Bar Night

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Big Tits

All night you’ve been teasing me on the dance floor.

You shimmy down my big soft body, come up behind me, hands on my wide hips, pelvis planted into my large, high, round ass.

Even though I am a large woman, I have always been a show off and particularly on the dance floor. I love to tease you back, to show the crowd how hot I am. How hot we are together.

You thrust against my ass.

I throw my upper body forward, working back against you…our hips rotating tightly together in a familiar rhythm.

Your cock is oblivious to crowds…or partial to them. I feel you growing against me…feel my nipples harden in response.

I swivel in your grasp, wind my arms up over my head. I press my round belly against you, crushing my substantial breasts to your chest. We grind and sway…getting hot, getting hungry.

I’ve always had a fantasy that begins this way…I begin to wonder if it’s possible.

I pull out of your arms and grab your hand, although it’s your lovely thick bulge I really want to grab. Maybe the tequila’s gone to my head…but you, you go straight to my pussy.

Back in the dark corner where our drinks are sitting I tell you I am going to the restroom and dash off.

I slip into a stall, peel off my red satin thong and stuff it in my bag. Thank god I wore a skirt…we just might pull this off…or get arrested.

I hurry back to you, I’m dripping wet already with the idea and I almost wonder if anyone can smell the scent of my arousal as I pass.

You help me up onto the high stool and I pull you between my legs. You come easily, comfortably, into my embrace. I love being in this position, love how you rub up against me, how we fit together, pelvis anal escort to pelvis, sex to sex.

“I took my thong off,” I whisper in your ear. Well, it’s too loud for a whisper but only you can hear me. “Check…”

The expression on your face is wonderful. You maneuver a hand down between our bodies. You tug at my skirt, trapping it between our bodies as your fingers search and find…

Wet skin, swollen lips…hard clit…

“Holy sh…!” you say, sliding in.

I groan, knowing I can lay my head against your shoulder, close my eyes and you’ll work me into a lovely orgasm in no time.

My clit is reaching for you, and you tweak it with a rough thumb, sliding a third finger inside my velvet heat until I want to thrust into your hand. You rock them back, and in and out, pressing against the walls of my pussy, urging my g-spot into action.

But this is child’s play…Too easy. I want more.

I slide back feeling your fingers slide out. I speak into your ear, licking softly around the tender lobe. “Take off your briefs…I want you to fuck me…here…”

You look stunned. You’ll have to go into a stall, take off your shoes, your jeans, and harder still, get them back on with that hard-on in the way. You probably could fuck me without doing this but I want you to, it’s part of the game.

You’re game though. And if this works, who knows, maybe we’ll dress better for it next time!

You’re gone without needing any more encouragement. I love that we’re both so adventurous. So sexually hungry for each other.

I sit demurely, waiting for you to return, squeezing my thighs together. It sends pleasant sensations through my body. I visualize bayan escort istanbul you, thrusting into me, here in the bar, surrounded by people…

This is insane, but now I want you so bad, I almost come apart watching you walk back to me.

You move between my thighs as they fall open at the touch of your knees. I put my thumbs through your belt loops, grind you into me.

“Wait,” you laugh, reaching down between us. Your hand fumbles with cotton skirt, denim and metal zipper. Layer by layer removing everything that gets in between your demanding cock and my hungry pussy.

I spread my hands over your ass, holding up your jeans so they don’t slip, giving us away.

I look over my shoulder. Lots of couples are rubbing up against each other, kissing, teasing. With any luck no one will realize how much further we’ve gone.

Your arms lock around my back. And slide over my big ass. You rub your length up and over my pussy, caressing wet folds and hard clit. I bite your earlobe and demand in your ear that you stop teasing and put it in me!


Thank god you are facing the wall, I’m sure your expression would be a dead giveaway. I bury my face in your neck, licking at your throat, nibbling whatever flesh I can get at.

Your hand slides down between us, knuckles brushing my clit, I almost let go, but hold back as I feel your smooth head against my lips. You move your hand back up, touch my mouth and I lick your fingers, tasting us. You kiss me, fingers and tongue slipping into my mouth, licking, devouring…then your wet hand settles on the back of my neck, sending shivers straight to my hard nipples without touching them.

You thrust şişli escort in, balls deep. I can feel them throb against the skin of my ass, feel the rough touch of denim and the cold metal against my thighs.

I tighten around you as I feel the race towards orgasm begin deep in my belly, familiar and welcome. I pulse in slow rhythm. I almost cum from this alone, but you begin to rock, small tight movements, no different from the other couples around us.

Anyone looking would think we are responding to the music, nothing else.

I pull free from your kiss and peek over my shoulder, aware that we are fucking, right here, right now, in this crowded place and no one knows.

The music is loud and throbbing, vibrating through the floor, the stool, through me.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I hear myself chanting in your ear as the music crashes through me.

You throw caution to the wind, fucking me deep, unable to hold back as your balls bunch and constrict, preparing to shoot. I lift my hips up, widening, letting you take us fast and hard over the edge.

My pussy spasms, screaming with the pleasure of your thick length, your sweet thrusting cock driving into me.

I feel you cum inside me, bathing me, and it deepens my own orgasm, making me bite you in animal reaction to this ecstasy.

We grow still.

I’m afraid to look. Are they coming to get us? It almost doesn’t matter now. It was so worth it. I wanted this, needed it. It was better than my fantasy, because it was you…us.

I catch the eye of a woman nearby. She smiles, then lifts her beer, saluting us. I laugh, sure she knows.

You pull out. We’re soaked, dripping. I hadn’t thought this far ahead, but you pull a handful of napkins from your back pocket and manage to clean us up and get yourself back under cover.

I bet I’m a rumpled mess, but I am too satisfied to care.

After a moment we gather our strength and head for the door.

I can’t wait to get you home.

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