Baseball Player Gets It Good Pt. 03

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Takashi (19 yrs.) is a good-looking Japanese short-stop for the college baseball team. He stands at 5’7″ who is a talented freshman athlete. He is known for stealing bases during each baseball game. He has a number of female admirers including his Japanese girlfriend Niko.

Morgan (28 yrs.) is a voluptuous sandy-blonde (40-25-35). She and her best friend Angie (28 yrs.) sit in the college stadium bleachers. They watch the home game through binoculars. Morgan wears a deep blue tank-top without a bra. A large college t-shirt covers that top which is tucked into her jeans. Her big tits jiggle with each body movement.

MORGAN: Takashi is so damn good-looking.

ANGIE: Yeah, and look at his muscular thighs.

MORGAN: A hot new freshman.

ANGIE: All these girls are chasing him too.

MORGAN: They aren’t getting past his girlfriend though.

ANGIE: Do you blame her?

MORGAN: No, I don’t.

ANGIE: You gonna try to get him?

MORGAN: I’m thinking about it.

ANGIE: He keeps showing off his leg muscles on social media.

MORGAN: I know. Hot.

Inside the athletic college dorm lobby at 11:00 pm. Morgan sits in a chair wearing an extra large college sweat-shirt without a bra. Her jeans are tight-fitting with the blonde hair tied into a ponytail.

Takashi jumps down the stairs and steps up to the lobby desk. Morgan stands up. The dorm matron points at her and Takashi turns around.

She walks up to him and he sees her huge tits jiggle under that sweat-shirt.

MORGAN: Hi, Takashi.


MORGAN: The lost and found office said that you gave them my I.D.


MORGAN: That’s what they told almanbahis me.

TAKASHI: Okay. What’s your name?

MORGAN: You had my I.D… You tell me.

He smirks and glances down at her tits again.

TAKASHI: I wouldn’t have forgotten you.

MORGAN: I left my number with the dorm matron. Call me, if your memory comes back.

TAKASHI: Maybe, I will.

It’s Saturday night inside of hotel room 100. Takashi and Morgan are naked on top of the bed. She lays on her back with both hands tied up by a silk scarf.

He lays on her left side. His right-hand holds a 6-inch white vibrator which is turned on. Takashi presses the tip against her globe-shaped right tit. He never touches the dollar-size pink areola and nipple.

Takashi whispers, “Baby, your nipple looks so hard.”

Morgan says, “I-I-know.. You made it hard.”

He whispers, “So pink and beautiful.”

The vibrator moves all around her massive tit, but still doesn’t touch the nipple. After a few seconds. He moves the vibrator to the left round tit and circles the areola.

She squirms, “My nipples have never been this hard.”

He replies, “Really? Incredible.”

Her tits jiggle as he moves the vibrator down to the round, heavy left-tit.

Morgan jerks her head, “Ohh-Gawd.. I-I can’t take it.”

Takashi whispers, “Hold on baby.. I like to get the nipples hard first.”

She says, “My-Gawd.. Takashi.”

He turns off the vibrator and places it on the bed next to her waist.

His right-hand reaches over and grips her left round tit and pushes the hard nipple into the air. His head leans over and gently kisses her right tit.

She says, “Takashi, almanbahis yeni giriş I love it.”

He still doesn’t touch her nipple as he stops kissing.

Takashi whispers, “Are you ready, baby?”

His right-hand lets go of her left tit and grabs the vibrator. It turns on and he moves down to look at her blonde-pussy.

He says, “You’re all wet, baby.”

His hand pushes the tip of the vibrator right against her clitoris. He holds it there as it pulsates through her.

Morgan screams, “OHHHHH-GAWD.. GAWD.. MY-GAWD..!!!”

Takashi moves back up and his mouth sucks on the right pink nipple. The tongue flicks it all around.

Morgan’s hands pull on the tied-up scarf as her body bucks. He still holds the vibrator against her clitoris.


He keeps sucking on that nipple as the tongue flicks it up and down.

Morgan screams, “GAWD-GAWD.. GAWD-I’M.. CUMMMMMMM-ING.!!”

Takashi holds the vibrator in place and keeps sucking on her nipple.

Her body bucks wildly, “MY-GAWD.. MY-GAWWWWWDD.. I”M-STILL.. CUMMMMING.!!”

Takashi pulls away from her body. He turns off the vibrator and drops it to the floor. He pushes back onto his knees and watches Morgan come down.

He licks the palm of his right hand and wipes it over his 5 and 1/4-inch cock.

He asks, “Your hands alright?”

She answers, “Okay, they’re okay.”

He replies, “I’ll keep you tied up. It’s my turn, baby.”

His hands reach down to spread open both of her legs. His knees walk up closer. He leans over and places the left hand on the bed outside of her huge tit. His right hand almanbahis giriş grips his cock and guides it toward her blonde pussy.

The cock-tip opens her pussy lips. He pushes inside slowly until his black crotch touches her blonde bush. He holds it inside as the other hand is placed outside her other tit.

Takashi says, “Fuck. I wanted to get you hot first.”

His eyes never leave his cock buried inside of her pussy. He pulls out until he sees the cock-tip. He aggressively pushes all the way in.

She replies, “Unnnhh.”

He keeps watching his cock and pulls out again. He pushes in hard again.

Thrust…. Thrust…. Thrust…. Thrust…. Thrust.

Morgan responds, “Unnhh…. Uh-Unnnhh…. Gawd…. My-Gawd.”

Takashi pushes in and explodes, “Fu-Fuuuuuuuuck.. Fuuuuuuck.. Fuuuck-Me.!!”

The next morning. Both Takashi and Morgan are asleep under the bed covers.

Knock-Knock-Knock. Someone’s at the door.

Takashi wakes up, “Shit. That’s Joey.”

He throws the bed covers off and climbs out naked. His body staggers to the door. He looks into the peep-hole and sees his best friend Joey. The door opens and Takashi peeks out.

He asks, “Is she here Joey?”

Joey answers, “Yeah, sitting in the parking lot. I’m parked in the basement.”

Takashi says, “I’ll be right down.”

The door closes and Takashi walks back into the room. He slips on his boxer shorts and grabs his jeans.

Morgan asks, “You got everything planned, huh?”

He replies, “Shit yeah, but she found me anyway.”

His fingers zip up the jeans and the right-hand taps his iPhone in the back pocket. He holds his socks and shoes under one arm.

She says, “Don’t forget your vibrator.”

He smiles, “Keep it as a souvenir.”

Morgan replies, “You can use it on me, anytime you want.”

He smiles, “On those incredible tits. Sure… I gotta leave. If I know Niko. She’ll knock on every damn door.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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