the office.

Anyway it was a Friday afternoon and I cut out of work early and had plans to meet some friends for drinks and dinner. The bar we were meeting at wasn’t far away and I was proud I learned the Bangkok elevated system so I went to a nearest stop to wait.

While I was standing there on the platform waiting this young Thai guy started speaking to me in English. His name was V and asked the usually 20 questions and I politely asked in return as well.

“Hello, what are you doing in Bangkok? How long have you been here? Do you speak Thai?”

He was born and raised in Bangkok, was going to University and was hoping to have a career in banking. He was nice, better than average speaker, and we were having a nice chat while waiting for the train in the stifling heat.

So it was very surprising when he asked if I lived nearby and if I wanted to go back to my place for some sex. Of course, this was all in English so no one waiting around understood, I think, and it was flattering, but I was just surprised he was so forwarded, which in my experience was not common. So I thought about his request for a few minutes after acknowledging what he said – I was going to be early to meet my friends, I was very horny having been away from my wife for three weeks, and I was curious. So I said yes and said let’s go quickly.

We walked about five minutes to the compound where canlı bahis I was renting an apartment and we casually walked past the guard with a nod. I was hoping since V was dressed nicely as a typical college student it would not raise suspicion.

My heart was racing once I got to my apartment door, unlocked, opened and pushed him in before any of my neighbors saw us. Once inside I let out a deep breathe and V just wrapped his arms around my body with a big hug – he was about 4″ shorter than my 5’9″ and much slimmer than my 165# body.

He suggested we get undressed and get in the shower together and he would wash our bodies. So he quickly undressed and then he undressed me folding all my clothes neatly on a chair. He had a nice tan body, some muscles, some hair under arms and pubs, but not much.

Despite the heat of the moment I wasn’t hard when he pulled down my briefs but I noticed V licked his lips. Without much conversation we got into the shower and got the water warm and he began to soap up his hands and rubbed them all over my body as I did to his. He focused a lot on my chest which is hairy with solid pecs after years of working out and very sensitive nipples.

All that attention was making me hard. He washed my cock which only made it harder and then my ass and balls down my legs so his face was staring right at my cock. I was waiting and hoping for him to open his mouth and I think I would have shot my load pretty quickly if I put my cock into that hot tongue and mouth had he done so, but instead he stood up and cleaned his ass really well then rinsed us both and said let’s move to the bed.

So we grabbed some towels and had some fun drying each other off then he led me by the hand to my bed. Since I did not have supplies he grabbed his school bag and pulled out some lube. He instructed me to lay on my back and he lubed up his ass and climbed up the bed and straddled bahis siteleri my chest rubbing his hard cock and balls against it.

His cock was a little shorter than mine but a lot slimmer and his hairless balls were tight against his body. My cock was just a bit longer (maybe an inch) but much, much thicker with my egg sized hairy balls. He grabbed both with the lube on his hands and was massaging my already rock hard cock while riding my chest looking deeply into my eyes. I just let him lead as he slowly shuffled backwards until I could feel my cockhead against his asshole. He slowly guided my cock into his ass…very, very slowly and surprisingly the cockhead got past the first ring pretty easily, V then just sat back and the rest of my cock slowly sunk into his tight hot ass down to the root.

He seemed to handle it easily, since he was pretty eager, but I did hear him whimpering “jep – jep” which meant it hurt. Once he was comfortable he started to ride my cock up and down, the full length. I grabbed a smooth ass cheek with one hand to help lifted him up and down on my cock sinking as deep as I could go into his hairless ass. It felt so good – smooth, tight, squeezing my entire cock – and I could feel my balls tighten.

I did my best to control myself as long as I could and distracted myself by jerking his cock with my other hand as he continued to ride my thick cock with his head thrown back and eyes closed. His cock was rock hard and without any warning V let out a nice hot load of cum all over my hairy chest. His asshole squeezing my cock while he was coming sent me over the edge, and I let out a groan as I unloaded my cum filled balls deep in his tight ass. He continued to ride for a while as my cock got smaller.

He smiled then started licking his cum off my chest paying attention to my nipples which certainly was keeping me semi hard. Once my cock popped out he grabbed bahis şirketleri his ass so cum didn’t drip all over the sheets or floor and ran into the bathroom to clean up. I just lie there feeling sleepy, relieved, and satisfied.

I realized I was going to be late if I didn’t leave soon so I sat up on the edge of my bed feeling a little light headed when V came back from the bathroom with a warm washcloth and began to clean my cock and balls so gently that within a few minutes I was rock hard again.

V told me he wanted to taste “farang” (foreigner) cum and asked if he could give me a blow job. I just shook my head. Sitting on the edge of my bed V dropped to his knees and started sucking my head, very gently and sensuously, then licked my shaft from the head down to my balls, and then in one move took the entire length of my cock into his mouth.

The feeling was electric moving through my entire body. I have never been quick to cum twice so I was able to enjoy it as much as V was clearly enjoying sucking my cock, stroking and swallowing my cock and then my balls. He asked if I was getting close and I said, “yes, I could be if he continued,” and he repeated that, “he wanted me to cum in his mouth.”

So he started sucking my cock harder moving his hand up and down my shaft at the same time. After a few minutes I told him I was about to cum and he took my cock deep into his mouth again. I just put my head back, grabbed onto the sheets to keep myself up, and let loose a second load of cum into this beautiful Thai man’s mouth – not as much cum as the first load no doubt, but he swallowed all of it and took his time sucking every last drop from my cock as it went soft.

He stood up and thanked me with a big smile, went into the bathroom and we got dressed. As we were leaving I asked him why he approached me and thought I would say yes, and he said he could tell just by looking into my eyes. We exchanged contact information but I had to move the next time I was back in Bangkok so I never saw him again. Maybe it was just a one off and V was just as curious as I but the experience has certainly stayed with me.

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