Bank Deposit

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It was early afternoon on a nice spring day. He needed to swing by the bank to place his updated Will in his safe-deposit box.

Entering through the front door, he saw her sitting at her desk. He knew full well that the proper etiquette was to approach the counter for assistance, but he wanted “her” to help him.

He approached her desk, “Hello, I would like to access my safe-deposit box, can you help me?” he asked innocently.

She had seen him in the branch, didn’t know his name but knew there was an attraction. “Um, s-sure … I can help with that,” she said, biting her lower lip.

“I’ll need to see your key and some I.D. first,” she said.

Handing over his I.D. and holding up his key he said “And you are?”

“Me? Oh, sorry … I’m Sarah. Let me show you to the vault,” she replied.

He followed her into the vault where she produced her guard key. They inserted their respective keys, and opened the locked door.

“Follow me to the guest room, and you can open it there,” she said to him, and he followed. She seemed nervous in his presence, why exactly was that? She didn’t know.

They entered the little room where she said “Just let me know if you need anything, I’ll be right outside” and turned to leave. “Wait” was all he said. She felt a shiver come over her, what was going on? How could one word have her so rattled?

She turned back to him and looked at him, but he said nothing.

He reached out to her and lightly cupped her face in his strong hand. She stood there, frozen to the spot. He took a small step towards her, closing the space canlı bahis between them, and with his other hand reached around and pushed the privacy door closed.

She didn’t know what to do, cry out? Panic? Submit? Waves of heat came over her, his animal magnetism was overwhelming. She wanted to submit to him, right then and there.

How did this happen? Where did this come from? She couldn’t explain it. All she could do was follow her instincts, and they told her to submit.

He slid his hand from her cheek down to her throat, and gave a slight squeeze, pulling her to him. Their lips met, and she kissed him. He returned the kiss biting her lip in the process … and she moaned.

He began to unbutton her blouse, very slowly, but it was too slow for her. She undid the remain buttons and pulled the garment off, exposing a pretty bra underneath.

“Slowly” he said “I want to savor the experience. Now the skirt, nice and slow”. She did as commanded. She unzipped and lowered her skirt exposing her shaved privates. “Oh, no panties? Such a naughty girl” he said.

Next, she unhooked her bra, and let it ride down to the top of her nipples. “Very nice” he said, clearly enjoying the private show.

She let the bra drop to the floor, and there she stood, naked in front of this stranger. She could feel the heat rising, she’d never done anything like this before, especially not at work.

“My turn” he said, and motioned her to undress him. She started with his tie, loosening the knot and sliding it free of the collar.

Next, she unbuttoned his shirt, with each button bahis siteleri she kissed the opening. His chest was strong and covered in hair. She liked it, a man’s chest.

Finishing her task with the buttons, she continued to his belt. Unbuckled, she then undid his pants and lowered the fly. They dropped to the ground and he stepped out of them and his shoes. All that was left were his boxers.

On her knees in front of him he placed a hand on her head, guiding it towards his growing member. She found it through the cloth with her mouth, and wrapped her lips over it.

“Oh, good girl” he said as she breathed her hot breath on him, causing him to react and enlarge.

He pushed down the waistband signaling her to finish her work. She pulled them off so he was now as exposed as she.

Still on her knees, she opened her mouth and took him in. He continued to harden to his full extent while in the warmth of her wet mouth, where she assisted expertly with her tongue.

His hand still on her head, he guided her motion, sliding in and out with the rhythm he set. It felt good, she definitely knew what she was doing. Her mouth and tongue worked together expertly. He reached down to her hand and positioned it under his balls where she started lightly massaging. She truly was a gifted girl.

The sensation was amazing, he wanted to explode right there, deep down her throat, but he also wanted to feel the warmth of her pussy. He slid his now fully erect cock out of her mouth and guided her to the desk and bent her over it.

Legs spread, she awaited his entry. He made her bahis şirketleri wait, knowing the anticipation would be maddening.

He reached out with one finger and touched her wetness. She jumped with the contact and let out an audible gasp. “Quiet, we don’t want company right now” he told her. And she tried, very hard to hush her sounds.

His finger entered her, and he could hear her fight back the moan, nearly silent though he could still hear it.

He removed his now-moist finger, and found her anus, where he inserted it. Her reaction was, again, suppressed by extreme will, and he smiled. With his free hand he maneuvered his cock towards her wet pussy, rubbing it lightly at first to spread the lubrication, then he entered her.

He grabbed a handful of hair and pulled back as he pushed with his hips. Her cries of pleasure continues, albeit muffled, as he pounded against her bottom.

They wrestled that way for a while, both nearing completion. He moved her hand between her legs and to his balls so she could stimulate them as he fucked her.

Pulling hard on her hair with each thrust, balls fondled, he was close and said “cum for me baby”.

A minute later she let out a sound she just couldn’t suppress. Hearing her caused him to let loose as well, and they came violently together.

They could hear voices reacting to the sound outside the guest room, but they didn’t care.

They stayed in that position, panting heavily until they caught their breath.

Blushing, she turned to him and said “Will there be anything else?”

“Yes, clean me up” he said. And she dropped to her knees and began to process of licking him clean.

Once cleaned, they dressed, he placed the updated Will into the box where they returned it to the vault. He left and she hoped he would return soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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